Dire Means

Dire Means

Geoffrey Neil / Feb 22, 2020
Dire Means Can love be extorted An ingenious vigilante launches a bizarre mission to end homelessness in the coveted beach side city of Santa Monica Randomly chosen citizens mysteriously disappear after they are
  • Title: Dire Means
  • Author: Geoffrey Neil
  • ISBN: 9780615292496
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can love be extorted An ingenious vigilante launches a bizarre mission to end homelessness in the coveted beach side city of Santa Monica Randomly chosen citizens mysteriously disappear after they are secretly videotaped ignoring or exhibiting cruelty to the homeless Days later, their corpses show up in the streets, bearing a message The vigilante s demand is clear BeCan love be extorted An ingenious vigilante launches a bizarre mission to end homelessness in the coveted beach side city of Santa Monica Randomly chosen citizens mysteriously disappear after they are secretly videotaped ignoring or exhibiting cruelty to the homeless Days later, their corpses show up in the streets, bearing a message The vigilante s demand is clear Be kind to the homeless or risk the same horrifying fate With law enforcement stymied, Santa Monica becomes a virtual armed encampment.Citizens engage in flagrant displays of public kindness as the only way to feel safe outside their homes Businesses join in, using storefront window signs to flaunt perks for the homeless and avoid being targeted Mark Denny, a computer technician, is lured and then trapped in the vigilante s scheme to maintain the public s fear fueled generosity Matching technological wits is the only way he can end the city s terror, but it could cost his life.This taut thriller brings you page after page of nail biting tension laced with moral quandaries.
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    1. Once I started reading, I just wanted to keep reading, which is generally a quality I consider good in a novel This story has a lot going for it, from a interesting and bizarre plot to a great main character, tied together with writing that was easy to read and be involved by.Unfortunately, it took a little while to get there.I thought this when I just a short way into the novel and still think it now that the first four or six chapters or however many there are until Mark was introduced are the [...]

    2. Moves along briskly enough but requires a large dollop of suspended disbelief The overall scenario and establishment response it a shade too much to swallow although the writing style is readable but needs sharpening.The characters are a trifle thin and a few could be dismissed entirely, or their actions limited, which might tighten up the whole tale For instance, Uncle Leon takes a hunk of text and yet adds very little to the story overall Favors UK favours explanation takes up several Kindle p [...]

    3. I found Dire Means thanks entirely to the Storybundle Mystery Suspense bundle earlier this year something I bought intending to give as a gift to my mother in law, an avid mystery reader While I find myself easily satisfied in a good history book or sci fi piece, something made Dire Means stick out among the other books in the bundle and I found myself hanging onto it even while letting the others go on as gifts.Dire Means grabbed my interest immediately The first six or so chapters detail some [...]

    4. I read Dire Means quite some time ago and am finally getting to the review I am reader and not a writer, is my only excuse The story is clever and different, which is not a statement that comes lightly to an avid reader I enjoyed the suspense and especially, the kick female character, Morana She s one of those types you have a love hate relationship with as you read.The crux of the novel is that a criminally minded homeless advocate takes revenge on the well to do, cruel to the homeless citizens [...]

    5. My review from dated 11 13 2013Title An Unique Twist to the Mystery ThrillerThe main character of this book is just a nice guy trying to do nice things for others However, when he attempts to stop someone from jumping off a building, he life changes drastically All of a sudden is a superstar of Santa Monica, a hero during a time of disappearances He gets an invitation to see something that he will like and takes the bait Unfortunately it turns his life around even and he is now in deep trouble [...]

    6. I entered the elevator willingly, and couldn t get off until the ride was over Geoff Neil s writing style flows easily from one chapter to the next and I found it easy to keep sliding my finger across the ipad screen, craving .I got a bit emotional as I wended my way through this story I groaned at Mark s stupidity with the gas station guys, and thought, Well, duh How did you think that was going to turn out I also worried far too often for Mark s safety I may have to charge the author for my ne [...]

    7. I m not totally sure what I think about this book I just know I couldn t stop reading it Sort of like trying to look away from a car accident, maybe Not that the book wasn t well written It was There were an awful lot of characters and they weren t all well developed However, the concept and the plot were fascinating Even though I love mysteries, I m into the gentle or, at least, less bloody most of the time British type I even caught myself looking away from the page a few times here just to g [...]

    8. No Solitaire for me last night I had to finish reading Dire Means The concept was compelling, and Neil s treatment of it was engrossing Thanks a lot for keeping me up until 2 45 AM, Mr Neil Dire Means is a novel that treats a dilemma I find myself thinking about from time to time how to respond to the homeless I encounter I d like to be like the hero, Mark Denny I m not like the worst people in the book, but just where on the spectrum do I fall Lots of food for thought after reading Dire Means. [...]

    9. Very good reading that deals with an issue affecting countless cities and states not only across America but globally as well The issue is homelessness and this story takes place in Los Angeles CA one big reason I wanted to read the book since I live in Los Angeles Great descriptions of Santa Monica and the author describes most of the characters nicely, enabling the reader to make a connection with them.The last couple of chapters were intense Unable to put the Kindle down until I read the endi [...]

    10. Interesting premise but I felt the ending was much too abrupt One character in particular was left flapping in the breeze, clearly with the intent of bringing her back in a later book I say this with a great degree of certainty as the Kindle version I read had an excerpt from Human Resources , the author s follow up to Dire Means , and the character is prominently featured Wish the ending was fleshed out The brief epilogue was wholly unfulfilling and somewhat ambiguous.

    11. Geoffrey Neil has a new fan This book is a twisted mystery adventure similar to what I d expect from a young Dean Koontz The protagonist is twisted and manipulated masterfully, leaving me wondering who would respond differently The novel looks at the coldness of the world from the standpoint of the homeless I ve always tried to help the poor, but this novel made me think in new directionsa sign of a wonderful writer.

    12. Another super winner from Geoffrey Neil The book captures you at the beginning and never let s go The characters are well defined with a plot with lots of twists and turns I found myself staying up through the night reading I never wanted it to end Having just visited the book s main site, Santa Monica, I could easily identify with witnessing the many homeless people in the area Mr Neil possesses an excellent writing style and I cannot wait for his next book.


    14. This was a very good story I enjoyed it and found the book hard to put down It was interesting to think about someone coming up with this as a way to end hunger and homelessness Yikes It moved along well and the characters were well developed I would recommend this book to others Well worth your time.

    15. A Santa Monica computer tech does a good deed by saving the life of a homeless man determined to commit suicide What follows is a chilling and often bizarre series of events as a secret cult attempts to rid Santa Monica of homelessness through terror and murder A surreal story but still intriguing enough to keep the interest at a high level.

    16. From the very first chapter I was hooked Alot of books take a few minutes to draw you in, but not this one, and that s exactly how I like my books.I really like the direction to the homeless and it made me look at how people treat the homeless everyday Sadly, the story seems like something like this could actually happen someday Really good book that I couldn t put down

    17. This book started out so good I was fascinated by the moral dilemma presented as the theme of the book the treatment of homeless people Sadly the author chose to make the villian so nasty that the moral ambiguity of his scheme was totally lost This book could have been so much better if the moral ambiguity had remained intact Sigh.

    18. I think what didn t work in this book was the lack of subtlety The moralising, the characters, the plot development all felt very blunt, with no hidden layers or complexity Very much a case of what you see is what you get That might be purely a matter of personal taste, but it got in the way of my enjoyment of the book.An interesting concept, but done clumsily 2 stars

    19. Great read Definitely not a preachy read Sometimes authors try too hard to get a Christian message across to the reader and end up making a book that s filled with too much preachy speak I truly enjoyed this book because the main character s actions speak a much louder message than words, and all within a great story that kept me reading through the wee hours

    20. I willing entered an elevator and was intrigued with this compelling look at the treatment of our country s homeless by those with the means to help As I learned the logic of the vigilantes, I became uncomfortable Perhaps that was the author s intent.

    21. InterestingThis is book number 2 that I have read by Mr Neil I didn t put this one down either It s a far out plot but so different and that s what keeps you from putting the book down I loved it.

    22. Really enjoyed this spellbinding book by Geoffrey Neil Dire Means is such a twisted journey into our psyche as well as that of a madman with a truly noble cause The development of the story, exposing bits and pieces of the plan slowly were painful.

    23. Glad it s overWell all I can or want to say is that I finally got to the end This book had way too much description for me Obsession know me the abridged version As for the story line, it left me.

    24. This was a great suspense novel The story line was twisted and a very fresh subject matter I could not put it down Whether you are hardened against the homeless, tender or indifferent this book will make you think.

    25. Great plot with a very interesting concept A plot hole why make such a huge deal out of uncle Leo and then leave that hanging Otherwise certainly makes you think

    26. This book knocked my socks off I was very impressed with it It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, and that isn t something I m able to say very often.

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