Afrodita: Cuentos, Recetas y Otros Afrodisiacos

Afrodita: Cuentos, Recetas y Otros Afrodisiacos

Isabel Allende / Sep 27, 2020
Afrodita Cuentos Recetas y Otros Afrodisiacos Me apprepiento de los platos deliciosos rechazados por vanidad tanto como lamento las ocasiones de hacer el amor que he dejado pasar por ocuparme de tareas pendientes o por virtud puritana ya que la
  • Title: Afrodita: Cuentos, Recetas y Otros Afrodisiacos
  • Author: Isabel Allende
  • ISBN: 9780060930080
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Me apprepiento de los platos deliciosos rechazados por vanidad, tanto como lamento las ocasiones de hacer el amor que he dejado pasar por ocuparme de tareas pendientes o por virtud puritana ,ya que la sexualidad es un componente de la buena salud, inspira la creacion y es parte del camino del alma.Por desgracia, me demor treinta a os en descubrirlo.
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        Isabel Allende Llona is a Chilean American novelist Allende, who writes in the magic realism tradition, is considered one of the first successful women novelists in Latin America She has written novels based in part on her own experiences, often focusing on the experiences of women, weaving myth and realism together She has lectured and done extensive book tours and has taught literature at several US colleges She currently resides in California with her husband Allende adopted U.S citizenship in 2003.


    1. If you re looking for an aphrodisiac manual, a Vegas wedding chapel for your inner Britney Spears, look somewhere else As some reviewers have pointed out, almost every food item on the planet is considered to have erotic connotations to Allende, be they visual, olfactory or legendary, she can make it seem sexy.This is because it s not a serious attempt to prove or disprove aphrodisiac qualities of food, it is, as the title states, a memoir of the senses, a scrapbook of sensuality, and Allende co [...]

    2. I tried to read this because it came recommeded from a friend with impeccable taste Yeah, not so mcuh with this.It tried to hard to be sexy in a Nigella Lawson way, and just came off like a desperate middle aged, sex starved housewife While this may be the demographic they re going for it just sat all wrong with me It felt a bit like buying sexy knickers with your mum.

    3. i don t think this was the allende book i should have read first when i decided i wanted to explore latin american literature and magical realism in particular i love the concept of food sensuality feminine spice and enjoy other books on the topicever, the book did not quite translate into what i expectedr example, there is a description comparing a lover s kiss to a mussel inserted in your mouth which reminded me of the worst kissers in my life thus far hopefully ever zooming in unstoppable and [...]

    4. This was a strange book Fascinating at times, dull at others, and occasionally plain puzzling as in, where IS she going with this The best way to sum it up is a medley of anecdotes, myths, and personal experiences all regarding food and its role in love, romance, and decidedly kinkier ventures Aphrodisiacs, if you will I did love Allende s sauciness and odd split personality very accepting of people s oddities on one hand, and slyly judgmental on the other hand By the time I got through the stor [...]

    5. Isabell Allende is my favorite writer This is the one book of hers I haven t tried reading because I thought it was just a cookbook An aphrodisiac cookbook, but stillIt s actually a really good essay on what are aphrodisiacs, and how they are viewed in different times, and even in different cultures.Also, her amazing writing is still very obvious, even if it s not in magic realism form She s as witty and sarcastic as ever.I haven t gone through all the recipes yet, but there s some I want to tak [...]

    6. Jag gillar Allendes s tt att skriva och att hon inte tar sig sj lv p stort alvar Bara det r uppfriskande Ocks kan man hitta m nga recept v rda att testa och ta reda p intressanta fakta.

    7. No terminado, as que si quieren no cuenten mucho mi rese a.Le un 20% del libro y me canse de su ch chara y divagaciones Me quede esperando un buen cuento, era todo m s bien anecd tico, la versi n digital no contaba las ilustraciones, luego las busque en la internet y descubr que no me perd a de nada.Me sorprende que sea la misma autora de La Casa de los Esp ritus y me acaban de regalar Eva Luna, no se que esperar de ese libro ahora.Bueno la verdad es que tenia partes buenas y empez bastante bien [...]

    8. Hot That is the only word I can think of to describe this novel It defintely has the Allende flavor of magical realism and picturesque description I picked it up thinking it was a food memoir, but it is of an exploration of the connection between food, sex and love The recipes are her grandmothers and you can feel the familial connection in the pages The chapter describing the advice to her stepson on dating was downright funny and quite erotic I liked the book, but it is not my favorite Allend [...]

    9. Should be read in bed aloud to one s lover as s he applies the whipped cream Allende brings her own special brand of magical realism to this catalogue of aphrodisiacs and erotic lore, interspersing recipes and historical trivia with stories of love and sex from her life and the lives of the famous lovers of the past Less prurient than passionate, even the book itself is a sensuous experience, printed as it is on heavy paper and lushly illustrated To be sampled, savored, or devoured, as the mood [...]

    10. This is a very seductive book As a combintion of cook book, food history book, and dictionary of adphrodisiacs this book serves as a very informative and useful tool in many areas of our lives if you catch my drift It is also very beautifully written and has lovely artwork within it I have used this book as research for school as well as for my personal ventures and have never regretted purchasing it If the sensualty of food is important to your pallete then this book is a must.

    11. A combination of an essay on the eroticism of food, and a cookery book.The essay is beautifully written and the writing sensual, reflecting both Allende s style and the subject matter.The recipes are a bit hit and miss frankly.

    12. Delicious, sensual, funny and well researched read One to dip in every now and then just for fun and inspiration to concoct that special meal to seduce an object of desire Great cookbook too

    13. El libro desde que se sabe de qu trata es muy prometedor y genera demasiadas espectativas Creo que no es el mejor libro de Isabel Allende aunque sea un Best Seller por el morbo que el tema puede provocar Al final me quedo con que todo es afrodisiaco en la medida que uno lo desee, esperaba m s cuentos e historias, m s que un diccionario.

    14. Rituals of intimacy, and erotism, mixed with food and surviving instincts An abysm grows in my heart full of desire for the sensual seduction added with the dreams and spells caused by love Touch, taste Wonderful book.

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