Broken Lyric

Broken Lyric

R.B. Hilliard / Jul 09, 2020
Broken Lyric Nash Bostwick is the sexy playboy lead guitarist of the world renowned band Meltdown He doesn t do love because love only leads to pain Then he meets Rowan Rowan Burns is running Her secrets are de
  • Title: Broken Lyric
  • Author: R.B. Hilliard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nash Bostwick is the sexy, playboy lead guitarist of the world renowned band, Meltdown He doesn t do love, because love only leads to pain Then he meets Rowan Rowan Burns is running Her secrets are deep and her past is deadly She doesn t have time for love, nor does she want it Then she meets Nash When Nash and Rowan finally take a chance on love, a family trageNash Bostwick is the sexy, playboy lead guitarist of the world renowned band, Meltdown He doesn t do love, because love only leads to pain Then he meets Rowan Rowan Burns is running Her secrets are deep and her past is deadly She doesn t have time for love, nor does she want it Then she meets Nash When Nash and Rowan finally take a chance on love, a family tragedy threatens to derail Nash s career In his search for answers he pushes Rowan away By the time Nash realizes what he s done, it might just be too late
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        RB Hilliard lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children In 2012 she began writing His End Game, the first book in her MMG Series Hilliard has not only published six books in this series, but has gone on to publish Utterly Forgettable, a hilariously funny Romantic Comedy, as well as her Rock Star Romance Series, Meltdown.


    1. Favorite Quotes I may be sailing down that river called deNile with a hole in my boat and only half a paddle, but I wasn t stupid.Glad you re okay nursey Nash would have been a total dick cheese if he d lost you Not that he s not a dick cheese now, but he would have been even of one.My Review Broken Lyric wove a complicated and unsettling web of deceit, obsession, secret identities, murders, regrets, and grief The storyline was full of tension, suspense, stalkers, conflict, and a large cast of [...]

    2. Through agonizing lies and loss, Nash and Rowan find their hot, healing and harmonious rhythm of love Broken Lyric is a poignant and haunting ballad by RB Hilliard, and needs to be experienced

    3. Looking for a sweet Rockstar romance here I think you took the wrong exit because Broken Lyric R.B Hillard s second book in the Meltdown series is non of what you are looking for.The journey of the leading characters is painful and the road they are traveling is dark I admit that it would not be one of my favorites under normal circumstances but this author has woven some magic in between the pages of this electronic file har har that I read Even if the story did not make me laugh out loud or cr [...]

    4. I ve been a huge fan of RB Hilliard since her first book And I thought back then, through her and one other female author I admire, that I d entered a very special club comprising of terrific world s brought to life by great writers It s been a fabulous privilege to see from the sidelines RBs skills climb from one level to the next over the years.Broken Lyric shows for me how time and an obvious care for her fans and willingness to learn from others who write well, can make what would have alway [...]

    5. This seriesWOW I should ve known that R.B would be able to top the first book in this series but I am still left amazed by how awesome this book is My heart absolutely broke for both of these characters for everything they have both gone through in life and what lies ahead as well The chemistry between these two is one for the record books but the fact that they build a friendship first is something I loved seeing Although both of these characters fight the feelings they have for one another it [...]

    6. Broken Lyric by R.B Hillard broke me and then mended my heart back together all the while I couldn t put this stunning story down The second installment in the Meltdown series blew me away and it s hard to top Fractured Beat but Nash is my new book boyfriend Not only we have a stunning romance but these books always have a twist with a crime element mystery and Broken Lyric gripped me from page one Rowan s backstory was heart breaking and reading her evolution and opening herself up to Nash warm [...]

    7. This is the second book in the Meltdown Series and the writing was excellent The story is written in alternating pov s and is available through Kindle Unlimited The only problem I had is that I read book one to long ago and really needed to have read it again There wasn t enough backlog within this story to really refresh my memory on all of the characters Rowen is the live in oncology nurse for Nash s mother who is dying of cancer They have become friends during the course of about 18 months wh [...]

    8. If there is one book you should read it s this one and wow will you fall inlove with it RB has done it again and knocked it out of the ball park.This is absolutely one of my must reads this year and favorites of the year Congratulations to RB for writing such an amazing book.I absolutely won t give anything away because I want people to read it and fall in love with Nash and Rowen please if there is one book you should one click this book would be the one Trust me you will laugh, cry, get angry [...]

    9. What an adrenaline rush Wow RB Hilliard takes you on a rollercoaster ride with this next installment in the Meltdown Series I suggest reading Fractured Beat before this book to get the whole picture as events in that book carry over to this one The writing is so fast paced that you will quickly be turning pages trying to figure out what can possibly happen next This is a rock series that loads up on mystery, intrigue and very sexy band members A don t miss.

    10. Great book By the time I got to the 2nd chapter, there where so many names I was totally confused I decided to go back and re read the 1st Meltdown book Best decision ever Made this one make sense since I tend to forget a lot of things a few weeks after I read them So, this is a great rocker romance book but read the first one too.

    11. I loved Nash s heartbreaking story of loss and his finding the perfect mate in Gillian Again action packed pages and tying up of loose ends make this another great installment I hope that the other members of Meltdown get their stories told too, especially super douche Chaz.

    12. ARC RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW In this we get Nash Rowan s story and what a story it is So much happens in this that I really don t know what to say Twists, turns and so much that will have your head spinning because you don t see them coming at all Absolutely AMAZING

    13. I really enjoyed this book Was full of drama and love The dual POV was great I will definitely read from this author

    14. I love this author to pieces and she knows it I love her for her kind words, for her friendship but also because of her books It s not a secret that I devour every single one of them and I m always eager for and I m addicted to her books and I m very proud of it RB Hilliard has a simple, intense, amazing and hot writting that can put you into tears or laughing a lot in a sec It will look like I m crazy but I really don t care It s been a few months since her latest release and I was anxious as [...]

    15. Broken Lyric by RB Hilliard a breath taking five star read This has been the hardest review I have ever written, it s taken me days as I don t think I can do the book justice with my words RB Hilliard has out done herself with this second book in the Meltdown series, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Meltie This is my all time favourite RB Hillard book, I am a die hard MMG series fan but Nash Bostwick has stolen my heart, and ran away with it Nash Bostwick is the lead guitarist of world [...]

    16. Rowan is the nurse for Nash s mother who has terminal cancer Rowan is on the run from a man who is obsessed with her after seeing her once She is a nurse who makes up a name and goes on the run but can work as a nurse

    17. Nash Bostwick has left me clutching my heart and has earned 5 amazing stars from me The man just has everything you could possibly want or need in a strong yet soft alpha lead I had shivers while he sang the words he had penned for Rowan, the words that only flowed when his emotions of grief, fear and love all collided Something about a man strumming a guitar while vocalizing his feelings just opens my heart, puts a lump in my throat, and starts my the flow of my own emotions Here is a snippet o [...]

    18. OOOOOhhhhhh i love a good thriller mystery This is one of the best Book 2 in the Meltdown series This is Nash s turn.All the guys are struggling with the events surrounding Grant and Mallory Nash so because he has the added stress of his Mom s illness The band needing some good publicity decide on a mini tour Nash isn t keen on going and leaving his mom behind But it s not only his mom he doesn t want to leave Having suffered a tragedy with his first love Nash has avoided relationships of any t [...]

    19. I m really diggin this series Like the first book, this one is also a bit of a mystery suspense rocker romance We finally get to know Nash a little better This guy has been through some rough times, but I love that he found Rowan even though they were both sort of in denial about their feelings This book was definitely emotional and had me bawling like a baby, but I was cracking up as well and even cringing at parts I couldn t believe some of the things Rowan went through, and her dadesh Seems [...]

    20. As always RB Hilliard doesn t disappoint her books just keep getting better and better Broken lyric is the second book in the series I highly suggest that you read Fractured before starting this even though it focuses on a different couple you will find this even enjoyable another thing I love is that some of the gang from her MMG series are mentioned in this so if you haven t read those books you definitely should binge read write away Adored Nash and Rowan they are just perfect for one anothe [...]

    21. 5 Thrilling Electrified Guitars for Broken LyricI just have to say how glad I am to have stumbled upon RB Hillard and the first Meltdown book a couple of months ago Even happier to realize that I made that connection because she will be at an author event I will be at next year I m hoping for another Meltdown book before then these psychological thrillers rock Hard I fell in love with Grant and Mallory in the first book, but it is not absolutely necessary to have read it before reading Broken Ly [...]

    22. The Meltdown series has sucked me in and book two, Broken Lyric, is just as well done as Fractured Beat The characters jump from the pages and play the readers heartstrings like the instruments they play on stage The emotions in this one are a bit heavier lies, secrets, loss, and deceit abound But the friendships and love found in the characters allow the story to progress to a satisfying conclusion.Nash has faced loss before, making him closed off to the idea of finding love The relationship wi [...]

    23. Nash Bostwick is the super sexy, lead guitarist of the world famous band, Meltdown, and a huge player, as he refuses to even entertain the thought of love, since it only equals pain in his mind But he never counted on the feelings that he couldn t get rid of, for his mother s nurse, which shakes his whole foundation Rowan Burns has very deadly secrets that keeps her on the run She can t take a chance on trusting anyone, as it could lead to deadly consequences, so she has no time nor desire for l [...]

    24. I need to make an appointment with a cardiologist because this freaking book was hard on my heart It broke it, shocked it and mended it.One night and a favor to her father changed Gillian s life An unwelcome return in his mother s life changed Nash s Both experienced life changing moments due to their parent, when along came Rowan.I absolutely loved this story RB introduces new characters while interconnecting previous stories and loved characters We get the main focus on our couple, but we also [...]

    25. Another dose of the boys of Meltdown Yes, please I was excited to read this story Nash definitely held a special spot in my heart after the first book This book far exceeded all of my expectations for his story.Nash is conflicted about going on the road and leaving his terminally ill mother behind to spend her last days in the house He s comforted, a bit, by the fact that her live in nurse, Rowan, thinks the world of her and will do everything she can to make sure his mother is free from pain I [...]

    26. Nash has known a lot of heartache in his life He has loved and lost Now with his mother sick, his heart threatens to break yet again Rowan has come to care greatly for Nash s mother Meave as her caregiver, just as if she was her own mother Like Nash though, Rowan knows a lot about be broken but she harbors those secrets closely Nash has a sarcastic but caring vibe and I knew I would love him from the beginning of Grant s book so I was excited to finally get his story You get very emotionally inv [...]

    27. Pet s 0.02I am in love with this series The cover isn t anything to shake a stick at either, but it s the story that keeps bringing me back I didn t think there was any way that RB Hilliard could maintain the level of suspense that she did in Fractured Beat, but she surpassed what I expected in Broken Lyric.Nash was a favorite of mine from book one He s got a lot on his plate and the shenanigans that Meltdown and his bandmates went through with their prior management was intense He definitely di [...]

    28. Equally as good as Meltdown 1 This story centers around Nash, who I fell in love with in the first book.The first chapter I was a little confused.I thought it was like an excerpt from another story from this author But it all came together This book had it all suspense, sadness, shock, secrets, heartache and regretWe learn that Nash wants nothing to do with love any after a terrible incident in his past But Rowan is theree nurse hired to take care of his cancer riddled mom I wanted her champagne [...]

    29. It was an ok continuation to the series, although I have to admit I liked the first book better I guess my issue with this one is that for a little than half of the book I couldn t connect with the characters, and maybe it s because the writing felt a little impersonal I felt like I was reading just descriptions with not a lot of feeling and also not a lot that was really relevant to the development of the plot However it got better past the 50% mark I liked how at the end all the loose ends we [...]

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