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Dreamveil View our feature on Lynn Viehl s Dreamveil From the New York Times bestselling author Rowan Dietrich grew up on the streets Now she s out to start anew find a job and keep her identity as a Kyndred s
  • Title: Dreamveil
  • Author: Lynn Viehl
  • ISBN: 9780451412881
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • View our feature on Lynn Viehl s Dreamveil.From the New York Times bestselling author Rowan Dietrich grew up on the streets Now she s out to start anew, find a job and keep her identity as a Kyndred secret, as well as her ability to dreamveil herself into the object of others desires But Rowan isn t using her gift when world class chef Jean Marc Dansant is strickenView our feature on Lynn Viehl s Dreamveil.From the New York Times bestselling author Rowan Dietrich grew up on the streets Now she s out to start anew, find a job and keep her identity as a Kyndred secret, as well as her ability to dreamveil herself into the object of others desires But Rowan isn t using her gift when world class chef Jean Marc Dansant is stricken by her beauty and strength And when dark secrets from her past threaten her new life and love, Rowan realizes she can t run forever
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        Also see S.L Viehl, Gena Hale, Jessica Hall Rebecca Kelly.She writes mostly novels in a variety of genres and under several pseudonyms Among them are science fiction as S L Viehl , romantic fiction as Lynn Viehl, Gena Hale, and Jessica Hall , and Christian fiction as Rebecca Kelly She has described herself as primarily a writer of romance no matter what genre she is working in, an element of romance will always be present.In what spare time remains she enjoys quilting, reading, cooking, painting, and knitting She currently lives with her family in Florida.


    1. Dreamveil wraps a mystery in a mystery and ties it with a mystery bow, LOL Everything s a mystery heroine Rowan s powers, the identity of her accomplices, the identities of the villains, the hero, this homeless girlYou get the picture Dreamveil engaged my curiosity at every turn We know nothing than Rowan Dietrich when we re in her head, and Rowan doesn t suddenly explain her origins to herself I love that about Viehl s works, along with her tight, eminently readable, breakneck pace Despite the [...]

    2. Having escaped an abusive home and her life as a teen on the streets, Rowan had vowed never to return to New York But starting over once again, Rowan is just passing through when an accident strands her amid the ghosts of her past and lands her on the doorstep of Jean Marc Dusant s exclusive restaurant and, somehow, Rowan finds herself ensconced in an apartment above the restaurant, with a muscular yet grumpy neighbor and a with a job working for the gorgeous Frenchman Reader s who didn t read S [...]

    3. At 70% the hammer fell on my head, in the novel this happened later near the end I couldn t believe it It does take some guts to make this kind of choice in a romance novel But then one of the reasons I love her books is they are so unconventional Mostly UF with a big plot extending along novels, with some romantic thread.A choral work.

    4. One of our GR buddies mentioned one time how difficult it is to write reviews for books you feel gushy about If you havent noticed, I too have a difficult time writing reviews for books I consider 5 star if you care to take a gander at some of my five starred reviews, than one has review to come I have good intentions to get back to them because I m always just stumped to put into words why I liked it so immediately after but I just cant seem to manage it because, really, what s there to say Wh [...]

    5. I enjoyed Viehl s Darkyn series, but think she has gotten very creative with her Kyndred series She has such wonderful characters and an amazing story I wish she would do another book with the same main characters so I can see how their unique romance develops I highly recommend both series for pnr fans.

    6. 4.5 stars Fast paced roller coaster of a story with many twists and turns In Shadowlight the first book in the series, we learned that years ago evil scientists conducted genetic experiments on orphans, resulting in those kids growing up to be different with unique powers They are known as the Kyndred As adults, a few of them formed a secret group, so they could talk to others of their kind But that s when they found out the scientists were not gone the GenHance scientists want to kill them and [...]

    7. Lynn Viehl can certainly tell a story that was on the cover of the book, and I had to concur I am completely enad in the world Lynn Viehl has created It s simple, but actually completely complex How s that for not making sense I loved the Darkyn Novels Her novels are not stand alone in my opinion If you haven t followed the series from the beginning then you would definitely get lost I love that about the books, if feels like one continual story with little side stories that eventually culminate [...]

    8. I loved the Darkyn series, and after only two books about the Kyndred, I m very taken with this series as well OK, bad pun, since the Kyndred call themselves the Takyn, but I couldn t resist Genetic experiments have given unique skills to the Takyn, such as telekenesis Rowan can dreamveil by touching someone, she can appear to be the person who is loved by the one touched, so it is understandable that she wants to find out if she s loved by the one she loves, and also understandable if she doesn [...]

    9. The world that Lynn Viehl has created, with its melding of science and vampires, is not the easiest to wrap one s mind around, with all of its complexities and twists, but it is entirely original, and genuinely interesting in all respects Beyond that, what makes this book stand out in the increasingly crowded field of paranormal romance, is the actual romance Viehl has created, and sufficiently developed, three main characters who are easy to root for, and compel a person to read on to find out [...]

    10. This second installment of the Kyndred series was mindboggling Even though you get a lot of action, angst, information etc you still are kept in the dark about everything until the very last Normally in a book you get some sort of clue, but not here There are so many twists, turns, blind spots, dead ends and intersections in this storyline it s hard to keep up I had to go back at the end and reread some parts to be able to say Oh, that s what happened I m glad we get background about Rowan, tho [...]

    11. This second book in the Kyndred series focuses on Rowan.We were introduced to Rowan in the previous book Shadowlight Her special Kyndred ability allows her, at just a touch, to reach into someone s mind and find the vision of that person s true love past, present or future and then morph into that person The upside to this ability is, holy cow she can shape shift The downside is when she is with a guy she runs the risk of turning into someone else because the guy is fantasizing about the gal he [...]

    12. Rowan Dietrich grew up on the streets Now she s out to start anew, find a job and keep her identity as a Kyndred secret, as well as her ability to dreamveil herself into the object of others desires.But Rowan isn t using her gift when world class chef Jean Marc Dansant is stricken by her beauty and strength And when dark secrets from her past threaten her new life and love, Rowan realizes she can t run foreverLynn Viehl is one of only about a half dozen authors who are on my auto buy list withou [...]

    13. Dreamveil by Lynn Viehl Book 2 in the Kyndred series.I really loved this book The love triangle between the main characters of Jean Marc Dansant , Sean Meriden and Rowan was so well done.This book had me so confused But I loved every minute of it Ms Viehl is so talented in making you think you have all the characters figured out and then WHAM, no one is who you think they are I will say that some things are not explained to the fullest but you are given enough information to make your own conclu [...]

    14. Spoilers Check out my blog Escape by FictionVery good.After the man she secretly loved for years fell in love with his one , Rowan needed to get away But Rowan isn t an ordinary girl she s a Kyndred She can change into a person s most beloved female only and is looking for the man she can be herself with On her way to Boston, she makes a pit stop in NYC and ends up getting stuck.Dasant wasn t looking for love, but when he saw the woman who crashed her motorcycle in the alley of his restaurant, h [...]

    15. This book wasn t as strong as Shadowlight, but still a pretty decent read In this book we continue on with the journey of Rowan, a Kyndred who when she touches a man can shapeshift into the woman who is the love of his life After helping Mathias and Jessa in Shadowlight she moves onto Boston but gets stuck in NY after getting her motorcycle busted up Rowan who is an aspiring chef meets Jean Marc who ask her to work in his restaurant to help pay for the repairs on her bike and also live in the up [...]

    16. I found it hard to get my bearings since it has been about a year since the brilliant Shadowlight Kyndred Novels came out in 2009, but once it came back to me I could not put this novel down, there is obviously to come as she introduced characters and left some tempting threads left dangling LV cleverly zones in several characters living around America then interweaves them in a complex plot that leaves you wanting You may remember Rowan from Shadowlight nursing a broken heart she pulls away [...]

    17. So, I read this book in Proof Copy format, without the cover My friend won the book in a contest run on Lynn Viehl s blog, and she kindly let me borrow it to read because I m a huge fan of Lynn Viehl s work I ve read all her Darkyn series and I m about to start on her StarDoc series when I have the money again So naturally, I read the first book in this series, Shadowlight back in November when it came out.I fumbled a little in the beginning of this book The instant attraction between Rowan and [...]

    18. FYI I read the first in the Darkyn series and then picked up the first two in the Kyndred world as that is what was at my local library Also, my review contains SPOILERS I was originally very intrigued with the mythology of the books I loved the idea that vampirism came from a mix of pathogens during the dark ages I found it a neat twist to the standard demon magic side of paranormal fiction I was originally also buying into some of the psychic traits possessed by Darkyn Kyndred as a biological [...]

    19. Wow I loved this book As I told my sister, at the beginning I was totally lost but the characters were so enthralling that I couldn t stop reading I might have been a bit lost because I didn t start with the first one but I figured stuff out I just stuck with the story and everything was explained down to the most minute questions which were left hanging at the beginning of the book Except for the continuing story arc of course but that is going to play out over several books obviously I absolut [...]

    20. I liked the second book in this series a lot than the first For a couple of reasons as the first book was kind of confusing, I expected this one to be also and I was correct to expect this I also really liked Rowan in book one, even if she was an insufferable bitch although, that could be what appealed to me The plot sped along quite nicely There was a fair bit of mystery in this book as well which we all know I adore I had no idea which person the bad guy was after as the author s descriptions [...]

    21. I have to admit that I m usually pretty good at keeping up with intricate storylines, but this one kept throwing me for a serious loop And not a loop in a good way There were so many little side stories that I was expecting would tie in somewhere at the end, but they didn t I figured out all the aliases and who they belonged to, but it really pulled me out of the story while I tried to sort out who was who, and who was on the good side versus the evil side Overall, while I like Rowan, I m still [...]

    22. I wish there were a 3 1 2 starI really debated between a 3 and 4 This book was good and I really enjoyed it once I got into it It skips around a bunch from character to character in the early chapters and it wasn t until the stories converged that it really got me going I was really interested in Rowen s character in the first Kyndred book and really wanted to see her happy Overall, I m happy with the way things played out for her, but because the book has so much in it and it s not a very long [...]

    23. Rowan Dietrich besitzt eine besondere Gabe Sie kann die Gestalt jeder Traumfrau annehmen bzw die Traumfrau des Mannes der ihr gegen ber steht Dann macht sie sich auf die Suche um f r einen Mann die Traumfrau zu sein Doch dann hat sie einen Unfall und landet im einem Restaurant in New York, der Besitzer Jean Marc Dansant bietet ihr Arbeit und eine Wohnung an Als sie sich sicher f hlt, kommt ihr dunkle Vergangenheit zur ck ans Licht Dieses Band war viel besser als Band 1 und hat wieder viele Intri [...]

    24. Dreamveil was a quick and exciting read for me Lynn Viehl has wowed me again with her ability to mix science, known myths, mystery and complex characters into a fascinating story I love how she moves between the characters, telling the story from their different point of views This gives the story an overall satisfying feeling for me, being able to be inside the heads of the main players of the story.She brought Rowan alive for me on these pages, into a person I could relate with on all levels T [...]

    25. I wasn t too sure about Rowan the last book, but I loved her this time around She was so matter of fact, blunt, and doesn t really care what people think of her How she found her way to Jean Marc was interesting, but I didn t really like that the book was leading to a romance between the two of them After meeting her neighbor Sean Meriden he seemed the better match and their verbal volleys were great fun to read I did get the connection between the 2 men quite early and wasn t too sure what I th [...]

    26. Well this book was interesting and twisted as all hell I figured out the main twist early on, but it was an original I don t like it though I hate love triangles Hate them So Rowan is a cool character, much like able in this book than the previous But then again she acted like a bratty child in the previous one She s mature calm in this one Sean in love, but them I m a sucker for big tall manly men Yeah, there s nothing I dislike about him Also, hello steamy times Jean Marc, he annoyed me for [...]

    27. Lynn Viehl delivers an exciting read of colorful and unique characters that storm through the reader s emotions with each plot twist These characters are mesmerizing with their charm, mysterious personas, and breathtaking passion that they invoke within the heart of the reader Dreamveil s edgy plot captures your attentions as it builds into a climatic ending with a few surprises along the way Ms Viehl continues to entrench me within her creative mind with this series of the Kyndred and I continu [...]

    28. I wasn t sure that I liked Rowan much leading into this book, but boy was I wrong She was a very strong yet compassionate lead It s hard to review this book without giving too much away but I found it interesting, and I m not into all this cooking hype and shows that are in, the running of the kitchen was interesting in this book, however What was interesting were the beautiful Jean Marc and sexy as sin Sean The sexual tension between Rowan and the abovementioned was smouldering Once again a we [...]

    29. Lynn Viehl has moved to the top of my list of favourites in this genre I wish that I could get a hold of the other books in the Darkyn series from my library but they don t have them at all, so I will have to source them and buy them myself because I really do admire the premise that she established about her take on the Vampire legend, and the links to the Knights Templar, the Brotherhood and now the Kindred Takyn have come together in such cohesion and credibility, And Ms Viehl does not feel t [...]

    30. Every time I finish a Lynn Viehl book I wonder how she managed to write a synopsis for her editor Her plot lines are beautifully architected and immensely complex and I ve never yet finished a book without being absolutely surprised with how it ended DREAMVEIL manages to be lyrical and gritty as Rowan Dietrich explores her feelings for two very different men The book is deeply sensual, both in bed the chair scene between Sean and Rowan is amazing and in the kitchen Viehl is one of the few author [...]

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