Speaking for Myself: My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street

Speaking for Myself: My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street

Cherie Blair / Feb 20, 2020
Speaking for Myself My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street Even if she hadn t married Tony Blair Cherie s story would have been amazing Abandoned by her actor father she overcame obstacles to become one of the UK s most successful barristers But when Labour
  • Title: Speaking for Myself: My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street
  • Author: Cherie Blair
  • ISBN: 9780316031455
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Even if she hadn t married Tony Blair, Cherie s story would have been amazing Abandoned by her actor father, she overcame obstacles to become one of the UK s most successful barristers But when Labour took power in 1997, she faced new challenges her husband was the first Prime Minister in recent history with a young family, and Cherie was the first PM s wife with a seriEven if she hadn t married Tony Blair, Cherie s story would have been amazing Abandoned by her actor father, she overcame obstacles to become one of the UK s most successful barristers But when Labour took power in 1997, she faced new challenges her husband was the first Prime Minister in recent history with a young family, and Cherie was the first PM s wife with a serious career Now, she gives a complete account of her own life an astonishing journey for a woman whose unconventional childhood was full of drama and who grew up with a fierce sense of justice In her autobiography she reveals for the first time what it was like to combine life as a working mother with life married to the Prime Minister She writes about her encounters with scores of foreign leaders and her friendships with Presidents Clinton and Bush, as well as with Hillary and Laura And she offers inside details of her relationships with the royals, including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana.
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    1. After reading her life story I have tremendous admiration for Cherie Blair She is a positive role model for all females of any age, religion or race She is the mother of four, a judge, a barrister in her own right, the head of many charities for women and children, an author, a singer and the wife of one of the world s most influential men What is most interesting about her though is her personality I can imagine being at a party in which she was in attendance it would surely be fun no matter wh [...]

    2. This was a really informative and interesting read that I thoroughly enjoyed This was on my list to read before I saw a brief interview with Cherie Blair when the book first came out in the US, and that interview only made me want to read the book even Mrs Blair offers a great behind the scenes glimpse of life at 10 Downing Street technically life at 11 Downing Street, since that is where the Blair family actually lived , not to mention a solid portrait both personal and professional of Tony Bl [...]

    3. Cherie Blair s main claim to fame is her marriage to Tony Blair who was Britain s Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007 However she is also an interesting individual in her own right the daughter of a famous actor who has had a prestigious legal career as well as having a front row seat for recent political events She was widely disliked in the UK, and I have to say that if you don t like Cherie Blair, this is probably not the book that will change your mind I started reading it with an open mind, bu [...]

    4. Cherie Blair was the British First Lady for ten years In Speaking For Myself, she tells her life story from birth until her husband left office in 2007 Cherie s father was a successful actor, but he abandoned his family when she was young Having no other alternative, Cherie along with her mother and her sister lived with her father s parents in Liverpool Cherie s mother worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices Her father had children by other women, but never made much time for Cherie and her si [...]

    5. I will admit to getting this because the reviews in the British press were so entertainingly eviscerating So is it as bad as they say Yes and no Blair WAY overshares personal details about her sex life both with and without Tony in a way that made me cringe And the book itself just isn t that well done it s sort a rote march through her entire history, without much thought to which parts would be interesting for the reader It s also striking how little reflection is in the narrative about the o [...]

    6. Ah Cherie, I always wondered why the brilliant Tony was married to a sharp tongued Scouse the Liverpudlians call their nasties Halfway through the memoir, I recant a bit of that wonder as the woman does have some good points, but why did she feel she had to write about her day by day experiences with everyone from plumber to baby Leo filling his diaper Why does she show a sloppy Tony who likely leaves the toilet seat up Who cares She got lucky being catapulted onto the World Scene, and no doubt [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book It was read for book club and I was looking forward to reading this one I didn t know anything about Tony Blair s wife The book is about her life She is a very impressive woman in her own right She was a very supportive wife, which is generally the case behind a great man Some things surprised me about them, they are so smart intellectually the 2 of them, but in some ways they were both quite dumb My favorite part of the book was when the prime minister of Italy wanted [...]

    8. I saw this book in a bookstore in Great Britain this past summer and wanted to read it I didn t have room in my suitcase for it, but I looked it up when I got home Cherie Blair is the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair The first third of the book is about her childhood She was raised by her mother and grandmother, had a challenging childhood but managed to become a barrister I found the behind the scene details of life in No 10 Downing Street very interesting She discusses the loss [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book and was especially gripped by her account of her early life I found that later on, the chapters chronolocial progression was a bit difficult to follow I wished that rather than go through everything in time sequence, that she would just talk about an event or a person I also found some of the legal jargon and Number 10 jargon confusing.I am puzzled by this paragraph and wonder if the last part of this book was not carefully edited p.394 of the airport edition Each culture bri [...]

    10. I found the first part of the book really interestingcially bearing in mind I do not really have the highest regard for this woman or her husband However, the second part of the book I could not get over, a woman whom had to pull herself up by her bootlaces, go through law school, become a barrister then a QC at a time which was extremely difficult for her and given her unpriveleged background who got where she did on results and merit an achievement much to be admired Then why oh why could Mrs [...]

    11. Cherie Blair is a very straight forward, outspoken woman I really enjoyed this book but then I am partial to autobiographies There were times when I was not sure of the meaning of some of her words and it was hard for me to follow her law career and Tony s political career however, that comes from my own lack of knowledge of some British English, of the British legal system, and of the British political system That is no fault of the author s I was not aware of the differences between 10 Downey [...]

    12. Ok, I admit it I read for some good junk reading Here is the scoop, this is really two books one where Cherie grows up and has an interesting childhood as well as her career path and then the second book where she basically uses the book to explain her scandals she can t believe some of them and also do some payback on people So the first part of the book is good and the second, is well, boring or hard to believe that it is the same person Also, her husband, Tony Blair, doesn t come off very wel [...]

    13. I didn t really have an opinion about Cherie Blair but I gathered the press didn t like her much She interested me from the viewpoint of the unexpected 4th child Speaking for Myself paints a picture of a well meaning, hard working family orientated woman marvelling at her good fortune to have a ringside seat on international events for a decade She pays for this privilege by being the target of sniping from all sides The book is very self effacing in some respects so different from Alistair Camp [...]

    14. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I m not exactly sure what it is that fascinated me The writing is good But there isn t really a plot, just a recounting of her experiences And it isn t really a great tell all sort of book There aren t any details of private lives or behind the scenes politicking exposed I enjoyed the retelling of Cherie s childhood and early career I am always interested to learn about the life experiences of others Mr Blair s rise to power seemed almost a little [...]

    15. If anything, I d call this a recounting I don t know whether Cherie was looking to protect the privacy of her family, but I never got a good sense of what it was like for all of them on 10 Downing Street And, frankly, other than the clear battles she had with the press and the press secretary, I m not sure how much she enjoyed her time as wife of the PM OK, she continued her career, had to fight for a hairdresser while on travel, make great personal connections with the Clintons and the Bushes, [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book for a number of reasons A well written autobiography is always fascinating as it details others circumstances and choices Cherie Blair s life is particularly interesting, not only in the descriptions of her odd childhood having a TV star father but seemingly living in poverty with her mother and grandparents, then her brilliant academic career which of course led her to meet and later marry Tony Blair The book chronicles a strong marriage based on shared interests, int [...]

    17. I thought Cherie s childhood reminiscences of a hard life in Liverpool were lovely But once Cherie reached adulthood and recounted some of the personal choices she made, while a barrister just out of law school, my interest waned enough to stop reading The stories of Cherie s first encounters with Tony Blair were pretty fun she fell in love with him because he was the only truly religious person she had ever known I have even respect for Tony Blair now, but less for Cherie after reading how she [...]

    18. I liked this book a lot It was interesting to see inside the British leadership, especially after living there for a semester in college I love how honest Cherie is she seems to lay it all out there I think it might come from not being able to be open honest while she was the Prime Minister s wife and had to play a role for the public She is intelligent and witty and very loyal to her husband She s a lawyer, too and there is a lot about the British legal system that was confusing to me as an Ame [...]

    19. I didn t think this book was particularly well written, nor very revelatory in content Blair s personal story was interesting but she often became mired down in insignificant information when it came to her legal career, and too often skimmed over important historical events or simply rehashed what is widely known.There were many editorial grammatical errors, which I found annoying Overall, the book offered some interesting tidbits, but for the most part was less than a fascinating read.

    20. I LOVED this book I really wasn t sure I d like it since from press reports I didn t have the best impression albeit from a long distance of Cherie Blair But after reading, I have a lot of respect for her She s done a lot to be proud of on her own.The book was very well written I even enjoyed the childhood parts of the book, and usually I m in a hurry to finish those sections and get to whatever reason the person is famous She gives her viewpoint on all the major events of Tony Blair s time as p [...]

    21. This is an excellent autobiography by a very interesting woman Cherie Blair is not only the wife of the former Prime Minister of the UK, but is a noted barrister lawyer in her own right Her ability to juggle being a PM s wife, with all the duties expected, and maintain her identity as a highly respected lawyer is nothing short of remarkable Her family background adds to the obstacles she had to overcome I highly recommend Ccherie s story.

    22. I read this book in 2012 and found it to be interesting then I thought it would be Much intrigue in this autobiography I was looking for a book about Tony Blair but couldn t bring myself to read so many pages then I happened upon his wife s autobiography and I am totally intrigued by both personalities I still have not read about Tony Blair but I am definately left thinking I want to know about this him.

    23. I heard Cherie Blair read from her book earlier this year, and received this book as my parting gift I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her, and was thrilled to have the book I just haven t been able to get into it my lack of recent English culture and political knowledge could be why Plus, there are so many other books I am eagerly waiting to devour So, I m putting it back on the shelf after reading the first 70 pages, and may pick it up later.

    24. I had thought that Cherie Blair s book might have covered very similar teritory to the books by her husband, Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell, whose memoirs I read earlier this year, however while there were obvious overlaps it was a significantly different story A really personal insight into her time at number 10 and earlier It was perhaps the early years which I found most interesting always such an high achieving woman I was impressed not just with the book but with her story.

    25. A good read I recently met her half sister Lauren Sarah Booth so was interested in the family background She seems to be a woman out of place She made the most out of a finding herself wife of the Prime Minister of Great Britain It s always good to see the other side, familial side of these stories of political figures I enjoying reading Queen Noor of Jordan book, too.

    26. I was going through a phase of reading political biographies when I found this in a library sale It covers Cherie s career, meeting Tony Blair and trying to juggle family, career and supporting her husband s career I quite enjoyed this though as always there were some parts that did drag a bit, especially the early chapters about growing up and getting that first position.

    27. Memoir of a strong woman Interesting to see how different life is at Downing Street than at the White House e.g the White House has four chefs at Downing Street, the Blairs had to cook for themselves Cherie continued in her career barrister, then judge throughout Tony s Prime Ministership.

    28. I only read this for a short while, that was enough I have always disliked this woman and this book only makes me hate her Fortunately I got this book on a whim for a few pence at a charity shop, that is where it is going back Nothing about this woman is good, she is without grace, charm or any redeeming features whatsoever.

    29. Fantastic insights into a Prime Minister s wife s life Cherie Blair truly has had an interesting life She made mistakes as we all do but his were captured in the public eye After reading her book I looked at her in a completely different light She is a good lawyer, mother, wife, and friend.I highly recommend this book.

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