The Doll's House

The Doll's House

Neil Gaiman Mike Dringenberg Malcolm Jones III Chris Bachalo Michael Zulli Steve Parkhouse Clive Barker / Jun 01, 2020
The Doll s House During Morpheus s incarceration three dreams escaped the Dreaming and are now loose in the waking world At the same time a young woman named Rose Walker is searching for her little brother As their
  • Title: The Doll's House
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Mike Dringenberg Malcolm Jones III Chris Bachalo Michael Zulli Steve Parkhouse Clive Barker
  • ISBN: 9780930289591
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • During Morpheus s incarceration, three dreams escaped the Dreaming and are now loose in the waking world At the same time, a young woman named Rose Walker is searching for her little brother As their stories converge, a vortex is discovered that could destroy all dreamers, and the world itself.
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      308 Neil Gaiman Mike Dringenberg Malcolm Jones III Chris Bachalo Michael Zulli Steve Parkhouse Clive Barker
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        Neil Gaiman Mike Dringenberg Malcolm Jones III Chris Bachalo Michael Zulli Steve Parkhouse Clive Barker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Doll's House book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman Mike Dringenberg Malcolm Jones III Chris Bachalo Michael Zulli Steve Parkhouse Clive Barker author readers around the world.


    1. Every time I try to write a review for a Sandman comic, it just sounds like an outpouring of positive emotions and generic statements about what makes a good story good I literally love this series, and to try and review it in a conventional way is rather difficult So instead I m going to show you some images and do my best to explain why this comic is so incredible.Morpheus, Dream of the endless night Dream is a character, a concept and a force of nature He is one of the defining pillars of the [...]

    2. The first volume of the Sandman was a fascinating experiment that enlarged the borders of the comic book world this second volume is a fulfillment, a wildly imaginative narrative which is also a disciplined example of the story teller s art.In an excellent introduction by Clive Barker one of the masters of modern horror the author distinguishes between two types of fantastic fiction 1 the most common form, in which a reality that resembles our own is invaded by the fantastic, which is eventually [...]

    3. Note This is part two of a rambling multi volume re read of the series It will probably make better sense in context of other reviews In this volume, we get several cool stand alone stories and our first longer story arc with a non sandman character It s good stuff Clever and fun and smart Everything you d expect from Gaiman When I first read it, it wowed me It was cool and real and mythic all at once Reading it now, I look back on my first read through self and smile fondly, thinking Oh you swe [...]

    4. I m sorry Neil GaimanThat first book in this series was kinda bland.I think you way stepped it up in this book.Yes, I knowyou has some fangirls.r Kelly and Synesthesiamight want to send those to some fan mail.ey got your back.This one featured Dream guy but it actually made some senseor did I drink the kool aid Am I dreaming nowNow I m paranoid.I hate to give much away because these books aren t very long So you gonna have to read these suckers Oh Wait I will tell you If you check into a hotel w [...]

    5. Oh, shoot me a second asshole because I am about to rate a Neil Gaiman work with just two stars, I deserve all the wrath that is coming to me, I take full responsibility of my heartless actions that has no justification other than that The Doll s House kind of really sucks ass, and there is hardly any tongue action at play.The Sandman really reminded me of other series I struggle with Hellblazer Both series I am planning to fully go through with, but both are also series that may be the end of m [...]

    6. An extraorDinary masterpiece Creative Team Writer Neil GaimanIllustrators Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Michael Zulli, Steve Parkhouse Chris BachaloLetterer Todd KleindOLLS dREAMSSo, this is no man, no god, but something else.You know that this TPB is something else when Clive Barker does the introduction While I only read so far four of the first TPBs of The Sandman, at least in this moment I have to say that this is the strongest storyline.The first time that I started to read it, when [...]

    7. The Doll s House, the second installment of Neil Gaiman s The Sandman series, is an entertaining offering of graphic novel collaboration Gaiman s imaginative storyline is brought to life by illustrators Steve Parkhouse, Chris Bachalo, Michael Zulli, Mike Dringenberg and Malcolm Jones III Taking off from the introductory The Sandman, Vol 1 Preludes and Nocturnes, this volume follows a thematic plot about a dream vortex about which Morpheus must contend Other vignettes featured continue to expand [...]

    8. The Corinthian and the serial murderer s convention was rather special, and Rose Walker was somewhat interesting the first time reading this, but the second time I think it was much better.It s all about how we are shaped and what we shape, from feelings of listlessness Dream , making a new life the escaped dreams , or friendship with Hob, the humanity of Death, of Desire s machinations.All of which touch on something deeper than a single series of comics should ever have a chance to commit.Very [...]

    9. 2.5 starspossibly 3 I had forgotten why I stopped after volume 1 Now I remember.I see why everyone loves and reveres this title, I really do It s just not my cuppa It s just too dark and trippy for me, and the art isn t something that I actually enjoy looking at.I m not saying it s awfulI just don t like it I really wish I could say that I got all the deep introspective stuff that Gaiman was saying, butTruth I m a few tiny steps away from being completely shallow and silly.Especially when it com [...]

    10. I used to stubbornly think that graphic novels had no intellectual merits other than for amateur entertainment I know, pedestal This series not only blew me away visually, but caused me to see graphic novels in a new light Everyone should read this series.Here s what i want to say, but someone else said it first and better than i could Erudite, allusive, complex and ambitious, SANDMAN is undoubtedly the finest writing the mainstream comic book industry has ever seen It dares to tell the story of [...]

    11. One of my favourite lines in film is from Bull Durham Annie Savoy Susan Sarandon asks Millie how the sex was with Ebby Calvin LaLoosh Tim Robbins , and Millie says, He kind of fucks like he throws, sorta all over the place And that is EXACTLY how Neil Gaiman writes He has mad creative talent There is no denying it But too often that talent is uncontrolled, chaotic and even bafflingly silly The Doll s House, written back when he was just becoming Neil Gaiman and probably had editors forcing his w [...]

    12. short review WOW long form The Sandman series gains in confidence and daring, leaves behind most of the influences from the original DC comic and takes flight on its own with the second volume The eight issue story arc opens withTales in the Sand a look at the distant past of the Endless entity known as Dream Like one of the Greek gods, he falls in love with a mortal Nada, the queen of a prosperous African tribe Their union is doomed, and all that remains is a cautionary tale about consorting wi [...]

    13. What do you do when you encounter a run of bad comics Return to the ones you ve read and loved before for a re read So it s doubly disappointing when a comic you thought you enjoyed way back when turns out to be kinda crappy even so when it s an acknowledged classic like The Sandman Morpheus has returned to the Dreamtime after being imprisoned for 70 years see the first volume for how that came to be and how he escaped He begins putting things to rights and sets off to round up his Nightmares w [...]

    14. The trouble is that this is better than the first one, but I don t want to rate the first one less than 5 stars because I love it Can this one be 5 plus The story is darker in this one Grittier The first one was easing you into the universe The real storytelling starts here.

    15. The Sandman, Vol 2 The Doll s House Gaiman hits his stride with a chilling cereal conventionAfter reading the first three volumes of Sandman, I decided to re read them again before moving onto volume 4 That s because you really don t recognize all the subtle hints, foreshadowing, character connections, and thematic elements that run throughout the stories It s just like visiting a big city such as New York or London for the first time initially you go to all the most well known sights and touris [...]

    16. Sandman, Sandman, how do I rate thee Ovo je ina e drugi put da itam ovaj strip, prvi put nisam uspeo ni prvi deo da zavr im Ne ka em da je lo , daleko od toga, svet snova je sam po sebi izuzetno bogat i zahvalan za istra ivanje, ali opet mi utisak kvari haoti na naracija i crte i koji izgledaju kao skice Nastavi u dalje, ali i dalje se pitam za to je Sandman na gotovo svim listama progla en za jedan od najboljih stripova svih vremena Meni je negde izme u trojke i etvorke.

    17. So this is the great Sandman I have been hearing about for years I liked it But can t say I was blown away by it though Probably because for the most part I found the colors muddled and it was hard to read sometimes what characters were saying And when I had to turn the graphic novel sideways to continue reading it that got annoying Since thought bubbles tended to go over their individual panels I sometimes read things out of order too and had to go back a few times.I am going to have to read Vo [...]

    18. Like most of these collections, there are several fairly strong stories but one which stands above the others In this second installation, it is the convention of serial killers where Gaiman is able to tap into his sense of human nature and draw out something that is funny, terrifying, and well written Often, his archetypal main characters cannot hold a candle to the depth and complexity of the small throwaways such as Gaiman creates here.Perhaps he is afraid of alienating the reader, and hence [...]

    19. Right now that this is currently my favorite Sandman book Mind you this is only the 2nd volume I read volume one Preludes Nocturnes and liked it, but the beginning was a little slow and didn t grab me right away That cannot be said for The Doll s House, this volume hooked me from page one, and it didn t let up, I wanted to devour every page Even when there is a side story in the middle of the book, I was still fascinated by the tale because I knew, Gaiman is going to make this awesome story some [...]

    20. In this one, Morpheus discovers several of his creations escaped the Dreamland while he was imprisoned, so he has to go retrieve them They are some pretty messed up beings too, especially The Corinthian shiver He also discovers there is a new vortex in the shape of a teenage girl named Rose who threatens to damage the Dreaming.This one was a bit too dark for me It s got serial killers and child abuse in it and that goes way out of my comfort zone I also just didn t really like the story either I [...]

    21. As clever and morbid and electrifying as always This volume has once again combined the creepy and the fascinating all in one I love how all of the stories connect in some way or another Another great volume from Gaiman

    22. angelerin 2016 04So I read the first volume in The Sandman series about a year ago and I liked it I rated it 3 stars , but I didn t love it I bought the second one and I ve put off reading it since then because I wasn t 100% sold on the series So when I began the Insane Genre Challenge I decided to read this one for the Graphic Novel genre I m happy to say that I did like this one better Hooray While the first Sandman volume was a bit confusing and a little dull in places, The Doll s House held [...]

    23. T h e S a n d m a n Imagine a sort of walking path or trail, about a 500 feet long It s not a barren, empty, boring trail though It s a work of art Along the way are wonderful things to see everywhere you look Every time you walk through it you notice something new It s the most amazing trail you ve ever walked on Now imagine a second trail, but this one s about a mile long It s like the first trail complex, interesting, creative but this one is stretched out It feels as if it was made for giant [...]

    24. While Morpheus starred in the forefront in Preludes and Nocturnes, he takes a backseat in The Doll s House Here, mortals the Walkers fueled the story.The Doll s House treads on the similar path as Preludes and Nocturnes In the first volume, Morpheus has to find important talismans in the second volume Morpheus has to seek for dreams that have escaped his realm and morphed into human forms in the wake of the chaotic events in PN We get introduced to Rose Walker, a dream vortex that was fathered b [...]

    25. Bebek Evi de d n gece beni uykusuz b rakmak suretiyle bitti Demek ki neymi Sandman uykuya iyi gelmiyormu kinci cilt olan Bebek Evi ni ilk cilt kadar be enmedim Kafam kar t ran, muhtemelen daha sonraki ciltlerde farkl ekillerde kar m za kacak b l mleri vard evirisi yine ilk cilt kadar m kemmeldi, edit rl k s ras nda g zden ka m birka hata vard ama.Bir sonraki cildi merakla bekliyorum.

    26. Absolutely a much better read that the first one I especially liked the story about the chaps meeting every hundred years The art could actually look ok if someone hadn t scribbled all over it with bad inking and terrible colouring.

    27. 2.5 I was told by a friend that Gaiman reccomended reading this series from Vol 2 I really like Gaimans novels and writing but for some reason this just didnt work for me I kinda just lost interest around the 2 3 mark, ur finished it off as I know most graphic novels end with a bang Not a bad novel my any means, just didnt gel with it.

    28. 4.5 starsEven darker and twisted than the first, if that s possible, with interconnecting storylines that really pull you into the Sandman s world Rose is an interesting character, and I hope that she makes appearances in the next volumes The Convention of Collectors was disgusting, perfectly so, and the Corinthian was the best part although when I say best , I really mean most terrifiying, but is that not the same thing here There were brilliant evil characters on one page than in the whole [...]

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