Beyond Clueless

Beyond Clueless

Linas Alsenas / Apr 06, 2020
Beyond Clueless Marty Sullivan s life ends basically when her parents enroll her in a private high school A private Catholic girls only high school Meanwhile at their local public school her best friend Jimmy
  • Title: Beyond Clueless
  • Author: Linas Alsenas
  • ISBN: 9781419714962
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Marty Sullivan s life ends, basically, when her parents enroll her in a private high school A private, Catholic, girls only high school Meanwhile, at their local public school, her best friend, Jimmy, comes out of the closet and finds himself a boyfriend and a new group of friends Marty feels left out and alone, until she gets a part in the school musical, Into the WoodMarty Sullivan s life ends, basically, when her parents enroll her in a private high school A private, Catholic, girls only high school Meanwhile, at their local public school, her best friend, Jimmy, comes out of the closet and finds himself a boyfriend and a new group of friends Marty feels left out and alone, until she gets a part in the school musical, Into the Woods, and Jimmy and his new crew are in it, too Things start looking even better when Marty falls for foxy fellow cast member Felix Peroni And Felix seems to like her back But the drama is just beginning Can Marty and Jimmy keep up their friendship And is Marty s new beau everything he appears to be Or is Marty too clueless to figure it all out before it s too late
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        Linas Alsenas has spent OK, spends way too much time singing show tunes to himself in the mirror He has written several books for children and young adults, including Gay America, Peanut and Mrs Claus Takes a Vacation His latest book is Beyond Clueless, a novel about teens living in s a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, that is very much like Linas s hometown Linas now lives in London with his husband and works as an editor at a children s book publisher.


    1. I keep passing BEYOND CLUELESS in my Kindle and thinking, What book is that It s marked that I read it Then I open it up and remember Oh yeah That one BEYOND CLUELESS was a cute little read with a subplot about sexual assault , but the details just keep falling out of my head.Marty and Jimmy always thought they d be best friends for life, but two recent events have strained their friendship Marty s parents sent her to an all girls school and Jimmy came out and started making new friends in the l [...]

    2. This book was a huge disappointment and a freaking mess, here s why Martha Sullivan She s a self absorbed, jealous, selfish and judgmental 14yr girl who loves musical theatre Now, don t get me wrong, I fucking love musical theatre, but all her flaws made it almost unbearable for me to finish this book And it takes a lot for me to stop reading a book I wanted to smack some sense into that girl 99% of the time She treated everyone like shit If I ever talked to my parents the way she did, my mother [...]

    3. Beyond Clueless is a book about the main character, Marty Sullivan She s a girl, by the way It s also a book about teenage angst, but with very different and interesting versions of it.Marty is sent to an all girls Catholic school and she isn t very happy about it She will also be separated from her best friend Jimmy for the first time She is nervous and unhappy about all of these circumstances Marty starts to feel better when she meets a new friend, Xiang Then Jimmy comes out of the closet, whi [...]

    4. Fifteen year old Martha Marty Sullivan is definitely unexcited about starting school in a private Catholic girls school, especially since her best friend Jimmy won t be with her But she does make friends with Xiang, a musician who amuses her with her antics and her own budding romance and she tries out and gets a role in the school musical, Into the Woods Jimmy is in the throes of his own first romance with Derek, but he persuades some of his male friends to help out with the production When Mar [...]

    5. Beyond Clueless was a fun, high school comedy that takes place during a school production of Into The Woods The story focuses on friendship making new friends and figuring out how to balance that with old friends and young love our main character Marty learns view spoiler that a true friendship can turn into true love, while insta lust can turn insta creepy hide spoiler I enjoyed the way this story was written and that we got some diverse characters The fact that I have a musical theatre backgro [...]

    6. So Bored Must Stop Reading.I only read the first 100 pages Does a story develope at any point or is the entire novel just a whiny 14 year old wishing her friends would pay attention to her Seriously, Marty has got to be one of the most annoying protagonists I have ever had the displeasure of attempting to read I caught myself rolling my eyes several times I wanted to like this cute fluffy tale about friends growing up and coming to terms with their sexualities especially with music theatre bein [...]

    7. The blurb had me at Clueless and Into The Woods , two of my favourite things probably formative in my life than I should admit So I was totally onboard to love this, and it IS lovely Endearing characters, a charming plot, and lots of realistic emotions that reminded me how glad I am I m not a teenager any And then I got to the end and lay on the sofa kicking my legs trilling payoooooff , which is always a good sign A really lovely, warm and enjoyable YA novel that I ve really enjoyed snuggling [...]

    8. DNF at 7% I just couldn t stand Martha She was so stuck up and rude and it grated on my nerves Not to mention I really was not that big of a fan of the writing style.

    9. 3.5 5Personally, I m a fantasy and adventure reader I love the way those books excited me and brightened up my boring, repetitive days But when my friend showed me this book, it quickly became one of my favorites It just hit me in the face how real it was and how many problems people are dealing with that we don t even stop and recognize.In this book, a fourteen year old a very relatable age named Marty and her struggles with moving to an all girl Catholic school, drifting from her best friend, [...]

    10. In my opinion I generally didn t enjoy this book very much it isn t bad but it isn t the best Why Well because it doesn t describe much of Marty s high school experience I expected to read well , Marty s high school experience Further , this book is about drama Drama because Marty has had some friendship issues at the beginning of high school and her best friend ,jimmy becomes gay and Marty attends an all girls catholic school which she hates and so since Marty and jimmy don t attend the same s [...]

    11. I liked this book but it was super predictable and I didn t like the main character a lot of times But I did like how relatable and easy it was to read, and I liked the plot I mostly related to Xiang because she was pretty much how I was in high school and how strict her parents are Quick easy read

    12. so relatable literally loved this book OMG highly recommend reading this its really entertaining and as i was reading this i was actually preparing for a drama show so i really recommend this book

    13. Beyond Cluless follows a girl named Marty and her adventures of starting at a private high school Her best friend Jimmy is attending a public school far away from her, has come out and has a boyfriend, as well as a tight knit crew of friends that causes Marty to be jealous Her new school is completely different and she manages to make a new friend named Xiang With all of these new changes thrown at her, Marty tries to navigate life and school while feeling like a fish out of water.This book is d [...]

    14. Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review I genuinely don t remember why I decided to request this from NetGalley, but apparently I did and now I feel silly because I didn t enjoy this book very much.On the plus side, it only took a couple of hours to read because I skimmed most of it, so I didn t waste too much time.Some mild spoilers ahead, but I blacked out the really spoiler y bit.What I liked Oliver was a nice guy In another book, I d have probably ad [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book I could really relate to Marty and understand all her problems I felt the author did a good job writing about a girl going to a new school, not knowing anyone and seemingly losing her best friend It was very realistic in those ways and the bits of humor helped to make me stay entranced with the book.I loved the writing style It had hints of humor in it even in the most sad or stressed times I loved how it was sort of sarcastic and yet stayed in tune to the story and ne [...]

    16. Martha Sullivan LOVES theatre It s her passion So when her parents decide to send her to a girls only Catholic high school, Martha s only condolence is its amazing theatre program, which is staging Into The Woods with BOYS Her best friend for the last four years, Jimmy, is attending the local public school He s making new friends and deciding who he wants to be even finally coming out of the closet all while Martha is just trying to keep her head above water with her parents new teenager rules E [...]

    17. Review also on snugglingonthesofa book reThis sounded like such a fun book Kind of like an insight into Glee, if they were working a theatre show and not constantly singing Marty is devastated at the thought of starting at an all girls Catholic school, and not spending every day with her best friend Jimmy When Jimmy introduces his boyfriend, Marty begins to question their friendship Enter Felix, Marty s love interest, and star of the school play Marty has to juggle friendship and love alongside [...]

    18. This book will make you nostalgic for all the best parts of high school With his hilarious and spunky narrator Marty, Alsenas perfectly captures that often tumultuous first year of high school, where old friendships are changing and new ones are formed Marty and Jimmy have been friends FOR EV ER When Jimmy comes out to Marta before the start of their freshman year, she s already known for ages But Marta is going to a new private all girls high school, and the two friends find themselves struggli [...]

    19. Posted on thereadingwonderlandI m not sure about this book if I m being honest It was good, but it wasn t that good It was pretty basic I enjoyed it but I felt like I was reading it just for the sake of it, not because I was invested in it It was a very strange feeling The characters are quite annoying, especially Jimmy He came across as very selfish His best friend moves to a new school and he rarely sees her, so the day she can come visit him he invites all his new friends along That s rude If [...]

    20. First off, I found this book in the KIDS section at the bookstore I bought it at And this book should ve been in the young adult section, let me tell you.I didn t find this book awful or amazing It had pros and cons.1 The Characters I have to say, Marty wasn t the best main character She had a realistic teenage voice, but I didn t like her Xiang was a hyper sexual teen who smokes, Jimmy was the gay best friend who doesn t bother telling Marty anything, and Derek and Kirby were very overlooked ch [...]

    21. I really wanted to like this book but with the simplistic nature of the writing and the way multiple characters are used, it really fell flat for me Musical theatre geek and lovelorn straight girl Marty is surrounded by her bevy of GBF s gay best friends or GBLT besties who are dealing with their own personal dramas while she explores her chances with the object of her affections, Felix Add to it that her everyone can see right through her crush except her and you pretty much have a predictable [...]

    22. Martha Sullivan has been best friends with Jimmy for all time When her parents decide she is to attend an all girl Catholic high school, they are separated Soon Jimmy has a boyfriend and Marty starts to feel left out of his life Until she makes a friend, Xiang, a girl who has been homeschooled and is dying to live her own life As their group of friends expands and becomes involved in a school play, Marty learns about friendship, family and love.This is a comedic foray into the freshman year of h [...]

    23. Fun and fast read with some important tales to tell Originally posted on my blog Ashleigh OnlineThis fun and fast read is a perfect holiday novel, filled with quirky characters that ll have you giggling away I can t say it comes close to making its way into my all time favourites, but it s an enjoyable read with some important messages nonetheless.You ll first think that the instalove is pretty painful, but be patient because as the story unfolds, you ll find that Linas makes up for things later [...]

    24. Beyond Clueless felt like it really tried but it was rather half baked The plot couldn t seem to decide what it wanted to focus on It was difficult to follow, and I didn t really care at all The characters blended into each other and weren t particularly interesting Beyond that, there were some things in this book that really bothered me Constant negativity from the main character, characters basing worth on relationships and constantly obsessing over them, and generally bad friendship dynamics [...]

    25. Silly me I thought that the Clueless in the title would have something to do with the movie and or Emma Not so much Instead there s girl, Marty, torn from her GBF Gay Best Friend and sent to an all girl s Catholic school where she needs to make new friends and fit in Said GBF, Jimmy, easily finds friends at his HS, including a boyfriend Then the school announces its fall musical, Into the Woods, and boys are needed for some roles Etc It s probably perfect for the Sarah Dessen Stephanie Perkins r [...]

    26. It was a treat to read all the musical theater shenanigans, especially about Into the Woods, aka the best musical ever Unrelated, but I had a brief moment of confusion when I read that Xiang s name was pronounced Seng I imagine, if this were hanyu pinyin, it d be shyang The frequent refrain of my gay boys and gay stuff by definitely not gay Marty was a little uncomfortable to read Yes, there are teens who talk and act this way, but also, argh It was nice to see the pretty cool girl not turn into [...]

    27. BEYOND CLUELESS is a very funny read Marty is an entertaining main character, and Alsenas brings her world and friendships to life with terrific details Marty and her best friend, Jimmy, refer to each other with hysterical, vegetable themed endearments, and the friendships Marty develops with Jimmy s new friends are fresh and fun to read There is plenty of silly awkwardness and there are lots of misunderstandings that keep Marty from choosing the right guy Overall, this is an enjoyably awkward r [...]

    28. Okay I loved this book but to be honest Marty was an idiot and stupid Felix was so obviously a terrible person and it took her like 3 months to see that I thought Oliver was the better character in this book But again, how could Marty not see that he was straight Gay men are not going be into a girl like Oliver was with Marty MARTY OMG this book was amazing though overall and then anything I wish a second book would come out

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