Catwoman, Vol. 8: Crime Pays

Catwoman, Vol. 8: Crime Pays

Will Pfeifer David López Álvaro López / Oct 24, 2020
Catwoman Vol Crime Pays She s been hunted hurt and haunted by the child she s been forced to give up Now Selina Kyle also known as Catwoman has had enough of being a good girl Now it s a prime time for crime time
  • Title: Catwoman, Vol. 8: Crime Pays
  • Author: Will Pfeifer David López Álvaro López
  • ISBN: 9781401219291
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s been hunted, hurt and haunted by the child she s been forced to give up Now Selina Kyle also known as Catwoman has had enough of being a good girl Now it s a prime time for crime time
    • UNLIMITED BOOK Ø Catwoman, Vol. 8: Crime Pays - by Will Pfeifer David López Álvaro López
      Will Pfeifer David López Álvaro López

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      • Will Pfeifer David López Álvaro López

        Will Pfeifer was born in 1967 in the town of Niles, Ohio He attended Kent State University and graduated in 1989 He has resided in Rockford, Illinois since 1990, with his wife, Amy.Pfeifer, along with his comic writing duties, is the assistant features editor at the Rockford Register Star He also writes a weekly DVD column for the Sunday paper.


    1. Catwoman is one of my standby heroes I can pretty much always count on her books to be rolicking, twisty adventures Good art, and a plot I m looking forward to reading of Catwoman s apartment is burned, her costume with it, and all her money is stolen To make matters worse, she is abruptly transported to an alien planet, along with all the other criminals of Earth Now she has to survive amidst the worst of the worst, all while trying to get back home I love Catwoman s shady sense of ethics and [...]

    2. This one started out really good, and then BAM she got sent to an alien prison planet and my interest really waned Although the fact that she got sent with Lex kind of tickled me.

    3. I m surprised at the bad reviews of this volume Admittedly, it s only the third Catwoman comic I ve read, but I liked it I didn t even know it was volume 8 I usually read comics in order, but neither the cover nor the spine says volume 8 Yet, I didn t feel lost I ll definitely borrow any other Catwoman comics I come across I like her

    4. Garbage.This is garbage After the reboot of everything last issue now we get mindless stupidity that show how much Pfiefer does not understand Selina as a character This will be a fast review because I don t want to be here any.World Art is the same, unimproved and still static and boring World building is minor due to the nutso second story Which I like as a premise because it reminded me of Justice League the cartoon and the sometimes light hearted else world stuff that DC does, but the rest [...]

    5. Catwoman Vol 8 Crime Pays was not as good as Catwoman Vol 7 Catwoman Dies, which was much to my liking, but I still enjoyed it Writer Will Pfeifer juggled a menagerie of characters, but I think there s just too much story here It started out promising, with Catwoman having to contend with a personal disaster and a lot of undercover work This leads her to the Calculator and eventually into the hands of a villainous cretin calling himself The Thief, but then the whole thing suddenly gets interrup [...]

    6. This was my first time reading a Catwoman serial and I wasn t much impressed The book starts quite well, and I was brought up to speed fairly easily to a point where Catwoman s life is starting over again At about the second chapter though, the comic throws a real WTF and degenerates into just about everything I dislike about mainstream comics.When Catwoman is arrested and slung onto an alien planet with every supervillain in the world, not one part of the plot is explained to us To a new comics [...]

    7. I should have know by the depth of the cleavage on the front cover just how shallow this comic was going to be Sometimes a dull comic can sometimes be enlivened by the artwork but even that is pretty bland It starts off silly but soon gets sillier We do not need a Catwoman pov of JLA Salvation Run Looking at something pointless and dull from another angle just prolongs the boredom Then we get a few issues of Catwoman in a Matrix style world that doesn t exist You might as well have had her fall [...]

    8. What starts out as a compelling thief vs thief story, with Catwoman literally going after a guy named The Thief, get hijacked by an unnamed crossover it has something to do with the Suicide Squad that puts Catwoman amongst a cast of super powered villains Her fights look small compared to them There s an interesting super powered wish fulfillment story toward the end, but the scene and tone shift are far too jarring It may have made for good event comics, but much like the s Attack crossover, it [...]

    9. I accidentally read this one after volume 9, but it wasn t too confusing since every issue chapter has a recap at the beginning This volume really is a transitional one, involving a crossover with another series and a crazy dream sequence You could probably just skip this volume and go onto the next with no problem.

    10. Read Catwoman Pays On the plane as well It was almost as cool as Catwoman Dies, but went shit and weird halfway through, going from interesting stories about her struggles to OH GOD SCIFI So now I m confused at whether I should go back and read all the Catwoman stories Also the porn mouths and other classy cover art is annoying.

    11. I haven t been following this series so I was grateful for the quick recap sheet included at the beginning It was still a bit too convoluted I didn t recognize a lot of the villains and it was very obviously part of a larger DC crossover of multiple books I shouldn t have been surprised by this I don t feel compelled to fill in the space before or after the book but it was fun enough.

    12. A bunch of strange things happen in this volume, but it s all fairly entertaining It starts off with Selina trying to get organized after someone robs her and burns her apartment down She soon ends up on another world with a cast of villains and has to find a way home No crazy emotional roller coaster here, but it s worth the read, especially if you re a Catwoman fan.

    13. Enjoyable read, if not particularly deep I enjoyed seeing Selina s versatility under pressure, and the art was refreshingly fanservice free Worth looking at if you have a free afternoon.Similar titles Forever Evil

    14. Ah the prison planet I love it Seline s had a hard life and paid the price over and over again for the life she leads but she keeps going and I understand why she wouldn t want to rush to Bruce again She s strong and she s a fighter, she will get through this.

    15. This book was gripping and exciting, right up until a disappointing ending, but it was an understandable ending as well.

    16. The only good thing about this collection is the Adam Hughes covers, which are lovely Audrey Hepburn as Catwoman shame that never happened.

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