Die Schule der Nacht

Die Schule der Nacht

Mia James Anja Galic / Jul 16, 2020
Die Schule der Nacht April Dunne ist gar nicht begeistert von Ravenwood ihrer neuen Schule im Londoner Bezirk Highgate Der einzige Lichtblick der attraktive aber unnahbare Gabriel Swift Als April am Abend ihres ersten S
  • Title: Die Schule der Nacht
  • Author: Mia James Anja Galic
  • ISBN: 9783442477715
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Klappenbroschur
  • April Dunne ist gar nicht begeistert von Ravenwood, ihrer neuen Schule im Londoner Bezirk Highgate Der einzige Lichtblick der attraktive, aber unnahbare Gabriel Swift Als April am Abend ihres ersten Schultags von einem mysteri sen Wesen attackiert wird, ist es Gabriel, der sie rettet Doch eine Mitsch lerin hat nicht so viel Gl ck hatte Gabriel am Ende etwas mit der SApril Dunne ist gar nicht begeistert von Ravenwood, ihrer neuen Schule im Londoner Bezirk Highgate Der einzige Lichtblick der attraktive, aber unnahbare Gabriel Swift Als April am Abend ihres ersten Schultags von einem mysteri sen Wesen attackiert wird, ist es Gabriel, der sie rettet Doch eine Mitsch lerin hat nicht so viel Gl ck hatte Gabriel am Ende etwas mit der Sache zu tun Dann wird Aprils Vater, der an einem Buch ber den legend ren Highgate Vampir arbeitete, durch einen Biss in den Hals ermordet, und April ahnt Vampire gibt es wirklich Und sie selbst k nnte ihr n chstes Opfer sein
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    1. Okay, well the first bad thing that comes to mind is the line that basically Twilight said, and it s pretty bad, quote You re a honey trap for vampires Everything about you is designed to draw them in the way you look, the sound of your voice, even your smell Not to mention pages after pages of long paragraphs dribbling on about nothing Seriously get to the point And when it does get to the point, like Twilight , it all erupts at the end of the book So basically you have to read up to the last f [...]

    2. 5 Words Vampires, death, school, love, friendship.This book was quite a fun read, and definitely better than I first anticipated it would be.It s a slow building story, so unless that s your thing you ll probably get bored a little quickly It wasn t until over half way through the book that the story really got started and picked up And for a while after the big reveal I thought it might all start going downhill But it didn t, it stayed pretty awesome.There are plenty of twists and turns, and as [...]

    3. April is deeply upset when her father takes a job at a small paper in London, and moves his wife and daughter from Edinburgh to do so At first she is just miserable because she misses her friends and has to start a new school, Ravenwood, where many of the students are either stunningly beautiful or frighteningly clever But then the deaths start, and April realises that she might be in danger as well Suddenly there is no one she can trust not even the beautiful and mysterious Gabriel, who April i [...]

    4. OK why did I hate this book I read the first 23 pages and it seems well written enough despite the usual plot of girl goes to snobby school and is picked on by bitches then spooky stuff happens I thought maybe it might be better than some of these school based crappies that I ve read recently.Instead the author managed to totally piss me off with her continued negative steriotypes of Edinburgh and Scotland which were totally untrue and give a very false and inaccurate view of life here, making i [...]

    5. By Midnight is one of those hard books to review I won t give a recap of the plot outline as this has already been done, instead give my thoughts while I was reading it.The first was that By Midnight isn t at all what you think its going to be While reading the back in the bookshop the other day I thought, I kinda want to read this, but feel like I ve already read it Couldn t have been further from the truth.While yes, By Midnight has supernatural elements and the good old fashioned human vampir [...]

    6. Alright So I got this, and there really were parts I enjoyed Yet, still, I have to agree, the book really did go on, and on, and on Unbearable at some point Spoilers Ahead I won t say it s a bad book because it isn t I ve overlooked the whole quote from Twilight thing, seriously guys, we get it I read many reviews about it as well, but still, we get it Taken from Twilight, yada yada.Now, one thing I truly adored about it, was the amount of research put into it Really, who can do so much about a [...]

    7. My biggest problem when it comes to my unhealthy book obsession D is I cannot just put the book down and walk away when I m not enjoying it I have to read the entire book Word for word Top to bottom Counting the pages until it ends And so on and so ond that is how i feel about By Midnight.The characters were lifeless There was no connection, no passion between any of the characters Not with friendship, family or the love interest I could feel the author trying but it never really got there Nothi [...]

    8. I loved this book it I cried and i laughed but i thought that she acted silly because i thought that the she was a bit simple but it just made her like a normal teenager i hope i dont have to wait 4 years for the next ravenwood mystery as it is left open for a series and i am like please please be another i felt lost without it.The plot murders are happening all of the village and then when one happens to someone close to her she vows to find out who did and why not knowing she could be in dang [...]

    9. April isn t happy about being forced to leave Edinburgh behind to move to London with her parents all because her father lost his job She is struggling to fit in at her new school and make friends but things get even worse when she almost witnesses a murder Strange things are happening at Ravenwood but who can she trust to help her solve the mystery Being a massive vampire fan I was really looking forward to reading By Midnight, especially as it is set in London which I thought would add somethi [...]

    10. Unlike many people I loved Twilight and want to read similar books to that story So when I read the synopsis and then the author s intro, I was excited to start this one However, I was EXTREMELY disappointed I found myself skimming because I did not get the point With Gabriel or less hiding in the shadows all the time, it felt like a creep was always wondering around Every single thing in this story dragged.April trying to fit in and thinking every boy she comes across is cute, made her look de [...]

    11. I really liked this book.It s a mixture between fallen and twilight only so much betterI liked the twists in it and the emotions that are so much stronger than twilight, and April is so much better than Bella because she has depth to her and Gabriel isnt everything and all that The weirdest thing about it was my name is April and it was really strange reading my name all the time hahabut i would recommend it to everyone who like paranormal romance

    12. I absolutely loved this book as it was a totaly different type of vampire book to twilight This meant that I was pretty much drawn to it straight away and im glad I ended up reading it So if you enjoy books like twilight etc but want to read a book that is quite a bit different, you would probably enjoy this.

    13. Can I smack her Can I It started to pick up 80% of the way through the book, but April didn t mature or wise up even when she started to know the truth I couldn t finish it because she continued to annoy me so much.

    14. Mia James erster Ravenwood Teil Die Schule der Nacht ist mal ein ganz anderes Akademie Buch Eigentlich kann man es gar nicht wirklich als Akademie Buch bezeichnen, denn Ravenwood ist eine Schule f r Intelligenzbestien und Kinder mit reichen Eltern, die sich die Aufnahmegeb hr leisten k nnen Ravenwood ist kein Internat und normalerweise spielen Akademie B cher auf Internaten.Leider haben mir die ersten 100 200 Seiten dieses Jugendbuchs berhaupt nicht gefallen Die Seiten zogen sich extrem, die Sch [...]

    15. themoonlitbookshelf.dMy thoughts I discovered By Midnight by accident on and since the synopsis sounded interesting, I wanted to read it And I am glad that I did, because I really enjoyed this book despite its flaws I knew that this book would be about vampires after I ve read the German synopsis, but this book was than just the typical girl falls in love with boy and then finds out that he s a vampire paranormal novel There was something going on at Ravenwood, there was a mystery surrounding t [...]

    16. April Dunne is sixteen years old and has just moved to Highgate in north London She s not happy about having to leave Edinburgh behind, where all of her friends and even her crush lives But her father has found himself a new job here he s an investigative journalist who also writes books about conspiracies and other strange phenomena Having her parents argue all the time, and being distant from her mother doesn t help Not to mention that she s pretty sure her parents, and even her grandfather, a [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book quite a bit I was left at the end of it with loads of questions and am intrigued about where the series will go in the long run as quite a few interesting story threads have been set up.The whole was interesting as a whole as it was told from a whodunnit angle I haven t read a vampire book that has taken this angle before and the whole story arc kept me guessing throughout as I was trying to solve the crimes committed as the characters were also trying to do the same I found [...]

    18. I just noticed this book on a pile of books I was hoping to sell secondhand I remember enjoying it even though it s quite clumsily written though, as I ve observed before, that seems to be par for the course in supernatural YA romance and owes an obvious debt to Twilight, especially the idea that the vampire hero is attracted to our heroine not because of her intelligence or personality or even really her looks, but some gross, objectifying quality like her scent or her blood or her latent powwu [...]

    19. Spoilers This book for me sounded far better than what it actually was I liked April as a character but she became annoying after a while She gets so caught up in herself all of the time, she doesn t stop to realise that other people have problems too I also think she has a serious case of bipolar One minute were head over heels for Gabriel the next minute we think he is the murderer, we hate him, then we love him I just found it hard to keep up with April s emotions She seems to jump from one t [...]

    20. As soon as I discovered that this book was set in Highgate Cemetery I had to read it Highgate Cemetery is just one of those places that is a character in itself and one I am desperate to visit This book did not disappoint in giving it its own omnipresent character status, looming supernaturally over the whole story, shrouding it within darkness and weaving ghostly threads throughout the whole book This book has the creep factor, leaving you shivering at the thought of it I loved the fact that it [...]

    21. I have always admired authors that give their story characters ample time to build and develop I love lush details and descriptions, and digging deep into a characters mind to find out what makes them tick It can make any 400 page book fly by where you are so caught up in it that you want to savor every word, every page until the very end Unfortunately, for me, that wasn t the case with By Midnight by Mia James It truly felt like I had been reading this book for MONTHS Instead of just one month [...]

    22. I liked this book, read it in one go It could keep me intrigued all the time, and that s gotta be worth something Btw, make sure to check out the videos at ravenwoodmysteries , they rock This book touched me deep, because some things I can very much relate to and I really do understand the pain April goes through, it cuts me like a knife.Okay, there are vampires in this book and yes they can walk in daylight, but at least they don t sparkle You just don t notice anything special about them Does [...]

    23. I bought this book for two reasons Firstly, I was drawn to this book because of the cover I know I shouldnt but I tend to always go for the cover first It really stands out and captures the darkness in the story Secondly, it is set in England, I found this a great change from most YA books in this genre being set in America.By Midnight its a very good read and really keeps you interested from start to finish By Midnight takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that I found myself crying on a few [...]

    24. What s Good About ItIn a market than saturated with my boyfriend is a vampire novels, it s a breath of fresh air to read a story with real mystery, threat and intrigue That just happens to have vampires Okay, so a lot of the tropes are present Gabriel is gorgeous and mysterious and slightly creepy but whereas in many of these sorts of books the plot is essentially when are they going to get together , By Midnight s story has a lot depth.There are some truly shocking turns of events, which leav [...]

    25. Meine Einsch tzung Jetzt sind einige Stunden vergangen seit ich den ersten Band dieser Trilogie geradezu verschlungen habe Bereits der Prolog berzeugte mich davon, dass es sich mehr als lohnen w rde diesen Roman zu lesen.Von Seite 1 an wurde ich durch den leichten, fl ssigen und bildreichen Schreibstil quasi an das Buch gefesselt Trotz der teilweise, wie ich finde, doch recht melancholischen Stimmzng, war es einfach fantastisch zu lesen Wie der Titel schon vermuten l sst sind Vampire ein zentral [...]

    26. Well for a book that started off quite quickly, it sure was a slow crawl to the end Honestly, I m not going to bother with the sequel, even though nothing was really resolved.The story starts with April moving into her new home in London after leaving a comfortable home and life in Scotland She s enrolled at a prestigious school for the rich, the beautiful and the smart First off, I m kind of sick of the whole poor me I had to move to a new home and a new school and now I have to fit in amongst [...]

    27. I liked this book It was unusual, and I liked the fact that the concept of vampire changed again in this book The vampires can go out in daylight, without sparkling, burning etc but they do not show up on camera or video records The story itself was quite good April Dunne is happy with her life, until she has to move to a dull village called Highgate She has to attend a posh school for the super rich and the genii of the country, and fitting in will be a real challenge She finds friendship in co [...]

    28. This book was absolutely amazing, better than i had expected There is already the blurb of the book instead I will give you my thoughts on the book This book has great detail on scenes and the description on the characters Mia gives the reader mixed emotions on how the character is feeling which makes you feel like you are feeling the exact same way as the character If you are looking for a paranormal romance and a mystery this would be a great book for you, especially for those twilight fans Th [...]

    29. Two stars feels like a push for this book If you ignore the obvious I spawned from Twilight feel of the whole thing, it was forgettable I ve read just this kind of thing before, and I was really drawn in by the blurb just to be disappointed I was also disappointed because there are not enough in YA fiction that the author was British because well April was selfish, nearly insufferable to read at some points, and the only redeeming thing I can think of is that some teenagers are, unfortunately li [...]

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