The Swan Riders

The Swan Riders

Erin Bow / Mar 28, 2020
The Swan Riders Greta Stuart had always known her future die young She was her country s crown princess and also its hostage destined to be the first casualty in an inevitable war But when the war came it broke all
  • Title: The Swan Riders
  • Author: Erin Bow
  • ISBN: 9781481442749
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Greta Stuart had always known her future die young.She was her country s crown princess, and also its hostage, destined to be the first casualty in an inevitable war But when the war came it broke all the rules, and Greta forged a different path.She is no longer princess No longer hostage No longer human Greta Stuart has become an AI.If she can survive the transition,Greta Stuart had always known her future die young.She was her country s crown princess, and also its hostage, destined to be the first casualty in an inevitable war But when the war came it broke all the rules, and Greta forged a different path.She is no longer princess No longer hostage No longer human Greta Stuart has become an AI.If she can survive the transition, Greta will earn a place alongside Talis, the AI who rules the world Talis is a big believer in peace through superior firepower But some problems are too personal to obliterate from orbit, and for those there are the Swan Riders a small band of humans who serve the AIs as part army, part cult.Now two of the Swan Riders are escorting Talis and Greta across postapocalyptic Saskatchewan But Greta s fate has stirred her nation into open rebellion, and the dry grassland may hide insurgents who want to rescue her or see her killed Including Eli n, the boy she saved the boy who wants to change the world, with a knife, if necessary Even the infinitely loyal Swan Riders may not be everything they seem.Greta s fate and the fate of her world are balanced on the edge of a knife.
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        TEN THINGS ABOUT ME 1 I m a physicist turned poet turned YA novelist.2 I am world famous in Canada, which is kind of like being world famous in real life 3 I wrote a book about Greta Gustafsen Stuart, Duchess of Halifax and Crown Princess of the Pan Polar Confederacy THE SCORPION RULES, Simon Schuster Fall 2015 4 I wrote a not at all cute book with a talking cat in it PLAIN KATE called WOOD ANGEL in the UK , Fall 20105 I wrote a book about cat s cradles that can repel spirit zombies SORROW S KNOT, Fall 20136 All these books will make you either cry on the bus or snort milk out your nose I am dangerous to your dignity and should be stopped 7 I think Hufflepuff is the best house, Xander was the best Scoobie, Five was the best Doctor, and Spock was the best everything.8 I am married to another novelist, and we can actually pay our bills 9 My daughters want to be scientists 10 My bookshelves will always be full.


    1. The Swan Riders is such a different book fromThe Scorpion Rules The pacing is off, the story falls on the boring side, and it s hard to care about the main characters here in the same way you do in the first book Let me explainwhere in the first book we have the preceptures and Children of Peace being the sort of setting That s different here We left the preceptures and are journeying across Saskatchewan to the Red Mountains Yup, this is a journey book.Talis takes on a much larger role in this [...]

    2. I m eternally conflicted about this series because I LOVE the writing to death butI haven t the faintest idea what s going on Not a clue, mate I know less than Jon Snow and that is to say nothing at all Obviously it s been a year since I read book one, The Scorpion Rules, but honestly I was super confused for that too SO CONFUSED I actually intend to find audios someday and re read becauseI want to like them so bad And yet here I am An acute stunned mushroom who s full thoughts are i say good si [...]

    3. This book and The Scorpion Rules are extremely different in a lot of ways, barely even forming a coherent duology we ll talk about that later Yet they relate in one important way they re both fantastic This series may be polarizing, but if it s your thing, it s absolutely worth the read.The Swan Riders builds up so much character development, for both Greta and Talis Talis continues to be one of the best villains in all of literature he s terrifying, but also complex and incredibly sympathetic G [...]

    4. Beautifully written Like, amazingly beautifully written Great story, too, of course Looking forward to reading from the author.

    5. The The Scorpion Rules was one of the best books that I ve read all year It s a huge relief to say that this one sticks the landing.Greta, Talis and a group of Swan Riders have left the Precepture overland on horseback to get Greta to safety She s a new and fragile AI, the first one in a hundred years, and exposure to her old life is dangerous Talis s actions in the previous book have also left the Pan Polar Alliance in a state of political turmoil and there s no guarantee that people they come [...]

    6. An absolutely worthy sequel to The Scorpion Rules This is going on my favourites 2016 shelf next to the first book.

    7. Title The Swan Riders Prisoners of Peace 2 Author Erin BowPublisher Margaret K McElderry Books, 2016Genre YA Dystopian, YA Science FictionThis review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA s Tumblr, or my pageMy Review To see my review for the first book, The Scorpion Rules, click here Teacherofya The Scorpion Rules reviewI honestly needed some time away from this novel in order to review it Why Well, I had a paper to write for my Shakespeare class, but that s not it I think I needed to stay in th [...]

    8. I DID NOT THINK THAT A SEQUEL WOULD DO THE FIRST BOOK JUSTICE, BUT I WAS WRONG If you have read my review of The Scorpion Rules, you will know that I was very very impressed with the first book in the Prisoners of Peace series by Erin Bow I raved about the world building, the characters, the diversity found among said characters, as well as Erin Bow s writing itself I was also very happy with the credibility of Erin s writing, despite the fact that she is describing fictional events which happen [...]

    9. 4.5Having loved Scorpion Rules, it was with some trepidation that I started this sequel.The action immediately carries on from the previous book, and I couldn t help wondering how the author would pull off having the main character so fundamentally changed, especially since the narration is in the first person Would Greta s voice, now that she is an AI, be too different and perhaps alienating Thankfully, she is recognisable, and yet very different at the same time Bow doesn t take any shortcut, [...]

    10. DNF I hate to do it, but I m just not feeling invested in this travel story, plus this world is just too bleak and I can t take it right now I may give this another shot some other time.

    11. The Scorpion Rules was one of my favorite YA books of 2016 so I was excited for the sequel Unfortunately it feel short of my expectations It lacked the emotional depth of the first one I had a really hard time caring about the characters which made me not care about the story There is a deeper meaning here about the differences between a human and an AI that was interesting but I don t think it was executed very well I also found this to be unnecessarily confusing where the Scorpion Rules was no [...]

    12. Hi, so yeah I blurbed the first one, so this is going to be pretty unobjective.I LOVED IT view spoiler I love Greta so much it almost hurts me, and to see her journey continued like this was beyond anything I d hoped for Erin has been teasing me with lines from this book FOREVER okay, for, like, two years, BUT STILL , and seeing them all in context was amazing.I continue to find The Utterances delightful beyond measure AND RACHEL GOT ACTUAL SCREEN TIME AND WAS BASICALLY THE HERO OF THE PIECE I m [...]

    13. One of the many wonderful things in this and the previous book, The Scorpion Rules, is the snarky humour of the AI In this we get a double dose from Michael and Two A must read author.

    14. I m not even sure where to begin with The Swan Riders aside from saying that Erin Bow somehow managed to outdo The Scorpion Rules I don t want to write much because almost everything in the book is unexpected It s excellent Great character development non stop plot There is also a very healthy dose of existentialism, which is always a plus to me A bonus was that it had some parts that scared nightmares into me In something that very rarely occurs, the story could stop with this book or keep goin [...]

    15. POTENTIAL SPOILERS This was an interesting little book It pretty much only gets its tag and rating because it s a sequel to a very likely contender to my Best Books of 2017 list, and while this is a very good book, it s vastly different from The Scorpion Rules, and a lot of it was actually kinda confusing Let s start with the good stuff, because there actually is a lot I liked seeing Greta s transition in an A.I I liked how she talked, how she thought, how she figured things out Although I do ki [...]

    16. This sequel to The Scorpion Rules has been one of my most anticipated books of the year for a while, and I was so thrilled when I received an ARC The villain has a bigger part in the story and there are so many Canadian references Greta is still such an amazing character, even if she is no longer human Despite all this, I had some problems with the pacing of the book, and didn t enjoy as much as I could have.The Swan Riders is so different from the first book, The Scorpion Rules Talis, who is ki [...]

    17. Want to see from me Check out my Youtube channel youtube channel UCferJust like book 1, Tallis was by far my favourite part of the story He is sassy and sarcastic and I love the little comments he makes throughout the book He s very similar to Deadpool in my opinion, AND I LOVE DEADPOOL Greta really annoyed me in this book She didn t seem to have an ounce of personality and I just did not care what she was doing or what happened to her I was very disappointed that Xie was no longer in the book [...]

    18. Did you ever pick up a book you knew little about Maybe it was on sale, or someone gave it to you Then you read it and it was life changing and gorgeous and you didn t understand why everyone wasn t talking about it That was The Scorpion Rules for me I got it while it was on sale for Kindle and I devoured it in one day, only stopping to dry my tears and gush to my little brother about how perfect it was When I heard there was a sequel, I was understandably worried The Scorpion Rules had one of t [...]

    19. 4.5 I loved this book I m not sure how else to really express that sentiment other than to just say it Beautifully written, engaging and utterly unique, The Swan Riders continues to play on one of our biggest fears as a society What happens when our creations turn on us Worse, what happens when we become our creations Read the full review yafangirlreviews 2016

    20. Stories about artificial intelligence are, universally, about what it means to be human.I mean, most stories are about that in some way, but AI brings a particular sort of laser focus to the subject If human science can create sentient life, what responsibilities do we have to that life What distinguishes it from us, and what rights is it entitled to Or the reverse if it becomes possible to upload consciousness, is the resulting entity as human as when they were flesh and blood What gets lost in [...]

    21. Huge thank you to Simon Schuster Canada for this ARC I absolutely adored the crap out of The Scorpion Rules It was by no means perfect, but it was one of those books where my eye balls were completely glued to the page because I couldn t get over some of the stuff that was occurring in the story I had moments where I cringed, gasped, and maybe even threw the book it had that much of an effect on me I was so excited when the sequel appeared in my mail box because with the way the first book had e [...]

    22. I had higher expectations for this book First of all, super pissed that there was no Xie, only mentions Secondly, the AI storyline got really confusing at times I think some aspects needed to be explained better And I wish it had gotten a different ending It just didn t feel like closure.I m not saying I hated it, but it could ve been .

    23. This book gave me chills Also Talis is one of my most favorite characters ever now I am delighted that he was in this book so much Absolutely delighted.

    24. I can t handle this many bi anxious AI world saving feelings I am an emotionally compromised robot in a meat body HELPTalis is to AI as Howl is to sorcery Prisoners of Peace is to optimism in scifi as the Hyperion Cantos are to nihilism in SF Greta is the love of my literary life in all her failures to deal with horses and all her decade plus of Greek poetry without recognizing romance until it kisses her straight in the face.I love these two The sequel is vastly different from Scorpion, but in [...]

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