The Hand of Vengeance

The Hand of Vengeance

Renee Rose / Jul 13, 2020
The Hand of Vengeance Winner Best Erotic Sci Fi The Romance Reviews Reader s Pick Awards ON HIS PLANET WOMEN ARE PUNISHED WHEN THEY DISOBEYDr Lara Simmons can handle difficult surgeries on the battlefield of a war torn
  • Title: The Hand of Vengeance
  • Author: Renee Rose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winner, Best Erotic Sci Fi, The Romance Reviews Reader s Pick Awards ON HIS PLANET, WOMEN ARE PUNISHED WHEN THEY DISOBEYDr Lara Simmons can handle difficult surgeries on the battlefield of a war torn planet She can even handle her capture by rebels who need her skills to save the life of an important figure head But she wasn t prepared for being stuck out in the wi Winner, Best Erotic Sci Fi, The Romance Reviews Reader s Pick Awards ON HIS PLANET, WOMEN ARE PUNISHED WHEN THEY DISOBEYDr Lara Simmons can handle difficult surgeries on the battlefield of a war torn planet She can even handle her capture by rebels who need her skills to save the life of an important figure head But she wasn t prepared for being stuck out in the wilderness with Blade Vengeance, the fierce tattooed rebel warrior with antiquated views of gender roles and corporal punishment Dominant and unyielding, he doesn t hesitate to take her in hand when she disobeys his rules Yet he also delivers pleasure with a passion she s never before experienced.Blade finds the doctor from Earth sexy as hell, especially when she s giving him attitude, but once he delivers her safely to headquarters, he pulls back from her allure Known for single handedly starting the revolution and freeing many of his people, his life is one of hardship, slavery and war Going soft on a woman isn t part of his plan, especially with the final strike of the revolution so close But when he sends Lara back to Earth to keep her safe during the upcoming battle, he inadvertently delivers her into enemy hands Can he find and save her from the revolution he caused Publishers Note This power exchange story contains dominance and submission, spanking and explicit sex scenes If such subject matter offends, do not buy this book.
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        USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR RENEE ROSE is a naughty wordsmith who writes kinky BDSM novels Named Eroticon USA s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won The Romance Reviews Best Historical Romance, and Spanking Romance Reviews Best Sci fi, Paranormal, Historical, Erotic, Ageplay and favorite couple and author She s hit 1 on in multiple categories in the U.S and U.K is often found on the list of s Top Author list She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.For 6 FREE RENEE ROSE BOOKS, go to this page owned8 WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT RENEE S BOOKS A sexy tale for modern women that s as steamy as a locker room shower Kirkus Reviews If you like spanking romance that s not too crazy hard but not too icky soft, and has lots of nice, special touches, read Renee Rose NYT USA Today Best Selling BDSM author Annabel Joseph I have yet to read a book by Renee Rose that I don t enjoy so much as to read it again and again Bottoms Up Book Reviews If you are looking for a spanking romance you can lose yourself in and think fondly of for days after, look no further This is a Renee Rose book and this author is very good at what she does USA Today Bestselling Author Maren Smith Hands down, Renee Rose writes the sexiest, naughtiest, set your Kindle on fire romance USA Today Best Selling BDSM Author Natasha Knight


    1. 3 Spanking Stars Some Spoilers Good God in Heaven this book has a ton of spanking in it Hard core spanking I thought the book was a pretty good read Thought the Story plot was good, easy to follow I liked Lara and Blade both equally I felt they had great chemistry together Loved the Rebel uprising theme Lara was smart, sweet, and strong willed Blade was dominant, super kick ass, but he had a sweet side I really only had one problem with the book that I just didn t really care for That was the am [...]

    2. 4 starsIf you are easily offended and don t like reading books with disciplinary spanking and anal then stay away from this book and this review.I was in the mood for a spanking read and this definitely scratched that itch As a sci fi book the world building flowed easily and I wanted to read of it I wanted back story on the different races that popped up More details on how they came about and so on In general it was a quick read that could easily expand and still be entertaining.This was he [...]

    3. I meant to write a review on this after I read it, but got distracted.First off I really enjoyed this Though some of the set ups were a bit cliche, they were well done cliches and I liked them The strong and disturbed Alpha with a hidden heart of gold Check But boy did I like him The independent woman in peril and rescued by said Alpha Check Her inner conflict and turmoil felt very real A misunderstanding that almost drives our couple apart Check It was a good one The culture and politics played [...]

    4. 3 starsOK, I read the blurb and it said spanking was in this book After reading, I think it should be stated that s about 80% OF this book Now grant it, every body loves a little rough touch right right I even enjoy reading about it But when it becomes a crutch to move the story along, it starts to bore me I stopped my spank count at 4 and 22% into the book And then when I finished when I saw the clever title again, The HAND of Vengeance, I had a nice little laugh Touche , Ms Rose Now spanking a [...]

    5. ARC provided by Romance Beckons via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Another really good spanking story by Renee Rose, but this time in a sci fi setting on another planet called Jesel where Dr Lara Simmons travels to on a humanitarian mission to help the people A revolution is currently happening on the planet and while performing surgery she is taken prisoner by rebel forces to help an important member of the rebellion Their airship is fired upon and goes down in the wilderness It is [...]

    6. Despite the title sounding very ominous, this actually had me melting over how sweet the love was in this story This story is about intergalactic worlds in war and takes place on the planet Jesel The Hand of Vengeance is what Blade, the Hero, is known as and is a Jeselian He started his life out as a slave and is now part of the rebel group trying to free his people and take back their planet Blade kidnaps Lara, a young doctor assisting the enemy, to help with their leader Years of trauma with t [...]

    7. I haven t yet read any books that are sci fi and BDSM based in the same book I was surprised I loved this I d almost give it a 4.5 stars because the erotic scenes in this are most definitely erotic without leaving me feeling awkward or like anything went too far The characters were both likeable and I felt both their emotions I cannot give this five stars dope to personal reasons, which include the cover I picked this for the blurb and genre and the fact there are words manhood and another I for [...]

    8. I really, really loved this book Blade was the perfect hero and Dr Lara Simmons was his perfect counterpart I loved the way their relationship evolved and the delicious chemistry between the two I didn t want their story to end Renee Rose always delivers a great read

    9. Another winner from Renne Rose I loved the discription of the world and the characters Lots of action and some sexy scenes.

    10. BODY, HEART AND SOULI loved this excellent Sci Fi Intergalactic erotic romance Dr Lara Simmons is a Samaritan from Earth and has gone to war torn Jesel which was also hit with a devastating earthquake to treat the injured In 2560 Earth, men and women are equals, but on Jesel, men dominate and women are submissive and under the rule of man Blade Vengeance, an enormous tattooed Jesel rebel warrior, expects obedience and will punish Lara if she disobeys, after all, he is just trying to keep her ali [...]

    11. When I saw that Renee Rose had written an erotic sci fi with spanking, I grabbed it immediately and I m not in the least bit sorry The only down side is wondering if there will be a sequel Dasha would make a great heroine hint, hint , and then waiting for it There is enough world building in this story to make it interesting, and plenty of space for further stories.I liked both Lara and Blade and enjoyed reading about their developing relationship On the surface they are polar opposites, Lara co [...]

    12. Don t let the cover fool you Give this one a chance Writing is good Hero, Blade, reminds me of Lahn from The Golden Dynasty You have to be ok with spanking corporal alpha male dominance to like this Some will call this abuse, other will say this story is supposed to be read with a this is fantasy fiction frame of mind To each their own Heroine is not a doormat well, not 100% She falls in line pretty quickly and is submissive, but still has a backboneOverall, it was a fast, enjoyable read An copy [...]

    13. A must readKidnapped by rebels, Dr Lara is prepared to use all her skills and wits to survive But when a fierce warrior takes her in hand, she finds herself at the mercy of her growing feelings for him.If you like strong heroines and hot, tattooed heroes with a heavy hand, this book is a must read

    14. This was a one sitting read for me I loved it It s easy to lose yourself in this story and not want to come up for air There s action, hotness, and enough emotion to have you tearing up at places Lara is the perfect strong, intelligent heroine And Blade is the quintessential alpha hero, who I was in love with before I even knew he was the hero Fantastic, super scorching sci fi

    15. Rebels fighting to win back their planet Blade kidnaps Dr Lara to have her save the life of the rebel president What happens between them was never expected Lara just wants to save and heal people But Blade changes everything Including her view on spankings Can some dominance from him change her and does she want it to

    16. There s a whole lot of spanking going on This book does have a good story line, but if youre into spanking you will love this book The good doctor was very bad.

    17. I really enjoyed this book It was the first I have read from Renee Rose and it was very well written The characters were well rounded and I fell in love with them quickly It was just the right amount of adventure, romance, and erotica I m excited to read of her books.

    18. Great readI liked the tension between the two main characters The romance was hot but not unexpected What a great read.

    19. I loved, loved, LOVED this story Couldn t get enough of it Everything i love scifi and BDSM wrapped up in a primal, yummy package Sooo good I ll be reading this one again most definitely.

    20. I love sci fi and am relatively new to BDSM so when I saw this book I jumped at the opportunity to read it This is my first Renee Rose novel yup I can hear her fans say WHAT WHERE have u been Right here but heck I am new to BDSM 2560AD Earthlings are engaged in interplanetary travel The protractor Lara Simmons is one of their doctors serving on planet Jezel as part of an interplanetary style Red Cross and is one of the best in her field The Jezelian rebels desperately needed Lara for her medical [...]

    21. Lara takes her job as a doctor very seriously and when Blade tells her he needs her help,she can t say no During the time she is with him,she finds she can t say no to him,period But Blade s past stands in their way well as the war that s taking place As he fights for freedom,can she win the fight for his heart

    22. This review was originally posted on Delighted ReaderSometimes you need a change from your normal stories and go out on a limb That is what happened with the Hand of Vengeance Sci fi, old fashioned planet of men and women subjugated to slavery I wanted to see the rebels prevail, a doctor fall in love and a new world created Well, it all happened, but somethings were a little over the top.Dr Lara Simmons is a humanitarian doctor offering medical services to survivors of earthquakes on war torn Je [...]

    23. The Hand of Vengeance has many good things to recommend it A smart heroine A strong hero A futuristic setting on a far away planet And a very good plot involving an evil oppressor and the uprising of the oppressed people Top this off with a tense yet romantic situation with the heroine and hero and you have a nice little erotic sci fi romance.Blade Vengeance is the man that escaped slavery, taking many of his people with him He single handedly started the revolution that the Jeselians are now es [...]

    24. The Hand of Vengeance began with Dr Lara Simmons being taken by the group of rebels lead by Blade Vengeance Without knowing what Lara was kidnapped for, Lara did everything she could think of in escaping Blade has only one mission which is to bring Dr Lara Simmons to perform an emergency surgery which would save the rightful exiled President s life and restored her to power Lara refused to obey his rules which are to keep her safe The only thing that Blade could do was to discipline her by spank [...]

    25. I got this book from net gallery for an honest review.I ve read and enjoyed several books by Renee Rose and this one didn t disappoint either Lara is a surgical doctor, and at present she s working off world as a Samaritan The rebels are firing outside the clinic and her nightmare comes true when she finds the Rebels have come for her The Rebel s name is Blade and he s incredibly scary yet Lara can t help but gawk at body and muscles Blade admires the little doctors defiance and finds it incredi [...]

    26. The hand of vengeance follows a Doctor and a rebel soldier, trying to fight their connection, unsuccessfully.This is a very steamy book, it involves lots of spanking, so if you are sensitive to this kind of thing, I really wouldn t recommend it However, I absolutely loved it The way the book is wrote is very good, the story line is amazingly different to what I normally read.Lara is a human DR, who falls for Blade the rebel soldier, who is very masculine, there is no denying their attraction the [...]

    27. Sadist, BDSM with an alienIf you like erotica, BDSM sadism this is the book for you Even though I like BDSM, I don t care much for sadism The alien abduction was fun and exciting The story was good and I liked the characters I could have done without so much spanking Not my cup of tea but worth reading.

    28. ExcellentGood story line and very well written Story captures you from the beginning and keeps you enthralled Me Rose is a excellent author and I enjoy her books.

    29. When I attended a legal conference this week one of the lawyers asked what book I was reading now as she always reads the reviews I put on Linkedin So I explained that I was writing them for the NedGalley site but that I was now reading one that had so much sex scenes in it I would not dare to put that one up on my Linkedinprofile She smiled widely and said O but there is nothing wrong with reading a book like that once and awhile because they can be fun And I have to say this book is a fun read [...]

    30. Dr Lara Simmons is hard at work on a humanitarian mission on a war torn planet when she is kidnapped by rebels If that was not enough the ship that she gets taken hostage in is blown out of the sky and she has to rely on her hot and sexy kidnapper to keep her safe Blade Vengeance will do anything to keep his leader safe even if it means he must find and kidnap Lara to do it But what s a guy to do when the woman he kidnaps somehow steals his heart Read and find out I received this book as an ARC [...]

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