Polity Agent

Polity Agent

Neal Asher / Feb 28, 2020
Polity Agent From eight hundred years in the future a runcible gate is opened into the Polity and those coming through it have been sent specially to take the alien maker back to its home civilization in the Smal
  • Title: Polity Agent
  • Author: Neal Asher
  • ISBN: 9780330441520
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • From eight hundred years in the future, a runcible gate is opened into the Polity and those coming through it have been sent specially to take the alien maker back to its home civilization in the Small Magellanic cloud Once these refugees are safely through, the gate itself is rapidly shut downbecause something alien is pursuing them The gate is then dumped into a nearbyFrom eight hundred years in the future, a runcible gate is opened into the Polity and those coming through it have been sent specially to take the alien maker back to its home civilization in the Small Magellanic cloud Once these refugees are safely through, the gate itself is rapidly shut downbecause something alien is pursuing them The gate is then dumped into a nearby sun From those refugees who get through, agent Cormac learns that the Maker civilization has been destroyed by pernicious virus known as the Jain technology This, of course, raises questions why was Dragon, a massive biocontruct of the Makers, really sent to the Polity why did a Jain node suddenly end up in the hands of someone who could do the most damage with it Meanwhile an entity called the Legate is distributing pernicious Jain nodesAnd a renegade attack ship, The King of Hearts, has encountered something very nasty outside the Polity itself.
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    1. Five stars because it is exactly the kind of book it is trying to be not Great Lit racheh, just a ripping yarn You ll enjoy and understand it if you have read at least several of the previous Polity books Having said that, I missed Line of Polity and got along fine Imagine all you ve ever read about AIs and really honking big spaceships Take Alastair Reynolds and turn it up a notch Take anyone else and turn it up to 11 Stir in at least ten forms that intelligence can take Add hyperspace U space [...]

    2. Bad Ass.etely What startes off as semi slow burn turns into a hectic inferno at the end This is definitely not a starter novel, the books should be read in sequence, if for nothing than to comprehend the full scope of the Polity Universe I won t bother going into backstory but suffice to say that the Uber Agent Cormac is back and laden with a threat that beats the Borg and the Cylons, combined With the help of starship Titans such as Jack, King, Jerusalem and Battlewagon, they fight for surviva [...]

    3. I admit, I m at a bit of a loss how to describe Polity Agent without giving anything of importance away It s a bit like trying to describe the universe it is a big story involving numerous AI ships, Earth Central, Earth Central s emissary Horace Blegg, Earth Central s agent Cormac, a rogue AI, technology that will kill all intelligent life, a scientist, the entity known as Dragon, and a human AI mix from a construction project.I think I have all the key players.A robot known as the Legate gives [...]

    4. Space opera chock full of gadgets, action, aliens, AIs.Note I started on Book 4 without reading the second and third books in the series, and so any trouble I had finishing this book was my own doing But still, this turned out to be much interesting than when I started it a year ago Several things are happening at once, something to do with the Dragon, and Jain nodes, and the King, which is apparently a renegade AI, and an immortal being who was around in WWII, and a powerful intervenor called [...]

    5. Polity Agent is the fourth book in the Agent Cormac series, a series I ve been catching up with and thoroughly enjoying The second and third books in the series, The Line of Polity and Brass Man, dealt with the emergence of Jain tech and Skellor s use of it and was a fairly self contained duology within the main story Of course, just because that sub story concluded it doesn t mean everything is fine, far from it Jain tech is still out there and Polity Agent hits the ground running.As a runcible [...]

    6. If a threat to the Polity seemed huge in the previous book, it becomes a runaway train or, rather, a spaceship in this one The alien technology is spreading and subsuming people and AIs alike The death toll is enormous and Cormac has to solve the mystery of the Dragon, Horace Blegg and his new abilities Better than the previous book, it sets the stage for the culmination of the series While I like all the old characters, I found the new ones like Orlandine or some of the AIs I enjoyed the most.

    7. Boss level This series begs comparison to Banks, but I ve already made one, so book by book the scale is shifting towards the epic interstellar space opera end of the continuum, developing further near omnipotent AI characters whilst wrapping up the merely human usually by death I m starting to find some of the longer running plot arc developments perplexing, with a feeling that some of the reveals are really retcons Still a rollicking good read, though.

    8. This book was certainly a page turner but in the end left a few too many things unresolved for my taste As with many books in this genre it introduced as few things that border on philosophy In this book since essentially anyone who wants to can effectively live forever, some people just get board and turn themselves off, and I thought that was interesting.

    9. Problema t rnar seg opp i Polity universet, og Ian Cormac er midt oppi det.Denne boka er b de sv rt spennande og byr p forklaringar og oppn sting av ein del lause tr dar fr dei f rre b kene Dessverre har boka g litt vel mange lause tr dar, og dei stor romkrigsscenene blir av og til for uoversiktlege.Men huhei, for eit litter rt prosjekt.

    10. Another episode in the events of the Polity universe and the attack on it by the alien Jain technology and now rogue AIs.A very enjoyable read as Ian Cormac discovers that he is like Horace Blegg than he thought With Skellor gone, Jain technology finds new allies and the rogue AI Erebus makes its presence known.

    11. So far, this is my favorite in my journey to the far edges of Neal Asher s Polity universe with Agent Ian Cormac I had read that Asher s writing really tightened up on his later novels, and I certainly see that in Polity Agent This book is filled to the brim with incredible action, nightmare creatures, space horror and startling revelations both for the reader and for a few main characters Seems to have a much better flow and maybe it s just because I m so familiar with the characters, but I fo [...]

    12. If you ve read the other books in the series, this book takes it up a notch The action is bigger, the twists and turns fun, and the exploration of the Polity universe still engaging.One caveat is that this book really doesn t focus on Agent Cormac as much as some of the others, so if that s what you came back for, you might be slightly disappointed he s still there, just not on every page.If anything, this fourth novel in the Agent Cormac series shows this universe has legs, and there can be pl [...]

    13. 4 books in a series of 5 and only now do we actually find out who the main villain is And I don t care It s a wild ride AND it was worth the wait And we don t actually learn too much about what it actually wants And I don t care.The book is like most of the other Polity books almost non stop action It starts off slower, but picks up speed and is quite good at introducing new characters and new plot lines to the overall story It is quite annoying that Asher simply forgets or ignores some of the o [...]

    14. After surviving the horror of Skellor, this book involves the the return of characters and the resolution of situations created in earlier books With Cormac recovering from the culmination of Jain tech in the hands of Skellor, a new story arc starts with the Haiman Orlandine getting her hands on a new Jain node.Horace Blegg returns and you start to understand his history and the story takes an unexpected twist.By the end, you have started to get some answers and this book really expands the over [...]

    15. If you liked the synopsis of the Polity universe, then this is the book to start it with Albeit standing somewhere between the 4th and 6th book in the universe, the previous books are simply badly written and contain very small amounts of information that isn t recapped somewhere in this one.Some kind of magic transformation must ve occurred to the author somewhere after the previous book in the series, and here he delivers fast, interesting, well written action with cool characters, situations [...]

    16. Simply another installment of Agent Cormac series set in Polity universe For all of you who already read prior Cormac s adventures it s definitely on par with other installments Maybe slightly less interesting than Brass Man but that s probably because the larger intrigue just got initiated and will be probably concluded in the next last book.For all others, not familiar with Cormac or Polity universe just start from Gridlinked.

    17. Hodn to zp mo a elo, v c military sci fi a akce, m psychologie a z bavy s postavami Ale bav m to.

    18. So many of the great British SF writers don t get enough attention in the US Alastair Reynolds is first on that list I nominate him for Hugos every year, but his novels don t make the ballot Neal Asher is another example His Polity series is a rich space opera, set in a well though out future, and the books are exciting reads if at times overly violent Yet Asher also gets overlooked Polity Agent is the fourth Ian Cormac novel It is set in in the Polity a society reminiscent of Banks Culture, but [...]

    19. The story definitely thickens at this point I m not sure how it would read to someone who has not read the other previous books up to this point, but Asher does a masterful job at weaving them all together into one big story I m not sure how much he actually planned before he wrote, but it very well though out Aside from a few minor grips here and there I thoroughly enjoy how he weaves themes of eugenics, determinism, and the whole thing had an existential feel to it as well but I may have read [...]

    20. Book 4 of the Cormac series, about Agent Cormac of the Polity.The title says Polity Agent , and the series is the Cormac Series , but the agent himself Ian Cormac seems to be missing from a lot of the book, including the ending This book was similar to others by Asher, where he has multiple threads that the story jumps between, with all of those threads converging at the end The need to keep these multiple threads in your head, to fully understand how the big picture is evolving, makes it a litt [...]

    21. Neal Asher pretty much continues with Cormac and crew here, in 4 of this series of 5 about Agent Cormac In this one I m beginning to get a little bit impatient as the same forces comingle as they fight the Jain Technology, Dragon is a sort of ally and sort of not one, and The Makers are hard to fathom Still Asher s talent lies in the transformations of his characters into something than human Here he has that occurring and it s best when the author focuses on character rather than the dull verb [...]

    22. Better than its predecessors, Polity Agent is an interesting if imperfect read Anyone that gets to this, the fourth Polity book, knows the back story humans ruled by beneficent dictator AI s, the main character Ian Cormac a sort of James Bond in space It s a good premise.The biggest flaw in these books, less pronounced than in previous entries but still there, is that in this series Neal Asher has failed to create truly compelling characters In my opinion his MOST compelling was a terrible war m [...]

    23. After many books following Asher s plot within the Polity I think I became tired of it It is still a nice standard sci fi novel, but somehow reusing the same cliches again and again make it down on my rating The first thing that came to my mind was Oh Cormac again, oh another war time drone and so on So nothing new Certainly, Asher twists a little the plot and retakes and expand some lose threads of previous books, which is nice In an attempt to make things better, it changes the narrator and po [...]

    24. Advanced technology is not for the faint hearted Especially when the melding pot of Asher s imagination heats up due to exotic elements exothermic reactions That, and total annihilation He is the Master of constructing the most outrageous scientific perversions only to have them blown up to smithereens in an orgy of artistic, principled, esoteric and strictly in scale manner from the fledgling quantum tremolos of the nano scale to the gigantic gales of the macrocosm.It is remarkable that he keep [...]

    25. I usually only log in to write negative reviews if something is so awful, I need somewhere to vent , but this is actually the first book that has made me feel like I should take the time to log in and give a positive review.Originally I wasn t that much of a Cormac fan why have James Bond in space when things like the AI s, Dragon, technologies etc are written about so well and so much interesting As such, I have found some of his earlier books decent but a little slow, though they have steadil [...]

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