The Skull of Truth

The Skull of Truth

Bruce Coville Gary A. Lippincott / Jan 26, 2020
The Skull of Truth Mr Elives s magic shop is back and this time it is on the other side of Tucker s Swamp And Tucker s Swamp is where Charlie Eggleston heads to escape a beating for lying Charlie can t seem to keep fro
  • Title: The Skull of Truth
  • Author: Bruce Coville Gary A. Lippincott
  • ISBN: 9780152060848
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mr Elives s magic shop is back, and this time it is on the other side of Tucker s Swamp And Tucker s Swamp is where Charlie Eggleston heads to escape a beating for lying Charlie can t seem to keep from lying, though sometimes his lies are for a good cause When Charlie stumbles into Mr Elives s magic shop, his eyes light upon The Skull Charlie steals The Skull and itMr Elives s magic shop is back, and this time it is on the other side of Tucker s Swamp And Tucker s Swamp is where Charlie Eggleston heads to escape a beating for lying Charlie can t seem to keep from lying, though sometimes his lies are for a good cause When Charlie stumbles into Mr Elives s magic shop, his eyes light upon The Skull Charlie steals The Skull and it puts him under some sort of spell he can only tell the truth Trouble is, now no one believes him
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    1. Another fun book about the mysteries and magic that a boy finds in Mr Elives s Magic Shop While I enjoyed it, I didn t like this one quite as much as the others I m not sure why possibly the messages are obvious, or maybe it was serious than the others It s still good, just not a favorite of mine.

    2. My first Magic Shop book, I was drawn in by the much serious hardcover jacket art I didn t remember much of the book before I reread it this past weekend with the other s, I remember feeling scandalized by the fact that Charlie stole the Skull from the shop Whoa hardboiled read ahead I completely forgot everything about this book other than Charlie and anyone else near the skull have to tell the truth Turns out this is a very issue heavy book for Coville, with an environmentalist angle, a frien [...]

    3. I read this book because my son was donating it and it had an interesting cover It was very intriguing to find out about the type of things he was interested in reading when he was younger about 11 years old I liked the way the author brought in a few topics to think about in a way that children would find easy to talk about.

    4. Good children s books deserves to be read by adults as well If it s really good, the story will appeal to readers of any age If it s downright excellent, it can re awaken the child within for the space it takes to read the book Maybe it s because I went to a pre school run on the system of Maria Montessori, whose watchword was follow the child , but I can t help but see that as a beneficial exercise Bruce Coville is a prolific American writer of fiction for children whom I first discovered in my [...]

    5. This is the lowest review I ve given since I joined As others have noted, the rating system doesn t allow for nuances, so let me explain After enjoying all the other Magic Shop books by Bruce Coville particularly Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher Jennifer Murdley s Toad over the years, I expected to feel similarly about The Skull of Truth The right elements were all there a likeable but somewhat troubled kid, an intriguing magical object, a challenge to overcome and I really liked some portions of [...]

    6. This is not one of my favorites of Bruce Coville I read this with my daughter who was 9 at the time because she liked the other books in the series However, I am glad that I read it with her because the author threw in a homosexual uncle I really wasn t ready to talk about this issue with my daughter and I was upset that there wasn t any sort of warning on this book Needless to say I did some creative editing while reading it to her Wish I had known ahead of time It s too bad because there were [...]

    7. I was a little disappointed with this book.After reading a bunch of great books by him, reading this one was like a rotten apple.I mean his grandma used to be a stripper And his uncle was g a y This book was pretty weird I mean I loved the talking skull and how he added hamlet and Shakespeare and all that but SERIOUSLY

    8. This book was very good, but contained adult themes that I was shocked to find That is why I gave it a 3 Not for children under 13

    9. Mr Coville lends his witty touch to this story of an ordinary boy with an excruciating problem Charlie s lying tongue forces him into a dangerous situation and he stumbles upon Mr Elives s peculiar store with its magical items The skull he steals is very special and its story is just as lively, funny and touching as Charlie s This book is such lively good fun I finished it in a couple of hours The ways that Charlie handles and reconciles with his unwanted curse and the ripple effect it has on th [...]

    10. This is a fantastic series for middle grade readers 8yo to read independently or for younger children to read aloud.

    11. It was not at all what I expected and I wasn t ready to have my young daughter listening to it with some of the subject matter it presented.

    12. Not terrible in form, but Bruce Colville, what happened This book is extremely realistic in its pessimism

    13. readfantasybooks.wordpressSkull of Truth is definitely one of my favorites in this series right next to Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher It really wan t what I expected when reading one of Coville s Magic Shop Books, but I loved it nonetheless It was just a lot series than all the other ones, and there were tons of messages all of which were obvious than in the other books Just because the book is serious I would recommend it to older children or having a parent read the story first There are [...]

    14. Charlie Eggelston should have never belived what his Uncle Bennie told him about toads Put a toad into your mouth, count to one hundred, and you ll be able to talk toad talk Well, Charlie foolishly believes him.Charlie s friend, Gilbert Dawkins, finds a toad With Mark Evans another friend of Charlie by his side, he tells them what his Uncle Bennie said about toads Gilbert thinks that it is ridicluos, but sly Mark tricks him into doing it anyway.Popping the toad into his mouth, Gilbert begins to [...]

    15. My daughter s summer workbook had this listed as a recommended book to read about honesty My other daughter saw it on the list and ordered it and lucky she did or we would have never discovered this author When ithe book arrived at the library, I was intrigued Upon reading the back cover description, I decided I better preview it so my younger kid wouldn t be scared reading it I do think she will be spooked by it I am not worried about the mature topics brought up in the book as we encourage lot [...]

    16. Skull of the truth is about, this boy name Charlie Eggleston that lies a lot He lies to his mom he lies to his family So one day he went to Mr Elivs magic shop and took this skull that wasn t his but the skull makes people tell the truth and he didn t know that But also it makes his life a hard time because if he does something bad he would have to tell the truth about it but it taught the boy a lesson.I would give this book a text to world because people need to learn there lessons about liers [...]

    17. Charlie learns the hard way that lying doesn t pay And he is an experienced liar, so much so that he seems to have a golden tongue One day he stumbles deeper into the swamp, trying to get away from the class bullies, and finds a mysterious magic shop, staffed by an even mysterious gentleman He doesn t mean to, but somehow leaves the shop with a skull in his possession not paid for and now everything is crazy The skull talks and has all the personality of a Broadway comic Moreover, it claims to [...]

    18. I had a great pleasure of reading The Skull of Truth.It was amazing and very well done.The Skull of Truth was written by Bruce Caville I have heard he has written books but this was the first one of his that I read It takes place in the United States at a swamp, called Tucker Swamp It is mostly about a boy, Charlie, from a big family, who now has to tell the truth Right from the beginning, when Charlie enters Mr Elives magic shop and steals a talking skull, you are ready to find out what else h [...]

    19. This juvenile fantasy novel is a delightful story chock full of social issues Predominantly, it is a tale about lying and telling the truth Charlie is a boy who lies all the time One day, he steals a magic skull, although he s never stolen anything in his life before this The skull forces the people around it to tell the truth Of course, telling the truth gets him into as much trouble as lying did, especially since no one really believes him The skull s influence also rubs off on the people in C [...]

    20. The Skull of Truth is about a boy who lies a lot One day he goes into the shop and steal this skull that makes him tell the truth So everything he says makes his life worse and he gets in trouble for that Then he learns to always tell the truth.I connect to this book because well everyone has lied before Its not good to lie and if you lie it means you don t believe in yourself Sometimes is good to lie for a good reason So its not the best thing to lie and its not bad either.I gave this book 2 st [...]

    21. I read this to my 10 yr old son He says, This book was very funny I especially liked the Skull because he made funny jokes As for me, I also liked it Good messages about how telling the truth makes you feel good and makes life easier Also about being compassionate and kind In presenting these messages in the story though, some mature and I think inappropriate topics for young kids striptease dancing and an uncle having a boyfriend were brought up, which is why I slotted this book for middle grad [...]

    22. This book is about a kid who gets bullyed and chased by bullies he once got away by going to a swamp and he saw a book shop he went inside and it wasn t He took a skull of truth So as soon as he took it he had to tell the truth as long as he was around Then something terrible happened but I can t tell you that would spoil it I would rate this book a 5star because it really connects to me seeing something that I really like and sometimes taking but then you end up telling the truth.

    23. I m honestly tempted to give this one 5 Stars We ll see if I convince myself to do it I loved this book, though Surprising depth in such a short work Also, I love that the main character learns so much, but doesn t change an unrealistic amount in a short time It s refreshing to see a fictional character struggle with some of the truths that come his way There are some potentially heavy themes covered here, but the brevity gives them potency without making them depressing or overbearing Alright I [...]

    24. I started listening to the Full Cast Audio recording of Bruce Coville s SKULL OF TRUTH and couldn t bring myself to stop, so I listened straight through I advise getting the book also, for the illustrations and to savor bits like, We re all slaves to curiosity I loved the Hamlet references , the folktale, and the lessons on the nature of truth There are many kinds of truth, Charlie, and that story is true in a very deep way So are the books of the Magic Shop series Thanks, Bruce Coville for exce [...]

    25. Alas, poor Yorick Who would ve thought you d turn up in a children s book But you re quite at home Old Will would ve enjoyed this yarn which will make you laugh AND make you think about truth and falsehood in black grey white splendor Coville has done a masterful job here, both in the central idea of the book and in the way he brings it to a close not hackneyed or overly moralistic or pie eyed new age y but just very right And fun Read it And be glad Yorick s not living in YOUR closet

    26. This book is a hoot Funny But also wickedly clever Coville is a very talented writer, and this book has wonderful twists and turns I didn t find it in the least predictable, but I did find its take on life in middle school and in an, er, interesting extended family to be spot on And there s some serious metaphysics, in the form of allegory, crafted neatly in the story Highly recommended Almost a 5 4.5, in my book.

    27. I love the Magic Shop series It s wonderful for the middle reader, as well as an adult reading out loud to a child or just for themselves The Skull of Truth introduces Yorick yes, of Hamlet fame Ever wonder what happened to him after the soliloquy Well, he ended up in Mr Elive s magic shop of course And, boy oh boy howdy, does Yorick have a lot to say about himself and Shakespeare What a great way to introduce a youngster to Shakespeare

    28. My kids listened to the audio version of this book and it was well done with a full cast of character voices I enjoyed this book as much as the kids The theme of truth which can be both good and bad and the concept was handled really well Great one to read listen to with your kids that can lead to really good chats about ethics The book was far from preachy but it certainly made it s point about truth and how it can be twisted to suit a purpose.

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