A Nice Boy

A Nice Boy

Rocklyn Ryder / Jul 08, 2020
A Nice Boy Caitlyn I was promised a Nice Boy but one look at my fiance and I know better I ve had my life planned out since I was a teenager college career marriage children but now that it s time to start
  • Title: A Nice Boy
  • Author: Rocklyn Ryder
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  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Caitlyn I was promised a Nice Boy, but one look at my fiance and I know better I ve had my life planned out since I was a teenager college, career, marriage, children, but now that it s time to start planning the wedding it looks like Mr Right didn t get his save the date card That s why I decide to go with an arranged marriage using a modern day match maker VisionsCaitlyn I was promised a Nice Boy, but one look at my fiance and I know better I ve had my life planned out since I was a teenager college, career, marriage, children, but now that it s time to start planning the wedding it looks like Mr Right didn t get his save the date card That s why I decide to go with an arranged marriage using a modern day match maker Visions of white picket fences are dancing in my head on my way to meet my new fiance but when I get my first look at Josh I can t breathe Oh sure, he s sexy as sin and I can t resist giving in to every opportunity to get his hot mouth on my skin but marry him I m not so sure about that Josh is all bad boy tattoos, dirty mind, and foul mouth Hardly husband material Is happily ever after really possible with a man like Josh Joshua My last relationship ended with a wrecked house and a night in jailI m ready for a woman that s crazy about me, not just crazy So when my boss tells me she s gonna find me a wife, I can t argue with the woman who s like a mother to me I know Caitlyn s the perfect woman as soon as I set eyes on her and I love knowing she wants me just as bad as I want her I won t let anything get in the way of putting my ring on this woman s finger and starting our life together.
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        In real life I m just your ordinary woman At the day job 8 hours a day that often stretches to 10 Coming home to a couple of cats that didn t notice I was gone Sometimes I have a boyfriend Sometimes I don t.Unless we re talking book boyfriends I ALWAYS have one of those Sometimes I juggle two or three, as long as they don t find out about each other, right Or maybe it just gets better when they do.I like writing steamy scenes between boys that are all hard muscle and soft hearts and the women they choose to claim as their own.I also like writing deliriously unrealistic adventures about women who won t be claimed for long Because sometimes we need a little balance in our fantasies And what do I read Total smut, the kind with over the top chemistry that gets characters to lose their minds and their clothes as soon as possible they can work out the kinks on the way to happily ever after later I also love books with sexually independent women who don t need a ring on their finger or kids at their heels to be complete I love a book where the heroine is the one kicking ass and saving the day.


    1. 3.5 I needed a better epilogue stars This was cute, hot and low on angst just what I was looking for Slight OW drama, H s crazy ex showed to to cause trouble but didn t cause any relationship problems at all There was absolutely no cheating.My only beef with the story was the fact that you had to sign up to get an extended epilogue the fact that there wasn t an epilogue would make that just an epilogue, not extended epilogue I wish authors would just put the epilogue in the book and not make us [...]

    2. 3.5 3.75 Cute StarsI read this one before reading A Perfect Gentleman, which means I read the second book first But I think I like this one much better Again, you have to suspend belief that some rockin hot guy can t find a great girl without a matchmaker And that he s interested in a compatible mate than some hot babe on his arm But that being said, this one had cute little zingers and one liners that made it funnier than the first one for me.I liked the chemistry between the two characters An [...]

    3. Easy, short, sweet, hot hot hot Joshua is the kind of man that every woman wants to have, looking like a bad boy and having trouble written all over him, but inside, oooh jesus crust, inside He s sweet, sweeter than honey, and all he wants is having a woman to worship, a woman to make a family with, a woman to love, forever It s short, a very quick read, great if you re looking for something easy to read in an hour.The only bad thing is that the book ends abruptly, a lot of things are left unsol [...]

    4. I love this series Arranged marriages are thought a thing of the past but in this book it is a lifeline to a Happily Ever After Bad boys and nice girls who find each other through a what could be thought of as a dating system but it is so much These individuals are looking for marriage not dating and their family and friends pick thier soon to be spouse.Josh is tired of hooking up with the crazy ones This last one destoyed his home and got him arrested Caitlyn was so worried about her future an [...]

    5. A Nice Boy is the second book in exchange the arranged marriage series This is another story with a strong alpha Caitlyn was promised a nice boy, but the man chosen to marry her doesn t appear to fit the bill He s inked, ripped and all man He was hand picked for her and supposed to be her perfect match Can looks be deceiving Maybe the right guy isn t the one you expect 4 stars out of 5.

    6. This was a really good fun book It s not your typical bad boy romance it s brilliant and is very fun There is a man who comes across as tough and hard but is really a sweetie who s looking to settle down Ans a woman who hasnt had a bf for a long time With a little help from their meddling friends they both manage to find each other Their connection is electric it s really amazing to read This is a great book I would have loved to have read I would definitely recommend this

    7. A Nice Boy is a great book about 2 people who are brought together by Raven who is a matchmaking wonder.Caitlyn has her life all planned out, or I should say she thought she did The only thing that she didn t have going for her was luck in the man department After a lousy relationship comes to an end she realizes that what she really wants is to settle down with a man who loves her, wants to make her happy and have a kids She talks to her friend from work about putting an application in for an a [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book but I couldn t stop the one question that kept going through my head where were they going to live Joshua lived quite far away from Caitlyn Far enough away that they each had to travel for two days to see each other So once they got married who was going to move I really liked Joshua, I wanted to steal him away and keep him for myself Caitlyn and Joshua were perfect for one another, I loved that Caitlyn had Joshua s back when his ex turned up to cause trouble As this i [...]

    9. Oh boy this book got you right from the beginning When Caitlyn can t find a decent guy she lets her friend set her up for an arranged marriage but Caitlyn has issues with how she looks so she can t imagine who they set her up with When she is introduced to Josh she figures someone must be playing a cruel joke Josh can t help but pick crazy women his last one trashed his house and blamed him, so when his boss says she is gonna find him one he figured how bad could it be When Josh meets Caitlyn he [...]

    10. Another hit in the Arranged Marriage series I read a mail bride story every now and then, but they are all kind of the same This series is totally gonna knock your socks off It is modern, sassy and sexy Caitlyn also reads mail brides stories She is tired of being lonely She has a good job, nice little family grandparents but she is missing a nice boy Josh on the other side is tired of crazy exes and wants to settle down He is a sexy tattoed bartender who helps out his friend and mother figure Ma [...]

    11. Loved itGreat story, fun, funny, fast paced and steamy Josh s latest crazy ex has is adopted mother going to Raven Swaan to find him a wife Josh has no objections to setting down, but a professional march maker, and Maureen choosing his wife, not so sure about that.Caitlyn has planned her life out since she was a kid College, check, career, check, married, not, and no prospects in site So she is taking a chance on Raven Swaan finding her a husband She can t believe her grandparents and best frie [...]

    12. A Nice Boy by Rocklyn Ryder is book number two in the Arranged Marriage series This is Caitlyn and Joshua s story In this sexy tale of judgment and the things that we might miss out on when we judge a person by their looks before we get to know them was a good read and was able to hold my attention till the very end.

    13. Book 2 of the Arranged Marriage Series and my favorite thus far Josh and Caitlyn have instant chemistry, but will a past relationship jeopardize it These characters, as well as their friends and families are well written, interesting, and a fun bunch I am so glad I picked this book up with my KU subscription, I ve found a new author that I really enjoy.

    14. This sexy tale is about judgment and all that we can miss out on when we judge people based on looks, before getting to know them Caitlyn thinks Josh doesn t look like husband materialhe looks like a parole officer s worst nightmare Josh thinks Caity is sweet and innocent Once these two meet and chemistries collide, they ll see exactly who the other is and what they really want.After his ex, Nicole, shows her true colors and trashes his rental, Josh spends the night in jail on trumped up domest [...]

    15. 5 stars for Storyline, but 2 stars for content I m not pleased with the lack of communication with this skerries so far The H and h tell at us and retell A LOT but why don t we get to experience it Ex why do you hear about the excitement of the first kiss AFTER the fact Ugh

    16. this was the first book of yours i read its was a great book but needs a little plot to the book its about a man who searches for his bride online he meets her in person and falls in love only to have his ex try to get in between them thanks for giving me a chance to read this book

    17. Short but sweet I love these books so far Nothing hotter then a sweet guy with muscles and tattoos Ravens arranged marriages actually sound awesome if I was 10 years younger and single Everyone should have a chance to meet there sole mate Great concept

    18. Steamy and sweetA quick and exciting read I just finished the first book and the excerpt at the end swallowed me so I had to read this one.

    19. Good bookI liked this book I liked the characters and their insta love I only wish it was longer to read I hope to read from this author.

    20. I received this book willingly from the author The book opens with Joshua and the aftermath of his last bad mistake aka girlfriend Nikki To read the descriptions on Joshua you would think he was a thug, body guard, motor cycle riding, killing machine But underneath all of that ink, he has a soft side Soft enough to let his adopted mother Maury arrange a marriage for him.Then we have Caitlyn The only romance she gets lately is on her e reader and it s pretty steamy so it can t be real Caitlyn is [...]

    21. This book was a quick fun read Josh is a nice boy who s looks don t match and Caityn s uncertain of his intentions The pair had chemistry from the moment they met and that heat translated onto the pages I had high expectations after the initial book in this series, and while this one was good, it didn t have the same magnetism as the first The book starts with backstory and didn t offer up as much in the way of conflict I did like Josh s character and his rush in all things Caitlyn, from droppi [...]

    22. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.The woman is psycho, and now I am left cleaning up after her She not only had me in jail overnight, but I am getting stuck with a bill from the contractors to fix this whole mess IAMDONEwith all of this Poor Josh, this girl who he helped out of a relationship that was abusive goes and trashes one of his rental properties all because he doesn t want to date this bat stuff crazy girl She started screaming, the nosey old lady neighbor call [...]

    23. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this bookJosh just doesnt know how to pick them, His last girlfriend was a crazy vindictive B tch Nicole not only trashed his rental home she trashed his reputation, Josh would NEVER abuse a woman but Nicole set him up and now he is fighting to prove himself to the sheriff and the town that he didnt do what she said he did, although the sheriff is his long time friend and knows that Josh is innocent he has to do his job Mar is Josh s friend and [...]

    24. This story about Josh and Caitlyn was very steamy and sweet They were a nice pairing and wished that it had lasted a little longer Lol Very good book I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    25. WOW my first book from Rocklyn and I LOVED IT Her writing flows beautifully and her descriptions leave you with the perfect picture and drooling plenty Good humor too A wonderful sweet, but mighty hot, story of two people searching for someone with the same dreams and desires as them Finishing this book I immediately went and purchased Rocklyn s first book A Perfect Gentleman.

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