Morris Goes to School

Morris Goes to School

Bernard Wiseman / Oct 26, 2020
Morris Goes to School Morris the Moose can t read or count so he decides to go to school After a day of ABCs and s Morris is thrilled with all that he has learned This classic silly Level One I Can Read is perfect for
  • Title: Morris Goes to School
  • Author: Bernard Wiseman
  • ISBN: 9780064440455
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Morris the Moose can t read or count, so he decides to go to school After a day of ABCs and 123s, Morris is thrilled with all that he has learned.This classic silly Level One I Can Read is perfect for shared reading with a child.For fans of Danny and the Dinosaur, Sammy the Seal, or anyone who loves to read silly stories about animals.
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    1. This is such a fun and soothing book for young children The illustrations are very well done, but not over powering The color scheme is relaxing This is a funny book about a moose that goes to school so he can learn how to count so he can buy gumdrops at the candy store The children at school think it is super cool that a moose is at their school, which children reading the story would also find cool and may wish they could have a moose join their school as well Many of the words in the book are [...]

    2. This is adorable and Morris is a hidden genius The speed that he learns is amazing hehehe With all jokes aside this is basically a BY THE BOOKS go to school book You have your usual classes, recess, Spelling, Math and The humor is classic I mean old but still humorous The art well the art is really classic In one way it doesn t hold up to modern book art BUT in another way is does This books classic art style is simple, classy, with traditional characteristics and limited color pallet That isn [...]

    3. This is one of my childhood favorites Can t tell you how many times I ve read this book Tonight my daughter read it to me and I couldn t help but smile when she chuckled over the same parts I remember laughing about He yelled, Where is the bee I m afraid of bees They sting Miss Fine said, I meant the letter B This one here It doesn t sting Fun classic

    4. Morris the moose wants to be able to count his money and read the store signs, so that he can buy gumdrops at the candy store, so he goes to school He learns a lot and makes friends with the children in his class.

    5. It is really funny He can t read until he goes to school and he wanted to get into the boys bathroom but went into the girls bathroom The boys and girls, when they were spelling, were trying to spell moose but they spelled it m o s e.

    6. I have always loved this book I read it again for the popsugar reading challenge and I plan to read it to all my children.

    7. Quite a simple read, and helpful for teaching The pictures are only in shades of blues and browns, but are engaging none the less.

    8. Luisa loves Morris Her favorite part of the book was Morris answers to Miss Fine s questions and his hoof painting She likes his jokes She likes the pictures.

    9. What a pleasant surprise Morris Goes to School turned out to be Brimming with wonderfully friendly laugh out loud humor from start to finish, and with illustrations reminiscent of the best in children s literature of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, Morris Goes to School tells a story that is engaging to young readers and effectively educational at the same time, never missing a beat Could a book about a moose enrolling in school be any fun or charming than this one I can t imagine how Does Morris the m [...]

    10. Personal Reaction I really liked this book I think it is a great transitional book for young readers in Kindergarten It is a little difficult than the beginning to read books due longer sentences and dialogue that is present I think its a great book, and young students can relate to it Purpose Use in Classroom I think this book would be a great read aloud for kindergarteners I think it is a great way to introduce literary elements such a dialogue and theme to young students I also think it woul [...]

    11. For my cross cultural literature class I picked this as a book that supports my own cultural identity The reason is that it depicts school the way I am used to school Also because when I was growing up, I really liked this book The reason I liked it was because it was okay for Morris to be wrong It was okay that he didn t know everything I remember when I was in school when I was younger, it was a lot like this, where it was perfectly okay to be wrong because it was a growing and learning oppor [...]

    12. Morris the Moose was never truly a fan of mine although I did read him in my childhood Although it is a gentle reader book like Sammy the Seal and Danny the Dinosaur he was of the type who got under my skin than I wanted to relate with Children will enjoy the story of this shallow moose who is only going to school to learn how to count his pennies for gumdrops I think one can or less say this book can be a wonderful tribute to the kind, generous teachers who put up so much with their students [...]

    13. In the story Morris Goes to School Morris wants to learn how to read, and how to count But Morris is a moose Will he be able to learn with the children, or will he just be a distraction This book is one of my favorites, it has so much creativity to it All of our kids love fantasy books And to picture a moose going to school was just the cherry to the pie Who would guess that gumdrops could get someone to go to school Morris makes you realize what its like to not be able to read, and be grateful [...]

    14. When I saw this book in my library in the back to school book section I couldn t believe it I had forgot all about this book but seeing the cover really brought back great memories I knew my son would say no seeing every classic book he refuses to read However he got happy and made me read it the moment we got home For some reason I love the bag of candy and the way the moose eats it Plus I always wondered why there was a moose in class that can read and talk and do Arithmetic Still a great book [...]

    15. This is an I Can Read Book which is simple but fun to read And teaches how important it is to go to school and learn all you can Morris the Moose wants to buy candy but he goes into the wrong store cause he can t read the store signs He can t tell the candy man how much money he has he can only guess So the man takes him to school and he is able to sit and learn things he never knew before Along the way he makes funny comments on various things making the reader and the listener giggle Morris th [...]

    16. When Morris the moose is unable to calculate how much candy his six pennies will buy him, the candy shop keeper drops him off at school Morris has a number of challenges, including where to sit and how to finger count when all he has are hooves Morris also misunderstands a great deal about the human world He is not, for example, familiar with train tracks, and takes them for a ladder He is also very literal minded rather like Amelia Bedelia For an early reader, this is a very fun and humorous te [...]

    17. Morris the moose has never been to school He realizes he wants to learn how to read and count when he has a mishap at the candy store The next time he goes to buy candy, he can read the store sign and count his money correctly Morris realized that he really did learn a lot in school This book was cute and I think young children in school will like to read hear this book being read to them Some students do not feel confident in school and I think this book will make them feel better after hearing [...]

    18. Morris wants to go to the candy store, but he doesn t know what he s doing So Morris goes to school and learns enough to help him buy his beloved gumdrops This was a long book for my early reader, but we spent three days reading it It is great for repetition so new words were easy to learn and remember, and Morris adventures in school were delightful for my early reader There was a lot of laughing.

    19. I love Morris I remember reading this book as a child and loving the pictures and the story When I had my own kids, I came across a copy and I had to have it This book is such a cute story of a Moose who wants to go to school so that he can count his money correctly to buy candy He doesn t fit in exactly, but he sure has a good time learning It s a classic and I would recommend this book to anyone who reads to children.

    20. Wiseman book Morris Goes to School is an excellent easy to read book The story is about a Moose that wants to go back to school The children would love this story because they could easily relate to going to school and counting The illustrations are colorful using basic blue, black, brown and white colors throughout the book The illustrations are really good at showing how big Morris is when he goes back to school.Ages 4 upMath Practice counting gumdrops.

    21. This was my favorite book when I was a kid 35 years ago and it still resonates with me today I was thrilled to find this still in print at my local book store even though its no longer Morris The Moose Goes to School I loved reading it to my son even though everything is completely dated It still gets its point across in the most innocent of ways A classic at least in my eyes and hopefully my sons.

    22. This is a wonderful book to read at the beginning of the school year for Pre k and Kindergarten grades It has so many examples to show the children all the useful things that they are going to learn at school from math to ABC s The story is full of funny surprises and the illustrations are very expressive It is long to read it at once, so it is better to split the reading in at least a couple of sessions Ages 4 6.

    23. This book was one of my favorite books as a child because I thought it was always funny how everyone thought it was normal to talk to a moose I love how a stranger wanted to help Morris learn by taking him to school even though he didn t know him Morris learned a lot from school which teaches a good lesson on why someone should want to go to school

    24. This is a pretty funny book Morris can t count so he goes to school to learn He learns to hoof paint, spell moose and count Now he can count his money and buy the candy he so badly wants My favorite part is when they are learning the letter B and Morris hides under his desk because he is afraid of bees So silly

    25. Picture book 11This book is about a moose that cannot read or count After people find out that he can t read or count they take him to school to learn how to He has many issues at school but learns how to spell somewhat and how to count and now he doesn t make mistakes when he goes to buy candy.

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