The Next Evangelicalism: Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity

The Next Evangelicalism: Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity

Soong-Chan Rah / Feb 20, 2020
The Next Evangelicalism Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity Golden Canon Leadership Book Award winner The future is now Philip Jenkins has chronicled how the next Christendom has shifted away from the Western church toward the global South and East Likewi
  • Title: The Next Evangelicalism: Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity
  • Author: Soong-Chan Rah
  • ISBN: 9780830833603
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2010 Golden Canon Leadership Book Award winner The future is now Philip Jenkins has chronicled how the next Christendom has shifted away from the Western church toward the global South and East Likewise, changing demographics mean that North American society will accelerate its diversity in terms of race, ethnicity and culture But evangelicalism has long been held capt2010 Golden Canon Leadership Book Award winner The future is now Philip Jenkins has chronicled how the next Christendom has shifted away from the Western church toward the global South and East Likewise, changing demographics mean that North American society will accelerate its diversity in terms of race, ethnicity and culture But evangelicalism has long been held captive by its predominantly white cultural identity and history In this book professor and pastor Soong Chan Rah calls the North American church to escape its captivity to Western cultural trappings and to embrace a new evangelicalism that is diverse and multiethnic Rah brings keen analysis to the limitations of American Christianity and shows how captivity to Western individualism and materialism has played itself out in megachurches and emergent churches alike Many white churches are in crisis and ill equipped to minister to new cultural realities, but immigrant, ethnic and multiethnic churches are succeeding and flourishing This prophetic report casts a vision for a dynamic evangelicalism that fully embodies the cultural realities of the twenty first century Spiritual renewal is happening within the North American church, from corners and margins not always noticed by those in the center Come, discover the vitality of the next evangelicalism.
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    1. There is something wrong with much of American evangelicalism in its current form Many churches are declining We have moral scandals Evangelicalism continues to splinter into weird offshoots like the emergent church and various other post modern expressions And many quarters of society hear the term and revile us I say us because theologically this is where I would truly locate myself because of our over identification with conservative political stances and indeed for becoming a pawn of conserv [...]

    2. It s strange to me how often I was warned away from this book by other Christians, given that the most radical aspect of Rah s book is probably the term Western cultural captivity as a descriptor for aspects of the contemporary American evangelical church that rightly deserve criticism Rah painstakingly sets out his own roots in and routes through Western theology and at no point demands a disavowal of the conservative evangelical tradition wholesale It is unfortunate that his early critics pain [...]

    3. In his book, The Next Evangelicalism, Soong Chan Rah develops the argument that the church in America is held captive to western culture The church in America is indubitably controlled by white, western, evangelicals The problem with this captivity, according to Rah, is that the American is diverse and includes minority cultures who are quickly increasing in demographic size, yet are marginalized in the church What we are witnessing in the twenty first century is the captivity of the church to [...]

    4. Soong Chan Rah may not be the voice white Evangelicals want right now, but he is certainly a voice we need This book was written back in 2009, but it s main points have only become important and relevant now in 2017.Rah s argument is essentially that American Evangelicalism is captive to white American culture That has led to significant problems in ecclesiology, theology, and missiology Further, non white Christian communities have both a tremendous value to add to Christianity writ large and [...]

    5. This is a powerful read by a third generation Korean immigrant who offers a prophetic critique of the church in America.

    6. First generation Korean immigrant Soong Chan Rah, who founded a multiethnic church in Cambridge and now teaches at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, believes that white, middle class Anglo Saxon Protestant Christianity is dying out In this he is not without his allies, and his book The Next Evangelicalism joins a growing body of literature arguing this case.It is in many ways a convincing and convicting treatment Following Phillip Jenkins now regarded classic, The Next Christendom, in [...]

    7. I m recommending this primarily to my church leader friends, be them on church staffs, volunteers, or congregates I had the honor of hearing from Dr Rah first hand at an annual conference my school hosts Rah was our keynote speaker, and his lecture seemed to highlight much of what I had thought was wrong with the American Church but was unable to state.The Next Evangelicalismnames the institution responsible for much of the brokenness white American evangelicals have perpetuated White Cultural C [...]

    8. Throughout this past year it was becoming and clear that much of Christianity in America was not culturally neutral as it might have viewed itself but an Americanized version of Christianity While I had learned a lot from it, there is much to criticize about this Americanized Christianity with its lack of sensitivity to racial justice, conflation of patriotism to faithfulness, hyper individualistic perspective This book helped me clarify the ways that Christianity in America had been held capt [...]

    9. For those of us navigating life and vocation in relationship to the American evangelical church, The Next Evangelicalism is a bracing mixture of prophetic critique and grace filled wisdom It is not an exaggeration to say that the words of Dr Rah have redrawn the boundaries and rewritten the definitions for me in a number of significant ways In this book, Dr Rah points out the evangelical captivity to the sins of individualism, consumerism and materialism, and racism, and uncovers a crippling bli [...]

    10. This book was incredibly hypocritically racist The fiercest racism I ve seen in my life has not come from whites The repeated use of the phrase white cultural captivity was obnoxious.The very same things the author attacked in whites he himself committed throughout the book.At the same time, I m glad I read it Aside from author s poor immaturity and victimization complex it helped even still to open my eyes to see the world from a non white perspective Many interesting stories and good points in [...]

    11. This is an important book and worth the read, but I also found it hard to get through and a little uneven in quality The parts that focus on the author s own experience in ministry are great, as are the chapters on the history of the church growth movement, the theology of suffering vs the theology of celebration and holistic evangelism But, some other chapters where Rah seeks to synthesize other s work and writing are clunky and hard to follow More of the book could have focused on what a churc [...]

    12. Reading this in preparation to read his newest book, Prophetic Lament, and wanted to familiarize myself with this one first The Next Evangelicalism addresses how the evangelical movement describing the decline of the Western church has omitted immigrant churches and churches of color those overlooked churches are growing and developing in sharp contrast to the slow decay of white churches.

    13. Rah wrote this not long after President Obama was elected, he could not have foreseen all the ways this book on division and oppression would be so applicable today There are parts of this book that have gotten better with age, while a few aspects are already outdated It catalogues the numerous ways white western cultural and religious practices are hampering the growth of what could be a diverse expression of the church in America Recommended for all.

    14. Great book A primer for everyone on race in the church Every one of my elders will be reading this, and ive suggested it to everyone I know I think Rah can paint with a broad brush at times referring to the white evangelical church, but for the most part, in general, his assesrtions ring true Much needed read

    15. i m trying to think of something positive to write about this book, the best i can come up w is nice font size the text, unfortunately, was easy to reade book reads like it is self published, no editing involved instead this is published by intervarsity, during the 70s and 80s perhaps the most respected Christian publisher in americae next evangelicalism is about the western white cultural captivity of the American church that phrase or similar ones close to it appear 17 times in the last nine p [...]

    16. A lot to write I ll keep it short Rah gives critical thought to the future of evangelicalism in the West And let s just say it isn t one ethnicity I loved his ability to challenge and correct with love and truth This is worth a read for those seeking to see that Christianity is than just a white mans religion.

    17. Must read for any American pastor or those who care for the Church in America Thank you Pastor Rah for your courage in writing this book and living from whom God created you to be.

    18. I wish I had enough time to read this book again before my semester starts Highly recommend Super challenging and helpful.

    19. Reading this book was an experience of many emotions at times nodding my head in agreement, at other times humbly being convicted, and at other times even anger That range is what makes it a must read for evangelical Christian leaders today.Rah uses the term white captivity of the church as a synonym for Western captivity of the church throughout the book He explains this use on page 22, saying he does so to remind us that Western culture has been dominated by white people through its history as [...]

    20. This was a great book with which I had some misgivings Some days it was a five and some days it was a three, so I gave it a four star In this book, Soong chan Rah outlines what sees as the next evangelicalism a purposeful take off of Philip Jenkin s The Next Christendom He argues that the church is growing in the United States, we just can t see it because we are blinded by our expectations of who is in church and what church looks like He calls this the white cultural captivity of the church Yo [...]

    21. The best way to understand the full complexity of the gospel message is to learn from others who are seeing the story from a different angle The necessity of mutual learning cannot be overstated To assume that one seat in the ballpark or in the theater has a superior knowledge or perception is to fail to appreciate the value God gives to other cultures It is the arrogance of Western, white captivity to assume that one s own cultural point of view is the end all and be all of the gospel story Wes [...]

    22. I took a class with Soong Chan at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School some number of years ago c 2010 wherein he gave me a copy of this book I did not read it then, because I am terrible Now I m sorry that I didn t read it sooner I am as white as white can be I sent in the AncestryDNA test and they sent me back a box of crackers , but like most white people, I don t usually think of myself as racist Storm was my favorite member of the X Men, my two best friends growing up were Hispanic, I don t [...]

    23. Even though this was written back in 2009, it is even relevant today It is helpful to recognize how Western white Christianity has fallen captive to culture and has been blinded by our own myopic perspective of the gospel Much like our recent election was a surprise to many, I think that some will be surprised to step back and notice the shift in, and the future of, Christianity in America.

    24. The author of The Next Evangelicalism, Soong Chan Rah, has garnished a reputation as being a bit of a firebrand He has become known for publicly criticizing the racial insensitivity of Christian organizations on several occasions But, let s admit it, while they make us uncomfortable, we need firebrands now and then Some would call them prophets.Rah is than a rabble rouser though He s a professor at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, has pastored urban, multi ethnic congregations and is [...]

    25. There are a number of good, critical reviews of this book on I m not going to attempt another I will say that I m in agreement with much that is said in this book but the author probably does not do much to further his cause by the way that he says it The author points out the captivity of the white, Western portion of the evangelical church to individualism, consumerism materialism and racism I m not sure that whites and Westerners have necessarily cornered the market on materialism or racism, [...]

    26. I read a reference to this book in an article and was attracted to the title immediately The thesis that the church must address leadership and popular focus in American Evangelicalism reflects a Western, white culture rather than the reality of the global and even American church demographic compelled me to learn The analysis of how the American Evangelical church is shaped by American culture rather than shaping it was insightful and oftentimes convicting I think this book is phenomenal for s [...]

    27. Soong Chan Rah addresses the challenges facing the Western Church, particularly in North America, and how it must break free from what he describes as the Western cultural trappings that have deeply impacted not only people s perceptions of the Church s role in society, but led to its declining influence and relevance.He openly addresses issues of how the evangelical church in North America has been dominated by white, middle class Americans In fact, he quotes, Both Time and the Wall Street Jour [...]

    28. This is a must read for practitioners of the racially reconciling gospel Soong Chan gives plenty of stories and examples that make this careful work of critique and hope flow with autobiographical ease Some key concepts like primary secondary culture as well as Christ s theology and practice with celebration sacrifice undergird Rahs basic thesis.The church in the US specifically it s recognized contributions, sought after leaders, and unconscious loyalty to the dominant culture on one level is d [...]

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