Red Nights

Red Nights

Shari J. Ryan / Aug 06, 2020
Red Nights Could I have saved him When my life changed in that smoky second confusion rained down around me like sparks from a fire But yet I found myself falling for a sexy stranger I met in a dark park and
  • Title: Red Nights
  • Author: Shari J. Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781513700052
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • Could I have saved him When my life changed in that smoky second, confusion rained down around me like sparks from a fire But yet, I found myself falling for a sexy stranger I met in a dark park, and blatant lies I didn t know existed culminated into unfortunate truths At twenty five, I thought I had life, men, and my future figured out It turns out, I didn t In ShariCould I have saved him When my life changed in that smoky second, confusion rained down around me like sparks from a fire But yet, I found myself falling for a sexy stranger I met in a dark park, and blatant lies I didn t know existed culminated into unfortunate truths At twenty five, I thought I had life, men, and my future figured out It turns out, I didn t In Shari J Ryan s latest Romantic Suspense, Red Nights, you wonder how dark your world can get before all you see is red.A standalone, Romantic Suspense
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    1. He did it no She did it no He did it I m going to start this review of Red Nights with a little bit of honesty, I don t like suspense I know, I know I gave it 4 Stars but that was because, plain and simple it was good I just hate surprises and I hate not knowing who the killer is I really, really just want to go to the last page and take a little lookee to find out who did it Miracle of miracles I actually did the right thing and read it from front to back It was hard You know that feeling where [...]

    2. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Booktrope and NetGalley Our heartbeats were both discovered at the same time Now only one will remain This was an adult romantic suspense story, about a suspected arsonist.I felt quite sorry for Felicity in this story, it was awful the way she lost both her home and her brother in a fire, and it was easy to see why she found it difficult to trust anybody after finding out it was arson The pain will never g [...]

    3. 2.5 stars Felicity lost her brother and almost her own life in a house fire Ryan introduces several interesting characters and weaves a solid whodunit I was kept on my toes trying to figure out who the arsonist murderer was Butis story was not without problems Felicity had quite a few TSTL moments, she just wanted to bury her head in the sand Aspen confounded me, I didn t know which way was up with her Every few chapters Ryan would reveal a new piece to the puzzle but I was usually just left co [...]

    4. I see firemen emerge through the cloud of smoke billowing from the front door carrying a body Felicity Stone s entire world changed in the blink of an eye The 25 year old chef lost her home, her twin brother, Blake, and nearly her life in a devastating fire With very vague recollections of that night, while still in the hospital, Felicity gives her statement to the police That statement would later be turned against her as the real story of what happened that night begins to emerge Gran always t [...]

    5. Wow, check out this this beautiful cover and the super intriguing blurb and trailer RED NIGHTS is a new upcoming romantic suspense novel releasing on 18 June and the story sounds AMAZING, I can t wait D WATCH TRAILERPurchase US UKBlurb I m Felicity Stone, a twenty five year old with my whole life ahead of me Well, until recently I didn t do it Why would they think I did Why would I want my twin brother dead Why is everyone looking at me like I m a criminal Well, everyone except him Hayes Peyton, [...]

    6. Oh how I love a book with dramatic starts It pulls you in straight away I think wonder if it will fall flat, but this didn t happen it kept its pace all the way through.I am so happy I agreed to read this for a blog tour or I would have missed out I don t always have the time to fit in any books lately, but this one screamed at me As the author was describing the scene, with Felicity in her house among a fire that was pilfering smoke, heavy smoke her way She was trapped, she thought it was the e [...]

    7. All The Feels Seriously There is a reason why I binge on Shari Ryan books This had me feeling grief, suspense, attraction, and This is a book that you need a reading vacation after so you can readjust to the world.

    8. This book was surprising Admittedly when I first started reading, I had just gotten off a high from reading A Scorching Dilemma , so I wasn t at all too positive that this one could replace my previous euphoria but I was dead wrong because it did First off, this book starts off with a bang The very second you start, you re already involved in a very tense and harrowing situation From there, the story just sucks you in And it s difficult to resist I gave up after a few minutes Let me just say, th [...]

    9. Oh, Shari J Ryan how I do love thee, let me count the ways1 You give me characters such as Felicity and, specifically, Hayes, who keep my on my toes Is there a slight possibility he s not what we think he is Is he Is he less When will we know for sure And Felicity who seemed to have a pretty good life with a good head on her shoulders, all of a sudden getting the wind knocked out of her sails and floundering not knowing who to trust, let alone what to think or do to make things right.2 The stor [...]

    10. 2.5 stars Red Nights started off strong Felicity has just survived her house being set on fire and losing her brother I read this book as a group read and for several days the fun in guessing who started the fire kept us entertained So for this part the author did well because we kept guessing and that kept me interested.Felicity was hard to connect with, I didn t understand her actions versus what she was thinking Her inner dialogue and jumping to conclusions was annoying I liked Hayes right aw [...]

    11. 3 STARSWhat I liked This book grabbed me immediately at the first chapter The suspense was there at the beginning and I wanted to know how the fire started and who was to blame.The Lady jokes They were cute.What I didn t Felicity I couldn t connect with her She was so back and forth, accusing everyone As soon as I figured out everything, everything else was just slow I finished reading hoping for something new, an extra twist I did like Tanner s letter Receiving the threat at the end wasn t quit [...]

    12. I normally don t read novels in this genre but I have come across a few novels which I have enjoyed in the past I was a bit sceptic but as soon as I read the first few pages I knew I d made the right choice I loved that Shari Ryan delved straight into the action again a great beginning I must say Definitely a beginning which urges the reader or compels them to read on as it s all such a blur and you want to find out what happens next.I liked that this was not typical novel with good endings and [...]

    13. 4.5 5 starsReceived a review copy of title from author in exchange for an honest review originally posted at mnonmklreviews 20I wanted to give this a 5 star but I couldn t Reasoning I still have questions, and I don t know that they ll ever be answered and part of me wonders if I missed something, because I haven t seen other reviewers with the same questions.ButThe first 99% of the book Absolutely enjoyed every moment of it I mean, how can you not when it starts the way it does Felicity Stone w [...]

    14. Keeping on with my reading of thrillers and suspense type books, Red Nights has sat on my pile a few weeks and I was excited to get to know this book The book draws you in from the get go, its literally action straight away with very few answers You can tell this is all leading somewhere, but it wasn t really until 40 % in that this book really got going I will say, try and keep going with this book as I did start to wonder where it was all leading.There are 4 characters really in this book Taki [...]

    15. Shari J Ryan has written a story chock full of terror, hope, despair, suspense, humor and romance On the night her world burned Felicity Stone lost the most important person in her life, her twin brother She blames herself The author writes emotion so artfully that I cried throughout the first part of this book every dang page WoW Talk about a tear jerker I had to put it down several times so I could wipe my eyes and clear my head I love the mystery I love the who do I trust, need, want aspect o [...]

    16. I received this book in Netgalley in exchanged for an honest review Thank You Too Netgalley I absolutely love reading romantic suspense novels with a dash of muder mystery in the mix I really need to catch up on reading books with Romantic Suspense because I really do love reading them I just don t read enough of them But Red Nights was exactly what I wanted to read when I first read the synopsis it looked and sounded right up my alley And I am so glad and happy I got accepted to read Red Night [...]

    17. This book was a hot mess It had promise but that quickly fell away and ended up being a mess of confusion There wasn t a single character that I actually liked or cared about The h was immature and naive in a way that was just too unreal The best friend was not at all likeable The boyfriend came across as stalkerish and not the good kind of stalker either The story was jumbled and hard to follow and then there were significant time jumps that aren t ever explained or mentioned so you are sitting [...]

    18. This book started out decently and had me intrigued Unfortunately, the rest of the book didn t deliver Felicity was wishy washy, Tanner was creepy and Aspen was a horrible friend I liked Hayes, but I didn t like that he kept Felicity in the dark so long, especially when he expected to her to tell him everything The epilogue was almost too much Not a book I would recommend.

    19. 4.5 SMOOCHES I read and reviewed this book on behalf of RED CHEEKS READS.Review redcheeksreads red nights Red Cheeks Reads blog redcheeksreadsFollow Red Cheeks Reads on Facebook facebook redcheeksreadsTwitter twitter redcheeksreads

    20. I give this book 3.75 starsShari J Ryan is a fairly new author to me I have read a couple of her most recent published books and loved them I enjoyed this book The beginning was good then it slowed a little for me then towards the end it picked up again and I couldn t put it down It was filled with twists and turns Even though I kind of figured things out early on I wasn t expecting all that happened at the end It was a good read I have definitely seen growth in the author from this book to her [...]

    21. That was fantastic I ve just discovered a new must have author full reviewThis book was fantastic I didn t figure out who the bad guy was until the author smacked me in the face with it Also, I have to compliment the beautiful cover We ve all been told not to judge books by them, but hey, they can t hurt.This book starts off with a bang or maybe a whoosh would be appropriate it starts with a fire Felicity is fighting for air and her life from the first page She wakes up in the middle of the nig [...]

    22. First off, thank you Shari Ryan and Booktrope for providing me with a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review Second just hell Love it Like completely, missing sleep to read kind of love laughs But that is normal for one of Shari s books I loved this story Page one draws you in By the end of chapter one you will be like O.O and after that its GAME ON I swear I fell asleep a few nights in a row reading and woke up with my kindle on my face LOL I could not put it down I am usual [...]

    23. Red Nights by Shari Ryan is a fiery romantic suspense thriller The story begins with 25 year old Felicity Stone awakened to a fire that is engulfing her, her home and quickly burning away everything that she knows and holds dear in her life As she struggles to save herself from the flames and smoke that are than likely going to take her life, she is thankful that her twin brother Blake had decided to go out with friends for the night At least if there is going to be one tragedy its going to be [...]

    24. Reviewed on behalf of Ladies Living in Bookland The undeniably sad story of Felicity captures you into her world at the time it s turned upside down A house fire, that would leave her own twin brother dead Excerpt It s evident now Our heartbeats were both discovered at the same time Now only one will remain But as the story unfolds and we learn about the characters, we hear of her true love and support for her twin But during this awful time, filled with remorse, anger and guilt, Felicity meets [...]

    25. PEPPER S REVIEWOh Kay Guess I ll just say it now LOVED IT I m also going to say that I can t really delve into anything, because suspense romance AKA spoilers and holy shits at every turn.What I will say is HAYES Basically he was like this and we meaning me and Felicity were like this BUT, I think we were also a little like this Lots of things going on with my love lust for Hayes Because this is Shari J Ryan, I was basically a little leery of Hayes the whole time Because ShariJ just does that Sh [...]

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