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Confinement A refugee from Vienna and World War II Arthur Henning now has a comfortable new life as a chauffeur for a banker and his family in the suburbs of New York One day he is ordered to drive Aggie the d
  • Title: Confinement
  • Author: Carrie Brown
  • ISBN: 9780425200278
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • A refugee from Vienna and World War II, Arthur Henning now has a comfortable new life as a chauffeur for a banker and his family in the suburbs of New York One day, he is ordered to drive Aggie, the daughter, to a home for unwed mothers The family s decision to give the baby away shocks Arthur profoundly He watched Agatha grow up he cannot obey and leave her alone withA refugee from Vienna and World War II, Arthur Henning now has a comfortable new life as a chauffeur for a banker and his family in the suburbs of New York One day, he is ordered to drive Aggie, the daughter, to a home for unwed mothers The family s decision to give the baby away shocks Arthur profoundly He watched Agatha grow up he cannot obey and leave her alone with her fate As his bond with her develops, Arthur wakes from his own emotional slumber, and discovers within his own confinement freedom.
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        Carrie Brown is the author of five novels her most recent novel is The Rope Walk Pantheon, 2007 and a collection of short stories, The House on Belle Isle Her other novels include Rose s Garden, Lamb in Love, The Hatbox Baby and Confinement.She has won many awards for her work, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, the Barnes and Noble Discover Award, the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize, and The Great Lakes Book Award She has also twice won the Library of Virginia s Fiction Award, and her novel The Rope Walk was chosen as the All Iowa Reads Selection by the Iowa Public Library Her novels have appeared on the Best Books of the Year lists from The Christian Science Monitor and The Chicago Tribune.A frequent book reviewer for newspapers including The Washington Post and The Boston Globe, her short fiction has also appeared in journals including One Story, The Oxford American, The Georgia Review, Glimmer Train, and Blackbird She teaches Creative Writing at Sweet Briar College in Virginia You can visit her summer reading blog bookclubc.


    1. Okay, yeah, the book was good But I just had some issues with it I thought the writing was lovely, and both Aggie and Arthur, who I saw as the books main protagonists, were both developed into nice, believeable characters.Other than that I didn t enjoy the book that much I m going to repeat, once again, that I have an issue with an unclear timeframe in a book It s okay if you jump back and forth but if you don t make it clear, I get pissed off Also, length of time if too much happens in such a s [...]

    2. No thank you I received this book for Christmas it is not one I would have picked up myself For the most part I thought the book was interesting It does bounce all over the place past, present and back again.The thing that just killed it for me though is the whole old guy being in love with the young girl He was 36 when he came to the family and she was 9, the same age as his son So the kids grow up together and by the time she s a teenage this old guy is in love with her YUCK I m 37 and my boys [...]

    3. The premise of the book was great but the story was extremely slow and boring From the write up I was expecting deeper emotional attachment to the characters I found I didn t really care what happened to any of the characters and some of the important facts were barely mentioned.Aggie and Toby s relationship was hardly brought up and it was a major part of the story line.

    4. I liked this book Nothing , nothing less really Particularly liked the main character and I do enjoy Carrie Brown as an author and have read some of her other books as well.

    5. I enjoyed reading this book for its craft almost as much as I enjoyed the story Love, passion, loss and heartbreak in all its forms written beautifully by Carrie Brown It was written as people talk and think, jumbled together thought leading to another as you wind through Arthur s present and past quite literally in the space of one week I so wish I could have sat in on Carrie s long and fruitful conversations with Jennifer Brice about storytelling Whatever their content, they got it right This [...]

    6. Slowly this novel grabs you Several issues entwined WWII Austrian refugees, trusting that surely everyone knows what s right and just, interior turmoil tamped down to such a point that they don t know when to stand up for themselves or those they love Familial relationships examined w several challenges Appreciation for small things, lack of entitlement, and expression of love on so many levels All these things woven into a story that s leaves a reader w much to contemplate If there s a fault it [...]

    7. I liked this novel, it s different from what I usually read, I generally choose historical fiction and historical mysteries While some of the period covered in this story is historical fiction, the time frame spans from 1939 to 1963, I don t generally consider the 1960s historical fiction.This story revolves around the relationship between Arthur Hemming and Agatha Duvall Arthur is an Austrian Jew hired through the Hebrew Aide Society by Lee Duvall, Agatha s father, as a chauffeur In 1946 Arthur [...]

    8. What a touching book A blurb on the back says of her earlier book, Lamb in Love, Brown writes with a tremendous affection for her characters That s certainly true again here It would be easy to pass judgment on these characters for their faulty judgments timidity instead, we struggle right along with them as they face difficult choices The main character is an Austrian Jew forced out of Vienna, along with his wife son, by the Nazi invasion His wife new baby daughter die during the London bombing [...]

    9. Arthur Henning is a Jew who left Austria for England at the outset of World War II After losing his home to the Nazis, he then loses his wife and daughter in one of the raids during the Battle of Britain When the war ends, he immigrates to America with his surviving son where he becomes the chauffeur of a rich businessman.Even after Henning starts a new life in America, he continues to suffer throughout the story, enduring all his hardships with stoic grace He is a man of dignity and honor who e [...]

    10. The confinement in question is Agatha Duvall s a pregnant teenager, sent away by her father But the story is Arthur Henning s Arthur is an Austrian Jew, who fled the Anschluss with his family, only to see his wife and newborn daughter die in the London blitz Now in America, he works as a chauffeur for the Duvall family, and raises his son Toby in a cottage on the grounds of their estate When the family sends Agatha away to a home for unwed mothers, it is Arthur who drives her there, and it is Ar [...]

    11. So many levels and layers to this story The main character is a Jewish gentleman who has escaped Nazi Europe during WW2 and settled in the U.S He is a tailor who is employed as a driver for a wealthy man The book jumps from pre war to present time in his mind and in the story His decisions and choices are always shaded by the horrors that he witnessed and the realization that life and happiness holds no guarantees would be a good book for discussion, as I found myself asking if that is how it re [...]

    12. How could I love one of this author s books The Rope Walk so much and not like any of her others This started out well Jewish immigrant and his son from Austria by way of England becomes a driver for a wealthy man in upstate New York The flashbacks to pre WWII Austria were interesting at first but the whole pace of the book was a bit plodding to me I do have to give her props for writing about vastly different characters and settings in each of her novels.

    13. I finished this book only because I started it, but I am glad I did, the ending was well worth it There is a fixation in the book which really got on my nerves, I don t want to spoil it for anyone, so I won t say what it is Suffice it to say I skipped over a lot of the parts this fixation was mentioned, and I don t feel like it took away from the ending in any way I totally understood the use of it in the story line after it was mentioned about 5 times, and it was overused after that.

    14. Again, as with each novel of Ms Brown s, I devour them with such haste that I often must slow myself down to order to savor a specific paragraph or conversation The author draws me in and gets me so involved that I fly across the pages, but I get aggravated with myself, not wanting to miss anything.She s that good This is my fourth novel by Brown and I d be hard pressed to choose one over another

    15. In this poignant tale master storyteller Carrie Brown brings her readers another brilliantly written novel of love, loss and redemption Engulfed in Brown s prose, the reader journeys into the souls of her characters Her stories are filled with artful beauty seen even in the tragedies of life Carrie Brown is one of my favorite authors and this book speaks to the small miracles that can make life compellingly hopeful.

    16. So very undecided on this book Loved the characters and the story line but had some serious issues with one of the relationships So much so that I couldn t like the book as much as I wanted to Would have rated it higher but my disgust got the best of me and I only rated it a three like the majority of my books read I would still recommend it though.

    17. Interesting yet depressing What I learned from this book is that you really need to leave the past in the past, no matter how traumatic it may have been Don t be afraid to move on.

    18. I thought it had a good story line, but didn t really like the character development other than the main character It also was a slow progressing book.

    19. strange, and depressing, but strangely mesmerising didn t much like the end though it left me a bit unsatisfied

    20. Started and stopped this novel a couple times Glad I finished it but I would be hesitant to recommend it to others.

    21. I would have given this book a higher rating if I hadn t have found one of the relationships in the book really creepy Other than that I think it is a very well written emotional novel.

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