Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living

Jes Baker / Feb 22, 2020
Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls A Handbook for Unapologetic Living THIS IS JES BAKER S BODY LOVE PARTY AND YOU RE INVITED Among the many Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls that you don t want to miss It s Possible to Love Your Body Today Now You Can Train Your Br
  • Title: Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living
  • Author: Jes Baker
  • ISBN: 9781580055826
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • THIS IS JES BAKER S BODY LOVE PARTY, AND YOU RE INVITED Among the many Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls that you don t want to miss 1 It s Possible to Love Your Body Today Now 2 You Can Train Your Brain to Play Nice3 Your Weight Is Not a Reflection Of Your Worth4 Changing Your Tumblr Feed Will Change Your Life5 Salad Will Not Get You to Heaven6 Cheesecake Will NTHIS IS JES BAKER S BODY LOVE PARTY, AND YOU RE INVITED Among the many Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls that you don t want to miss 1 It s Possible to Love Your Body Today Now 2 You Can Train Your Brain to Play Nice3 Your Weight Is Not a Reflection Of Your Worth4 Changing Your Tumblr Feed Will Change Your Life5 Salad Will Not Get You to Heaven6 Cheesecake Will Not Send You to HellWith her trademark wit, honesty, and rallying spirit, veteran blogger and advocate Jes Baker makes the case for embracing a body positive worldview, changing perceptions about weight, and making mental wellness a priority Alongside notable guest essayists, Baker calls on all people to reject fat prejudice, fight body shaming at the hands of marketing and media, and join the life changing movement with one step change the world by loving your body If you re a person with a body, this book is for you.
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    1. Empowering and honest look at size culture and body love I enjoyed and felt motivated by Jess perspective and appreciate the research and analysis she brought to the table She made some excellent points and covered a vast number of topics from what we expected to beyond including mental health, education of children, and gender identification Thoroughly enjoyable and she did great with the narration

    2. I received an early review copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I say early because after I downloaded it I saw the author posting about making another round of edits to it I have followed Jes Baker ever since she was just a blogger over on the Militant Baker Back then I think she blogged about baking sometimes, but I soon discovered that she was discovering a different sort of voice I continue to follow her these days on her Instagram account, where she continu [...]

    3. I wish I had this book 10 years ago and I want to hand it to anyone who is having or has had issues with body image, particularly fat girls The essays in this book that particularly struck home for me were the essay about fat girls finding love yes It happens All the time and about plus size fashion 10 years ago, I truly believed that I wasn t worthy of romantic love because of the size of my body And my path to body acceptance began a number of years ago when I first discovered that some compan [...]

    4. Why did I read this book Because I wanted to challenge my opinions, to see things from a different perspective, who knows, maybe I ll change my mind about obesity Fortunately, this did not happen The writer is so full of herself, thinking like she s some kind of a super hero coming to save us from fatphobia and healthism Then she goes on to compare obesity to race, disability and sexual gender identity, which is offensive to anyone who falls under these categories You can t control those things, [...]

    5. At first, I thought this book was just ok, and I felt like it was a good intro to body positivity, but I m so far beyond that But as I kept going, I started to love it I had it on audiobook, read by the author, and it was wonderful to have Jes in my ear telling me You re perfect just the way you are and listing all the things I deserve in life I started getting really into it during the chapter about doctors and how you have the right to change doctors if you don t like the way they treat you I [...]

    6. The book is fine, and great if you re new to the body positivity movement I m just sad that it s 25 years since Unbearable Weight Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body and we re still having to say the same things over and over again.

    7. I think I m just not the fat girl Jes is writing for Although shelved in the adult non fiction at my library, I think this appropriately belongs in our teen section Most of the advice is advice that I probably could have used in high school, maybe college But as an adult, it was all old news Some of it was interesting like health becoming our latest beauty trend For me, the majority of the book read like a conspiracy theory As an adult, I have rarely experienced discrimination because of my si [...]

    8. This should be required reading for EVERYONE Men Women Fat Thin Whatever EVERYONE Reading this book cracked my brain open and let a whole bunch of enlightenment pour in I am going to buy it immediately and keep it somewhere that I can easily access it whenever I need a shot of real talk Honestly, I don t think any other book has created such a radical shift in my thinking I actually felt it happen I hope you do too.

    9. I received a copy of this through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is one of the most fantastic books I have ever read, and it is so incredibly important that every single human being picks this up and LEARNS Because yes, you will learn somethings You will learn about diet culture, fitness culture, and how they are ruining the universe And if you re anything like me, you ll learn a little something about yourself along the way.This witty book is filled with so much love You litera [...]

    10. What an accessible, fun, easy to read overview of body positivity, media, and self love A definite to read for anyone who is interested in these topics, even if you re already familiar with them, I think it s great to have a whole book where it s all in one place I appreciate the nods to intersectionality throughout, including lots of guest essays throughout the books on topics like colorism and transmasculinity I also like that she talked lot about the process of re learning and re training you [...]

    11. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is a must read, regardless of gender, size, or age, because it will touch anyone who reads it, and it is a book that needs to be read This is a witty novel that is so important to people today, for body love, and accepting who we are as individuals in this world There are pages of ideas, and tips that everyone will find helpful, but also affirmations, and ways to boost confidence The title should not fool anyone, because Baker is speaking for and to every person [...]

    12. The fat positive, foul mouthed, intersectional body love manifesto you ve been looking for.Baker as in The Militant delivers a solid body of research and practices for making peace with your body just the way it is, particularly if it doesn t fit into the narrow range of acceptable you see all over the media What sets this book apart from others of its kind is its range and inclusivity Chapters on health at every size, advertising, mental health coping strategies, fashion, and other pertinent to [...]

    13. I m not sure I can adequately describe how incredible this book is With her trademark kick ass prose Jes Baker has created an amazing book on self love self care While many books of this variety seem lacking in action and substance, TNOWTFG lays down a hefty amount of facts and history along with plenty of action steps and resources to live your life unapologetically This book isn t just for fat girls, it s for anyone who looks at the weight diet fitness obsessed world we live in and thinks some [...]

    14. Jes has written an excellent 101 guide to fat acceptance It is chock full of information and perspective that is absolutely revolutionary to anyone who has never entertained the idea that fat bodies are acceptable, including some excellent essays from a diverse group of writers activists.Personally I m at a different place in my fat liberation and am looking for a different conversation, but that doesn t detract from this book being a very useful introduction into a world that many don t know ex [...]

    15. Ooof, I hate Jes Baker s writing I really hate her tone I ve tried, because I really appreciate her message, but yeah, it s a no go for me.That said, the message is great Her take on the cult of health is right on, and her take on flattering and what we wear is pretty much brilliant.But oh god, the writing Oh man So bad I would say, pick and choose what you read in this book, and ignore the ick factor of the writing And read Virgie Tovar s essay SO GOOD.

    16. 4.5 stars My review cross posted from Wit and Sin witandsin 2015 10Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is an interesting, important book on the body love movement that speaks to everyone, not just the titular fat girls Author Jes Baker fearlessly tackles the body positive movement, taking on not just sizeism, but racism, classism, ableism, and Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls encourages women and men of all sizes to challenge what has become completely ingrained in our society the idea that one [...]

    17. This was actually quite good At this point in my life I needed this I needed a reminder that my body is good enough no matter how it looks I m struggling with body confidence and this was a good step to take in order to gain some It s not the most amazing book ever though Actually it reads kind of cheese The author is a blog writer, and you can tell she writes like in her blog not saying is a negative thing , just trying to explain that it s not a written master piece or anything Also, most thin [...]

    18. I struggle deeply with self image and even after tons of weight loss, corrective surgeries, etc I still felt inferior and was looking for a boost and some help Damnit, this helped a lot.There were times when I got teary eyed because Jes just hit so close to home I realized that I wasn t alone in my feelings and my self doubt and self loathing But she also taught ways in which one can help boost their physical emotional mental well being I ve already started taking to heart some of her steps and [...]

    19. Don t let the title fool you This book is packed full of ideas, tip, affirmations and confidence boosters for everyone Not just fat people, not just girls Loving your body is something that everyone needs to learn, a struggle we have all faced at least once in our lives Jes really lays it out for us, making the book feel like a conversation between best friends.Is it absolutely perfect and the one and only book you will ever need to read on the topic Not at all But it is a wonderful place to sta [...]

    20. I would like to thank Perseus Books Group, Seal Press for an ARC of this book in exchange for an open and honest review.Wow What a book To let you know what interested me in reading it I m tall 6 2 , fat hovering in the 17 stone range and a scary trifecta to some smart not Mensa And, on top of that all I am at peace with my inner self while not a big fan actually totally the most horrific enemy of my outer, physical self And I am sarcastic, brash and blunt and LOVE reading stuff by sarcastic, br [...]

    21. This book was really enlightening in a lot of ways I had heard bits of the body love movement, but wasn t fully versed in it I am so glad I picked it up, because it was great Note, a lot of swearing and narration leans a little too hard on a I m so awesome vibe but that goes with the theme of the book, I suppose And the chapter on health and weight was misleading.But I d recommend this to men and women of all body types I got a lot of paradigm shifting on the morality of thinness, why it bothers [...]

    22. So this will just be a short review how I felt about the book or at least that depends on how the words will flow out of me while I am typing I spotted this book not that long ago at the ABC book store and couldn t resist bringing it with me especially not for that price I am not a big girl myself, however I was still interested in reading this book And in the end I have to say I really connected with this book, it resonated with me The book is not only about fat girls and their lives, but also [...]

    23. This book exceeded my expectations I m not going to lie, initially the title of the book put me off, well, the Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls part maybe the fat girls Is it only for young females Was it going to be exclusionary Thankfully I read it anyhow I think this is a fabulous read for anyone that is interested in accepting their body, other peoples bodies, or just curious what the whole body love, fat acceptance thing is about Though really I would recommend this to anyone with a body B [...]

    24. I ve been a fan of Jes Baker s blog, The Militant Baker for over 2 years now after stumbling upon the article, Things No One Will Tell Fat GirlsSo I Will themilitantbaker 2013 This article really helped revolutionize my thinking when it came to my own self image and how I felt about being fat and other fat people In this book Jes attends to many of the things she touched upon in that article and presents those ideas further to be inclusive to people of all shapes, sizes, genders, preferences and [...]

    25. This review is based on an advanced copy provided by NetGalley.This is a very important book that EVERYONE should read Most people, especially women, have struggled with body image issues, and those who haven t, know someone who has This book is the perfect intro to changing the way we think about ourselves and others The reason I think this book stands out among others in its genre is its inclusiveness of race, mental illness, and disabilities Jes Baker does an excellent job breaking down how s [...]

    26. this is a definite must read for people who are new to body acceptance and fat acceptance I m not new to the movement so a lot of it seemed repetitive it s still worth a read.A lot of aspects just don t apply to a lot of people I m sure, like making solid friendships over body acceptance depending on where you live is kind of impossible, trying to date while being an undatable person, accessibility to travel and fashion with limited means, being body positive with chronic illnesses etc.

    27. Meh.Nothing overly surprising While it was thought out, and decent, it didn t hold my attention And it took what seemed like forever to finish.Still interesting.No I won t be reading it again.That said, it does discuss a lot of things people won t discuss And it did have some very valid points.

    28. This was a great, funny, inclusive, feminist book Definitely a must read for the Tumblr generation.Received from NetGalley.

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