Letters from Camp

Letters from Camp

Kate Klise M. Sarah Klise / Sep 27, 2020
Letters from Camp The brother sister pairs who arrive for the summer at Camp Happy Harmony are almost too busy fighting with each other to notice how strange the camp really is Not only are campers forced to wear bizar
  • Title: Letters from Camp
  • Author: Kate Klise M. Sarah Klise
  • ISBN: 9780613285520
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The brother sister pairs who arrive for the summer at Camp Happy Harmony are almost too busy fighting with each other to notice how strange the camp really is Not only are campers forced to wear bizarre uniforms, eat gross food, and do chores all day, but the members of the family that runs the camp fight constantly with each other Are the campers in danger Or inThe brother sister pairs who arrive for the summer at Camp Happy Harmony are almost too busy fighting with each other to notice how strange the camp really is Not only are campers forced to wear bizarre uniforms, eat gross food, and do chores all day, but the members of the family that runs the camp fight constantly with each other Are the campers in danger Or in spite of sibling wars do they need to stick together to solve the mystery humming under the surface of Camp Happy Harmony
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        Librarian Note There is than one author by this name in the data base.Catherine Kate Klise is an American author of children s literature Many of her books are illustrated by her sister, M Sarah Klise Their popular Regarding series is presented in a scrapbook style format, with letters, journal entries, and related ephemera telling the story She is also known for her picture books as well as the bestselling 43 Old Cemetery Road series Kate Klise s first adult novel, In the Bag, was released in 2012.


    1. Pairs of squabbling siblings are sent to summer camp to work on their relationships only to find the Harmony family a famous set of siblings who had a successful stage act years before the story starts isn t as harmonious as they advertise.Camp is pretty gruesome at first and days are filled with bad food and hard labor, but as the campers settle in they develop lasting bonds and discover useful skills among their group that helps them survive camp.It s not long before the campers discover that [...]

    2. I LOVED THIS BOOK Kate Klise writes the book all in letters, notes, newspaper articles and I really enjoyed this book, along with some other books kate klise has written in this style Example Regarding the Fountain

    3. This was an amazing mystery book Its funny sad and want you to read if you are a person who likes mystery books and you dont want tem to be scary than read this book and you will LOVE it.

    4. A little camp mystery told in letters, notes, memos, and lists Reads like a fun murder mystery dinner and has themes of friendship, family, and honesty Lots of plays on words that add to the gimmick Young adults who like a mystery and can piece together a story by reading between the lines would like this book

    5. I love when books don t just tell stories with words The mix of letters, notes, notices, etc tell the story very well.

    6. I really enjoyed this book when I was younger It s about a sibling run camp, where the siblings are not how they appear Told uniquely through letters, pictures, memo and legal documents.

    7. Letters from Camp is a book about a camp run by a musical family past its time They advertize the camp as one that will teach siblings how to get along 3 sets of siblings are sent to the camp But they quickly find out the camp is than what it seems The musicians that advertize themselves as one big happy family are anything but And where are the rides and games Cleaning and working are the order of the day But through each difficulty, the children learn to get along and band together to take ca [...]

    8. This is one of the early works of the Klise sister team I ve really enjoyed many of their other books, and was not disappointed by this book, although you can see how over the years their style has become fine tuned Letters from Camp is told entirely in letters, postcards, Post it Notes, and other documents And what a tale it is Well, I guess it is really a mystery.The Harmony Siblings were once a top of the charts singing sensation At the height of their careers, they even had a television sho [...]

    9. Letters from camp, a quirky quick read about three pairs of dysfunctional siblings whose exasperated parents send them to Camp Happy Harmony in order to mend their wicked ways Camp Happy Harmony is run by everyone s favorite siblings, the Harmonys, whose hit song, We d Rather Sing than Fight, Cause Being Polite is Such a Delight, is about their harmonious sibling relationships However, once the young campers get there they find the Harmonys don t live up to their family name.An epistolary tale w [...]

    10. Letters from Camp is a hilarious journey into camping, though letters, written both by the campers and the camp owners Camp Happy Harmony is anything but, as the owners are a murderous, treacherous, bungling, fumbling group of siblings who were once adored by millions for their singing talent Now, they will do anything to get rid of one another, sell the camp, and hit the open road They just need to make enough money to accomplish all their hair brained schemes Six kids, three groups of bickerin [...]

    11. Camp books are among my favorite I love them so much I even wrote one Camp Bug Juice , and I was looking forward to Letters from Camp from Klise A few selected campers are sent to summer camp run by a strange, singing family who are really just using the camp tuition to save their own debt The campers are relegated to working all day, and they hate it The reader gets to see the letters from home and from the campers to their parents with fun cartoons, illustrations, and drawings.This book is cut [...]

    12. A fun mystery for kids The book consists of letters, drawings, and weekly budgets for a camp run by a group of siblings who were singing hits in their younger years for songs such as We d Rather Sing than Fight, Cause Being Polite is Such a Delight In light of their supposed sibling harmony, the Harmony family has now opened Camp Happy Harmony which aims to help kids decrease sibling rivalry However, all is not as it seems at Camp Happy Harmony, and the six campers quickly realize they must band [...]

    13. The story in this is cute for young girls, but as an adult it didn t have enough to keep me really interested Letters from camp is a mystery told through a sequence of letters written to and from campers in a summer sleepaway camp While that isn t necessarily a bad thing, the story didn t come smoothly enough for me in this manner Also, the font was often very difficult to read especially for my 9 year old who is just learning cursive herself It was supposed to make the letter authentic but it [...]

    14. An epistolary mystery I love the sound of that about pairs of fighting siblings that get sent to a summer camp to learn how to get along The summer camp is run by an aging, past their prime singing family think the Osmonds with several secrets and dastardly plans up their sleeves and the kids have to work together to stay alive This book will make Klise fans think of her Regarding the Fountain series because it is told entirely through correspondence It s a fun read and very visual, thanks to Kl [...]

    15. When I was younger I read this book over and over it s just that type of book that you can read many times, because each time you pick up something new It is told through magazine clippings, newspaper clippings, letters, etc, and the mystery that unfolds is very silly, but interesting Middle schoolers in particular would most likely enjoy this book What makes this book unique is the fact that it is told through a variety of mediums the variety will keep children interested in the book.This book [...]

    16. Mom and Dad, You have got to get us away from camp Harmony, the Harmony famliy is insane Please pick up Charlie and me as soon as you can Love,your almost insane to daughter, Charlotte Camp Happy Harmony isn t as peaceful as you would think The Harmony sisters and brothers are not like they sound, with the constant name calling and yelling you would think that you were at a zoo Can the 6 brothers and sisters at camp Harmony get the camp back together or will they just fall apart also Read Letter [...]

    17. loved all the pictures in it , actually the whole thing is pics but they all tell a story about these really creepy happy harmony family start a camp for sibling rivalries The camp ends up working because all of the kids join together to discover the harmonys are rivals themselves i couldn t stop reading this book just so you know the best carachter in the book is probably dolly harmony the chef in my opinion of course.

    18. Unfort I did not enjoy this one of Kate Klise s the format, all in letters and newspaper clippings made it hard for me to follow The story line was too unbelievable and wacky for me as were the characters names e.g Brisket and Barbie Q Roast This could ve been better if she d made the camp a realistic place and done away w the whole Harmony Family as grown up child stars gone over the edge.

    19. For a children s mystery, this book sure had me at points but it was not catching enough for a younger me to have want to read.The older me was impressed by the use of narrative choice and the careful consideration to detail, however, there were points that were wholeheartedly unbelievable, that even as a kid I would not have believed.Getting past these things and the awful choice of character names, the book is cute and a quick refresher before delving back into adult lit.

    20. I have become such a fan of Kate Klise because of her 43 Cemetery Road middle grade series that I wanted to try out some her earlier works I didn t find this one to be as clever or as interesting as the cemetery road series but it is still fun reading this epistolary novel about kids sent away to a very crazy, creepy summer camp.

    21. 6 kids go to a camp run by the famous Harmony singers, who are now not so famous, for sibling help fights and stuff like that Well, turns out the Harmony singers are evil, murderous pythons who are willing to kill there real brother to get back to fame The kids are there when the mysterious activities happen, so soon they get caught up in it It s is a really really really good book

    22. Why can t their parents see that Camp Happy Harmony, run by the old entertainers, The Harmony Family Singers, is too good to be true Three sets of brothers and sisters realize they must stick together if they re going to out wit the crooked Harmony siblings Kate and M Sarah Klise have a style all of their own in these enthralling books.

    23. Excellent book It kinda ends the same way as Regarding the Fountain though The kids make some kind of poem when there s a big gathering of parents, reporters, etc This way, Trial by Journal has a unique ending Still, I LOVE Kate Klise s books

    24. 5 StarsAnother book written in letter from3 Letters From Camp featured the story of 6 kids who get sent to this amazing camp ran by a family who used to be a music group But soon they find out that the family is not as nice as they seem.This book was really good I really enjoyed it My favorite characters were Barbie Q Brisket But this book was really good

    25. In this story, the main characters Charlotte, Charlie, Ivan, Mimi, Brisket, and Barbie Q are forced to attend camp Happy Harmony to improve sibling relations Once there, they learn that something mysterious is going on at this camp and it is their job to uncover the secret.Alexa says this book is outstanding, so it is next on my list.

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