Frida ili o boli

Frida ili o boli

Slavenka Drakulić / Feb 22, 2020
Frida ili o boli Ljubav i bol opsesivne su teme Slavenke Drakuli a u Fridi Khalo prona la je junakinju koja joj je omogu ila da istra i najdublje i najekstremnije registre tih temeljnih ljudskih osje aja Meksi ka sl
  • Title: Frida ili o boli
  • Author: Slavenka Drakulić
  • ISBN: 9789531208253
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ljubav i bol opsesivne su teme Slavenke Drakuli , a u Fridi Khalo prona la je junakinju koja joj je omogu ila da istra i najdublje i najekstremnije registre tih temeljnih ljudskih osje aja Meksi ka slikarica koja je pre ivjela 32 operacije u mladosti joj je utrobu probola eli na ipka, noga joj je bila potpuno smrskana, a kralje nica zauvijek uni tena unato boli, stLjubav i bol opsesivne su teme Slavenke Drakuli , a u Fridi Khalo prona la je junakinju koja joj je omogu ila da istra i najdublje i najekstremnije registre tih temeljnih ljudskih osje aja Meksi ka slikarica koja je pre ivjela 32 operacije u mladosti joj je utrobu probola eli na ipka, noga joj je bila potpuno smrskana, a kralje nica zauvijek uni tena unato boli, stalnoj i nesavladivoj, ivjela je intenzivno i ispunjeno Bila je u vezi s nekima od najglasovitijih ljudi svog doba i naslikala je slike koje su je pretvorile u ikonu 20 stolje a Poniru i u njen svijet boli i ljubavi, s puno tanko utnosti, i sa zalogom vlastitog iskustva, Slavenka Drakuli napisala je roman u kojem se neprekidno isprepli u, oboga uju i poni tavaju jezik boli i jezik ljubavi.
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        Slavenka Drakuli 1949 is a noted Croatian writer and publicist, whose books have been translated into many languages In her fiction Drakuli has touched on a variety of topics, such as dealing with illness and fear of death in Holograms of fear the destructive power of sexual desire in Marble skin an unconventional relationship in The taste of a man cruelty of war and rape victims in S A Novel About the Balkans made into a feature film As If I Am Not There, directed by Juanita Wilson a fictionalized life of Frida Kahlo in Frida s bed In her novel Optu ena English translation forthcoming , Drakuli writes about the not often addressed topic of child abuse by her own mother In her novel Dora i Minotaur Drakulic writes about Dora Maar and her turbulent relationship to Pablo Picasso, and how it affected Dora s intellectual identity In her last novel Mileva Einstein, teorija tuge she writes about Einstein s wife Mileva Maric The novel is written from Mileva s point of view, especially describing how motherhood and financial and emotional dependence on Einstein took her away from science and professional life.Drakuli has also published five non fiction books Her main interests in non fiction include the political and ideological situation in post communist countries, war crimes, nationalism, feminist issues, illness and female body In How We Survived Communism Balkan Express Caf Europa she deals with everyday life in communist and post communist countries Drakulic wrote the history of communism through the perspective of animals in A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism She explores evil in ordinary people and choices they make in They Would Never Hurt a Fly War Criminals On Trial In The Hague, about the people who committed crimes during the Croatian Homeland war On the other side, in Flesh of her flesh available in English only as an e book Drakuli writes about the ultimate good people who decide to donate their own kidney to a person they have never met Her first book, Deadly sins of feminism 1984 is available in Croatian only.Drakuli is a contributing editor in The Nation USA and a freelance author whose essays have appeared in The New Republic, The New York Times Magazine and The New York Review Of Books She contributes to S ddeutsche Zeitung Germany , Internazionale Italy , Dagens Nyheter Sweden , The Guardian UK , Eurozine and other newspapers and magazines.Slavenka Drakuli is the recipient of the 2004 Leipzig Book fair Award for European Understanding At the Gathering of International Writers in Prague in 2010 she was proclaimed as one of the most influential European writers of our time.


    1. Review summary What I loved most about this novel is the way it examines the effects of chronic pain on a person s life This particular topic is rarely talked about, let alone explored in literature Consequently, I do admire the author for venturing into those troubled waters The effect that the chronic pain has on the patient and his hers family is well portrayed However, the rest of the novel didn t impress me as much Mislim da je naslov knjige odli no pogo en, ovo je doista knjiga o boli Ono [...]

    2. Amazing entry into Kahlo s psyche An exploration of pain and love and art that brought me new understanding of Kahlo s art I looked up paintings on google images as Drakulic described them Drakulic has long been one of my favorite authors and this slim work again showed her amazing skill.

    3. Having already seen Julie Taymor Salma Hayek s fantastic Frida and watched two bio documentaries, read a children s book and seen two exhibits on Frida, for me this didn t add much to my appreciation of Kahlo.At times it felt like a well written thesis mixed with italicized impressionistic reviews of Kahlo s paintings Mingling pain with paint in Drakulic s palette does not feel new Meanwhile the vexsome insertion of man into a woman s life felt like a bit of a distraction or undermining of the p [...]

    4. Unato mnogobrojnim operacijama i stalnim bolovima meksi ka slikarica ivi intenzivan i ispunjen ivot U kontaktu je sa zna ajnim ljudima svoga vremena, a njezine slike postaju ikone 20 stolje a U dobi od 47 godina osje a da e uskoro umrijeti Ali ne prepu ta se sudbini Frida Diegu citat Oprosti mi, dragi moj, bila sam gruba prema tebi Nepotrebno gruba i ogor ena Ne elim takva oti i, ali nemam vi e vremena ni za to drugo osim da te zamolim za oprost Pogrije ila sam u o ekivanjima O ekivala sam od te [...]

    5. It s astonishing how much Slavenka Drakulic gets into a very short book In a sense this is a biography of pain, told through the largely third person viewpoint of a dying Frida Kahlo looking back over her life From childhood polio, through the dreadful consequences of a traffic accident Frida s body assaulted her most of the days of her life Without her permanent pain she would not have become an artist, chronicling suffering in her pictures nor would she have met, and married, the Maestro Diego [...]

    6. Nije istina da ovjek ne to osje a kad do ivi nesre u Nema ni osje aja ni misli Postoji i ne postoji istodobno, poput estica pra ine koje se kovitlaju u zraku Vidi nebesko plavetnilo, i kao da si i sama dio zraka, vode, zelenila u obli njem parku Lebdi u ti ini u kojoj ne uje ni otkucaje svoga srca Nije li to iskustvo ni tavila Vjerujem da mnogi od vas znaju pri u o meksi koj slikarici Fridi Kahlo, neki ste pogledali i film sa Salmom Hayek a velika ve ina vas je i pro itala ovu knjigu Meni je do [...]

    7. Reads like a biography Did a lot of looking up a lot of Kahlo s artwork in ArtStor Though the book was short, it did drag on painfully By the end of the book, I did not know who s pain I felt , mine or Frida s.

    8. It is a painful book to read Drakulic writes the paintings on to the page in a very artful manner I don t agree with all of her view points So three stars for and ok book with tons of Frida s best titles

    9. Ako jo jednom ujem nekoga da izgovara re enicu Svakome po zasluzi , iz ko e u isko iti Kako je mogu e da se takav izraz uop e uspije udoma iti i smatrati ispravnim, nikad mi ne e biti jasno Frida Kahlo zaslu ila je u estoj godini dobiti dje ju paralizu Zaslu ila je imati kljastu nogu i nositi se s invalidno u kako je znala i umjela Zaslu ila je stradati u stra noj saobra ajnoj nesre i i kao rezultat toga, valjda, na poklon dobiti vje nu bol U cijelom tijelu Zaslu ila je i i na trideset dvije ope [...]

    10. As a Spanish teacher, I have studied Frida Kahlo s life and paintings off and on for several years she paints with an honest brutality not demonstrated by many artists As I tell my students, I like learning about the emotion and story behind her raw artwork, but wouldn t want to hang them in my home They re just a little too much for say, the living room I find her life fascinating, so I enjoyed this unique, if not peculiar approach to what makes Frida, Frida That being said, the writing is some [...]

    11. A novel imagining the inner thoughts and life events of Frida Kahlo I found the book interesting enough to keep with, but since I had seen the movie not long ago, it didn t add much to my understanding The descriptions of her artwork and explanations were arresting, but I kept wishing for a companion book of the paintings themselves so I could check my own reaction to the art as well.

    12. It s hard not to write a good book about Frida Kahlo and this book is pretty good, but it s written without getting too close In third person, no dialogue, a few thoughts, I could have felt , gotten a better sense of Frida s life and death I wanted .

    13. Ova knjiga mi je poput osobnog almanaha Preporuka svima koji su ikad imali zdravstvenih problema Slavenka Drakuli je za mene bila pravo otkri e, Frida nadahnu e a ova mala knjiga je uvijek na polici blizu mog uzglavlja.

    14. Powerful book I didn t know much about Frida Kahlo before reading this, my only exposure had been the the Salma Hayek movie years ago I had always viewed Kahlo s paintings as macabre and surrealist and really received an eye opener upon reading this book to see how deeply personal and intimate her work was to her life The story begins at early childhood and tells the story of Frida s Kahlo s life, how she was stricken with polio, and how this set the stage for her learning to deal with a lifetim [...]

    15. I actually finished this book days ago however, as I have been mainly doing my Internet at work and not very completely obviously , it slipped my mind that I never reviewed it.I heart Slavenka She won my heart completely with Taste of a Man and I have several nonfiction books essays for me to get cracking on I think I cheered at the library when I saw this book, published in 2008.The book itself author raving aside was a good read Not as good as Taste of a Man, but good nonetheless It follows Fr [...]

    16. This book was delightfully unique and drew me in immediately I m interested in the idea that novels build empathy in readers This building of readers compassion is where I found much of the value in this novel The book chronicles Frida s chronic pain and relationships near the end of her life, and examines Frida s extreme vulnerability and strength through that period Drakulic suggests that the mask of strength Frida wore was because if she didn t, people s pity would quickly run dry As a reader [...]

    17. Grazioso e inatteso dono, questo romanzo breve, a firma di Slavenka Drakuli , giornalista e scrittrice croata Il racconto quello di una vita famosa, difficile ed estrosa la vita di Frida Kahlo Narrato dall infanzia beata al momento dell inizio della malattia, fino all incidente terribile che la colpisce e la lascia devastata e piena di dolori lancinanti, che la perseguiteranno per tutta la vita Intorno a lei si muovono le figure dei genitori delle sorelle, in particolare Cristina, che le star ac [...]

    18. The beginning of this book paralleled the movie Frida, so much that I was beginning to think it was the movie script As I continued to read I was pleasantly surprised, yet slightly perplexed I had to continue to remind myself this book is fiction, that the ideas and thoughts relayed in the book are based on the authors opinion of what and who Frida was The author did an excellent job of weaving in Frida s paintings and matching them with major life events, making the read truly contemplate Frida [...]

    19. I read this short book in just about an hour or so I am semi interested in Frida Kahlo s life, mainly because I enjoy reading about the lives of famous or even not so famous people and finding out who they are under the surface It s interesting to me to read about people s accomplishments and learn what makes them tick I do not particularly care for her artwork there is nothing wrong with it it s just not my personal style I also found this book to be not my style It was written in both the firs [...]

    20. Frida s Bed is a strange tale strangely written Of course Slavenka Drakuli isn t entirely to blame, it IS Frida Khalo s life it chronicles, afterall Admittedly I m not generally a fan of historical fiction because you just can t tell where the history leaves off and the fiction begins But Drakuli s biography slash novel is even egregious as she indiscriminately switches from first person to third and back again The effect is, fittingly, surrealistic.And this surrealist literary style carries th [...]

    21. A enjoy books about artists I admire but, than Frida Kahlo s work, I admire her strength when life just kept throwing pain at her.This book is an intimate portrait of the women behind the painter In 1954, after the amputation of her leg, Frida lies in bed, all energy slowly dripping from her body, and recalls the important moments of her existence Her battle with polio as a child, the tram accident which left her scarred for life, her obsession and turbulent relationship with Diego Rivera, her [...]

    22. The author skips from first to third viewpoint without warning and I found it distracting, disjointed The ending felt long winded I m sure the author must have done extensive research to have such a book published and the book did make me want to research Frida s life thoroughly I d look at photographs of this woman, see her charisma and power and wonder if I agreed with the author s imagination on her private thoughts I ve experienced years of pain, illness and was bedridden but unlike Frida, [...]

    23. I love all things Frida, and picked this up as a narrative of disability and art It is that, and much , including a fictional look inside Kahlo s passion to paint Drakulic s depiction of the intense, chronic pain in Frida s life is compelling as a reader, you really do get the sense of a woman who was so locked into her body in particular ways that forged a particular artistic and womanly subjectivity Yet the movement between Friday in first person and a third person narrator wore on me about ha [...]

    24. Dal suo letto e in punto di morte Frida ricorda tutta la sua vita l autrice segue l ipotesi di una morte per overdose volontaria e non a causa di un embolia polmonare, la causa di morte ufficiale Il racconto non quasi mai lineare, si salta da un ricordo all altro e pi volte mi sono persa Se l autrice voleva rendere lo stato confusionario di Frida che precedeva la sua morte stata una scelta giusta, ma in generale il racconto mi sembrato troppo confusionario e tratti anche ripetitivo.Tutto sommato [...]

    25. We read this for Book Club for Hispanic Month or something, and it was an intense little novel about Frida Khalo Rather than give a sweeping biography, the book focused all on the intense physical pain that the artist lived with her entire life and how it affected inspired her painting I knew very little about Khalo, and this was a great introduction to her life It only mentioned her paintings in passing when one was created from a certain incident in her life, but having no pictoral reference i [...]

    26. This is a short novel set in the interiority of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist Most, if not all, of the facts are true her childhood polio, the streetcar accident that left her damaged and in pain for life, her art, her marriage to the artist Diego Rivera, her love affair with Trotsky The fiction, though, is the recounting of her inmost thoughts The story is told with a 3rd person narrator and a first person narrator The 3rd person narrator is omniscient, having access to other people s minds as [...]

    27. A very strange little book I think you would really need to be interested in Frida Kahlo to enjoy it Although I didn t enjoy the fictional narrative aspect of it, the author brought several things to light I had never considered or knew about before if they are true , like how her communist leanings were really half hearted, how perhaps she was a disintegrating victim and not brave heroine, other details I had never heard of SPOILER how a fangirl committed suicide in front of her, that she comm [...]

    28. Ovo je moj prvi susret s autoricom i ostavio me odu evljenom Fokusiraju i se na element boli koji je pro imao ivot Fride Kahlo svakodnevno i koji ju je oblikovao te kroz njezine odnose autorica je stvorila zanimljiv prikaz poznate slikarice Naglasak je uvijek na tjelesnom i emotivnom istovremeno progovaraju i kroz njezinu umjetnost, ne zanemaruju i pritom nezdrav odnos s Diegom Riverom koji se u knjizi spominje isklju ivo kao Maestro ime se on stavlja po strane Fokus ni u kojem trenutku nije na [...]

    29. great book about pain I plan to re read it with a highlighter and page markers for all the wisdom in these pages

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