Nomad Found: A Kurtherian Gambit Series

Nomad Found: A Kurtherian Gambit Series

Craig Martelle Michael Anderle / Jan 22, 2020
Nomad Found A Kurtherian Gambit Series It s been twenty years since the fall the destruction the world brought on itself Can Terry Henry Walton enhanced as he is help bring civilization back as he seeks to atone for previous actions By
  • Title: Nomad Found: A Kurtherian Gambit Series
  • Author: Craig Martelle Michael Anderle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s been twenty years since the fall, the destruction the world brought on itself Can Terry Henry Walton, enhanced as he is, help bring civilization back as he seeks to atone for previous actions By protecting and nurturing the ones with the knowledge Terry Henry Walton begins building his Force de Guerre, a paramilitary group that will secure this new world from thoseIt s been twenty years since the fall, the destruction the world brought on itself Can Terry Henry Walton, enhanced as he is, help bring civilization back as he seeks to atone for previous actions By protecting and nurturing the ones with the knowledge Terry Henry Walton begins building his Force de Guerre, a paramilitary group that will secure this new world from those who would take and destroy When the enemies of peace appear before the FDG is ready, Terry partners with a werewolf to fight a battle that he must win Set in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, Nomad Found begins the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles, the time between the WWDE and the return of Michael to earth As noted in other series set in the Kurtherian Universe, there IS cursing in this book, occasionally, it s funny, too Kurtherian Gambit Series Titles Include Death Becomes Her The Kurtherian Gambit 01 Queen Bitch The Kurtherian Gambit 02 Love Lost The Kurtherian Gambit 03 Bite This The Kurtherian Gambit 04 Never Forsaken The Kurtherian Gambit 05 Under My Heel The Kurtherian Gambit 06 Kneel Or Die The Kurtherian Gambit 07 We Will Build The Kurtherian Gambit 08 It s Hell To Choose The Kurtherian Gambit 09 Release The Dogs Of War The Kurtherian Gambit 10 Sued For Peace The Kurtherian Gambit 11 We Have Contact The Kurtherian Gambit 12 FUTURE 21 books planned My Rides A Bitch The Kurtherian Gambit 13 Don t Cross This Line The Kurtherian Gambit 14 Future Series The Dark Messiah Michael s Return The Second Dark Ages 01 Winter 2016 2017 SHORT STORIES Frank Kurns Stories of the Unknownworld 01 You Don t Mess with John s Cousin read before TKG08 Frank Kurns Stories of the Unknownworld 02 Bitch s Night Out read before TKG10 The Boris Chronicles With Paul C Middleton Evacuation Out Retaliation Out Revelation Oct 2016 Restitution TBD Anthologies Glimpse Honor in Death Michael s First Few Days See on kurtherianbooks Glimpse__US Beyond the Stars At Galaxy s Edge Tabitha s Vacation See on kurtherianbooks Beyond_Stars_Amaz
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    1. Very good first book in this spin off series Excellent narration by Kate Rudd audible review.This was a great book, I really enjoyed it I love that Terry Henry Walton for sure I really like Char too I think there may be a potential romance blooming there This is a great spinoff of Bethany Anne s stories, I am hoping though that like the Bethany Anne books they do not add 100 characters, It is annoying and gets too confusing, I really like this post apocalyptic world Trying to rebuild earth and [...]

    2. Nomad Found a review by Rosemary KennyThis surprisingly enjoyable book reminded me of a classic Western Clint Eastwood style moviewith the added excitement of a Werewolf in the post Apocalyptic mix.Ex Marine, Terry Henry TH Walton is the man from the Wilderness come to reform and regenerate themid Western US town he leaves it for.After overcoming Mayor Billy Spires initial reluctance by proving his trustworthiness, TH teaches several local men the basics of Marine fitness and combat preparation. [...]

    3. Great spin off for the series.Great book love the spin off to let us read about what is happening on earth while Queen BA is out in space I love the characters Can not wait to e the next one.

    4. The world Michael Anderle and a host of other collaborators created is huge in scope and is one of the most mind bending and exciting approach to the world of urban paranormal together with science fiction Despite the scope with the main story of humanity being a science experiment of an evil alien race and the side stories of the post apocalyptic earth, I find his books fascinating, his characters well rounded and the story lines absolutely wild and the romance highly entertaining In this whole [...]

    5. Good readI m a fast reader and have already plowed through all the KG books and found myself waiting for something new I don t know why I hadn t dug into this series yet but I am glad I did Smooth tease and from my limited experience, written by someone who knows the subject Good characters and good interaction between them Through this one in a day and impatient to start the next I just know I m hoping to be irritated to interrupt this series to catch new releases of some of the others.

    6. I downloaded Nomad Found as a free book from The clean, sparse writing style really struck a chord with me I simply enjoyed the post apocalypse story and the quirky characters Terry Henry TH is a fun protagonist to follow and I love the way he thinks and reacts and adding Char was a great touch, adding unpredictability to the plot line This is a series to follow, I know I will be.

    7. Terry BabyI haven t grabbed too many of the character spinoffs because I ve been scared I love this book I love this character I love the fact that he doesn t tell the TQB and BA story again Referencing it the entire way thru this book Nope not here TH is his own story and I can t wait to read book two.

    8. A great new beginning Craig Martelle has two of my favorite genre s Post apocalyptic and Michael s It only gets better from here And, let s not forget werewolves Best mix ever

    9. Great readNice to see what happens after BA leaves earth Great story and characters I have and idea of at least one possible with Char It will be interesting to see what develops

    10. A post apocalyptic world in which bullies and werewolves alike prey on the survivors until the appearance of Terry Henry Walton But can he make enough of a difference to unite people Is it possible not all werewolves are so bad What can I say, I m in

    11. Excellent seriesAnother good start to a series, very interesting storyline but a bit slow to develop Characters are a bit one dimensional but should develop during the series.

    12. Good storyAn interesting story building Waiting for the next one to see what happens with this rebuilding town what does the future hold.

    13. Re a d this one Serenity and Clint Eastwood fans saddle up This is a strait shooting futuristic western that celebrates honor and survival with a little paranormal on the side.

    14. Nomad THWThis is a great start for a new series in the Kurtherian Gambit world It has good character development and lots of action Can t wait to read the next story.

    15. Good bookGood start to a new series that runs alongside the TQB series Looking forward to of the same Keep them coming.

    16. Great bookI am a huge fan of the Lutheran Gambet series This is just as good It was nice to read about TH again I can t wait to see how he saves the world.

    17. In mycaseHaving read Bad Company, I decided I needed to revisit this book I am Glad I did I got into the story and am ready to read book two.

    18. AnotherGreat one in the world of KG I keep wondering who will run into whom in this new world that is earth.

    19. Nomads a goodstoryThe story moves right along The characters are very believable I especially liked Henrys reaction to Char and the way their relationship changes over time.

    20. WOWIf this first of a series is an example of what s to follow, then I repeat, WOW Waiting on pins needles, please write

    21. A new apocalyptic leader in the Bethany Anne universe I really enjoyed this book TH Walton appears out of the wilderness to build a new civilization out of the ruins of a Colorado town after BA goes off to fight aliens This first story is about redemption and the effect of a great leader on people trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world where the strong humble the weak TH uses his Marine training and his special gifts to bring hope and courage In fact, one of the book s few shortcomings is [...]

    22. Found and enjoyed This book was quite an enjoyable experience and I have really enjoyed the characters of Terry and Char The supporting cast are also well written I am looking forward to the next book.

    23. Big smilesI love it when I find a new author to read This story is the start of something great I m ready to begin the next book in the series Terry Henry is a great lead character, a true hero And he s making beer Love him

    24. Great storyTH brings it home, the world is in a mess and he brings back some honor and respect to the people This story will let you see how we could be as human beings just one step from being worse then animals after a major incident It let s you see how being out for oneself will kill you Could this happen in real life Well minus the werewolves, yes, yes it could, only worse Great story

    25. Love itI never quite grasped TH in the previous books although I was a bit curious about him I already read Dark Messiah and the other series set after TBQ bit this is the one that is really brining it all toghether for me and helping me grasp and understand this new world Cant wait to keep reading them all

    26. Best book I ve read in weeksIt s not exactly a pepper story, it s sort of an aftermath of war story, it s not a fantasy or horror story but does have some werewolves It IS a dam good story I thoroughly enjoyed it, I highly recommend that you purchase this book and I m sure you will enjoynjoy it as much as I did.

    27. Great ReadI like the tie in with the Kurtherian Gambit universe TH Walton is a compelling character He is enhanced with nanites and is capable than a normal man, almost as much as a werewolf It will be interesting to see what transpires between TH and Char the beautiful she werewolf Char is also an intriguing character I m looking forward to the next book.

    28. Great start to a spinoff seriesI love the main character , liked him in the action in the original series and he doesn t disappoint in this new one TH is a complicated man driven to make things right again Starts to make things better though he doesn t quite know what to do with his newest soldier a were

    29. As I ve said in other reviews, I am not generally a fan of either post apocalyptic or dystopian, but d m this is good.If you like either of those genres, you should like or love this.If you are reading the Kurtherian Gambit books, you ll likey will also like this.Caught me off the top, flowed well Recommended

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