Without You: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical Rent

Without You: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical Rent

Anthony Rapp / Jul 08, 2020
Without You A Memoir of Love Loss and the Musical Rent Anthony Rapp had a special feeling about Jonathan Larson s rock musical Rent as early as his first audition which won him a starring role as the video artist Mark Cohen The Pulitzer Prize winning Ren
  • Title: Without You: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical Rent
  • Author: Anthony Rapp
  • ISBN: 9780743269766
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Anthony Rapp had a special feeling about Jonathan Larson s rock musical Rent as early as his first audition, which won him a starring role as the video artist Mark Cohen The Pulitzer Prize winning Rent opened to thunderous acclaim off Broadway but even as friends and family were celebrating the show s first success, they were also mourning Jonathan Larson s sudden deatAnthony Rapp had a special feeling about Jonathan Larson s rock musical Rent as early as his first audition, which won him a starring role as the video artist Mark Cohen The Pulitzer Prize winning Rent opened to thunderous acclaim off Broadway but even as friends and family were celebrating the show s first success, they were also mourning Jonathan Larson s sudden death from an aortic aneurysm And when Anthony s mom began to lose her battle with cancer, Anthony found himself struggling to balance his life in the theater with his responsibility to his family In Without You, Anthony tells of his exhilarating journey with the cast and crew of Rent as well as the intimacies of his personal life behind the curtain Marked by fledgling love and devastating loss, Without You is an exceptional memoir of the world of theater, the love of a son for his mother, and maturity won far too early.
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        Anthony Deane Rapp is an American stage and film actor and singer.Rapp first performed on Broadway in 1981 in the flop The Little Prince and the Aviator, a musical based on Antoine de Saint Exup ry s novel The Little Prince The show closed during previews He also appeared in the 1987 movie Adventures in Babysitting, which was directed by Chris Columbus Columbus would later direct Rapp in the film version of Rent.Rapp has gone on to appear in several movies and Broadway shows, most notably as intellectuals His notable work includes films Dazed and Confused, A Beautiful Mind, School Ties, Road Trip, the stage and film versions of Six Degrees of Separation, and An American Family.Rapp is probably best known for playing Mark Cohen in the off Broadway and original Broadway casts of Jonathan Larson s musical Rent For his audition for the musical, Rapp sang R.E.M s Losing My Religion He reprised that role in the film adaptation, which was released in November of 2005 Rapp has embraced his role as an unofficial spokesperson for the musical and has given numerous television and print interviews regarding the show and its development Some of Rapp s photographs from rehearsals of Rent have been published.In 2000, Rapp released a solo CD, entitled Look Around.Rapp and Pascal, along with fellow original cast member Gwen Stewart, reprised their roles of Mark and Roger in a national tour of Rent beginning January 6, 2009.Rapp recently worked on a production of Without You, a one man show based on his memoirs concerning Rent, the death of Jonathan Larson and the death of his mother It premiered at City Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA He recently presented this piece in New York at Joe s Pub on September 29, 2009.


    1. Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw ReviewsI ve wanted to read this for a while, but not before seeing at least the movie version of Rent Off to the library I went and borrowed a copy of both film and book I m certain I would have appreciated this story, loosely based on Puccini s La Boh me, a lot in its original version as a play, and had I been about 30 years younger Back then I probably would have been able to empathize with a cast of talentless characters who wanted to succeed as [...]

    2. Very good I was inspired to read it because I m going to see Rent this weekend, starring original Broadway and movie cast members Rapp and Adam Pascal Rapp was very open and honest in this book, sharing primarily his memories of his journey as one of the original members of the Rent cast, through Jonathan Larson s death and opening on Broadway, and most of all through his mother s life and death Having lost my mother to cancer as well, I really identified with a lot of what he went through My fa [...]

    3. Overshare Why, yes I will, thank you For a condensed review This is a great memoir, not just about Rent, but about grief and love and honesty For way information about most likely irrelevant to you connections I made to my own experience, read here view spoiler I was raised on a steady diet of musical theatre My dad spent most of his career behind the stages of Broadway and off Broadway productions, and he met my mother in the touring company of Cabaret he the stage manager, she a failed actres [...]

    4. I loved the parts that mention Rent I cried at the parts where his mother was dying, having lost my own father to cancer I just didn t understand why there had to be almost explicit sex scenesTo me they just didn t fit into the book detracted from it.

    5. Anyone who follows my Twitter account knows this book absolutely devastated me I read it on two legs of a cross country flight and the people around me were absolutely giving me concerned looks as I teared up and sniffled and once even stopped reading, set the book down and closed my eyes to take deep breaths It hit home.So much of Anthony Rapp s life parallels my own Not perfectly, of course I m not claiming to be the man s twin There are some obvious differences the successful theater career b [...]

    6. I met Anthony at summer camp and we only really chatted once Even then, I think everyone recognized his incredible talent and so he had a reputation of being one of the kids who was going to make it really big I also remember both the guys he talked about in the book Ben was so funny and I remember him always cracking us up He was always on the edge and even then I worried for him because despite being totally hilarious, he seemed, well too close to the edge It was so sad to hear the story of hi [...]

    7. My advice to Anthony Rapp would be to stick to acting and not writing Either that, or don t be ambiguous about the contents of what he is writing This book should not have included and the Musical Rent in the title, because I honestly felt that he touched very little on the subject I was under the impression upon going into this book that it would have been focused on his time working with the show, especially since he was there since the start, and his experience through it all and NOT a 300 p [...]

    8. Let me preface this review by saying that I absolutely love the musical Rentd I ve loved it for a long time In fact, although I m certainly not as hardcore as some Rentheads, I ve even seen the musical three times That being said, I found the actual writing of this memoir almost painful to digestrhaps for the simple fact that Anthony Rapp is an actor, and a very talented one at that But he s not a writer And while I found his stories about how he became involved in Rent, his struggles hurdles as [...]

    9. The American Broadway Musical In my opinion, it is THE only true art form If anyone can attest to the veracity of that statement it would have to be me I have seen musicals in my life than most people I know, and Original Casts on Broadway than I d care to remember But in all the thousands of hours I ve spent in theatres in my life no other musical has had the power to touch me so profoundly as seeing the entire Original Broadway Cast of Rent in the summer of 1996, both in June and August resp [...]

    10. Well, really this is a 3.5 for me I found it compelling and quick to read, and yet was bugged both by some of the writing and by Rapp himself.I guess I picked up this book expecting it to be about his life as a Rent cast member, and there is certainly some of that I was gripped mainly by the story of his mother and was really moved to tears many times I was quite annoyed by the endless stories of his relationships, because somehow it seemed to me that each one was of the greatest importance unt [...]

    11. This was raw and visceral and felt jarringly honest Rapp discusses grief in such a compelling manner, and while the narrative begins and ends with Rent, this memoir is so much personal than I expected in a great way.

    12. My Grade 85% BIn the last year or so, I have collected a series of autobiographies by fairly young entertainers two by Rob Lowe, and one each by Michael J Fox, Tina Fey, John Barrowman, and Anthony Rapp all, of course, from thrift stores.I donated the first four to my local library, but felt a connection to the other two, so I read them Not only did I see John Barrowman perform on stage, but I watched him carry on at a Soho pub I am also a great fan of him in Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Arrow.Ant [...]

    13. I love Rent and I love Anthony Rapp I just saw the show for the umpteenth time because he toured with Adam Pascal I first saw the show in NYC, but the originals were already gone 1998 What a duo I wish the entire original cast would regroup for a tourI would pay big bucks to see them all, especially Idina, Adam, Mark, Jesse, and Taye I enjoyed the insight into Rapp s life, but mostly enjoyed the morsels about the start of Rent and the evolution of the show I think only true fans of Rent will enj [...]

    14. I m a total RENThead and this book has been on my list for YEARS but I finally decided to give it a go I m really glad I chose the audio version, because listening to Anthony Rapp tell his own story was fantastic It was fun listening to his take on the audition and workshop processes for RENT What really hit home for me was his struggle to deal with his mother s illness It s a real parallel of how I m dealing with my mom s People always tell the stories of the strong journeys, but don t always g [...]

    15. Considering how obsessed I was with Rent as a teenager, I can t believe I had never read this before I can honestly say I was not prepared for how heartbreaking this book is The success of Rent exploded for Anthony Rapp in the wake of the loss of it s creator Jonathan Larson and the drawn out death of his mother His grief his palpable on the pages He uses the music of the show to help convey those feelings throughout the book and it honestly wrecked my emotions Worth a read for fans of the show. [...]

    16. Anthony Rapp, may be a good actor, but he is a horrible writer Wow I only stuck with it, because I have this sick habit of finishing books that I have started Sigh I do want to resee the movie or the show if it was not done.

    17. Book 5 of 45Booksin2017 I never want to fault someone s memoir because it s their own story That said I was bored This was in my Audible queue for 3 years, and I was hoping for a life story with a little bit of Dazed Confused, maybe some Adventures in Babystting, or Twister, and of course, Rent What I got was a life story of coming out, sex, bad boyfriend breakups, barely anything on movies except for the terrible time he had on Twister and Rent And the relationship with his mother, who worsened [...]

    18. This book has been bouncing around in my head and I am sure it s on a list of mine somewhere and I don t know what prompted me to finally request it now Oh well This is another autobio from the original actor to play Mark in the musical RENT I quit enjoyed the musical I saw it in LA when NPH played Mark Everyone my age in LA remembers that I never saw it on Broadway I was sad when I was overseas and saw it was closing because seeing the original cast preform it was sort of on my bucket list And [...]

    19. I got this book back in 2009 when I had the honor of meeting Anthony Rapp after a performance of Rent Seven years later, I grabbed it off my shelf and finally sat down to read it while on vacation This story renewed my love of Rent I laughed, I cried, my heart broke and was repaired all in the course of one book A must read for any Rent head or just any lover of theatre in general.

    20. I m a big fan of both RENT and Anthony Rapp, so I was ecstatic to finally read this book It did not disappoint I ve read it twice and a refuse to get rid of it because I know I ll read it again For anyone that has ever dealt with terminal illness, loss, guilt, love, passion, hate, this is a must read Not for RENT heads alone, this book will speak to everyone.

    21. Every performer should read this book, every gay man should read this book, every person whose ever suffered a loss in the family should READ THIS BOOK It is so much than a book for Rent heads, it is a book for the passionate.

    22. Rent is by far my favorite Broadway show, probably will be ever, and this memoir was a really easy read and a good reminder of why Jonathon Larson s death was such a loss to us fans And why I adore Anthony Rapp so much.

    23. Wonderful memoir of the making of Rent as well as a devastating account of the authors loss of his mother to cancer around the same time.

    24. Anthony Rapp is famous for having originated and played the role of Mark in Jonathan Larson s Rent , even though he s been acting since he was nine His treading of the boards of most of his other performances are glossed over the main focus is on the rock opera that propelled him and the late Larson to international fame.Mr Rapp s writing is incisive and at times brutal His revelations of the anxiety, grief, heartache and personal triumphs and failures in dealing with his mother s progressive il [...]

    25. I really wanted to like this book, partly because I just generally enjoy a memoir autobiography, and partly because Rapp s Mark Cohen is one of my favourite musical theatre performances However, the two other memoirs I have so far read this year were infinitely enjoyable than this for a number of reasons 1 I do not feel the need to know about anyone s sexual awakening 2 While memoirs are often self deprecating and certainly look for the humour in life situations, this felt self indulgent and of [...]

    26. So so raw and emotional I really saw all of the good and bad of Anthony It is so rare that I read a memoir that is so emotionally honest I felt like I was living his life with him He s an actor so all of his emotions are heightened I felt every frustration, every angry thought, his grief, his joy, sadness And all of this with the backdrop of the musical Rent Rent is one of those things that doesn t quite work as well in today s world, but back in high school it was my life It was gritty and dirt [...]

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