Finding Lubchenko

Finding Lubchenko

Michael Simmons / Jun 01, 2020
Finding Lubchenko Now available in paperback When his millionaire father is accused of murder only Evan MacAlister can clear his father s name but only by revealing his own crime
  • Title: Finding Lubchenko
  • Author: Michael Simmons
  • ISBN: 9781595140753
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now available in paperback When his millionaire father is accused of murder, only Evan MacAlister can clear his father s name but only by revealing his own crime.
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    1. Not too shabby It definitely was a welcome diversion from all of the supernatural romance football books that currently glut the young adult genre Evan MacAlister is rich, but not spoiled at least from his point of view and this is his main complaint As a way of retaliating against his father s strict discipline and aversion to giving Evan everything he wants, Evan begins to swipe high tech gadgetry from his dad s office and sells it online to earn an income worthy of a respectable rich kid Howe [...]

    2. Wow This is the first time that I m not blown away by a Green Mountain Book Award Huh I m kinda um yeah They tout this book as an uproariously fast paced, James Bond like spy chase through upscale Paris All seen through the eyes of a quick thinking, smart mouthed ne er do well who shoot for the ridiculously impossible and completely succeeds well, almost Hmphf 1 Maybe James Bond like in that one guy that played him waaay back But he s no Daniel Craig 2 Uproariously fast paced Really It read fast [...]

    3. This book by Micheal Simmons is amazing The book itself takes you on to the adventure the characters experience in the book I think this is one of the top ten must read books.The story is about a teenager named Evan Mcalister He is a teenager who gets into trouble alot His mother died when he was 11 So he lived with his 60 almost going to his 70 s father His father is a owner of a really successful company called MRI, but he doesn t give his son, our main character, Evan, a single penny He also [...]

    4. I found this book entertaining, through never quite interesting or suspenseful Evan as a main character was a little too smart alecky for me, though I could see how his dialog would appeal to teenage boys The fact that the central mystery was solved without any real cleverness or motivation on the part of the characters irked me somewhat, and I didn t really care very much for any of them I found the book most entertaining in the missteps these teens made while cracking the case and the luxury t [...]

    5. This caught my eye at the library However, it uncaught it almost immediately when I read the claim that the narrator s father s pharmaceutical company had a stock of live smallpox virus Um, sorry, but no, it doesn t On the books, there are only two facilities in the world that have smallpox stocks, and both of them are government facilities I know, only a specific kind of dork would know that but I do and it messed with my suspension of disbelief too much.

    6. Finding Lubchenko is a novel about a teenage boy, Evan, who steals items from his rich father s business and sells them illegally When Evan s actions result in the death of a man, Evan has to do something, involving a trip to Paris, which results in his dad finding out and flipping on Evan I enjoyed reading this novel and following Evan McCallister throughout his conflicts and problems I thought Michael Simmons did a very good job of keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the book I recomm [...]

    7. At the beginning of Finding Lubchenko we find out that the main character, Evan, is a wise cracking teenager who is generally in trouble for doing something he shouldn t have His father, who is usually his biggest critic, has been arrested for murder and accused of bioterrorism Evan seeks to clear his father because his illegal business venture of stealing equipment from his father s business and selling it online has led him to taking a laptop that contains evidence that would probably clear hi [...]

    8. I loved it The dad is horrible a man that should never have had a kid He is stingy and mean and verbally abusive and wants Evan to pull himself up by his bootstraps He refuses to gives him money or help Evan is extremely entrepreneurial and finds a way to make money by borrowing equipment from his Dad s business and selling it The reader never feels squeamish about this illegal activity because he is only stealing from his father who should have been helping Evan or at least showing him some kin [...]

    9. Such a fun book The writing is so casual and funny and I like how Evan talks He s just so funny, trying to act cool around people, and even to himself, by pretending he doesn t care He chooses to have a complicated relationship with his dad, actually believing that it is best that way I can relate to that There are so many things I don t tell my parents because reasons.Evan Macalister and his two best friends, Ruben and Erika whom he s had a crush on for a while , embark on a heroic adventure to [...]

    10. Okay, so a couple of thoughts about this YA for boys title.First, there s a blurb on the front cover that I think does a real disservice to the book It seems to promise readers a tale that s uproariously fast paced and while the blurb has no doubt helped sell any number of copies, it creates for readers what can only be described as false expectations.Put simply, the book is anything but fast paced Secondly, the book is at its worst when its main character and narrator, Evan, is inside his own h [...]

    11. I thought that the book was a bit different from most that I have read that have similar elements such as theft, crime, etc Mainly because you are seeing it through the eyes of a innocent teenager who is surrounded by wealth, but has trouble to get a hold of that wealth I d recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories.For those who have not read the book The book is about a teenager who is born into wealth, but is not allowed to use this wealth He works for his dad s multi million d [...]

    12. This story is being told by Evan McAlister He s the one who gets in trouble all the time His dad is the one in jail for murder Evan figures out he has the computer that belongs to the guy that got killed He had stolen from his office the night he got killed So Evan and his best friend, Rubin, who happens to be a computer whiz, break into the computer to see if they can find anything They come across some emails for a guy named Lubchenko So Evan, Rubin and Erika, with the help of Evan s dad s cre [...]

    13. Evan Macalister, 16, never thinks twice about making wrong decisions, especially when it comes to relieving his overbearing, penny pinching father of a few minor pieces of computer equipment from his high tech medical company to hock on eBay But when his dad is arrested for the murder of a colleague and the evidence to clear him just happens to be on a laptop that Evan lifted from the victim s office just before he was killed, the teen realizes that he s faced with two choices One, turn the lapt [...]

    14. This book is targeted toward teens, probably boys, and if I had been a young male adolescent I think I would have really enjoyed this book Since I am neither, I found the main character a little too self absorbed, despite the author s best efforts to cast Evan as the poor, little rich kid The mystery Evan and his two best friends travel to Paris to solve is not terribly suspenseful, either Still, the book did have its moments, and teens who are dealing with a difficult parent are sure to relate [...]

    15. This book was pretty awesome There s nothing better than three high schoolers running off to Paris in search of a possible spy murder terrorist Really And the narrator, Evan, was pretty funny, too It was a great kind of high school spy novel that kept you enthralled until the final pages.The only thing I didn t really care for was the author s use of choppy sentences I understand that the narrator is a doofy high school boy, and it really made sense to write the sentences the way he did, but I f [...]

    16. The voice of the narrator is the strongest part of this book Sarcastic, witty, knowing, insecureolescent in a realistic way Some adults may not appreciate the under age drinking, club hopping, and allusions to potential sexual activity, but this is not gratuitous or done to excess, but rather adds to the present day realism of the book The mystery itself is a little lacking and the resolution is a bit too abruptly tidy,but the book s charm and appeal is the narrator and fantasy adult less trip t [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book it had a lot of action, international mystery and suspense The main character evan was a funny guy but he was a slacker and his dad was a very rich man but paid no attention to evan or gave him any money And then when his dad is framed evan must go on an adventure that takes him to Europe with his two best friends To prove his dad innocent It s a very fast paced story filled with danger and mystery.

    18. This was fun, the moral dilemma of a rich kid who is too smart for his own good The narrator must decide whether to reveal evidence that will free his dad of serious criminal charges, but doing so will also reveal that the kid was ripping off his dad to a huge extent He ran up against a lot of shadowy underworld figures both in the US and Europe I could have done without the morality play but it was a good romp Fast reading

    19. Hilarious What a guy book this is Males love it and it s an easy sale when I book talk it return return Having secretly sold his father s office equipment on the Internet for quick cash, Evan finds himself in a bad situation when his father is accused of a murder due to one of the sales, thus causing Evan to track down the real culprit via cryptic e mails in order to clear his father s name while keeping his own thievery a secret to all.

    20. Evan is a slacker with a rich, tightwad father His father gives him a minimum wage job at his biotech company, but Evan steals printers, laptops, etc when he can to increase his income Things turn bad when his father is accused of murdering an employee and the laptop Evan stole holds the key to his father s innocence But if he turns in the stolen goods, Evan will be in jail instead of his father What s a confused, angry, and lonely son to do

    21. I really enjoyed this book I thought Evan was a great character, a bit arrogant, cocky, but and self centered, but I liked his friends The ending was a bit of a shock, I suppose I figured they were safe, but the second that the code word was said, I knew what was about to happen I also wished that the relationship between Evan and his father ended better, but oh well I enjoyed this book overall.

    22. It was a good book I had lots of fun reading it, sometimes I laughed a lot with these very cool, witty, sarcastic ideas The characters were very relatable in the sense that they were pretty honest about what they wanted, what they couldn t do, and for that reason felt very real and not perfect people with heroic motives.Partying away with them in Paris was pretty entertaining too.

    23. This book starts with a great paragraph So this is basically a story about a murder It s a story about a murder and the fact that the cops said my dad did it All implausible, but still a lot of trouble for my father But I ll get to that The story actually begins with a smaller crime It was really just a way for me to earn a little money.

    24. Rich kid with a serious entitlement attitude gets caught up in a scheme of international intrigue Kinda like Beverly Hills 90210, but with a main character who is a little grounded I guess that s supposed to make it comic, but all it really ends up being is a story that you can easily imagine a teenager telling Is that a compliment

    25. Evan s father is arrested for murder and Evan stole the laptop that might clear his name This sets off a mission to save his own butt and prove his father s innocence not that his father will appreciate it Unique and attention grabbing story I can t help but wonder if the author meant for Evan to sound like he s touching the autism spectrum just a bit.

    26. This was a fun book about a boy who has been doing some underhanded business His father is accused of murder and the only way he can prove his father s innocence is by giving away his business and getting in major trouble or, by taking the investigation of the murder into his own hands and solving it himself

    27. This book was a fun action thriller, but a little bit simple minded I think the author s use of the main character s teenage voice made the book too simple, and took away some of the complexity of the plot At first I enjoyed the laid back style of writing, but it got annoying really fast Overall, it was a fun book, but not especially amazing.

    28. This book was a fun action thriller, but a little bit simple minded I think the author s use of the main character s teenage voice made the book too simple, and took away some of the complexity of the plot At first I enjoyed the laid back style of writing, but it got annoying really fast Overall, it was a fun book, but not especially amazing Caleb, Teen Reviewer

    29. This will be my third in the YA mystery group I ve committed to read this summer The style could be a little off putting as it s written in the 2nd person and very conversational with the reader The author really captured the voice of a teenager though It s not moving as fast as I would like it but there s been a few interesting twists so far.

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