Dinner for One

Dinner for One

Meg Harding / Nov 30, 2020
Dinner for One Bastien isn t used to bad reviews His French restaurant is the toast of the town and when a well known critic insults it he s left off kilter Luckily for him he s found a distraction He s just met a
  • Title: Dinner for One
  • Author: Meg Harding
  • ISBN: 9781634773942
  • Page: 328
  • Format: ebook
  • Bastien isn t used to bad reviews His French restaurant is the toast of the town, and when a well known critic insults it, he s left off kilter Luckily for him he s found a distraction He s just met an attractive writer at his niece s school bake sale He s into food, into Bastien and the touch of kink they share, and there s a chemistry between them that might make theBastien isn t used to bad reviews His French restaurant is the toast of the town, and when a well known critic insults it, he s left off kilter Luckily for him he s found a distraction He s just met an attractive writer at his niece s school bake sale He s into food, into Bastien and the touch of kink they share, and there s a chemistry between them that might make the perfect recipe.James isn t expecting to meet a good looking French chef at a bake sale, but he s not going to let the chance slide It comes as a surprise when the chef turns out to be the owner of a place he knows and has reviewed and it puts James in a sticky situation So he might have to omit some pertinent information to make it work at least for now.
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    1. Release day I hope you enjoy Let s get straight to the point, shall we I fucking LOVED this book It is steamy, romantic, refreshing perfection.Quick overview James is a renowned food critic for the New York Times and writes gay romance novels on the side Bastien is a renowned French chef who owns a restaurant called L amour Dans La Ville Love in the City in New York James writes under the pseudonym Harper Carlisle and wrote the first bad review of L amour Dans La Ville since it opened a year ago [...]

    2. I received a copy by the author in exchange of an honest review This book Oh My God I ve been on a stomach aching journey of laughing out loud, making a pitstop at sobbing land, and then getting back to laughing out loud only this time, it was with a blocked nose and throat This is the second book in a row whose every dot and comma and letter I ve simply devoured I just couldn t get enough of it all The book is just utterly tailor made for me, it seems.I come from a huge family of nosy yet lovin [...]

    3. 2.5 One dissenting opinion coming right up I can see how this book would appeal to many readers James and Bastien are two very nice guys who like to cook James is a well known food critic Bastien owns a French restaurant The two meet at an elementary bake sale of all places and begin a steamy affair There s spark and romance there s sex and sex and not just vanilla lovin we re talking plugs and paddles here, people.These two barely exchange three words before the toys come out Abrupt much But I [...]

    4. 4.5 HeartsLet me just start with three incredible words Ginger French Chef.French chef who s a little bit kinky is what drew me to this one the ginger was a bonus Bastien wrapped me around his little finger almost immediately He s a nervous baker He blushes adorably and often much to James delight He fastidious without being fussy He s almost as sweet as his confections Almost.Bastien is executive chef and owner of L amour Dans La Ville, a quaint French restaurant with a wait list a mile long Na [...]

    5. So promising This was a 4.5 5 star read for the first 60% of this book I was all smiles at being introduced to this gem The blurb says it all, so I won t rehash it, but I LOVED the relationship build with these two The banter, the awkwardness, the sex It was all so well written Simple but amazing When these two flirt, it s all shy smiles and cuteness galore, but when the clothes come offholy hell, they light the sheets on fire I was fanning myself So of course I was expecting what happened at 60 [...]

    6. Well, that was absolutely delightful Low angst, humorous, sexy as hell, plus the whole deception plot is really, really well handled.I would recommend thisbut maybe eat first Because the food descriptions are plentiful and may make you ravenous

    7. Overall book rating 3.5Audio Book N ABook Cover 3.8 Mixed feelings again I do hope this isn t a new trend for me If you read this review after this warning it s YOUR problem not mine It contains spoilers galore, so stop here if you haven t read it yet I loved the idea of the story The French Chef and the Food Critic I really enjoy the whole idea surrounding food and wine It can be so so hot as well I even liked the MC s LIKED being the operative word here.Bastien was sweet and I enjoyed his bran [...]

    8. 3.75 Stars Bastien and James were just too damn adorable together Just the perfect blend of sweet and sexy Be warned to have food on hand while reading All the food talk and recipes had me hungry However, I do have to say that I enjoyed the first 70 75% than the last 1 4 of the book I felt the aftermath of the big reveal of James s job as a food critic was a bit over exaggerated Maybe it s because I didn t think it was that big of a dealI dunno Buuuuuuuuut, James s method of apologizing was so [...]

    9. Bastien owns one of the best French restaurants in town He has so many excellent reviews but the one he keeps focusing on is the bad one The critic for the New York Times called the place pretentious because they speak French This place has French pouring out of it s cracks He further decided the waitstaff pretentious and the food expensive and bland Ouch Bastien knows his food is good and his restaurant excellent But he still focuses on that Luckily, he is busy making religieuses pastries for h [...]

    10. 2.5It took me forever to finish this book The writing style third person present tense was awkward and disjointed I couldn t even enjoy the sexy times They were a bit confusing And the food was too much I felt like I was watching a romance on the Food Network I liked the main characters though so it was okay but I won t be finishing the series.

    11. I had to think a little bit about how to review this I did not love this book like so many others did All of the elements were there honestly, too many, almost like the author was going down a checklist of what trips reader triggers ginger, check, light bdsm, check, quirky family, check , but they didn t form a cohesive whole It was all just too much James and Bastien met and fell into bed getting freaky deaky with toys etc immediately I m not saying it doesn t happen or I m the arbiter of sex o [...]

    12. 3.5 starsI really liked both men Bastien could easily be written as a pretentious snob so finding him awkward and rather shy with James was adorable And him owning a cat is another winning point lol catloverAnd while I am not a big fan of romance that involves or contains secret which of course will end up blowing up on the MC s face as climax , I could understand why James kept his identity a secret I mean, reviews can be sacrilegious for restaurants, right It can make or break them Besides, Ja [...]

    13. I loved the idea of a chef and a food critics as a main characters for the story, loved the cover as well.It was good in the beginning of the story where Bastien got so mad after James wrote a review, a bad review of his restaurant.Their real first meeting was also interesting and I was hoping that I can get to see what s going to happen with the two guys.And I ve got so many cooking lessons not that I m complained , but with so many cooking and dining and nothing s really happened with their i [...]

    14. Critic meets artist is a wonderful trope, and with a chef and a food reviewer as the main characters of this novel, what can go wrong I hoped for and got some excellent descriptions of fabulous dishes, creative recipes, and playful uses of food in the bedroom all of which would have had me completely happy about reading this book But there is Bastien, the chef, and James, the food critic, are fun characters with a few quirks each, but they have to deal with a shock to their barely begun relatio [...]

    15. 4.5 Stars I really enjoyed this I do wish that James deception hadn t gone on so long and that he d owned up to it before Bastien found out how he did Loved his apology and that they made up relatively quickly Especially considering the long breaks that happened in books 2 and 3.

    16. This was just delightful A light romance with two really really likeable MCs Just what the doctor ordered to cheer me up and make my heart flutter with happiness.On a scale of 100 for cuteness I would definitely give this at least 110 Bastion and James are just edible please note the FOOD pun g and sorry, I know it s not funny Both are in their thirties which makes the whole story even sweeter Because they just fall for each other so hard and in such a sweet, wonderful way, it had me ooohing and [...]

    17. 5 Romance definitely doesn t bloom from a bad review stars So sweet Loved the couple, their family and friends antics, laughed a lot with them I don t know if this a series, but I d read it, really liked this author s writing Oh and my favorite thing about this book is the timing and pacing, it feels like a real romance that could really happen, it takes weeks, they get to know each other, then months and months, and when one of them screws up it takes time for them to make up and everything fee [...]

    18. Cute Sometimes cute and famishing.Others cute and kinky.Very french.A little less on innovation both story and cooking since I searched the recipes and they are like exact copies of the first link on each And the story s exactly the blurb in writing.But the writing never bores and their romance of sorts wins you by the end.

    19. OK, first offis book made me hungry as I kept reading, so many delicious foods that I now want to try Secondly, this was HOT Loved the chemistry between Bastien and James, it was scorching and just yummmmmmyy to read about It s not super kinky, just enough with a light touch of it, for me to really love Sexual chemistry aside, these two had a wonderful relationship and I especially loved when James had to win back Bastien s favor and did so with what else, food I loved the romance, I loved them [...]

    20. image error With adorable MC s and ultimate food porn it s just cruel to google French dishes on an empty stomach , this is a perfect read if you re in the mood for sweet, hot and low angst.

    21. This is a huge maybe , as the blurb doesn t sound very original But the books I read previously by this author were 4 reads, I might give it a try Depends on reviews.This didn t work for me at all Tried it several times, but I couldn t get into the writing style present tense and the whole thing left me cold It started out ok, but lost my interest pretty soon Made it up to about 30%, started skimming and then decided to DNF.

    22. I think Meg Harding is in my brain at times and it s the coolest thing I can think to have happen to me though she doesn t know she is in my brain I just think she is there because each time I read a new book from her, every one of my likes is checked off and she just nails it She has quickly become one of my favorite authors.So this book It was really good and super full of sexy times mixed with a whole lot of food porn Food porn is never a bad thing and the way the men in this book use food it [...]

    23. 4.5 Stars for this delicious contemporary enemies to lovers chef critic M M romance.The review was written for Joyfully Jay Reviews and can be accessed here joyfullyjay 2016 07 reviewBastien is a chef in a French restaurant in Manhattan He works hard to keep his reputation and food at the highest level, and he s frustrated that a respected critic has given him an average rating Bastien pours his emotions into food and goes all out creating beautiful pastries for his niece s school bake sale Whil [...]

    24. Title Dinner For OneAuthor Meg HardingPublisher Dreamspinner PressReviewer MelissaRelease Date July 13, 2016Genre s M M RomancePage Count 200Heat Level 3 flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of 5Blurb Bastien isn t used to bad reviews His French restaurant is the toast of the town, and when a well known critic insults it, he s left off kilter Luckily for him he s found a distraction He s just met an attractive writer at his niece s school bake sale He s into food, into Bastien and the touch of kink [...]

    25. For me this was the perfect story I loved everything about it It was so refreshing to read a book where their is no angst or uncertainty about being gay In fact, being gay isn t even mentioned in the whole book The main characters embraced themselves, their friends and families accepted them for who they were and it made for a wonderful story I would love to see this dynamic become mainstream, it would be awesome.James is a well known food critic who gave a pretty harsh review to a local French [...]

    26. 4 HeartsI ve noticed that sometimes stories centered on restaurants or restaurateurs can become monotonous but that didn t happen here I loved all the food talk I loved how these two bonded over food and cooked together This was an incredibly sweet story that totally warmed my heart There was just so much here that I really liked I loved how both men were incredibly close to their families It was nice to read a story that wasn t painful This is a feel good story, in my opinion I don t think you [...]

    27. Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review Bastien, co owner of a renowned French restaurant, isn t used to bad reviews about his cooking, so when a renowned food critic writes one, he isn t happy and when he isn t happy, he bakes Good thing there s a bake sale at his niece s school and even better when he meets a hunky writer there who seems interested in both him and his religiouses The last thing James expected when he went to his nephews school bake sale was [...]

    28. This was SCRUMPTIOUS Yum So, I m not typically attracted to chef bakery type stories cooking is NOT my thing but I d heard such good things about this story and the author is one of my new favs so I was NOT disappointed First, Bastien is so adorable He is sweet, sincere, occasionally naughty and so very lovable Second, while James had a couple of Doh moments, he was for the most part equally sweet and sincere and such a nice complement to Bastien.If you ignore the original big misunderstanding , [...]

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