Mortal Showdown

Mortal Showdown

Nik Krasno / Jun 01, 2020
Mortal Showdown Mikhail s worth billions but his brother s kidnappers are not after the money They need him Making things even worse among his numerous adversaries is one of Russia s most influential strongmen To ha
  • Title: Mortal Showdown
  • Author: Nik Krasno
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mikhail s worth billions, but his brother s kidnappers are not after the money They need him Making things even worse among his numerous adversaries is one of Russia s most influential strongmen To have the slightest chance in a face off with his prime nemesis, Mikhail needs to attack head on, undertaking the greatest risk of his entire life Unfortunately, the dangerMikhail s worth billions, but his brother s kidnappers are not after the money They need him Making things even worse among his numerous adversaries is one of Russia s most influential strongmen To have the slightest chance in a face off with his prime nemesis, Mikhail needs to attack head on, undertaking the greatest risk of his entire life Unfortunately, the dangerous mission goes wrong from the very beginning.Does he stand a chance when in order to survive he needs to prevail
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        Nik Krasno is one of those writers who never thought he would end up authoring a book He just knew that he had a story that apparently waited for the right moment to break out.For many years Nik had been involved in law and business in few Eastern European countries, on weekends returning to Israel.Witnessing the meteoric rise of a small number of individuals from modest citizens to mighty billionaires, Nik felt compelled to expose to the world the unique phenomenon taking place in this less familiar part of the globe In the fictional plot of his Oligarch series he combines real and imaginary events with some lawyers folklore and known corruption and criminal schemes customary for Ukraine and other former USSR republics The author also shares some insight into the glorious and simultaneously tragic events of 2013 uprising in Ukraine resulting in ousting of the president, ensuing Russian aggression in Crimea and tensions and war in the Eastern regions of Ukraine The imaginary characters are designed to reflect real behavior and mentality and provide decent entertainment for the readers.Remember movies based on Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg s biographies describing their path to wealth and glory Although they were truly amazing, Nik thinks the rise of their Eastern billionaire peers is just a little thrilling and unorthodox.The global arena becomes too small to share peacefully for global corporations and ambitious tycoons What happens when they start fighting for supremacy Nik offers his variant in his latest book BE FIRST OR BE DEAD.


    1. this was really good with all the tension going on between Russia ans Ukraine i felt that the author showed us most of what s happening in today s war in this book and even though i think it s a follow sequel the writing was well doneyou KGB and all international infighting in this book which we never see much, the action was good, highly recommend

    2. He awoke from a bullet induced coma to find his world in chaos and his life still up for grabs from the sharpest shooter Mikhail s fall from grace and financial power is like a freefall from the top of the Empire State Building and now is his time to play catch up and to plan his retaliation, one brutal step at a time In his world, Mikhail is used to powerful enemies, but nothing prepared him to have to take down a powerful Russian strongman with little to no backing The life s breath of his bel [...]

    3. This book was fun to read and had a faster pace than most stories, which kept every situation fresh and exciting I particularly liked how the author was able to maintain character development throughout the quick pace of the storyline, making the book feel complete and making the plot strong The story itself was also very interesting and had plenty of twists, making every page suspenseful at times The author tied each character and situation together smoothly which delivered an excellent conclus [...]

    4. Mr Krasno knows how to write macho antiheroes in over the top thrillers, which would be quite well paced as well if only his antihero didn t suddenly slam on the brakes for one of his all too frequent and therefore distracting sexual escapades or an economic philosophical rant to rival Hamlet s soliloquy.Knowing that the author was a 17 year old Ukranian who saw the former Soviet empire crumble around him and an Israeli educated lawyer who worked on business projects in the Ukraine and other cou [...]

    5. This book is what I would call an entertainment and it has to be considered in that light The main character, Misha, is a hedonistic philandering Ukrainian oligarch worth many many billions For some unspecified reason he has generated serious enmity from Koroblyov, a Russian who has an unspecified but very senior position within Russia, and he can wield all sorts of power Early on, he arranges for Sasha, Misha s brother, to be kidnapped in broad daylight, his bodyguards neutralized and Sasha tak [...]

    6. Mortal Showdown follows the continuing story of Ukrainian politician and businessman Mikhail Leonidovich Vorotavich, newly awakened from a bullet induced coma and rapidly becoming aware that a Russian backed sniper was only the start of his problems With his brother in Russian hands as a hostage for his cooperation, his lines of information inextricably tangled by a month of his being out of touch, and his security force stretched thin, Mikhail is facing a series of unpleasant choices, any or al [...]

    7. The story is about Misha, an Ukranian who once had great political power, becomes the most wanted and is trying to escape from the mutiple attack orchestrated by the Puppet Master This book mentioned a lot of places, political name, and sometimes I was confused and even lost I don t have a background in historical events about URSS or the places involved in those events, so sometimes I didn t really get the big picture This novel is an action packed, no doubt about it But confusing feeling while [...]

    8. This book picks up right where the first one leaves off What follows is fast paced action with a setting of the table for the 3rd novel.The style shifts from alternating present flashback to only present This was expected, however I found myself missing the breaks and background that the flashbacks provided There was also a marked shift from multiple POVs in the first book to only Misha s in this one I think it would ve been helpful to get other perspectives as a way of understanding the depth o [...]

    9. I received digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I ve read this book a couple of months ago but haven t written a review till now Before this book I ve read Nesbo s Bat and told to myself that I need to read something lighter after that book So logically I picked this book up Especially when you re living in Croatia you can relate to story about politics, corruption and greed Mortal Showdown follows a story about Mikhail Leonidovich Vorotavich Ukrainian polit [...]

    10. Thoroughly Entertaining Nik Krasno really has written a great Action Thriller, which not only has a great story line, but also has some history for that part of the world incorporated into it For me this always makes a book much interesting Being a billionaire would sound like such a dream for many, but for Misha it s becoming quite a headache There are those in the Soviet Union that want him dead, and they certainly been trying to do just that Somehow he survived them blowing up his building H [...]

    11. The Puppet Master had a hit out on Mikhail Leonidovich Vorotavich Misha, Michael, Ukrainian oligarch, former professor, Kiev University, KGB.The bombing at his Moscow headquarters had destroyed the building, 5 staff were dead 17 injured.Boris Mikhail s friend associate , David Mikhail s friend associate were putting leads together Alexander Vorotavich Mikhail s brother, Sasha had been kidnapped was being held hostage in a secret undisclosed location in Moscow Mikhail had notified Arthur chief of [...]

    12. Mortal Showdown continues the story of Misha Vorotavich, self made Ukrainian billionaire and aspiring politician The action begins just after Misha has woken up from the bullet induced coma he spent most of the previous book in, and we follow Misha as he attempts to pull his financial empire back together, get his revenge on those who ve attacked him, and deal with Ukraine s implosion following the Maidan protests and resulting civil war.This book has a lot going for it, especially for aficionad [...]

    13. The first sentence in the synopsis for this book sums everything up perfectly Mortal Showdown is an action packed thriller sending the reader on a kaleidoscopic race through violence, sex, scamming and anti scamming, political upheaval and murder So then, what s a U.S.A girl like me doing in a place like this Short answer It s an action packed thriller sending the reader on a kaleidoscopic race I enjoy thrillers and Russian history, and Mortal Showdown delivers Ukrainian author Nik Krasno is a t [...]

    14. Mortal Showdown is a thriller that has no filter Throughout the novel, the reader is presented with violence, sex, murder, etc but Nik Krasno does so in such an elegant way that the reader can t turn away Usually it takes me a while to get into thrillers, but from the first page I could see how talented Krasno is He has a way of being crass in a way that isn t demeaning and doesn t cross a line Even though there were derogatory comments made towards women and other characters in the novel, it wa [...]

    15. Have not read the first book so was worried I would be lost, this was not the case There is a prologue that fills in any blanks for new readers of the series While this is the second book in a series, it worked well for me as a stand alone book as well The books gets off to a quick start, after a quick catch up prologue and the action never lets up after the point This is a great thriller, following Misha, a businessman and politician I ve always loved books that feature flawed characters, and M [...]

    16. Nik Krasno s novel, Mortal Showdown, is a thriller of international proportions Our main protagonist, Misha, has awoken from a coma as a result of an attempted assassination and is thrown into an adventure full of political upheaval and a fight for power Krasno does not waste any time getting into the meat of the story and has created a fast paced thriller A bit jumpy at times, the story redeems itself with the fantastical James Bond esque action sequences The characters are well developed and e [...]

    17. Rating 3.5This is an out and out boy s book As the blurb says, it s an action packed thriller explaining the Geopolitical insights of Ukrainian Civics in a fictitious background The storyline is strong, with a chance of evoking a political storm The first and foremost thing that struck my mind is the disclaimer in the beginning, for the under aged The book is well edited The language is crisp and tight For the lovers of the underworld drama with violence, sex, scams, politics, and murder, this i [...]

    18. Our favorite anti hero, Misha, is out to even the score with his enemies But first he has to find them.Following his trials and tribulations, I m beginning to like the crooked beggar The tension rarely lets up, but in this book I see a softer side of Misha He s becoming, almost, likable and I found myself rooting for him.He s still a greedy egomaniac, but I m beginning to care that he succeeds.For those who want stories where all the threads are tied up at the end, this story should satisfy, but [...]

    19. A tactile and very much unromantic Eastern European political thriller, where espionage, revolution and even war is merely an ideological smokescreen behind which competing oligarchal dynasties vie for supremacy There is no glory in this universe and within this book there isn t even an anti hero, thank goodness, so praise be to Krasno for breaking this particularly irritating mould in current literature in itself Be warned the potency of what is on offer is not to be underestimated.

    20. A will written thriller that has an protagonist who is an anti hero Shows how love of country can overcome evil.

    21. Who is the readership for this book What is the target audience for this piece of juvenile fantasy If a reader is from Russia, the former USSR, or Russia, maybe the evocation of familiar place names and historical events will trigger a trip down some nostalgic lane For a reader without such a background but nevertheless spurred by current news events to understand some of the vitriol displayed on news channels this book is useless.When I first began teaching English, a common activity was to hav [...]

    22. This book continues the story of Mikhail Voratavich who we first met in Rise of an Oligarch, The Way It Is Book One I loved that book and in my review I gave it five stars and a hearty recommendation.This sequel has all the elements of that first book scheming, manipulation, sex and violence all set against recent events in Ukraine In its own right this is not a bad book but for me it fails to match the high standards of the first book because the story lacks authenticity and the writing quality [...]

    23. Review fromread that alsoSet in Ukraine, this James bond meets Godfather kind of novel tells the tale of Mikhail Vorotavich , and contains politics and sex and espionage and violence and all what is required of an out and out thriller Krasno puts focus on unraveling the plot and let his characters set the atmosphere through their actions rather than go into tedious descriptions This has made entire book crisp and give it a to the point feel Book also is a testimony to the volatile relation betw [...]

    24. Mortal Showdown by Nic Krasno I have to say this book was action filled but I honestly had no clue what it was talking about I think this book will only be popular around Russia where the people there might know what the heck was going on As it was if this book was based around the US and been in terms that I could have understood better I would have absolutely loved it, not get me wrong what I did understand I really liked but I had no clue about the lingo or places it was talking about All in [...]

    25. To be honest, I wasn t too keen on reading this book when I first saw the cover Or when I read the synopsis It was a free review copy so I gave it a try in the end This is not an overly political espionage type of story as I initially suspected although it obviously revolves around communism I think the writer intentionally added money and sex into the mix to make it exciting for the most part, it worked The writing was smooth and the story engaging And the book comes with warning contains prof [...]

    26. I was not interested in this book It lost me in the beginning and I was not able to finish it I was very disappointed in this book I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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