Love on Fire

Love on Fire

Zach Jenkins / Aug 13, 2020
Love on Fire Firefighters don t date other guys Clay Brown has always wanted just one thing to be a firefighter He even has the girl of everyone else s dreams until she dumps him to chase her own career Newly sin
  • Title: Love on Fire
  • Author: Zach Jenkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Firefighters don t date other guys Clay Brown has always wanted just one thing to be a firefighter He even has the girl of everyone else s dreams, until she dumps him to chase her own career Newly single, Clay bumps into the only guy who ever made him feel alive and who he almost kissed back in high school, before losing his nerve He burned me before Never again EFirefighters don t date other guys Clay Brown has always wanted just one thing to be a firefighter He even has the girl of everyone else s dreams, until she dumps him to chase her own career Newly single, Clay bumps into the only guy who ever made him feel alive and who he almost kissed back in high school, before losing his nerve He burned me before Never again Ezra Kaufman may be lonely, but he s not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice When Clay saves his mother, Ezra is smart enough to keep his distance Clay may send out all the right signals, but Ezra knows from experience that the hot firefighter isn t willing to go public with an openly gay man like him Some fires refuse to go out Once sparks fly there s no going back, but can there possibly be a future when both men fear commitment, or will it take the heat of a fire to forge something new Love on Fire is a steamy, standalone gay for you romance novel with no cliffhangers.
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    1. Jumping about with glee I liked this one far better than the other book in the series I really liked Clay and Ezra The story went along fine I never felt that the MCs were straying from their character by being a strange person mid book Great story, it kept me hooked right till the end And I didn t skip ANY pages, unlike the case in the other book I would love to read books like this one by the author.One small thing Ezra s screaming and jumping personality that we see a glimpse of in the secon [...]

    2. DNF 72% 1.5 rounded down because the evil girlfriend callously breaking up with the cluelessly innocent guy trope is tired So tired.I tried I really did I just couldn t finish this Have you ever had a conversation with someone and ended up having no clue what was going on because the person you were talking to maybe thought they told you or thought you knew information important to the conversation but they never actually gave you the details or voiced what they were thinking This is the way I f [...]

    3. I skimmed quite a bit of this but it did get me through a bout of snoring hubby induced insomnia and left me with a smile.Zero angst it rushes along full of froth Characters tended to speak with the same voice all frothy gush, and at times the story appeared to miss several steps My main complaint is it felt very teenage I couldn t believe one almost kiss would have made such a big memory to either or that one had been away in the military for several years Couldn t buy into how people behaved a [...]

    4. 2 it was ok It was ok There was a lot of flip flopping and it was at times hard to follow.I needed a palate cleanser I needed some sweet and hot.I didn t get either necessarily but really, it was ok What it was was really fast.I m sure at some point I ll try the next one.

    5. Not for me Characters were shallow and dialogue was cheesy Low angst actually meant boring and the instalove was OTT.

    6. Adorable with meaningful intentions Before I get to droning on about how delightful this story was, I d need to take a moment to say please tighten up on the grammar and word choices I see what you meant to say and while it didn t detract from the story, it made me stop momentarily to make sure I understood the context Now, as far as this is is concerned It s a wonderful story of first time or gay for you love Clay the ever nervous lad and Ezra the out and proud work so well together as they sta [...]

    7. This is one story where I did NOT believe that the MCs belonged together I didn t buy their love story at all.Ezra, the skinny hairdresser and Clay the muscled firefighter who is so deep in the closet that someone should lend him a shovel to dig himself out were a weird romance couple I was actually pining for Clay and his firefighter friend David who was clearly in the closet just like him, but that didn t happenJust 2 stars this time.

    8. I m surprised I liked this book When I was a quarter of the way into the story, I thought the story was so so I m glad I gave this book a chance I felt like Clay and Ezra shouldn t have worked but they made did I can t wait for the next book.

    9. ARC provided by Zach Jenkins, Author via MM ROMANCE ARC CLUB in exchange for an honest review.When I started reading this, it was a solid 3 in my mind until almost the end of the book Something about the final two chapters resonated with me and wow It just goes to show how the little things can change your mind.The Big City experiment had been a failure.Getting away from the small town he grew up in, Ezra took on the big city to make a name for himself Eight years, feeling like a failure when he [...]

    10. The book had its good parts but often it felt unfortunately a bit bumpy and clumsy There weren t relevant editorial mistakes but some connections between the character weren t that logic or well balanced imo I guess a lot of potential to have a good gay for you out for you was given away It wasn t an unpleasant read but I expected , at least the spark wasn t as strong as normal.The two character, Clay and Ezra, are two charming boys, looking good in their own definition and well fitting although [...]

    11. I loved this book I have read other books by this author and this one certainly was just as enjoyable I love the way this author tells the story and pulls you into them.Clay is a hottie firefighter who is attracted to Ezra, a hair stylist They have known each other since school but were never close Is this going to be the time where they each find their happily ever after Or is Clay afraid of what the rest of the world is going to think about his feelings for another man Arc provided for honest [...]

    12. 3.5 4.0 StarsI enjoyed this Clay had always wanted to be a fireman and is happy with his life even though he must repress any attraction to men as he believes it will negatively impact the comraderie on his squad Re enter Ezra, the one guy Clay had almost kissed years ago I loved Clay and Ezra and their journey to HEA.Bottom line I look forward to by this author.

    13. Loved itReally loved this one, it wasn t over done on the sex scenes since these characters took there time Nice happily ever after ending Loved these characters I hope david gets a story next

    14. Yay New author for me I really enjoyed this story and the coming together if the MCs Very sweet and sexy The pacing and secondary characters were enjoyable too A little sex wouldn t be remiss, but that s just my opinion.I look forward to David s story.

    15. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we meet Clay and Ezra They were school mates in high school but on the night of graduation they almost kissed but Clay s fear of being know as a gay man held him back Now years later Clay is a firefighter in their local hometown and Ezra needs to come to help his mom Ezra is having some tough times He just lost his job, his mom has broken her leg, and his prospects for meeting a hot guy are nil So he agrees to come home and help hi [...]

    16. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewClay has an attraction to Ezra back in high school and almost acts on it, but runs before anything happens and before he can consider how he feels about it He continues for years in relationships with women, until he sees Ezra again years later after he becomes single again.Ezra seems a bit flighty when the book starts He has no direction, doesn t seem to really care about anything other than being on his own, but then doesn t seem t [...]

    17. Zach Jenkins is a new to me author I love M M romance stories and hunky firefighters so I couldn t pass up the chance to read this one when I was offered the opportunity to read and review an ARC advanced reader copy.Clay and Ezra had an almost moment years ago when they were in high school but Clay is straight and Ezra is not The two reconnect many years later when Ezra returns home to help his mother The problem is that Clay is still running from his feelings and Ezra doesn t want to be anyone [...]

    18. I have mixed feelings for this story it was good over all but it couldn t grab my attention and for the heat factor, there was a make out session and one quickie Clay has a lot of self doubts, he had many girlfriends but when it comes to a guy he went to school with and was thinking strange things about is when he doubted himself He now s he loves women but the one man makes him question why why are Ezra s are so beautiful or his legs are so sexy but he still fights the attraction Now Clay is a [...]

    19. Clay and Ezra were at school together but didn t really talk much until the after graduation party where Clay was tempted to kiss Ezra This freaked him out and he left to spend the next 8 years in the army Ezra, left town for Chicago hoping for a exciting life Ezra s mother called him after she broke her leg and he sees Clay again Clay is now a firefighter who s girlfriend just left for a job in New York The attraction is still there and Clay is trying to figure out how to proceed This was an e [...]

    20. I received this book free for a honest review.This is a feel good read Low angst, happy read about old school classmates Clay and Ezra didn t really know each other but had a nearly kiss that stayed with them both throughout the years apart and away.This was a well written book with a few minor grammar and spelling mistakes but they didn t detract from the story.A straight macho fireman realises he isn t so straight and a openly gay hairdresser with a crush A tried and tested theme for a book Th [...]

    21. Every book that I have read by Zach Jenkins I have loved, and this one is not an exception He does such a great job developing the characters that you don t just feel like you know them, you can feel their emotions Clay, a big, sexy fireman has some issues to work through with his attraction to Ezra, a sexy, athletic hairdresser, but once he does, their love is beautiful I loved their second date to the drive in movie That was my favorite part I do not want to give away than that I received thi [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this story It is about Ezra and Clay In high school they had shared a moment that will forever shape them.The chance to act upon it doesn t happen until almost a decade later when Ezra comes back home to help his mom out at her beauty salon Clay is now a firefighter in their hometown and happens to respond to a call that puts Ezra and Clay face to face after so many years Their attraction for each other is immediate and its hot This is my first book that I have read by this auth [...]

    23. Hated clay I get fighting the outsides worlds opinions but there s that and being a total asshole We live in a world where your judged by total strangers but you should never be made to feel that way when that person is someone your interested and suppose to like you Ezra deserved better I couldn t go on after their first date He was checking someone out on their date how disrespectful If someone I was on a date with did without a doubt they d get something smashed in their face and I d peace ou [...]

    24. Ezra and Clay have had sparks since high school Clay was so afraid of being labeled gay if he got close to Ezra he never even allowed for a friendship with Ezra Years later, they meet again and Clay has the opportunity to connect with Ezra again It is a very sweet story that shows true love will win if given just half a chance I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    25. 2.5 stars and an awkward sex tag where I don t think it was supposed to be awkward but a lot of the book was just awkward it kind of fell flat for me in the end I d totally read a book 2 on KU but I wouldn t purchase outright I gave this a decent shot due to enjoying Zach s book with E Davies there was potential here but it just felt wrapped up too quickly in the end and the emotions felt rushed.

    26. Needed a bit of polish but a sweet storyThis isn t a bad story and has the makings of a good one with a bit of a tighter edit.The story rambles a bit and gets tied up in Clay s insecurities which make it drag a little.Ezra is also a bit pushy and then he sort of drops off and becomes of a background character than the other MC and the rapid about face was a bit too quick.But on the whole it s a fairly harmless romance which has a sweet neat ending.

    27. Clay s indecisiveness was annoying I felt he was leading Ezra on, even though I could totally understand why he was acting that way But it irritates me how he acted when they went on their date Guys are so scared that they are going to be found out, that they act all weird even though that same weird behavior is outing them anyway Just act normal, turdballs It s less obvious, if you are trying to hide I m glad his buddies called him out for being an ass.

    28. I try to always respect writers of every style and walk of life I am an easy audience, that being saidThis book was oddly trifling and boring I couldn t put my finger on what it waswait, yes I can They were boring, predictable and trifling My search for male writers who thrill me is still on.

    29. I really enjoyed this story It keeps you entertained from beginning to end Clay and Ezra are so sweet together You can t help but root for them and believe in second chances But when Clay gets hurt will it be to much for Ezra hope we get to see of Clay and Ezra.I received an arc for honest review.

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