Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones

Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones

Phil Foglio Kaja Foglio / Feb 20, 2020
Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones Adventure Romance Mad Science Agatha Hetrodyne is the last heir to the Maddest of Mad Scientist families and now she s returned home to claim the family castle Unfortunately it turns out that she s
  • Title: Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones
  • Author: Phil Foglio Kaja Foglio
  • ISBN: 9781890856472
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adventure Romance, Mad Science Agatha Hetrodyne is the last heir to the Maddest of Mad Scientist families, and now she s returned home to claim the family castle Unfortunately, it turns out that she s not the only one with that idea, and the Castle is a hopeless death trap.
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        A popular science fiction fan artist in the 1970s, Phil Foglio began writing and drawing cartoons and comics professionally in the 1980s His work includes Magic The Gathering, Buck Godot, and the popular series of comics and novels, Girl Genius, co written with his wife, Kaja Foglio.Awards Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist 1977 and 1978 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story 2009, 2010, 2011


    1. Hands down, the best volume so far The world building and charaters are simply amazing and oh so much fun I was laughing aloud through the majority of this read and can not recommend this series If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, steampunk, and what is hilariously turning into a healthy dose of romance then this series is for you I love so many of these characters When I am long finishd, these characters will stay with me Especially the jagers.

    2. Volume 8 In which Agatha enters a mass murdering castle, almost admits to being in love, wins at everything except best hat.It s obvious at this point that the bumbling klutz we met at the beginning of this series is not the same Agatha She has grown in many ways, both forced and not I really enjoy the woman that Agatha is turning into She is embracing her future, but taking it one step at a time Instead of cowering under the pressure of being a Heterodyne she s just doing what she thinks is rig [...]

    3. Hugo award winner WooHoo Agatha has in many ways completed the first major step in her character transformation The distracted, incompetant klutz of the first book has come into her own and is ready to command her city and armies I wonder if being in the old homestead might not push her a bit too far into the realm of dangerous, unstable mad science favored by her ancestors Maybe there was a reason the Heterodyne Boys spent so much time away from the castle adventuring

    4. My favourite volume as it has my favourite piece of dialogue in the whole series about Klaus monologue on communicating in the workplace And also, this is the volume which shows the most clearly, I think, the personality transformation Agatha had gone through It s satisfying to see Agatha assuming her role as one of the most kickass heroine out there.Anyone who hasn t been reading Girl Genius is missing out.

    5. This installment is centered around Agatha gaining control over Castle Hetrodyne which is quite broken down and AI controlling it is close to mad While this is happening various others are pursuing the same goal doomed to fail since they are not Hetrodynes and a love interest is furthered Fun read with nice graphics.

    6. This was perhaps the best book yet in an exciting character driven series, which fleshes out the world through its people interacting with the unique setting At least I thought so Agatha Heterodyne has entered her family estate, Castle Heterodyne, to claim her legacy Not that it will be easy, since the castle has a fractured intelligence of its own and a long history of eliminating anyone who dares to explore what lies within its walls in creatively sadistic ways More than one person who hates A [...]

    7. I actually started out reading the novelization of this you know, the version without pictures When I went back to look at the comics, I hated the art I thought it was cartoony and silly and busy and hard to understand what s going on But I d enjoyed the novelization, so I skimmed the first and second volume of the comics, then skipped to volume four This series had won three Hugo Awards so I figured there had to be something to it By volume 8 I was sold I ve now read the first thirteen volumes [...]

    8. This series keeps getting better and better The humor and sarcasm was strong in this book and I loved it

    9. Agatha s adventures remain fun and action packed but I do think this volume suffers a little from trying to jam too much into the page count, with the result that it sometimes feels a bit muddled.

    10. This is the eighth TP in the wonderful Girl Genius gaslight fantasy graphic novel series These books are just so much fun This was one of the best books in this series so far.Agatha has finally made it into Heterodyne Castle, now she needs to repair the castle Except the castle is constantly trying to kill her, as is the pretend Agatha who entered the castle before her Luckily it ends up Agatha knows a lot of people who have been imprisoned in the castle and some of her friends have decided to j [...]

    11. An installment in the continuing story With spoilers ahead for the earlier ones.Actually, it opens with the opera The classic tale of the STORM KING And some backstory slithered in I wonder if opera composers also have the Spark, or there s just a family relationship.Agatha inside She meets other prisoners, deals with a mad kitchen, and discovers her past coming back to haunt her in the form of fellow prisoners And the Heterodyne girl imposter puts a high reward on her head freedom and gold for [...]

    12. For many years I have followed Girl Genius Webcomic as one of my daily rituals I have been following the Foglio s quirky humour and idiosyncratic drawings.What I really like of the series is the depth of scope and worldbuilding, with many details becoming obvious much later than when they appear As such the recently appeared novels are the perfect complement, as you can finally be inside the head of Agatha, overcoming one of the limitations of comic wordcount So instead of being sparse with word [...]

    13. Another delightful volume of Girl Genius, full of excitement and hilarity The Chapel of Bones begins with a near deadly whirlwind of activity, beginning with Agatha s entrance to Castle, and leading up to the most climactic point of the entire story so far view spoiler the Castle s acceptance of Agatha as one of the Family hide spoiler Meanwhile, Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, recovered from his altercation with a fleet of horribly beweaponed battle clanks, hatches an insane, and hysterically funny, plan [...]

    14. More than any of the other 2009 Hugo Award Graphic Story nominees, this tale suffers by being an isolated chapter in a longer narrative Girl Genius is a thrice weekly web based comic, and this volume collects about a year s worth of story Without a clear beginning or ending, the reader is left to grope around for character definitions and plot drivers As best I could tell, Agatha Heterodyne is an engineer adventurer exploring an ancestral castle filled with booby traps and supernatural entities [...]

    15. This is a tough book to give a fair review since as a Cybils nominee I ve had to jump in with book 8 There is a lot going on, a back story I have no idea about, but what I can tell is that this steampunk comic is one I want to start from the beginning and read The art is bright, humourous, with over dramatic facial expressions and very buxom women While I had no idea of the whole general plot, even with the quick The Story So Far write up at the front of the book, I did grasp the mini plot of th [...]

    16. Getting herself recognized as a Heterodyne used to be easy that s before Agatha came up against a psychotic castle with a mind of its own, several malfunctioning systems and a twisted sense of humor A fake Heterodyne and two rival, bickering suitors for Agatha s hand don t make matters any easier Various factions descend on Mechanicsburg, trying to take over the town As usual the chuckles abound as Agatha deals with tetchy helpers don t call him a minion , staking her claim as the one true Heter [...]

    17. Agatha Heterodyne is struggling with the legacy of her family castle, which has a mind of its own or several minds, as it turns out meanwhile Gilgamesh Wulfenbach is trying to break into the castle and rescue her, against the wishes of his father the baron The Foglio art style is distinctive and a bit of googling revealed why I thought it looked familiar the plotting and scrioting decent enough It s a fun romp, but difficult to appreciate without having read the first seven volumes Unlike the ot [...]

    18. In volume 8 of Agatha Heterodyne s exciting adventures, Agatha is back in her family seat of Mechanicsberg but to hold it, she ll need the help of the sentient castle, which means getting inside it and repairing it, while dealing with the fractured mind that mostly wants to kill things Meanwhile, Gil Wulfenbach has to hold the rest of the town together, and fend off his father, long enough to let her do her work.Fun, quick to read and so much coherent to those with a short memory than a page th [...]

    19. This is, in my opinion, one of the funniest volumes of Girl Genius I love Castle Heterodyne I love Castle Heterodyne s skewed logic and twisted memory I can kill people in the sky Yay Do that Kill everyone in the sky This also has Gil s amazing new hat, declaring him to be a Schmott Guy And then there s the epic stage battle between Gil and Zeetha, with a spork gun and the walking cage And Mamma Gkika If you haven t read Girl Genius before, none of that will make any sense, but that just means y [...]

    20. I enjoyed many things about this volume It had a lot of very funny dialogue and we met several new and entertaining characters The audience also gets to catch up with a few old characters we haven t seen for awhile.Despite all the positive aspects, there wasn t really enough advancement of the main plot to make me happy We spent so much time running from place to place trying to keep up with a hundred little side stories and trying to get them all connected that basically the story didn t move.O [...]

    21. The castle is a fantastic character This volume introduces Viola also a fantastic character and brings back Moloch von Zinzer, and Agatha makes progress on the castle Still great stuff but it s a continuation of the story than a discrete story arc.Girl Genius is ongoing and can be read online here Volume 8 starts here.

    22. Originally published online as a Web comic where it can be found at girlgeniusonline , this series follows the exploits of a young woman, Agatha, who discovers she is the lost heir to a long feared dynasty Instead of a terribly serious version of this tale, the author artist stick to humor over horrors Still friends and enemies die, leaving their mark on Agatha as she grows to understand who she is and what she can do.

    23. This series continues to be great fun The action is mad cap and the science is just mad In order to enjoy this series one has to be in the proper mood The characters aren t particularly deep, but the action and the jokes keeps things moving along at a good clip I am looking forward to reading .

    24. Long awaited since we don t read this online and lived up to expectations Some of the reappearances of characters surprised me and others didn t I love the interactions between Agatha and the castle and Gil and Zeetha It s great seeing some of the characters from Castle Wolfenbach again.

    25. Woot No one does over the top action like the Foglios And just when you think the mix can t get any insane there s that last page Should be a nice payoff in the next volume As always, the patented Foglio mix of drama and comedy pleases like nobody s business Excellent work

    26. I read all 12 volumes over the space of a few days so can t separate one from the other for the sake of reviews, but can say that I m not disappointed at having had this pointed out to me, only that it took so long for me to get on the bandwagon.

    27. Someone give the Foglios a high five This is the most entertaining volume of Girl Genius I ve read yet Gil s attempts to rescue Agatha are getting increasingly hilarious and farcical and seeing Agatha come into her own as the Heterodyne heir to the Castle is pretty satisfying 4.5 stars

    28. The story continues at a good clip I just wish they would focus on Agatha The other side stories are somewhat distracting, even though they tend to come together This arc also reintroduces characters from earlier parts of the story I don t think I remember.

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