Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

AndrewMatthews Tony Ross / Jul 08, 2020
Romeo and Juliet Over two million Shakespeare Shorts sold Discover the world of Shakespeare with this collection of brilliant stories perfect for readers of all ages When Romeo and Juliet meet at a masked ball it s lo
  • Title: Romeo and Juliet
  • Author: AndrewMatthews Tony Ross
  • ISBN: 9781841213361
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Over two million Shakespeare Shorts sold Discover the world of Shakespeare with this collection of brilliant stories perfect for readers of all ages.When Romeo and Juliet meet at a masked ball it s love at first sight But their families are sworn enemies, and the very next day a deadly brawl breaks out between the Montagues and Capulets Young Romeo is caught up in theOver two million Shakespeare Shorts sold Discover the world of Shakespeare with this collection of brilliant stories perfect for readers of all ages.When Romeo and Juliet meet at a masked ball it s love at first sight But their families are sworn enemies, and the very next day a deadly brawl breaks out between the Montagues and Capulets Young Romeo is caught up in the fighting and as punishment is banished from the city and sent away from Juliet for ever A beautiful retelling of Shakespeare s most famous love story.
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        Librarian Note There is than one author by this name in the database.Andrew Matthews was born in South Glamorgan in 1948 Andrew taught English in Hampshire after which he became a full time writer He lives in Reading with his wife and their cats Andrew s work has been widely translated and he has made numerous appearances at schools and libraries throughout the UK.Source United Agents.


    1. This book is a close five starRomeo and Juliet is a brilliant book and I m hoping to read books in this series.Highly recommended to Shakespeare lovers

    2. This version of Romeo and Juliet is a great read for KS2 children and introduces them to one of the most famous plays ever written The story contains all the main parts from the play, including two famous quotes as well as detailed illustrations My year 6 class read this version while on SBT 1 and really enjoyed it We focused on the story for three weeks as it provided a lot of opportunity for many activities We compared the language in the story and the play and the children were taught some ba [...]

    3. I went to see a couple of Shakespeare plays the other month at the theatre performed by the theatrical group Propellor and I really enjoyed them especially since I hated Shakespeare at school and even at university didn t understand why I needed to study him Anyway I found these books in a cupboard at school and although they are only the children s version of his plays I thought I would give them a go and I am finding I am enjoying them The illustrations and language not Shakespearian will make [...]

    4. This abridged version of Romeo and Juliet is an excellent read for upper KS2 children It introduces them to one of the greatest love stories written Shakespeare weaves together two of the greatest emotions love and hate The hatred between the two families, the Capulet and the Montague s costs the life of Romeo and Juliet At this point, the families are united by another powerful emotion of grief The story provides readers with a very important moral, which is that in a world of hate, happiness c [...]

    5. This book is a children s version of the classic Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet The book uses accessible child friendly English to retell the story of the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues in Verona and how Romeo and Juliet must overcome this in order to be together The tale is that of tragedy and takes a sad turn when lines of communication fail after Romeo is banished from Verona and news reaches him that Juliet has passed away.I enjoyed reading this book as the illustrations an [...]

    6. I love Romeo and Juliet already, but this book I found fantastic and would be suited for an age range 9 11 years It is a simplified version of Shakespeare s tale and it would be a great introduction for a primary school classroom as it would prepare the children to study Shakespeare in later years This book is fantastic in that it uses accessible child friendly English to portray the feud between the Capulets and Montagues The story conveys a world famous love story and combines romance and lite [...]

    7. This version of Romeo and Juliet is an abridged version of the original Shakespeare It contains the majority of the famous phrases from the original, but misses out Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo The book begins with a cast list, together with some great illustrations so the division between the Capulets and the Montague s can be easily understood It finishes with two information sections, one on love and hate in Romeo and Juliet and one on Shakespeare and the Globe theatre It s being use [...]

    8. I must say I didn t think it would be possible to re tell the classic story in a short book without without missing all the important bits I think this is an excellent way of introducing young readers to Shakespeare.For those who have not yet read or heard of Romeo and Juliet, the story is set in Verona, Italy and is about two families who don t get on the Montagues Romeo s family and the Capulets Juliet s family Romeo and Juliet meet despite all of this and get married a day after meeting at a [...]

    9. This book is fantastic for a young reader, I would recommend 9 10 I used this book as a resource in the classroom for a literacy dram activity last year and the children loved it The author uses fantastic language to transform Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet and bring it to a level that a junior reader would understand It such a short book it shows every aspect from the so very famous play and is a great into to Shakespeare at Primary level, the way it is written demonstrates every theme that Sha [...]

    10. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Another version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at youtube playlist list and realini Perhaps nothing can be said about Romeo and Juliet except that it is sublime.But then there are different adaptations.The last one was broadcast a couple of days ago.On National Television.The director is a respected and acclaimed personality.I used to see her plays, about thirteen years ago.After a fervor of seeing anything interesting on the stages [...]

    11. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare told by Andrew Matthews is a great way of starting out with Shakespeare s work Matthews beautifully words Shakespeare s Classic Novel It is a wonderful story about forbidden love and dying for love It is a romantic yet depressing story that is known and loved by many people across the world In my opinion it is a novel that everyone should read at some point.

    12. It may seem a bit childish, but I bought this illustrated version of this classic play And of course, loved it No matter how many times you read this one, it always gives you than pinch of sadness, though it may sound cliche to many It s like you can read this one in 15 minutes Yep And it s fun D

    13. 4.5 starsI want to read Shakespeare s but didn t know where to start so I bought the kids versions of his works They are easy to understand and have some nice illustrations to look at, plus the covers are in my opinion so cute I have read the original of Romeo and Juliet on than one occasion and it is one of my favourite plays both to read and watch

    14. I got this book to use with my students who struggle with the original text version While some important details are left out, I think it can still provide a good general summary I also appreciate that while it retells the story using approachable language, it doesn t have some child friendly alternate ending that might undermine the themes of the work.

    15. Obviously the real deal deserves a 5 star review, but it s hard to think that any summaried simplified version could ever do it justice That said, they did a pretty good job making it a quick and easy read and my 6 year old enjoyed the story.

    16. I think this story is talk about love and sad The version of this story was simplified a lot, maybe this story is for child to read so the content of the story may be a little bit boring,because it didn t detailed to tell us the relationship between Romeo , Juliet and their parents.

    17. Romeo and Juliet A Shakespeare Story is my third book review It is a simplified narrative version of the tragic play It opens in the house of the Capulet s at the time of a great party Romeo arrives and upon seeing Juliet he falls for her at once But Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet, and their two families are arch enemies When he first sees her he is not aware that she is a Capulet Tybalt, Juliet s cousin, sees Romeo and threatens him Lord Capulet intervenes and reminds his nephew of [...]

    18. Warning this review contains spoilers 1 My favorite character in Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet is Juliet I like her as a character because she is not easily offended and not much seems to bother her Also, Juliet is kind and beautiful with the kind of beauty that seems to fills her body and heart I believe she is described as the prettiest character that I have ever read in any book or story And, my Mom she s obsessed with Fairy Tales and has read us way too many Juliet seems to be the idea girl [...]

    19. Loved this book Tried reading the original but it s hard to understand I didn t really like the pictures though But this book is strangely addictive Set in Verona Italy Juliet Capulet Romeo Montague meet at a masked ball and fall deeply in love but their families are bitter enemies After they marry the next day Juliet s cousin Tybalt challenges Romeo and Romeo kills him The Prince of Verona forbade any fighting between the two feuding families so Romeo gets exiled Juliet is heartbroken and her f [...]

    20. This book and it s entire collection of Shakespeare stories box set , very cheap is an absolutely perfect book to get children of any age into the works of William Shakespeare I remember reading it as a child ad getting so hooked that I read the rest of them and that is when I fell in love with the writings of Shakespeare It is a relatively easy book to read as the writing is adapted and modified for children to read and the story itself is very short, however, it provides an excellent introduc [...]

    21. Re read this version with a couple of children in my class I preferred another children s version retelling but can t remember what that s called This one doesn t go into too much detail so is accessible to independent reading in Y6 and younger but from a teaching point of view, the other text was richer I ll find out what that other one s called September 2017 _____November 2014 I really enjoy the adaptations of Shakespeare as it allows even young children to be introduced into the world of Sha [...]

    22. This book is great for kids my age and younger I believe this because it is one of the most famous stories in the world by William Shakespeare, and this author has been clever and able to put into a small readable book for children and teens so they can read a famous and ancient story but still be able to understand the words and content.

    23. I hate romeo juliet The fact they commit suicide for the sake of love instead of staying alive and carrying on with each others memories just pisses me off Because what they did was so weak and cowardly it is disgusting.

    24. this book was really goo i thought because i really like the romantic back groung of it and how this book tells you that if you are in love nothing can take that away from you and nothing will stop you from having what you seek to find.

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