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Edgeplay Life is made of patterns repeated over and over And mine are violence abuse near death experiences I hate lying to him but if I tell him the truth he ll never give me what I need No matter the co
  • Title: Edgeplay
  • Author: Katie de Long
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life is made of patterns, repeated over and over And mine are violence, abuse, near death experiences I hate lying to him, but if I tell him the truth, he ll never give me what I need No matter the consequences, the danger, I ll tell him, and myself, that this is only a roleplay, just for fun And if it all goes wrong, c est la vie, right Edgeplay is a dark romance thaLife is made of patterns, repeated over and over And mine are violence, abuse, near death experiences I hate lying to him, but if I tell him the truth, he ll never give me what I need No matter the consequences, the danger, I ll tell him, and myself, that this is only a roleplay, just for fun And if it all goes wrong, c est la vie, right Edgeplay is a dark romance that may be triggering for some readers It contains frank and explicit discussions of sexual abuse, consensual rape fantasies, and mental illness.
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    1. Nina s has been barely living her life Despite having a successful business she is unable to sleep and allows most of her life to be controlled by her fear and anxiety Tragic events that happened during her childhood have shaped the person she is now The story begins with us meeting her and Daniel Daniel is a dominate and she is asking him to act out a script When Daniel accidentally deviates from the script everything changes He is able to see how damaged Nina is and desperately wants to help h [...]

    2. Okay nowWhen I read the blurb for this one and the title as well I was SO excited because I have been looking and looking for something that is what I thought this would be It just didn t turn out the way I expected It was bdsm but just didn t feel a whole like it I think that the bdsm aspect could have been left out of it to be honest and it could have been about her and what happened and what she wanted and needed I just felt like it was just an idea and it didn t come across as amazing as it [...]

    3. After a horrible childhood event, Nina is left finding comfort in only violence, abuse and pain Discussing a script she has written reflective of that tragic night, she begins preparing herself and her latest Dom, Daniel for the upcoming role play scene Despite his hesitancy, Nina reassures him with lies and half truths until he agrees to act out the script.But when Daniel goes off script the night of their scene, Nina completely withdraws from both herself and Daniel Will she ever be able to ov [...]

    4. This book is not as dark as some other ones I have read I think there is a fine line you cross when you are that kind of writer There are variables only that the author knows amd when they come out it has to be in a oh I see type moment We all don t fear where this is going You understand her reasons for being that way She is aware and is seeking help Not a bad read, but I would have liked some of Danirel s POV I never mind seeing POV s so understand where each character is mentally The writing [...]

    5. Review to come closer to release day.Thanks to Victory Editing for providing me with an ARC copy via Netgalley.

    6. Leigh s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.75 StarsThe title and vague summary for the book was enough to make me want to check it out Having no real idea of where the story would go, I found myself sinking into one of the interesting and curiously written reads I ve come across in a while.After suffering a trauma in her childhood, Nina has fallen into a vicious cycle as an adult Her relationships now consist of either encounters with Doms where she has carefully rescripted her att [...]

    7. Just as a note, when I requested this title there was a warning in place please if you are going to read this book read the warning Even having read the warning it was a bit too dark for my taste I think many readers would otherwise believe this to be along the lines of Fifty Shades or Sylvia Day, which it most certainly is not This is no fairytale about the girl next story landing the big bad boy billionaire.This book appears to be created as a response to the above mentioned books, and it is v [...]

    8. Review for Edgeplay by Katie de LongEdgeplay by Katie de Long is an emotional roller coaster There were moments while reading it that I had to check to see if I needed to safeword While the book isn t really what I would consider dark it deals with some extremely disturbing situations that could trigger persons who are sensitive to traumatic events I did enjoy the authors writing style and the attention to detail that she put into the BDSM aspects The flow of the story and the relationship devel [...]

    9. I had high hopes for this book when I read the description After reading it, however, I am left unfulfilled and confused To me, the plot has holes all through it I never got a complete understanding of what happened to the main female character, Nina, to make her crave a Dom s consensual abuse I m very confused as to her past home life with her parents and other people in her life Did someone do something to her or is just a very unhappy person in general As I read, I had hoped information woul [...]

    10. I received a free electronic copy of this title through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Nina s tragic childhood experience has left her scarred and damaged She is of the mind that reliving that scene in her BDSM life will help her heal Sadly, this does not help It disappoints me to say that I wasn t thrilled with this title The synopsis really pulled me in but it wasn t what I expected at all It wasn t nearly as dark as it was portrayed to be The story line wasn t bad but I can t say [...]

    11. This is a new author for me This story of Nina who is very broken by what happened to her when she was a teenager and she never came to grips with that We start off with a scene that she has scripted for her current Dom, Daniel, to fulfill But she holds back very important information from him and things don t go as planned I am always harping on about communication, you must talk about everything leaving nothing unsaid especially when you are putting yourself into a situation that could serious [...]

    12. I have pretty extensive experience in the real life BDSM Scene 10 years and an occasional edge player, though not consensual non consent , I am constantly disappointed by current BDSM erotica, because it seems to always be populated with dominants who take without giving The constant trope of If you use your safeword, I will walk out and never return makes me sick This book was so emotionally satisfying it nearly send me to tears THIS is what the Scene is for and how it should be approached It m [...]

    13. I found myself drawn into this story of troubled Nina and her Dom and friend Daniel The re enactments that Nina craved in order to heal her shattered psyche was heartbreaking I think I fell in love with Daniel and his patience while loving Nina and firmness in knowing what she needed to heal was so touching I always love a happy ending with a glimpse into what becomes of the characters all wrapped up with big red bow Loved the story I have loved everything I have read by Kati de Long.

    14. An emotional read that will tug at your heart strings Nina has been hurt in the past, now she believes she is broken beyond repair and the only thing that eases her pain is to relive what she has been through Daniel doesn t just want have violent scripted scenes he wants to dig deeper and help Nina repair her injured soul A dark emotional read but I loved Daniel, he wanted to help and not just use her.

    15. ARC from the publisher for an honest reviewIt is a good book about a troubled person learning to overcome her issues with a help of an unlikely man The blurb is misleading it is not a post 50SOG type of read but rather a book about trust I thought Nina s family back story was too complicated, but the Nina Daniel parts of the book were very good.

    16. ARC is kindly provided by Author Publisher via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Thank you for the chance to review the book.full review to be posted on my GoodReads and TUMBLR blogdamtyrianpurple.tumblr user show 2

    17. A new concept for bdsm not so much about the sex as much as the of the trust dynamics between partners A quick excellant read with raw subject matter that is tastefully presented Also an indepth perspective from a rape survivor and coping method used Characters were well constructed and believable Must read

    18. I loved how this book gave that history of why there was a need for dark play Abuse and fear left her permanently damaged Thank you Victory Editing and NetGalley for ARC.

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