Becoming Alien

Becoming Alien

Rebecca Ore / Jul 14, 2020
Becoming Alien year old boy finds an alien crash landed on a farm and ends up being recruited to join the Federation of Sapients and adventuring out among the stars First book of a trilogy although ends in a way
  • Title: Becoming Alien
  • Author: Rebecca Ore
  • ISBN: 9780812503135
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • 16 year old boy finds an alien crash landed on a farm and ends up being recruited to join the Federation of Sapients and adventuring out among the stars.First book of a trilogy, although ends in a way that does not require continuation to the other books Sequels are Being Human and Human to Human Finalist for the 1989 Philip K Dick Award Nominated for the John W.16 year old boy finds an alien crash landed on a farm and ends up being recruited to join the Federation of Sapients and adventuring out among the stars.First book of a trilogy, although ends in a way that does not require continuation to the other books Sequels are Being Human and Human to Human Finalist for the 1989 Philip K Dick Award Nominated for the John W Campbell Award Nominated for the 1988 Locus Awards.
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        Rebecca Ore is the pseudonym of science fiction writer Rebecca B Brown Rebecca Ore was born in Louisville, KY, out of people from Kentucky and Virginia, Irish Catholic and French Protestant turned Southern Baptist on her mother s side and Welsh and Borderer on her father s She grew up in South Carolina and fell in love with New York City from a distance, moved there in 1968 and lived on the Upper West Side and Lower East Side for seven years Somehow, she also attended Columbia University School of General Studies while spending most of her energy in the St Mark Poetry Project In 1975, she moved to San Francisco for almost a year, then moved to Virginia, back and forth several places for several years, finished a Masters in English, then moved to rural Virginia for ten years, writing s.f novels and living in her grandparent s house after they died.


    1. I ve never read a story by a writer that grasped, and could convey, alienness the way that Rebecca Ore does in this book It s very compelling and very weird The novel also comes off as being very cold however, to be honest, once you get far enough into the story, the main character gets better years later at interpreting alien emotions, and better at dealing with his own.An underrated SF gem.

    2. Read for the Women of Genre Fiction reading challenge and the Second Best reading challenge.I really enjoyed this book This is the ultimate stranger in a strange land story A hillbilly boy from the Appalachian backwoods rescues a crash landed alien, which is a threat to Tom s older brother s drug manufacturing business Through a complex series of unfortunate events, Tom is offered a chance to become a cadet in the Federation of Sapient Beings in place of the alien he aided A whole series of odd [...]

    3. On the first page of Becoming Alien, a teenaged Tom Gentry watches his older brother Warren conduct a drug deal in the backwoods of Virginia On the second page he rescues a wounded alien from a crashed space probe From there things move rapidly He nurses the alien a sapient, bat winged marsupial back to health His brother agrees that this is all best kept secret since he is operating a drug lab on their family property The healthy alien, able to communicate through pictures, convinces Tom they s [...]

    4. If you can get past the offensive uses of language, this book explores the human alien dynamic in really interesting ways Our protagonist Tom really is a fish out of water or rather a convicted juvenile offender off planet and he spends most of the book doing what other people tell him to By the end, though, he finally starts acting in his own interests, taking control of his own destiny As the first in a trillogy, I look forward to seeing how the other books continue his journey The aliens arou [...]

    5. Just because Tom is confused while getting to know the different peoples doesn t mean the reader has to be even confused about them and about the plot is there one something about the Yauntries After all, he at least spent real time in the physical presence of them.And, you know what I found the details of the different species interesting, sure, for example how Gwyngs are marsupial and sleep in puppy piles but the underlying being ness of each species is not so alien, actually That is to say, [...]

    6. One of my favorite all time science fiction books by a woman who quickly became one of my favorite authors I only wish I could find that she s written I ve always loved the human among a polyglot of alien cultures story line, and this is one of the best There is humor, there is drama, there is sexuality, there is lots of heart, all of them in abundance If I have any reservations, it s only because of the slight cliche of the human hero A guy who seems to have an overall lack of perspective for [...]

    7. Okay into the O s with not much choice than the N s NOT reading Orwell and although Mel Odom is fun I read that one less than 10 years ago, so am going for the one I m sure I read but don t remember at all Let s see how it goes Discovered this one was a book Curt picked up many years ago and very much liked which illustrates our different tastes in reading It was fascinating I have never seen alien cultures and thought processes done so completely and so well I mean alien Very alien So alien I [...]

    8. As far as science fiction goes, these are some of the most intriguing books I ve ever read They still are problematic in the way Ore talks about race, and the unavoidable humanist arrogance This and the subsequent books are so well written and interesting though, that I can still feel comfortable giving them four stars One off for the racism Most white folks just don t seem to grasp the nuances of race, and it s hard to find modern fiction that doesn t have some problematic language in it, unfor [...]

    9. It s the story of a boy who meets an alien and ends up joining the alien federation as a cadet This reminded me a lot of C.J Cherryh in the treatment and exploration of alien minds, though I prefer the stronger plot in Cherryh s novels to the wandering plot of this novel I felt like the things I cared about in the story didn t get any resolution, which made me think I d lost the thread of the story somewhere But I hadn t realized it was just the first in a series One idea that struck me was that [...]

    10. An oddly engaging fish out of water story where a young man, after helping to rescue an alien after it crashed on his family farm, is recruited to join The Federation The aliens physical appearance is vividly described tho am having a harder time grasping their social structure The bits of hand waving on the author s part aren t enough to dissuade me from keeping with it, tho.

    11. 2.5 starsIt s been a long time since I read this, but as I recall, while it had some interesting bits, it was mostly pretty meh.

    12. A spare, thoughtful meditation on the difficulties of communicating with those different from us The best part is probably the first section set in rural Virginia, as a high school boy tries to nurse a stranded alien back to health, communicating largely through drawings, without angering his xenophobic drug dealer of an older brother To me, things slow down later on and could probably have been cut by half, but I ll still remember the different ways the very different aliens try and don t try t [...]

    13. I had read some pretty amazing reviews on this book, but for me at least it was just okay It did a pretty good job of conveying how lonely, isolating, and well, alien, becoming an alien would be So it did live up to the book s title That was basically it however There was little story, and what was there moved at a snail s pace There were also many opportunities for really good action, but sadly they were never developed I don t regret reading it, but I will never reread it.

    14. Good lord, this has been bothering me for ages I think I must have read this book before 2000 and for some reason, little bits and pieces of it stuck with me but just couldn t remember for the life of me what the name of the book was, or how to search for it Dunno why that sort of thing should bother somebody, but kind of a relief to have found it after posting on book search site Not like this info will be of much use to me

    15. A young man branded as a loser in his society gets involved in interstellar travel I m not really a science fiction fan, but this book and the sequels spurred my interest in anthropology I re read these every few years and always experience so many of the emotions that the main character, Tom, goes through I get something new from these each time.

    16. I will try the next one it does give you a real feel for the swing of disorientation to familiarity that the different creatures including Tom experience around each other.

    17. It was ok As a sci fi reader it s worth reading once It could have a second book added to it then maybe it would answer some unanswered questions But over all worth checking out.

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