Very Special People

Very Special People

Frederick Drimmer / Feb 20, 2020
Very Special People This page paperback edition of Very Special People comes from the personal library of the author my father It is in tip top condition having been housed in a smoke free environment since its publ
  • Title: Very Special People
  • Author: Frederick Drimmer
  • ISBN: 9780806512532
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • This 357 page paperback edition of Very Special People comes from the personal library of the author, my father It is in tip top condition having been housed in a smoke free environment since its publication It is in mint condition
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        Frederick Drimmer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Very Special People book, this is one of the most wanted Frederick Drimmer author readers around the world.


    1. A recent picture, posted on social media, reminded me of this book The Hardcover edition, white cover, heavy grain pages, I read back when six or seven years of age I say read, I mainly looked at the pictures, of which there were many in that original 70s edition those characters have remained with me, populated my nightmares and dreams and have inspired my own writings The Caterpillar Man, The Human Skeleton, The Siamese Twins The text when I came to it brought humanity to the shocking photogra [...]

    2. Loved this book I think it would be great to read to the kids when they are a little older There are so many examples of people doing amazing things despite their physical challenges, which is inspiring In addition, I think it is amazingly valuable to be able to read about, and get to know the lives of, people who are so different We don t have much opportunity to make the acquaintance of severly handicapped, or differently abled, people in our lives and many of the conditions in this book are p [...]

    3. Really minimal effort was put into this book about deformed humans, or humans with some kind of difference that makes them a curiosity One used to be able to pay money and stare at them Now that happens in zoos.

    4. Although not very well written, this book is an enlightening read It reveals the truth behind the lives of many of the circus sideshow attractions in the time of and popularized by P T Barnum, one of the greatest showmen to ever live Piecing together events scattered throughout the book, a rough timeline of the ups and downs of Barnum s show business career emerges A few profiles of sideshow performers who gained fame after the death of P T Barnum and up until the book s publication in the early [...]

    5. I had to track this title down via Interlibrary Loan, but it s still a compelling read 30 years after it was written.A little background I ve been interested in sideshows and physical deformities ever since my dad brought home a VHS copy of The Elephant Man when I was 5 years old and scared the hell out of me As kids tend to do, I became obsessed with my fear and spent than one afternoon at the library carefully turning the pages, taking quick glimpses of the photos that I did and did not want [...]

    6. Some of the stories get a bit repetitive yeah, okay okayrange exteriors, beautiful souls I think that this theme is part of what makes the book effective, but Drimmer isn t the most inventive writer The difference between his overview of these Very Special Peoples lives and the excerpts of the story of the John Merrick, the Elephant Man, in the last chapter is vast But I think it s probably beside the point to pooh pooh the writing style It s not the style that matters, it s the characters This [...]

    7. Fantastic There isn t enough written about these curiosities especially in a humane way that doesn t display them when they were alive I loved this book The author also states in 1971 that he would like to find out what happened to Julia Pastrana s body Well here it is newsy videos the uglie

    8. Whenever I m feeling down and wallowing in my own misery, I pull Very Special People off the shelf and immediately feel better.

    9. Sadly, my grandmother passed away this year, but this was one of the lovely treasures that we found when going through her house I have long had a deep fascination with circus sideshows, P.T Barnum and his oddities, etc not because of the physical differences on display I am well aware that sideshows and similar performances were sad and exploitive in many ways However, that is not the part that fascinates me I am interested in the families of choice that they provided I am interested in places [...]

    10. Very Special People, like Tod Browning s classic film Freaks, is a tragic but irresistible look at some of life s most unfortunate people Bearded ladies and siamese twins were all the rage once in America, and almost every circus boasted a side show full of these human oddities This book details the stories of some of the most famous and sad figures in the history of side shows I think the one that effected me most was Robert Wadlow, the world s tallest recorded human being, at 8 ft 11 inches Wa [...]

    11. VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE Very Special People is a book by Frederick Drimmer Mostly, the book explores human oddities sideshow freaks within the idiom of circus performers Conjoined twins, hairy bearded, little people giants and fat skinny The book is excellent, but my favorite part isn t written by Drimmer Hands down, the best section of the book is The Elephant Man by Sir Fredrick Treves I ve always been captivated by this eccentric character conflicted by a horrific youth, later famous and adored n [...]

    12. After reading The Museum of Extraordinary Things, I wanted to see photos of what the living wonders could have looked like and read about what kinds of lives they could have led apart from show business This book is fascinating but sad The information on any one person is not particularly extensive.

    13. This was one of those random oddities I picked up on a whim from a section of my mother s bookshelves when I was a child It was full of pictures and stories of people who had been born with physical handicaps, and for many of them, it included stories of their exploitation at the hands of sideshow carnivals Needless to say, anything of its ilk was ultimately fascinating to a child I re read it occasionally as an adult to help put my own life in perspective.

    14. Fascinating read I was most interested in the chapters on Siamese twins but the other chapters were equally interesting It is a very readable, personable book with many charming moments Includes people with special characteristics and then also profiles of famous individuals who have carried those features There were some writing technical issues, but I could look past that due to the extensive content.

    15. This book was addictive I read it over a week in lab whenever I was on a break Initially I had purchased it for the chapters on siamese twins since I teach Embryology but the other chapters were equally interesting The writing could use some help and some of the science is wrong it was written in the 70s I think but it was interesting.

    16. Wonderful, but occasionally tragic, true stories of human oddities Most of these stories are very old, and none of them are contemporary with today s reader heavily slanted towards the Victorian era and a little later, not even making it into the 1950s for the most part Heavily illustrated and hard to put down.

    17. This is No 2 of my all time favorite books I read it as a young adult, and had the opportunity to read it a few times subsequent It is a compendium of short biographies of the early side show freaks of Barnum and Bailey The stories are told with love and respect, and each one is accompanied by a photograph I was fascinated by them, and a little obsessed with the photographs.

    18. A co worker lent me this book after she overheard me talking about the movie Freaks which featured many real life circus side show acts as actors This book is a glimpse into the lives of side show performers much like the ones in the movie Absolutely fascinating.

    19. The title says it all For those who have heard of the side show, or have actually seen one, this is the book for you Most of the tales are triumphant, inspiring tales of people overcoming handicaps and living happy and productive lives.

    20. narrowly avoids exploitation and just stops short of wallowing in pity.when you consider the subject matter, that s quite an accomplishment.

    21. This book my Dad had when I was a child, I was allowed to look through it sometimes, I know have the book with me and it still amazes me

    22. I just finished The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb , and it reminded me of this book that I had read as a child.

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