The Harp and the Ravenvine

The Harp and the Ravenvine

TedSanders / Jul 05, 2020
The Harp and the Ravenvine IN THE WORLD OF THE KEEPERS IT S BEST NOT TO SPEAK IN TERMS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE Horace F Andrews Keeper of the fabled Box of Promises knows that nothing is impossible After all he has the ability to
  • Title: The Harp and the Ravenvine
  • Author: TedSanders
  • ISBN: 9780062275851
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • IN THE WORLD OF THE KEEPERS, IT S BEST NOT TO SPEAK IN TERMS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE.Horace F Andrews, Keeper of the fabled Box of Promises, knows that nothing is impossible After all, he has the ability to see into the future, and his friend Chloe can walk through walls But before either of them can master their Tan ji their talismans of power a new threat looms over all KIN THE WORLD OF THE KEEPERS, IT S BEST NOT TO SPEAK IN TERMS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE.Horace F Andrews, Keeper of the fabled Box of Promises, knows that nothing is impossible After all, he has the ability to see into the future, and his friend Chloe can walk through walls But before either of them can master their Tan ji their talismans of power a new threat looms over all Keepers, and they must prepare to battle their eternal enemies the Riven.Far away, drawn by an irresistible summons, a mysterious girl is making her way to the Warren, the Keeper stronghold She wears the Ravenvine and is learning to wield its fascinating power but this Tan ji is damaged There s no telling what will happen to the instrument or its Keeper if it cannot be made whole again April s journey is long and dangerous, with strange new companions at her side and a pack of sinister hunters tracking her Will she reach the Warren in time, and is it a safe haven, or will it offer only danger Ted Sanders s magical series began with The Box and the Dragonfly and continues with this powerful sequel that expands the extraordinary world of the Keepers, where nothing is ever ordinary and three words rule Curiosity Discovery Possibility.
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        Ted Sanders is the author of The Box and the Dragonfly, the first book in the new middle grade series The Keepers, coming in 2015 from HarperCollins Children s His first book, the short story collection No Animals We Could Name Graywolf 2012 , was the winner of the 2011 Bakeless Prize for Fiction His stories and essays have appeared in publications The Southern Review, Cincinnati Review, Georgia Review, and the O Henry Prize Stories anthology A recipient of a 2012 National Endowment for the Arts literature fellowship, he lives with his family in Urbana, Illinois, and teaches at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.


    1. I broke my fast reading record with this one 650 pages in 2 1 2 flippin hours It was hard not to read so fast though this book is about 10x better than the first one.

    2. A fantastic follow up to a near perfect book so good, in fact, that I loved it than the first how is that even possible In THE HARP AND THE RAVENVINE, we follow dangerous adventures of Keepers Horace and Chloe, and we meet a new Keeper, April, whose Tan ji holds a most spectacular power, even as it draws danger closer to the Warren and the rest of the Keepers Sanders uses brilliant pacing and some of the strongest character building and most delightfully terrible villains I ve met in a novel t [...]

    3. The Harp and the Ravenvine is a worthy sequel to the first book of the Keepers series, the Box and the Dragonfly It has a familiar sound to it, that reminds you of the previous book, but also contains some unfamiliar elements and new characters, such as April and Isabel, and expands upon lightly introduced characters like Brian These new characters not only add to the story and contribute to the plot in a new and great way, but they also expand the world They add a whole new depth to this story [...]

    4. I don t know why, but even though this novel is written for a younger audience, the complexities within the action scenes are so damn good Sanders somehow manages to portray these complex moments involving time and substance in simple language, perfect for younger readers I know it sounds a little weird that I m this into a book meant for middle graders, but it s a series that has a very creative idea behind ittely would recommend it

    5. Both and less than I expected from the sequel to The Box and the Dragonfly.The Harp and the Ravenvine begins with an introduction to a new character and from this new character s point of view This was a bit off putting for me I know and adore Horace and Chloe After the astonishing ending of the second book I wanted to check in on them Not meet some new character that I don t really know or care about.And sadly, April never really does grow on me She has her own distinct personality She s nothi [...]

    6. A pretty fabulous read with interesting characters and a great plot It feels like there is so much depth in this world of Keepers and their objects that give them special powers The villains are scary bad things happen to good people and there are lots of secrets coming out all the time Can t wait for book 3

    7. Don t let the size scare you this book is absolutely incredible This book is so complex that you ll never be able to guess what happens next I love how Ted Sanders is able to make a fantasy series feel almost like science fiction I have never found any author who is able to do that.

    8. Loved this follow up, characters to like and just enough mystery to keep it interesting, endless ways these stories could go, looking forward to the next one for sure

    9. Ted takes his inspiration from The Empire Strikes Back, writing a thrilling successor that tops the original and leaves the reader eagerly awaiting the next installment He also takes a cue from one of his favorites, Tolkien s otherworldly Silmarilion, and weaves and of a fully executed mythology into his narrative I would not be surprised to know that he has a universe mapped out, just so that he can be as internally consistent in his storytelling as he can I really loved this book and want ev [...]

    10. Such an inventive story There is so much happening, you just have to keep reading, and just want to read Fabulous.

    11. The series The Keeper, by Ted Sanders is one of my favorite series even though it has only two books A good thing is that each book is about six hundred pages I still can t wait to see if there is going to be a third book of not My favorite book in this series is the second book called The Keepers, The Harp and the Ravenvine This book is a fantasy, adventure book, which means it has a lot of adventure and crazy not real stuff also This story is about the Warren trying to hold back the Riven The [...]

    12. ARC provided by Young Adult Books CentralWhile Horace and Chloe are refining their own powers in regard to their Tanu, we meet April, who has found an odd piece of jewelry that seems to give her the power to understand animals The piece seems broken, and when Isabel shows up claiming that April needs to find the other part of it, April doesn t blink before packing up and agreeing to travel to Chicago with her, especially since she has a run in with one of the Riven Horace finds out about his mo [...]

    13. Book 2 is just as amazing as book 1, and book 1 is really, really amazing Can t sing enough praises for this author Great character depth, no main character is paper thin Exciting and thrilling moments that lets up just enough to build the world and tug at your heartstrings sometimes 2nd book added color, upped the stakes and deepened the characters I am excited to see what happens next.Recommendation Worth making time for, worth saving for.

    14. I really enjoyed the book and am excited to see where this series is going to go especially with the hints of dissonance in the Keeper s history Ted Sanders likes to keep his readers on their toes The Harp and the Ravenvine began like most middle series fantasy novels with a bit of first book reminiscing and an epic ton of dense, albeit interesting, world building The first 3rd of the novel trots along introducing new characters and developing old ones as well as weaving in new details about Tan [...]

    15. Synopsis In a world where magic is possible, there are people called Keepers that use Tan ji magic channeling tools but end up mentally bonding with their Tan ji, making them inseparable Add in the humanoid Riven, which are formally of the species that were thought to be the only ones who could bond with the Tan ji, who now want all of the Tan ji to themselves at any cost When a new Tan ji using human realizes her power, she knows that she is missing a piece of her Tan ji But reuniting the piece [...]

    16. There is absolutely no let down as the adventures continue and we learn about the Wardens, their roles, tools, and mission The author creates a sense of urgency for the reader not only with shifting scenes, but also in how he presents time He immediately introduces new characters, before letting us catch up with Horace and Chloe In Book 1, Horace is the main character, as we mostly see the world from his point of view In The Harp and the Ravenvine, he is shifting to be a central character Chloe [...]

    17. This second book in The Keepers series alternates points of view between Horace Chloe, who are still recovering from their adventures in the first book, and April, who is a brand new Keeper of a damaged Tan ji As she explores her instrument and the powers it does still have, she is quietly drawing the Riven towards her Help comes in the form of a woman named Isabel, who promises to help April find the missing piece But is it help As April and Isabel make their way towards the piece, Chloe, Horac [...]

    18. Ted Sanders The Harp and the Ravenvine is another brilliant and completely original fantasy novel that expands in all the natural ways possible upon the first in his new series In a world of sequels and remakes, where ideas are hard to come by, his story is refreshing and greatly appreciated Not to mention, its complexity doesn t insult our intelligence Its plot is well thought out The new characters add so much to the story, the old ones are further developed, and the antagonists are amazing Th [...]

    19. this book is better than book 1 At least the pace is fasteri like the way things unfold with some explaination in between i don t have to wait till end of the story to know all the mysteries however , i was confused by introduction of new instruments kind of hard to keep track of what is what and what will counter the power of the other a Tuner seems to be powerful but also an enigma.Dislike the sort of cliffhanger ending.

    20. Really 4.5 stars The second book in this series but the first I have read and it was easy enough to jump into as new characters are also being introduced to the world This is a really promising series I m looking forward to seeing how it goes It would be a great one for kids who have finished Harry Potter All the protagonists are between about 9 and 14 The world is complex with a detailed background and the promise of complexity to come.

    21. This is a totally fun read The action never stopped I love when second books are better than the first and this is a shining example Congrats, Ted

    22. Just as good as the first book There s a lot going on in this story and I am looking forward to many books in the series Recommended for fans of Harry Potter, with a bit of a science fiction bend.

    23. I read it in a day and a half, so there s that Even better than the first book which was very good Great, complex characters and so many wonderful female characters Everyone, including the antagonists are not just one dimensional Dying to know what happens

    24. Quite liked this adventure the Keepers of special talisman and the Ridden who try to steel the power back from the Keepers, although not sure why this is important yet children should like tha action.

    25. An enjoyable sequel and challenges than the previous one I can t wait to read of this series and hoping it won t end as trilogy because I ll miss Horace and Chloe Badly.

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