Watchers Out of Time and Others

Watchers Out of Time and Others

H.P. Lovecraft August Derleth / Jul 14, 2020
Watchers Out of Time and Others Contents The Survivor Wentworth s Day The Peabody Heritage The Gable Window The Ancestor The Shadow Out of Space The Lamp of Alhazred The Shuttered Room The Fisherman of Falcon Point Witches Hollow Th
  • Title: Watchers Out of Time and Others
  • Author: H.P. Lovecraft August Derleth
  • ISBN: 9780870540332
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Contents The Survivor Wentworth s Day The Peabody Heritage The Gable Window The Ancestor The Shadow Out of Space The Lamp of Alhazred The Shuttered Room The Fisherman of Falcon Point Witches Hollow The Shadow in the Attic The Dark Brotherhood The Horror from the Middle Span Innsmouth Clay The Watchers Out of Time
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        Howard Phillips Lovecraft, of Providence, Rhode Island, was an American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction.Lovecraft s major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror life is incomprehensible to human minds and the universe is fundamentally alien Those who genuinely reason, like his protagonists, gamble with sanity Lovecraft has developed a cult following for his Cthulhu Mythos, a series of loosely interconnected fictions featuring a pantheon of human nullifying entities, as well as the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire of magical rites and forbidden lore His works were deeply pessimistic and cynical, challenging the values of the Enlightenment, Romanticism and Christianity Lovecraft s protagonists usually achieve the mirror opposite of traditional gnosis and mysticism by momentarily glimpsing the horror of ultimate reality.Although Lovecraft s readership was limited during his life, his reputation has grown over the decades He is now commonly regarded as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th Century, exerting widespread and indirect influence, and frequently compared to Edgar Allan Poe.


    1. No cabe duda de que a August Derleth hay que achacarle muchas cosas, entre ellas la explotaci n de toda la obra de H.P Lovecraft desde la muerte de ste Derleth fue un adepto de Lovecraft, un miembro de su c rculo m s ntimo, lo que le permiti junto a Donald Wandrei , hacerse con todos sus papeles, novelas y esbozos Y bien sabemos que lo aprovech , porque no s lo public toda su obra conocida sino que tambi n se dedic a dar forma y a terminar cualquier esbozo que encontr del Maestro.Aunque la persp [...]

    2. Derleth gets props for his work as a publisher and editor, and people mumble vaguely about his regional fiction having its merits But his Lovecraftian fiction is, not to mince words, shite Lovecraft was a philosophical writer there was a worldview at the heart of his fiction, a personal and strongly felt perspective on this universe of ours His earlier Dunsany influenced fiction may not have reflected the fully formed Lovecraftian conception of Cosmic Horror, but they had many wonderful turns of [...]

    3. Realmente de Lovecrat tan solo esta su esencia, su patr n Todo est escrito por August Derleth, se nota much simo Ya hab a le do un libro que recopilaba relatos suyo, sin que supuestamente estar a escrito a 4 manos, y ya dije que su principal problema era la reiteraci n, todas sus historias segu an el mismo patr n Pues bien, peca de nuevo.Tenemos en este volumen una historia larga 240 p ginas y 3 relatos Todos ellos al mismo nivel, que decae subjetivamente mediante que leemos el siguiente Hereder [...]

    4. Granted,I was not feeling too warm and fuzzy about Derth from the start by the insulting introduction about Lovecraft and then to find out Lovecraft had very little to do with the writing of these stories and then the Christianization of the storiesWell,I was not pleased.This book goes back to the library not completed.Back to Lovecraft and his friends at Cthulu 2000.

    5. First and foremost, this collection of short stories is mostly Derleth s work That s not meant as a lash at the author, for he and Lovecraft were both dead by the time this was published and labeled as HP Lovecraft Derleth s name appears in small font on the cover, while Lovecraft s blares from it.Derleth and Lovecraft had been friends, and when Lovecraft passed away, Derleth finished Lovecraft s unfinished sentences ideas that Lovecraft had jotted down.To be honest and fair, I don t think this [...]

    6. Va bene, lo ammetto sono drogata di Lovecraft Non avevo capito subito che si trattasse di una raccolta di racconti scritti da Derleth sulla base di appunti e frammenti lasciati da Lovecraft, o ispirati dal ciclo di Cthulhu, perci ero un po titubante Poi l astinenza si fatta sentire e allora ho divorato questa antologia.Le 4 stelle sono per la ripetitivit delle tematiche l erede che si reca, preferibilmente a Dunwich, per abitare la casa di un avo sconosciuto e la scoperta di un oggetto creatura [...]

    7. 1.5 stars Wanted to like it, but couldn t overcome my frustration at lack of action, rapid denouement, and repetition of story lines.BUT there are many new words you can learn by reading this book, including batrachian used about 37 times , mountebank, eldritch used about 15 times , lissome, icthyic, squamously yes, that s an adverb , and armigerous.These stories were not written by H.P Lovecraft, as the title suggests Rather, they were written by August Derleth, a friend of Lovecraft s, who use [...]

    8. So now I m praying for the watchers out of timeto hurry up and arrivecuz if I have to spend another minute with CthulhuI don t think that I could really surviveI ll never break my promiseor forget my vowetc etc etcIt never felt so good, it never felt so rightwe were sleeping in Rl yeh till the stars were rightetc etc etcReally, Meatloaf Nyarlathoaf has nothing to do with this book.

    9. I admit the marketing for this book is insanely misleading, and I remember when I bought it in the 9th grade I kind of knew Lovecraft had never written the stores that I saw were in the table of contents, and I did get the idea when reading it that these weren t even collaborations, they were 95 percent of just August Derleth I don t know, maybe the titles were created by Lovecraft and the stories written by Derleth But I don t agree at all with the universal panning of this book It s true that [...]

    10. Derleth may deserve much of the credit for keeping HP Lovecraft s legacy alive with his printing of The Outsider and Others , but he did the mythos no favors with this particular collection of stories.These are, at best, rehashings of previous Lovecraft stories, and at worst, a dumbing down and Westernizing of the mythos itself Derleth applied a bizarre almost alchemical Elemental nature to the Great Old Ones where none existed as Lovecraft created them, he also made them evil rather than simply [...]

    11. The Watchers Out of Time was originally an Arkham House publication consisting of redacted interpretations of a share of Lovecraft s fragmented spinnings Largely written by friend and author August Derleth, though marketed, much to the chagrin of Lovecraft admirers, as a genuine Lovecraft, the stories run the gamut of classical weird fiction, pressing similar boundaries as the like of Derleth s predecessor, to suspenseful mysteries of the alien sublime Derleth s writing is unmistakably Lovecraft [...]

    12. This is a collection of stories inspiredally, derived Lovecraft s Cthulhu mythos The re are numerous references to the Old Gods, Ancient Ones, Cthulhu, Hasture, Azathoth, etc the Neconronomicon salso mentioned several times But the stories in the first half all follow a similar sort of line, with the big reveal kn the italicized last paragraph which Lovecraft used to great effect in The Outsider, e.g But it wears a bit thin after a while The latter stories don t rely kn this technique quite so m [...]

    13. I was disappointed with this book, mainly because the title story is all talk and no action Great concept though And it has your typical Lovecraft run for the hills because the boogie man is loose ending I remember a Bugs Bunny cartoon where he gets hold of a jar of Instant Martians just add water and he accidentally spills them down a sewer, causing them to sprout out of the pavement The ending here reminded me of that cartoon I wonder if the animators had the same idea

    14. I wasn t feeling this one and when I found out from that Lovecraft didn t even write it, I threw in the towel I guess I was fooled by the giant H.P LOVECRAFT across the cover I got through three stories and they were all basically the same Maybe I ll come back to this one day, but probably not.

    15. Nezklamalo V t ina pov dek byla dobr ch, n kter vynikaj c Mysl m, e u dokonce ivota v dy, kdy uvid m mansardovou st echu, vzpomenu si na Dunwich v tom m st bych ne il ani za nic a Lovecrafta.

    16. First, I need to get some things straight I love the works of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos With the latter I do not just mean Lovecraft himself but also earlier works which inspired the great master himself, such as The King In Yellow by Robert Chambers Which is where Hastur and the King in Yellow comes from Because of this love for Lovecraft, I purchased not only Necronomicon, but also works such as The Great God Pan and The Hill of Dreams The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe and [...]

    17. Tal vez ser a porque esperaba algo m s de esta obra tras haber le do alg n que otro relato de Lovecraft, pero este libro no me ha gustado en absoluto.En primer lugar, el relato el que acecha en el umbral ocupa hasta la p gina 197 de las 267 que tiene el libro, con lo cual es el m s extenso con diferencia, de forma que no entiendo por qu siendo el primero y m s extenso relato, el libro no se llama as.Pero dejando a un lado tecnicismos, encontr el relato demasiado predecible y mon tono, demasiado [...]

    18. This book is sort of Meh made incarnate Suggestively, horribly Meh , I should say These stories were fleshed out by August Derleth from notes and fragments left by Lovecraft These days, we d call it Fan Fic, and like the modern thing, it seeks to add to what the original creates Unfortunately, like a lot of Fan fic, it just isn t up to the standard set by the creator Derleth just isn t the sort of Master of unrolling paranoia and exploring psychology that Lovecraft is he depends on stock phrases [...]

    19. Repetitive, derivative, and boring, I have slogged my way through another collection of August Derleth s interminable pastiches of Lovecraft s fiction I need to quit being such a completist Oh well This edition of The Watchers Out of Time, published by Derleth s own press Arkham House, includes also the novella The Lurker on the Threshold, through which glimmers of something interesting appear, perhaps holdovers from Lovecraft s notes These glimmers are later drowned in turgid, uninspired prose [...]

    20. I read this years ago, and hated it Not even particularly sure why it got my dander up that much, but it did A friend recently got it for me as a birthday gift, this newer edition, and so I started re reading it It s not that bad A weird mix of new ideas, sequels to Lovecraft stories that did not need sequels, ret conning of Lovecraft s mythos, and fanfic Still, there is as much to like as to hate, here, and a couple of the stories are quite interesting on their own I liked the Dunwich Horror se [...]

    21. First, let s be clear These are all stories by August Derleth, not Lovecraft.Most of these stories follow a fairly predictable pattern A man moves into a long abandoned house of his ancestors, discovers a dark history of occultism, bad stuff happens Most of these stories are variations on that theme, and I like the creepy rural setting, so I enjoyed this book despite the redundancy There s some exceptions to this theme such as The Fisherman of Falcon Point which is a nice little tale Some of the [...]

    22. This collection was hit or miss The biggest thing that stuck out is there are at least 3 stories that have someone inheriting an old creepy house from ancestors that were cultists The title story is actually unfinished and hence a waste of time A couple others are interesting and couple other not so good It s hard to tell what s Lovecraft s and what s Derleth s but I would say Lovecraft fans could live without this collection and not be the worse for it.I read most of this with Shelley It was he [...]

    23. This is one of those books where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole This is because the plot hook of educated man inherits property from mysterious ancestor, moves in, and strange things start happening is literally used in every other story Derleth also adds one Whateley relative after another, but oddly ties them closer to the Shadow Over Innsmouth rather than The Dunwich Horror, which is a little sad because the book could have used some appearances of Yog Sothoth It is also sad t [...]

    24. A bit of info for those new to Lovecraft Despite August Derleth s claims to have finished off these stories that Lovecraft had left incomplete, these are almost exclusively ALL Derleth And it shows.For die hard fans of the Lovecraft mythos there are a few treats, but generally speaking all of these stories are basically Lovecraft Pastiche.You ve read the basic tropes used by Lovecraft himself, and they are done far less expertly, and much obviously, here.If you ve read the rest of the mythos wr [...]

    25. Overall I liked the book, but August Derleth is sort of hit or miss I know lots of people pan him for some of what he did with the mythos, and while I don t necessarily agree with his choices, I feel that that s not his worst drawback For me I find that he over uses and re hashes too many of Lovecraft s ideas, settings, and characters It s a lot like fan boy fiction I guess Nonetheless, August Derleth is not a bad writer In some of his stories I think he really captures the mystery, awe, and fea [...]

    26. Looking at this connection, a couple of things stand out I enjoyed the stories overall, and seeing the overlap and parallels between the stories was interesting I can see the influence of Derleth on Lovecraft s style Lovecraft pretty much sucks at dialogue, and when he writes it, it s pretty clear There was quite a bit in this collection and Lovecraft s tin ear was pretty evident And dialect I admit I ve committed the sin of dialect, but so did Lovecraft The last thing that made my skin crawl wa [...]

    27. I read this sometime not that long ago but not many of the stories have stuck with me at all The most amusing thing is that this seems, if you read it carefully, to be entirely the work of August Derleth I don t think anything here is actually written by Lovecraft That s ok, though, I am not a Derleth hater It s just funny how deceptive the whole thing is, with cover blurbs from the New York Times presumably referring to something else and laudatory quotations on the back about Lovecraft.The onl [...]

    28. Many of the stories in this collection have a very similar feeling, yet each is exciting and suspenseful in its own unique manner August Derleth shows his amazing talent within most of these stories, some, especially the older tales, are a little slower to develop and are easy to determine what is coming in the end Yet there are enough excellent stories to keep the reader interested This collection by Derleth was in the Lovecraftian tradition, which is why H.P s name was on the cover as well, ye [...]

    29. I think I was only two stories in when I stopped to look this book up and confirmed my suspicion that Lovecraft didn t actually write any of it The author theoretically based all the stories on some of Lovecraft s notes, presumably for stories he wanted to write in the future If you ve read all his real work, and you just can t get enough, then maybe check this out But do so knowing that it s going to be subpar.

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