Category 7

Category 7

Bill H. Evans Marianna Jameson / Jun 04, 2020
Category A Category hurricane with winds of up to miles per hour tears roofs off buildings smashes windows and doors and can send floodwaters up to the second floor Evacuation is suggested for up to
  • Title: Category 7
  • Author: Bill H. Evans Marianna Jameson
  • ISBN: 9780765317353
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Category 4 hurricane, with winds of up to 155 miles per hour, tears roofs off buildings, smashes windows and doors, and can send floodwaters up to the second floor Evacuation is suggested for up to six miles inland Hurricane Katrina was a Category 4 when she made landfall Hurricane Simone is a Category 7 the biggest, strongest storm in recorded history When shA Category 4 hurricane, with winds of up to 155 miles per hour, tears roofs off buildings, smashes windows and doors, and can send floodwaters up to the second floor Evacuation is suggested for up to six miles inland Hurricane Katrina was a Category 4 when she made landfall Hurricane Simone is a Category 7 the biggest, strongest storm in recorded history When she hits New York City, skyscrapers will fall Subways and tunnels will flood Lower Manhattan and much of Queens and Brooklyn will disappear under than thirty feet of water All along the Eastern Seaboard, towns and cities are being evacuated as wind driven rain lashes the coast and storm surges crash through seawalls Roads are packed with fleeing motorists whose cars are jammed with every personal possession that can be crammed in, plus family members, friends, and beloved pets A huge natural disaster is brewing in the Atlantic Except that Simone isn t natural She s the product of rogue weather science being wielded by billionaire Carter Thompson as part of a personal vendetta against US President Winslow Benson Once Carter wanted to bring rain to the desert and feed the starving peoples of the planet Now he wants to show Benson and the rest of the world just how powerful wind and water can be If technology created Simone, perhaps technology can stop her It s up to Kate Sherman, once a member of Carter s weather team and Jake Baxter, a weatherman for the CIA, to try, using a secret US Navy weapon The catch It has to be deployed inside the hurricane.
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      111 Bill H. Evans Marianna Jameson
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        Bill Evans is a multiple Emmy Award winning, nationally renowned senior meteorologist He has appeared on Good Morning America and Live with Regis and Kelly Evans has received the Outstanding Meteorologist Award from the National Weather Service and has hosted the National Hurricane Conference Bill Evans and his family live in Connecticut.


    1. The category 7 hurricane does not even get near New York until the last few pages We don t get to hear what the damage was until the epilogue The whole book up until those pages repeats the exact same information over and over, from each character s perspective maybe 4 times each.There were zero likable characters Zero.Agonizingly tedious Schlocky descriptive sections Three to five different characters use the term woo woo to describe conspiracy theorists.What is up with personifying the hurrica [...]

    2. This book is written by a NY Weatherman and if you like weather especially the twin furies of wind and water then I highly recommend this book You have to suspend your disbelief that weather can t be manipulated The US and Soviet Union, back in the 50s and 60s, were in a race to control the weather The US managed to brew up a hurricane and move the Jet Stream in the 60s through a secret government agency, which was eventually disbanded Present Day a very rich, powerful man is a bit disgruntled f [...]

    3. Borrowed this from my dad because it sounded interesting However, I only managed to get halfway through The writing is fine, there aren t any major info dumps, and there s obviously action moving the story forward But the characters aren t likable in the least, not one of them Each has an ulterior motive that gets old quick There are too many different characters, as well, and the few I didn t mind weren t given enough face time on the page And the hurricane in the title Well, it only shows up e [...]

    4. Suspend your disbelief, and cast the movie in your mind a la The Day after Tomorrow and you ll be able enjoy this conspiracy driven novel about weather control Any novel with two meteorologists as its heroes rates high on the nerd patrol scale Also, co writer Marianna Jameson obviously supplied the pseudo military and political intrigue, while New York s star forecaster Bill Evans theorized what would happen if a major storm swept up the east coast to New York City As long as you can mentally ov [...]

    5. Written several years prior to Hurricane Sandy that caused untold suffering and millions of dollars in damage to the Northeast US, this book seems a prophetic vision of what could happen The story centers around a wealthy multibillionaire that has been covertly researching storm weather control for years He s now stepped up the ante in an attempt to bring down the current President There s plenty of intrigue and lots of bad guys in this story Reading it while the country marks the 10th anniversa [...]

    6. I thought it was an interesting book Granted it is fiction, hopefully , it does make me wonder about what WOULD happen to NYC in case of a major hurricane.

    7. If you expect an action fuelled, and somewhat low brow, approach to disaster books then this Bill Evans novel will leave you disappointed Yes, there is the storm of the millennium, however this slow building tale is centred around politics and science, not the storm Based upon the science of weather control, Category 7 a storm classification that currently only goes up to five follows a group of businesses, some governmental, others rather shady, as they clash over weather control There are stil [...]

    8. It was well written and interesting though the end was unrealistic With the amount of flooding and damage described in the book to have occurred from the Super Hurricane in NYC including toppling over the Statue of Liberty , it was never mentioned the inevitable flooding that would have occurred at Indian Point and the very real possibility that such flooding would cause radioactive explosions and radioactive release similar to what occurred at Fukushima from flooding.

    9. I think part of the problem is that we re expecting to see a Category 7 storm and how the characters are inside it as they try to combat it and we didn t get that Not enough time was spent on the myriad of characters to form that emotional attachment to It is a good bathroom read and it s premise isn t bad.

    10. I went on a search for novels about Natural Disasters and from looking at this one, written by an Emmy Award Winning Senior meteorologist as the blurb states before anything else, I thought I d definitely picked a winner Wrong The title of this books is Category 7 The Biggest Storm in History, yet the storm doesn t really actually happen It builds, and we get small chapters from the storms POV that always seem to end with it just getting closer, but never really hitting the coast What I wanted w [...]

    11. OK, I admit itI am a weather junkie I saw meteorologist Bill Evans of Good morning America fame s book CATEGORY 7 in a book catalog I receive monthly and thought it sounded interesting A mad scientist former CIA agent billionaire presidential hopeful practicing weather manipulation on the unsuspecting public is a pretty good premise for a book I wasn t disappointed in it but I also wasn t thrilled enough to give it five stars I think the problem for me was there were too many characters and I go [...]

    12. There it was facing me on the rack at Barnes Noble Was this published in hardback Probably not Hot off the paperback presses, a new ecco disater not eathquakes, volcanos or tidal waves, but weather Since it is apparent weather might take us down in the not to distant future, I carrried the freshly minted paperback to the counter In truth, I was in the mood for a diaster Something equalling the quality of my life would be good Category 7 didn t come close The only thing overtly obvious it was wri [...]

    13. A decent book on the evils of manipulating the weather I could see Roland Emmerich getting his hands on this and making another big budget CGI lovefest, complete with the requisite shots of the White House getting demolished That guy really hates the White House But I digress The action moved along well when there was any description of the hurricane, but much like the central storm, the narrative stalls frequently as the author tries to put his knowledge of meteorology into layman s terms The m [...]

    14. 3.5 starsA meteorologist, Carter, has been doing secret research for years to try to manipulate the weather and he has succeeded When he decides to brew up a storm the biggest one ever seen, really he wants it to end up in New York City.It wasn t what I expected I expected the storm to hit and the book to be about that So it was much slower than I was hoping Most of the book was actually the build up to the storm and trying to stop it, not really the storm itself That being said, it did pick up [...]

    15. Adult book We ll be placing this in the adult section of the library as it does have adult content However, the descriptions of the hurricanes and storms were really interesting, and I thought the sci fi part of how the hurricanes could be intensified through human intervention was amazing Great job, Bill We are really lucky because they are working on a young adult version of this story hopefully out in a year or two Found that out when I met OG resident Bill at his book signing at Just Books T [...]

    16. This was not a poorly executed novel,and the italicized portions that served to personify the storm are extremely well crafted My only disappointment, and the reason I gave it just 2 stars , is that I wish had been offered concerning the science of super storms Michael Chrichton taught us a bit about Quantum Mechanics Timeline , nano technology Prey , DNA manipulation Jurassic Park , etc.Bill Evans is a well known and qualified meteorologist He could have delved a bit deeper into the science He [...]

    17. CATEGORY 7 is an enjoyable weather based thriller, although it took me awhile to get into the story, due to all of the unfamiliar terms Once I got through it, though, I found myself immersed in the story The basics a meglomaniac decides to take revenge on the President by using his creation, the ability to control the weather, to send a massive Category 7 hurricane towards New York City Panic and devastation ensue, and it s up to a small town weather reporter and a CIA operative to stop both the [...]

    18. I like disaster novels and I like bad disaster movies Sharknado, anyone This book seems to combine the worst of both and cram them into an entertaining though completely implausible plot.Take equal parts monster hurricane, psychotic narcissist, bigoted Southern gentleman, and plucky but broken female lead mix with a flat supporting castd you get this book This science is sort of interesting least for an armchair weather nerd that doesn t really follow the science I think it s a bit too long.

    19. No me gusto este libro tarde casi un a o en leerlo, y lo termine de leer por remordimiento a dejar un libro incompleto Es aburrido, el desastre natural aparece mas all de la mitad de la lectura, y el final completamente inesperado y poco convincente El que lo quiera leer bienaventurado sea I did not like this book almost one year late in reading it, and finish reading remorse leave an incomplete book It s boring, it displayed natural disaster beyond the middle of reading, and completely unexpect [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book It was realistic, entertaining, and easy to understand thanks to the author s skill in explaining the technical jargon in a way that the layman can grasp.Great flow, and characters that were likable, even the bad guys.With all of the threats to modern society, war and terrorism merge with super science as our own planet s weather is turned against us A zesty mesh of intrigue to spice up the science fiction aspect.Well done, Mr Evans.

    21. Bill Evans is a meteorologist in real life I read his latest book Dry Ice and enjoyed it so much I thought I d read Category 7 and was not disappointed Category 7 refers to a hurricane that is purported to be man made If you re fascinated by disaster and weather stories, you ll enjoy this fictional story.

    22. I am a big Bill Evans fan, but I didn t enjoy this book It s far too technical scientific for the average person who isn t a weather fanatic The book didn t get good until the last 75 pages or so and by that point I had really pushed myself to read it There is no character growth and it s hard to like most of the characters They are very flat Unless you re a weather junkie, don t bother

    23. I know this book is fiction but it scared me I never thought the government would ever be able to control the weather So many lives and homes being destroyed but they don t care because the companies that come in and clean up after hurricanes make so much money I think people should read this book I hope Bill Evans writes another one too.

    24. This was an entertaining book but it reminded me of State of Fear by Michael Crichton I m not crazy about reading books that remind me of something else because it feels like the author may have copied what another author wrote about That aside it was a little slow at first but the last quarter of the book was quite a page turner.

    25. I m now about 210 pages in After some tough slogging pardon the pun , the book has picked up in interest and action I agree with another review that I read, though, which stated something to the effect that the storm despite being the headline of the book seems to be a relatively minor aspect of it to this point.

    26. The American psyche and popular fiction hves been forever changed by 9 11 and Katrina This disaster novel is anchored in modern meteorology and plays with the concept of global eco terrorism where weather is manipulated by an evil genius with a vendetta This book failed to deliver on an intriguing concept I hope the sequel promised in the last paragraph can do better.

    27. A thriller of a different ilk Think there is no such thing as a catagory 7 hurricane, think again Then, think back on the greatest natural and man made devistation known to the U.S and realize the situation just took a turn for the worst Interesting, intriguing New subject matter for a thriller of this type.

    28. This is one of the worst books I ve ever read The science is laughable If you re expecting a disaster novel, it doesn t quite reach that level in my opinion Finally, I didn t find a single character sympathetic enough to care what happened to him or her There are plot holes and questions left unanswered I finished this book out of stubbornness.

    29. Here s another from a Vegas airport bookstore this time, it s a political and weather science thriller Zippety doo dah I ve found a new two author team to follow when I m looking for a quick read I also think I ve had enough snacks to kick off the 09 reading list time to delve into main course material.

    30. Great weather info, excellent descriptions of a killer hurricane, and some suspense and drama as the weather in the Eastern Seaboard spins out of control I could have used a lot less woo woo s in the story, however just seemed an awkward choice of wording and pulled me up short each time I ran into it.

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