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Forbidden They say I need help Another exorcism This is not new This is my life Today I expect to suffer at the hands of a man as warped by superstition and fear as my mother A man who will torture me in order
  • Title: Forbidden
  • Author: Charlotte Stein
  • ISBN: 9780062365118
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • They say I need help Another exorcism This is not new This is my life Today, I expect to suffer at the hands of a man as warped by superstition and fear as my mother A man who will torture me in order to save me from things that don t exist.But the man who actually comes to me is different.Killian is good and decent, and he sees what s good and decent in me And I donThey say I need help Another exorcism This is not new This is my life Today, I expect to suffer at the hands of a man as warped by superstition and fear as my mother A man who will torture me in order to save me from things that don t exist.But the man who actually comes to me is different.Killian is good and decent, and he sees what s good and decent in me And I don t mean for it to happen, but every time he looks at me, his gaze sets me on fire He brings me to the light, gives me back my life For the first time, I see a future for myself.A future with him.I burn for Killian a man who s intent on protecting me On healing me.He doesn t get it The only thing that can heal me is him But Killian will soon be a priest Untouchable Forbidden.How can I ask a man to choose between me and God
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    1. 3.5 torn between 3 and 4 stars As I said in my just finished reading pre review, I am so torn about how to rate this story It s all the things I most hate about the New Adult genre, but it s everything I ve come to expect from Charlotte Stein s writing BlurbThey say I need help Another exorcism This is not new This is my life Today, I expect to suffer at the hands of a man as warped by superstition and fear as my mother A man who will torture me in order to save me from things that don t exist.B [...]

    2. I honestly had no idea how I should rate this short book the moment I finished it It is either a 3 stars or 4 stars depending on which aspects in book I looked for But with the uniqueness of the plot, the pace, and likable MCs, it is a 4 stars.Killian is a young priest in training Dot, a 20 years old woman, has been living under the roof of her religiously fanatic mom for years.It is a sensual story that is loaded with a forbidden love, a road trip, a sweet hero, and a likable heroine.The missin [...]

    3. FORBIDDEN took me by surprise Charlotte Stein is an autobuy author for me so I didn t really go reading the blurb before starting this book I have total faith that Stein will once again write a story that is erotically charged and sensual in a very unique way And she did However, I don t think I quite expected this.The story starts off quite dark with Dot being chained up and abused by her crazed mother Her beliefs have totally taken over her life and she believes that Dorothy is possessed by th [...]

    4. Charlotte Stein has that unique way of creating erotic stories that hit you in a way you don t expect Like the simplest of touches or looks have you melting and your heart thumping I read this book so quick This short erotic story hooked me from the beginning Dot is being held by her psycho religious bound and tied up in a room for who knows how long Her mom thinks she is filled with the devil and pretty much has Dot convinced of that also When Dot is expecting a Priest to their home t [...]

    5. Bare bones We have one soon to become priest, Killian, and a girl who is held chained to bed by her overzealous mother because she has demon inside of her Priest is called to perform an exorcism, but Killian is horrified by conditions he finds Dot in and saves her Charlotte Stein is determined to tackle every high stakes romance scenario out there.As much as I love her books for that exact reason, I feel like premise of Forbidden was laced with such a burden and so many difficulties I was not fu [...]

    6. Review also posted at My Book Snack3.5 StarsA short and sinful read Forbidden is a short story that delves into a sinful subject It begins with Dot being rescued from her hell Right away you get to see the abuse she s endured, and it s not pretty Killian is her savior, and he s about to take his vows to become a priest As Dot and Killian spend time together their feelings for each other just might cross into forbidden territory.One thing to keep in mind about Forbidden is that things happen quic [...]

    7. I m a sucker for forbidden love stories, and what could be forbidden than the love of an almost priest Charlotte has this way of writing 1st person POV that makes you feel like you re actually getting both POV s I never feel as if I m missing anything at all when I read her stories She s a genius

    8. Too little dialogue and way too much monologue I wanted to like this and I did to a point It s quite short so you can read it in an evening Overall, it s an okay read but I was expecting .

    9. This was my first book by Charlotte Stein I m thrilled there is so much for me to read Visit Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls for reviews Forbidden, by Charlotte Stein is a story told in first person point of view It begins with the heroine, Dorothy, Dot , tied to her bed by her mother who is completely unbalanced Dot is a young, beautiful woman, but her mother has been disconnected from reality for most, or all of Dot s life She took Dot out of school during adolescence because she [...]

    10. The only thing that disappointed me about this book is that I read it so fast I wanted it to go on forever Ms Stein has such a wonderful way of putting you right in the moment with her characters, and after everything Dot had been through, I just wanted so badly for her to be happy Killian was such a fabulous hero Torn between duty and love, watching his muted and sometimes not so muted longing for the heroine was painful but also beautiful The scene where he describes what he wants to do to her [...]

    11. This was an okay read about a forbidden love between a priest in training and a horribly abused girl whose mother has taken exorcism to a gruesome level The to be priest rescues the girl They both start having feelings for each other, starting acting them a little and then a lot I won t spoil the ending but it seemed a little rushed and not nearly as deeply emotional as it could have been.Of course, my standard for priest lay person romances is The Thorn Birds and I m afraid this wasn t even clo [...]

    12. Engrossing uplifting.Charlotte Stein s introspective voice brings what is already a compelling story about a priest rescuing a woman from an abusive home to a level of artistry I rarely find in romance I ll give five stars to anything that entertains me and keeps me thinking about the characters after I put down the book This one feels bigger than most of my 5 star reads in that every aspect of the book was so amazingly well done.ConceptCS hit me where I live with this one As someone passionate [...]

    13. Another Charlotte Stein that I enjoyed but I wish it had been longer I wanted to see and hear about these characters The last part felt a little to rushed to wrap it all up This author isn t for everyone her characters are often very strange weird and the heroine s POV and inner monologue can be overwhelming at times Normally, this would be something that would drive me nuts but for some strange reason, with this author, it just works for me.

    14. This book was a little weird from the characters to the concept Stein has an interesting way of writing that either makes or breaks a story Unfortunately for this one, it just didn t work for me.

    15. Forbidden is the second of Charlotte Stein s novels of longing and thwarted desires for Avon Impulse In the first book, Intrusion, featured two characters deeply scarred by violence whose desire is paralyzed by fear In this novel, the hero Killian is a young Irish seminarian months away from taking priestly vows when he learns of young woman held captive by her mother somewhere in the deep South, when the mother ask the priests in his Boston area seminary to perform an exorcism.Dot has spent a l [...]

    16. I ve learned to expect the unexpected from Charlotte Stein and this is another example of the quality of her imagination in creating a romance between an abused woman and the priest in training who saves her, a story unique in premise and plot I confess ha appropriate for the priest hero that I had some trouble with the first chapter, only because I am sensitive to issues of abuse in stories, and without giving away any spoilers this may also trouble other readers But I persevered and found that [...]

    17. Espresso Review of ForbiddenIn Forbidden, we meet Dorothy Dot tied to her bed in her mother s home Mommy dearest is trying to save her and believes she is possessed by the devil A priest is coming to perform an exorcism, but instead Killian appears a young man preparing to take his vows She falls for him, and he struggles as he is tested The tale took me through many emotions from sadness to anger as these characters went from trust to passion I struggled, as I needed development within the rel [...]

    18. I liked this one quite a bit, although I wasn t in love with it like the last book in the series, Intrusion I liked how nice the hero was OMG, what a nice guy And I liked that the author wrote a sheltered, somewhat naive and innocent, heroine without going all creepy with it She doesn t come off stupid and ignorant and he doesn t come off like a creep o who is attracted to her only for innocence Stein does have a unique writing style and I felt she reins it in considerably with this story, which [...]

    19. Not my favorite Stein novella, but still worth reading A young woman who has been continually abused and incarcerated by her God fearing read insane mother is rescued by a seminarian who has been called by the mother to perform an exorcism on her evil daughter Killian, the almost priest, is kind and considerate, and Dot, the young woman, knows that she d probably develop feelings for anyone who took her away from her horrific mother Killian brings Dot to Boston, where she lives with other young [...]

    20. One word review interesting an almost priest rescues a scared girl and together they discover love Well a lot of things happen, there s fire, there s a great road trip and most of all there s acceptance and nothing is forbidden any

    21. This is definitely for people who like this kink, because there isn t much else to it, and very little sex, though it is still very sexy.

    22. 2.5 stars Ok story but short 144 pages Disappointing that the rest of the book nearly 80 pages was full of extracts for other novels.

    23. The basic premise of Forbidden is that heroine Dot has been abused by her mentally ill, religiously Catholic mother for her entire life We get the idea that Dot s about 20 years old And apparently this mother has somewhere found priests willing to try exorcisms on the heroine to drive out the demon that her mother says she has It s unclear whether these were all Catholic priests or other types of religious folk I had a little trouble with this setup, mainly because exorcisms haven t been at all [...]

    24. told from Dot s POVthere is definitely some uncertainty around the whole rescuer rescued dynamic, but they manage to work through it in their own way view spoiler and I like that she manages to stand on her own in her new life and that she makes the decision to go on her own to the bus station, after the crazy old man chases her away, even though she s scared to be without Killian hide spoiler view spoiler she grew up with a crazy mother and is battered and innocent, but resilienthard to know wh [...]

    25. I always believe, in order to appreciate Charlotte Stein s book, the reader must be in a proper head space and mentally prepare themselves before embarking on the journey.Reading her book, is very much like embarking a journey, for me One rarely finish the journey completely the same Charlotte changes my head, she always does There something she does with her words that changes my brain, the way I think and the way I write It is very uniquely Charlotte, and although I sometimes don t always rate [...]

    26. In case I haven t said it enough Charlotte Stein owns my romance loving soul Forbidden is a story about a taboo romance but it s also so much Ultimately, it s about one young woman s liberation She has lived her whole life until now with others telling her what she is and who she should be Finally, now, she gets to choose for herself The main female character, Dot, has an insanely religious mother Her mother reminded me a lot of Carrie s mother in Stephen King s book Essentially, Dot s mother i [...]

    27. 2.5 stars Forbidden definitely delivered another interesting story from Charlotte Stein I m always interested in books that examine the impact of religion on sexuality, so in that respect, I liked Forbidden There were a few issues that held me up, though First, I m not sure that Dot could be so thoroughly changed in the time allotted in a novella There was just too much baggage and I m not sure someone with her background could go from thinking she would go to hell for even thinking a mildly dir [...]

    28. This is a very complex book, it s full of sadness and the torture of a young woman s soul at the hands of her insane mother, who is rescued by a man that has been working towards taking his vows as a priest Very taboo and I was trying to figure out how does this turn erotic, how is the author going to pull you into that erotic story line with such tragedy at the beginning They say I need help Another exorcism This is not new This is my life Today, I expect to suffer at the hands of a man as warp [...]

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