Wild Conquest

Wild Conquest

Hannah Howell / Apr 05, 2020
Wild Conquest To spare her family shame spirited Pleasance Dunstan sneaks into Tearlach O Duine s room at night in order to retrieve torrid letters of love indiscreetly penned by her foolhardy sister But her schem
  • Title: Wild Conquest
  • Author: Hannah Howell
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  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To spare her family shame, spirited Pleasance Dunstan sneaks into Tearlach O Duine s room at night in order to retrieve torrid letters of love indiscreetly penned by her foolhardy sister But her scheme is undone by Tearlach s untimely return And now Pleasance must submit to a punishment far worse than the pillory indentured servitude to the ruggedly handsome fur tradeTo spare her family shame, spirited Pleasance Dunstan sneaks into Tearlach O Duine s room at night in order to retrieve torrid letters of love indiscreetly penned by her foolhardy sister But her scheme is undone by Tearlach s untimely return And now Pleasance must submit to a punishment far worse than the pillory indentured servitude to the ruggedly handsome fur trader.At first the infuriated Scotsman feels nothing but scorn for the brazen miss who robbed and assaulted him But vengeance soon gives way to desire, as the sight of the lovely, sensuous thief stirs up passions Tearlach can scarcely control In his backwoods mountain cabin, he resolves to make his reluctant servant pay dearly for her crimes never dreaming that it is his own lonely, loveswept heart that will ultimately be enslaved.
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        Hannah Dustin Howell is a best selling American author of over 40 historical romance novels Many of her novels are set in medieval Scotland She also writes under the names Sarah Dustin, Sandra Dustin, and Anna Jennet see below.She has also used the following pseudonyms Anna Jennet, Sarah Dustin and Sandra Dustin


    1. It s the American Colonies, Massachusetts Bay, 1769 Tearlach O DuineIs courting Pleasance DunstanTearlach has a little half sister, Moira, who thinks she s a witch.Pleasance has a younger sister, Letitia,Who is a witch and not in a good way Letitia decides she wants Tearlach, and pouts until their parents demand that Pleasance hand him over So Pleasance tells Tearlach to bugger off His widdle feewings are hurt, so he decides he ll show her by hooking up with Letitia FF a month or so Letitia come [...]

    2. I see why only 15 people read this book on It s not all that good This chick was a serious door mat A door mat for her family and now a door mat for her employer The only connection chemistry I felt with this couple was at the very beginning when sheoh waitwhen her family decided she should kick him to the curb, I honestly felt a real connection between them I felt that Tearlach really liked her Now, I understand why Tearlach did not speak up at the trial, I agree it was her fight to win and he [...]

    3. While there is a pinch of Scottish spice to this romance by Hannah Howell, it is much better described as a Colonial American romance I am not a lover of frontier pioneer romance, but there was enough Scottish elements and influence in the story to keep me reading The very gaelic name of the hero, Terlach O doune, is enough to wet your lips with a taste of the highlands He is, of course, strong and sexy, but with the typical male weaknesses of an overabundance of pride and arrogance Add to that [...]

    4. I had a really hard time with this book1 I had a hard time understanding it The hero is Scottish and I know that the style was to show off his accent but it was hard to follow rereading a simple sentence three times to understand it and he didn t always have his accent.2 The big thing the heroine was nearly raped THREE times and it seemed as if it were shrugged off by both characters each time Rape was a huge part of this book but it felt, at times, that the author wanted to drive the point home [...]

    5. This one was hard to get through I don t know if it was slow or what but I just had the hardest time finishing it.

    6. This one is a difficult one for me to rate because I ve reread it a couple of times now and I enjoyed the first time, but it doesn t hold up as well during subsequent readings Ms Howell is a talented writer and on the one hand, I don t mind that her stories are driven primarily by dialogue and the interactions between the characters even though I m generally not a fan of that style of writing She also tends to avoid thankfully characters that hold a grudge for even the most minor of things the e [...]

    7. An Invigoratingly Impassioned Novel It has been truly gratifying reading a novel written so artistically beautiful, as this one was Once I began reading it, I was unable to cease Especially when Ms Howell was describing in full detail the art of love making Using indulging words regarding one s own body part, instead of the usual vulgar words other authors write in their books Making the whole experience blissfully magical.Ms Howell s writing also made me feel as though I was listening to a peac [...]

    8. Love in the Wild West of AmericaIn a pre American Independence War Pleasance Dunstan is a young woman who is the runt if her family trying to please them but never succeeding When a man Tearlach O Duine takes a shining to her, her family aren t impressed and order her to give him up in favor of her spoiled younger sister Letitia Tearlach is a hunter in the Berkshire s an isolated part of America where society doesn t exist searching for a wife and he thinks he has found a possible mate in Pleasa [...]

    9. 3.5 StarsI enjoyed the story but have never been a fan of the setting I suppose because I can t imagine myself living in the primitive environments of the American frontier The story, nevertheless, is a good one Even without fancy estates and glittering ballrooms I do have to mention that it annoys me how much a doormat Pleasance is at the beginning I can t forgive her for rejecting Tearlach just to please her family She clearly wants to escape from her current situation and if she accepts his s [...]

    10. Started out good, but DNF at 26% Supposedly set during post Puritan era, but it was hard to tell Some language seemed modern, and the characters seemed free with pre marital sex The heroine curses to herself constantly It was like the author used her cursing as a proxy for other reactions, liking grimacing, wincing, balling her fists, stiffening, anything It was very over used and seemed out of step with the time period and character No actual curse words were used, just she cursed So repetitive [...]

    11. Subject matter distastefulI just couldn t get past the idea of a grown man basically forcing his lust onto this woman, whether she had feelings for him or not It wasn t romantic at all was almost rape I understand she has lustful feelings, but she was pretty much forced by circumstances to comply, and then he treats her like a slave I don t know anyone I would recommend this book to It makes me angrier that the author actually writes a happy ever after endingBS

    12. This historical romance is set in the Massachusetts Bay Colony of 1769 It features a strong hero who doesn t communicate feelings well and a heroine who has been put down all her life yet still feels a fierce loyalty to those she loves At times it was difficult to read, but overall I really enjoyed the book.

    13. I normally am not a fan of historical romance set in the colonel period, but have enjoyed Howell s other books, so figured I could not go wrong sooverall I enjoyed the story and the characters However, I thought the story dragged moved slow at times, therefore my 3 star rating Would still recommend to other readers of historical romance.

    14. The main male character was constantly getting hurt, and the main female is constantly getting almost raped And all but 3 of the men in this book were jackasses After a while, even the sex got boring You can tell this book was published in 1993.

    15. i love hannah howell books so decided to read others and chose the wherlokes i was rite in doing this ,the book is really good in both content, characters and story lines well done hannah i cant wait to read the next one

    16. So far I m not sure about it the indentured servitude deal is sort of a turn offNISHED Final verdict Once you read about one grumpy tsundere scotsman, you ve pretty much read about them all It wasn t bad, it was just very predictable.

    17. I really have to say this book was not bad, but it wasn t that good either I was kind of bored in the beginning and rather disappointed with this book I guess everyone have a off day and this was a off day because this book I wouldn t recommend, but that is just my opinion.

    18. The female lead aggravated me because I felt that she was a major push over when it came to her family and to the male lead I would not recommend this book to anyone because it was just that bad.

    19. lousy family sells her to a rough frontiersman but she finds happiness and respect anyway along the way.

    20. I am about halfway through a re read and I have no idea why the hell I liked this book so much And it s only been 2 years since I last read it I hate when this happensA Blech.

    21. This was a very captivating piece I never read one of her books before and would definitely look for another one of her writings.

    22. Good book The characters could have been fleshed out a bit and the writing could have been stronger, but overall the heroine was funny and strong willed.

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