How I Discovered Poetry

How I Discovered Poetry

Marilyn Nelson / Apr 06, 2020
How I Discovered Poetry A powerful and thought provoking Civil Rights era memoir from one of America s most celebrated poets Looking back on her childhood in the s Newbery Honor winner and National Book Award finalist M
  • Title: How I Discovered Poetry
  • Author: Marilyn Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780147510051
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • A powerful and thought provoking Civil Rights era memoir from one of America s most celebrated poets Looking back on her childhood in the 1950s, Newbery Honor winner and National Book Award finalist Marilyn Nelson tells the story of her development as an artist and young woman through fifty eye opening poems Readers are given an intimate portrait of her growing self awarA powerful and thought provoking Civil Rights era memoir from one of America s most celebrated poets Looking back on her childhood in the 1950s, Newbery Honor winner and National Book Award finalist Marilyn Nelson tells the story of her development as an artist and young woman through fifty eye opening poems Readers are given an intimate portrait of her growing self awareness and artistic inspiration along with a larger view of the world around her racial tensions, the Cold War era, and the first stirrings of the feminist movement A first person account of African American history, this is a book to study, discuss, and treasure.
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        Marilyn Nelson is the author of many acclaimed books for young people and adults, including CARVER A LIFE IN POEMS, a Newbery Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Honor Book, and A WREATH FOR EMMETT TILL, a Printz Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Honor Book She also translated THE LADDER, a picture book by Halfdan Rasmussen She lives in East Haddam, Connecticut.For information, please see answers topic marilyn


    1. When I read that Marilyn Nelson had a new book coming out called How I Discovered Poetry, I said to myself hurray I was thinking she might deliver a prose narrative that uncovered the background magic of why her poems touch me so I had high expectations but when I saw the little volume with its sparse, undramatic illustrations by Hadley Hooper and realized the book consisted of 50 unrhymed sonnets, the sides of my mouth did sag a little bit Marilyn That s not what I wanted from you I may as well [...]

    2. A memoir covering ages 4 14 in the form of 50 non rhyming sonnets by Nelson, who has been three times nominated for the National Book Award I think it reads for younger readers in places, as Nelson has written many books for children, so I think of this as an ideal YA text for a poetry unit, or one about African American history, or as a supplement to any text about growing up To Kill a Mockingbird focuses on white people s experience of civil rights mid century, but it tells little about the A [...]

    3. This book is really good Its about this girl and her family always on the road because her father is in the army I highly recommend this book to people who like poetry or who just need a good book to read.

    4. Stunning autobiographical series of 50 unrhymed sonnets by Marilyn Nelson that tell the story of her 1950s childhood as the daughter of African American military officer Each poem provides a snapshot of her life some are funny, some are poignant all show a moment of insight or growth I read it in one sitting and then promptly started to read it over again Because Nelson was a military brat, this slim volume is literally set all over the country, and as such it is really a remarkably American sto [...]

    5. I liked reading this book, a kind of memoir through poetry of the author s young life ages 4 14 , in which we see her start school, move around with her military family, and explore her fascination with words as she begins to see that she may become a poet Some poems are heart wrenching 75 Bitter Apple, 93 The Baby Picture Guessing Game, 95 Safe Path Through Quicksand, and 97 How I Discovered Poetry.A favorite 73 Africans Sacramento, California, 1959 Mama brings Africans home from grad school,li [...]

    6. I was expecting a larger time period to be cobered, but this was still a cool way to get insight about a poet s life The illustrations added well to the poems as well.

    7. I loved these poems Marilyn paints a picture of a young girls life growing up negro and military in the 50 60s Her poems are thought provoking, nastalgic and funny So happy to have discovered Marilyn Can t wait to read of her work

    8. Review Copy purchasedReading How I Discovered Poetry is like looking through a photo album with a loved one while they share memories Here a laugh, there a tear, sometimes even an admission of mischievousness Marilyn Nelson has crafted fifty sonnets that begin with the simplicity of a pre schooler and progress to the complexity of the early teen years Each sonnet is a snapshot of family life, but many also give glimpses of the cultural changes that were occurring in the wider world.What I loved [...]

    9. How I Discovered Poetry is a book written by the African American Marilyn Nelson in the 50 s in America She wrote these poems about how her life was at that time What made this book a truly inspirational book to me was because it is written by someone that seemed to have a true passion for what she was writing about The poems are taking place in the nine different locations However none of the poems in this book rhyme I imagine many of them as short stories, in poetry form Even though they are [...]

    10. HOW I DISCOVERED POETRY by Marilyn Nelson is a series of unrhymed sonnets based on her life and what was going on around her during the 1950s It spans a decade, beginning with the innocent voice of a 4 year old and ending as a 13 year old who is still a child, but beginning to understand the world and her place in it as her father and family relocate numerous times to Air Force bases around the country I was born on an AFB in Rome, NY, and my brothers were born on one in Fort Worth, TX Maybe tha [...]

    11. This book of fifty poems about the author s childhood in the fifties took me back to my own childhood in the same decade, even in some of the same places Denver, Colorado where my father worked at Lowry Air Force Base mentioned in one of her poems.Although I was never subjected to racial slurs and slights as the author was even by some of her teachers, I do remember some of the slights by my teachers to this day Why do those stick with us Of course, I remember the wonderful and encouraging teach [...]

    12. This collection of 50 unrhymed sonnets reveals the life of author Marilyn Nelson, a young African American girl growing up in the 1950s The poems trace her development from the age of four to fourteen, her growing self awareness, and her experience of a world in tension The Cold War, the Red Scare, the civil rights movement and women s liberation all provide context for her poems Nelson explains that, each of the poems is built around a hole or gap in the Speaker s understanding Readers will not [...]

    13. Two books.Each about an African American girl growing up in the U.S.Each written in verse.Each by a Newbery Honor award winning author.Each published by an imprint of Penguin Group Each with an author whose name is incredibly similar to the other.Which one is somehow missing the titles of the author s previous work, while the other one has all the author s books listed on the front sales page along with major reviews on the back cover Which one looks like its dreaming of winning all the awards o [...]

    14. I expected this book to be about how poet Marilyn Nelson discovered poetry as a child However, it was about her childhood growing up in the 50s in a military family, and about the political events civil rights, Emmett Till, riots, women s lib happening then I really enjoyed reading about this time period, when I myself was born I was especially interested in what school was like then, and what she read from the library She had a hard time understanding racism, reading because she liked to read [...]

    15. It s incredible how much of a story Nelson can tell with poetry, and how clear a picture a poem can paint certainly when Nelson is the poet I am not a huge fan of poetry, but am in awe of all of the books that I ve read by this author I couldn t put this one down, as has been true every time I ve read a book of hers The fact that I now know Nelson s younger sister makes this all the mesmerizing for me, but I was mesmerized by Marilyn Nelson s writing long before I met Jennifer only a couple of [...]

    16. I finally read my first book of the summer 2016 This also happens to be the first poetry book I ve ever read It was a unique experience, but I enjoyed it a lot I found myself covering the pages in annotations.Nelson s poems are straightforward and easy to read, yet they made me think a lot afterward I appreciate how she weaves together a complex picture of 1950 s America coupled with undercurrents of racism, the Red Scare, the civil rights movement, and the cold war The poems feet very much root [...]

    17. Semi autobiographical poems set in the 1950s Using a narrator very similar to herself, Nelson takes readers from coast to coast with a military family and addresses Civil Rights issues such as segregation and reveals the influences that led up to Nelson s writing career.An author s note explains Nelson s approach to the collection of poetry found here and mixed media artwork supports the tone of the memoir.Recommended for grades 9 and up, especially as part of a class unit on Civil Rights in his [...]

    18. I can t seem to reconcile the book s title with it s content It is poetry yes, but it doesn t really tell us much about why she enjoys it so Marilyn gives us little glimpses into her life growing up in the 50 s and 60 s but if you didn t grow up in that era the references are so vague that it will likely not make sense to you.

    19. Both a snapshot of a person s life and an unforgettable time period in American history, How I Discovered Poetry is also tribute to the power of words arranged in lines and stanzas and couplets More at Reading Rants readingrants 2014 04 1

    20. How I Discovered Poetry is a strong memoir about the life of Marilyn Nelson in this story she talks about how she had to deal with Jim Crow laws and civil rights I believe that as she grow up she began to gain a deeper understanding of what s going on around her which sparked her beginning into poetry.

    21. Lovely unrhymed sonnets from Marilyn Nelson, telling the story of her childhood growing up in a military family in the 1950s Touches on family relationships, race, and civil rights One downside is the brevity just 50 poems in these 100 or so pages This would probably work best in a guided reading as some historical elements might need to be explained to younger readers.

    22. Fifty sonnets cover a decade of the author s life, from age 4 to 14, as she relocates repeatedly due to her officer father s military assignments Significant Civil Rights events occur and are processed by the young Speaker Unique and evocative.

    23. Wonderful evocative poetry that put me completely in the Speaker s shoes Excellent range of topics and emotions and had me writing down lines to keep and remember LOVED this

    24. Marilyn Nelson explores her childhood over a ten year period in verse, beginning in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1950, with the opening line of Once upon a time and the change that occurs when her father is placed in active duty in the military As she explores her growing from a five year old to a 15 year old, she uses the era s civil rights movement to explain what she experienced.What I learned I am not much younger than Nelson, and I grew up in an isolated section of Appalachia I never remembered goin [...]

    25. This is a memoir in poems, encompassing 10 years of Nelson s life from 1950 1960 There are a few poems for each year, but what is significant and touching is that it encompasses not only her personal life ages 4 to 14 , but also national events She was the daughter of one of the first African American career officers in the Air Force and within the 10 year span lived at least 5 different places There is a lot of material here for reflection Often her family was the first Negro in a variety of se [...]

    26. Nelson, Marilyn How I Discovered Poetry Illustrated by Hadley Hooper Dial Books, 2014 17.99 99 pgs Content GMarilyn Nelson has woven the story of growing up in America during the time of segregation in a series of autobiographical poems There are also many black and white photographs of Nelson and her family to accompany the story the poems tell Each poem can stand alone, but together the story they weave is tearful, powerful, thought provoking, and wonderful This book is a great addition to jus [...]

    27. I read this totally awesome novel in verse for July Twitter chat yearofya to be held Tuesday 7 25 8PM, please join us Marilyn Nelson s thin novel of unrhymed sonnets covers her life from baby to 14 years old during the 1950s but this book should be read by all, young and old alike for all the history, knowledge of army life, family, racism and personal history of Marilyn Nelson it imparts What a read, her images conjured, her thoughts, her feelings and her life should be read by all

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