In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight

C.J. Box / Jan 29, 2020
In Plain Sight J W Keeley is a man with a score to settle He s tracked down the one person he blames for his brother s death Joe Pickett And now J W is going to make him suffer Spring has finally come to Saddlestrin
  • Title: In Plain Sight
  • Author: C.J. Box
  • ISBN: 9780641873881
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • J.W Keeley is a man with a score to settle He s tracked down the one person he blames for his brother s death Joe Pickett And now J.W is going to make him suffer Spring has finally come to Saddlestring, Wyoming, and game warden Joe Pickett is relieved that the long, harsh winter is over However, a cloud of trouble threatens to spoil the milder weather local ranc J.W Keeley is a man with a score to settle He s tracked down the one person he blames for his brother s death Joe Pickett And now J.W is going to make him suffer Spring has finally come to Saddlestring, Wyoming, and game warden Joe Pickett is relieved that the long, harsh winter is over However, a cloud of trouble threatens to spoil the milder weather local ranch owner and matriarch Opal Scarlett has vanished under suspicious circumstances Two of her sons, Hank and Arlen, are battling for control of their mother s multi million dollar empire, and their bitter fight threatens to tear the whole valley apart Everyone is so caught up in the brothers battle that they seem to have forgotten that Opal is missing Joe is convinced, though, that one of the brothers killed her When a series of wicked pranks escalates into the most personal kind of violence, Joe starts to wonder whether what s happening is not connected to Opal s disappearance but comes instead from the darkest chapters of his own past He knows that whoever is after him has a vicious debt to collect and wants him to pay and pay early.
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        Edgar Award winning author C.J Box is the author of nineteen novels including the Joe Pickett series He s also won the Anthony Award, Prix Calibre 38 France , the Macavity Award, the Gumshoe Award, and the Barry Award His short stories have been featured in America s Best Mystery Stories of 2006 and limited edition printings 2008 novel BLOOD TRAIL was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Ireland Literary Award.Box is a Wyoming native and has worked as a ranch hand, surveyor, fishing guide, a small town newspaper reporter and editor, and he co owns an international tourism marketing firm with his wife Laurie They have three daughters An avid outdoorsman, Box has hunted, fished, hiked, ridden, and skied throughout Wyoming and the Mountain West He served on the Board of Directors for the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Box lives in Wyoming from the author s websiteSeries Joe Pickettuscmillan author cjbox


    1. Joe Pickett is a Fish and Game Warden in a little town in Wyoming He is consistently pitted against bad guys, his bitch of a mother in law, his bastard of a boss and the jerk of a sheriff in his area Although Joe isn t the smartest guy in the world, he is straightforward, rational, patient and persistent C.J Box, who conjured up our boy Joe, is an exceptional author Rather than the wilds of Wyoming, his novels could be set in New York, a Caribbean Island or a small city in Japan and they would s [...]

    2. I d heard a lot of good things about Box thought I d try one of his novels, but I couldn t finish it I tried I ve been trying for over a month The narrator could put a rat on crack to sleep the story itself just isn t all that good Possibly if I d started from the first book in the series I would have had some investment in the hero, but I didn t have much I liked him OK felt for him to a certain point, but that was about it All the rest of the characters were caricatures The bad ones had no red [...]

    3. And now for something completely different a western mystery.It has been three years since I last read one of C.J Box s Joe Pickett mysteries, so it was time for me to check in once again on the Saddlestring, Wyoming game warden and his family This is the sixth book in the series and here s a caveat for potential readers Don t read this book until you ve read the previous five you will be lost Joe is still the game warden in Twelve Sleep County but that s one of the few constants in this story T [...]

    4. This was the best paced of the Box books I ve read It sped along Thoroughly enjoyable Outstanding Really want to read the next in the series.

    5. Not as good a some others in the series This is 6 in the series, and it would help to have read Winterkill, 2, first to understand the context in which Joe and the villain are operating Joe is multifaceted character, so you cannot always predict what he will do in a given situation However, the plot is rather weak, having to do with the Scarlett Family, who come as close to Wyoming aristocracy as exists Their heritage and burden is the operation of a great ranch, on which the matriarch Opal Scar [...]

    6. IN PLAIN SIGHT Licensed Investigator Wyoming Cont ExBox, C.J 6th in seriesG.P Putnam s Sons, 2006 Hardcover Wyoming Game warden Joe Picket reports to a man with whom he does not get along in a town whose sheriff likes having the persona of a Western Lawman without having to bother with enforcing the law The power in the town is the Scarlett family and matriarch Opal Scarlett is missing leaving the two of the sons literally fighting over ownership of the ranch and the town members forced to take [...]

    7. As In Plain Sight opens, Joe Pickett is struggling to do his job as a game warden while being plagued by a vindictive supervisor who is determined to see him fail Then Opal Scarlett, the matriarch of the wealthy and powerful Scarlett family, goes missing As game warden, Joe should have only a peripheral interest in the case, but events pull him into the investigation and the resulting family feud And then there is J.W Keeley, a psycho killer who has decided to hurt Joe Pickett in the worst way p [...]

    8. Another page turner in the Joe Pickett series Unfinished business from a previous book in the series presents Joe with a loco, bad to the bone adversary bent on revenge Author CJ Box definitely has a talent for creating unforgetable evil characters.

    9. I don t like to review with spoilers Let me just say that for fans of the series, the end of this one may be disturbing Not exactly a cliffhanger, but there are several unresolved plot threads, some major.I was going to take a break from the series and return to it later, but now I think I have to go on to the next one.

    10. With In Plain Sight , there s certainly a lot of action packed into a very small package Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is dealing with a micro managing boss who s trying to find a reason to fire him and who has clipped his wings in terms of how he can do his job At the same time, there s a family feud erupting on the largest and most historic ranch in Twelve Sleep County, with brother battling brother for control of the ranch and a missing matriarch Finally, there s a sociopathic killer with h [...]

    11. First published in 2006I have been reading C.J Box s series about Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett for the last five years now after having someone recommend him to me on The problem is, I have made absolutely no effort to read them in order I just read them as I find them So, I have read 1 and 9 13 plus several of Box s standalone novels In Plain Sigh is the first one that I felt a little lost in it as I jumped in but I got things figured out after 50 or 60 pages and still enjoyed another advent [...]

    12. In Plain Sight is an exemplary thriller in great part due to Box wonderful ability to craft hellacious adversaries In this novel not just 1, not just 2 or 3 but 4 potential adversaries And that s just one family The Scarlett siblings don t get along And when you read this novel you ll see that s a major understatement Coupled with a penny pinching boss from hell, and with an even darker and desperate criminal setting his sights on Joe and his family he s a desperate man himself You won t figure [...]

    13. I love the settings of this series makes me so want to go to Wyoming maybe in a month or twot winter as Box describes its beauty and the animals Here, Pickett has a new admirer who wants to settle some perceived wrongs that were done to him The guy related to the Keeleys in the earlier storyline is a complete whack a do and, fortunately, because he is, we don t have to worry about him past this book The new Governor is introduced briefly and Joe gets fired near the endankfully Not sure I would v [...]

    14. Joe Pickett is being stalked by someone from his past The stalker has deadly intent Meanwhile Joe s boss fights him at every turn and so does the sheriff Joe stands alone against some pretty big odds while he watches two brothers fight over a very valuable ranch the death, it seems One is a well liked politician the other a misfit poacher And, Joe stands to lose his job because he walks into the fray.Great edge of your seat story I love Joe Pickett and his family, they are down to earth, live fr [...]

    15. 27 jun 16, another from box for me i think this is 5 i ve enjoyed the other stories i ve read and i ve no reason to doubt this story won t be just as good as the others onward and upward 28 jun 16, finished, great story a touch of the macabre with this one, don t know what it numbers, but it would probably be best to read the previous numbered stories prior to this one good read onward and upward.

    16. 6 in the series about Joe Pickett, Wyoming game warden The peculiar Scarlett family implodes at the same time that John Wayne Keeley arrives to wreak vengeance on Joe Picket for a past grievance, and once again it is the government officials who get in the way I ve always liked this series for Joe s insights about what it takes to be a good human being Well done.

    17. 4 and a half stars for C.J Box A great story teller This book was riveting We have Game Warden Joe Pickett in the middle of a modern day range warIt doesn t get better than this.d then there is Wyoming

    18. This is my favorite of the Joe Pickett, Wyoming game ranger who solves mysteries, series Some of Box s books get a little to preachy for my comfort level but I really enjoyed this one.

    19. C.J Box is a Master at building tension In Plain Sight is so well done, that the deeper I got into the story, the faster I was compelled to read the next page Great read

    20. Love C J Box s Joe Pickett novels but this just not as good as the first 5 in the series Kinda tired of always putting his family in harms way.

    21. Game warden Joe Pickett returns in a twisting, action packed tale of greed, power, and murder.Joe Pickett is attempting to enjoy all right, survive his mother in law s wedding to a local big shot rancher when he receives some disturbing news Will Jensen,a fellow Wyoming game warden and a good friend, has killed himself And Joe s been picked to temporarily run Jensen s Teton district.Jackson, Wyoming, is a far cry from Joe s hometown of Saddlestring it s the epicenter for many environmental extre [...]

    22. I am a big fan of Joe Pickett, game warden in Wyoming He is a principled man with a strong moral center Unfortunately for Joe his moral compass doesn t seem to point in the same direction of other law enforcement or, especially in this book, his boss The new director hates Joe and is doing everything he can to run him off or find a reason to fire him A local ranch becomes the focal point of the story when the stern matriarch disappears leaving he feuding, hateful sons to battle out who will own [...]

    23. Another great Joe Pickett nook and I am liking him better and better From having his gun taken away from him in the first book to not even needing help from his friend Nate in this one , I am finding I like Joe better and better Yes it helps if you read them in order and see how things move along J.W.Keeley thinks that Joe is the reason is family is dead But Joe did the best he could to take care of that family There is so much going on in 12 Sleep County , Wyoming that the revenge filled acts b [...]

    24. 3.5 stars A river runs through the book and I was caught in the current Box is making all the right moves with a sixth book in the series call backs to a larger arc, a stand alone story, some character development for most of the Pickett family, and a closing scene that leaves you wanting The story walks the line with something that feels real e.g bureaucracy, internal family range wars, issues with a friend , but crosses way over the line with other places e.g try to read chapter 2 out loud wi [...]

    25. Excellent read First one I ve read by CJ Box Story excels because it constantly raises interesting secrets that are a natural part of the story Mixes suspense seriously he would be good at horror and regular family scenes Descriptions are excellent, mood is set to perfection with relatively few words It s story where nearly everything has a purpose Good characters and interesting events Reading was effortless, and a couple of jokes for good measure My only real negative is the ending On one hand [...]

    26. Not certain what to say about this book The author tends to carp about the Wyoming Game Fish budget a little too much, and perhaps doesn t correctly capture the tension between those who embrace the endangered species act and those with utilitarian values The myth of the solitary honorable man is front and center As a stand alone volume, it was difficult to understand, so perhaps I need to go back to the beginning of the series at some point and see whether it makes better sense The ending in t [...]

    27. Another wild ride with Joe Pickett It had been a couple of years since I read a C J Box novel Not sure why, just kind of put him to the side for a break and hadn t come back Wanted to pick up in order since I prefer to read all series in the correct order I enjoyed this story with my usual mix of enjoyment and frustration with his books The frustration comes from Joe s one track mind and all the incompetent characters that surround him I will soon pick up the 7th book in the series and definitel [...]

    28. This one is a bit disappointing Joe Pickett is still an endearing character although he is a bit of a wimp at the beginning of every book, but he becomes assertive in the second part What is wrong here is the plot The idea of the powerful family torn apart by the hatred between the brothers is interesting, but the development of the plot is not very credible On top of that there is this crazy character who comes all the way from Mississippi to kill Joe Picket for reasons that remain obscure if [...]

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