Forest of Wonders

Forest of Wonders

Linda Sue Park / Sep 27, 2020
Forest of Wonders Raffa Santana has always loved the mysterious Forest of Wonders For a gifted young apothecary like him every leaf could unleash a kind of magic When an injured bat crashes into Raffa s life he inven
  • Title: Forest of Wonders
  • Author: Linda Sue Park
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Raffa Santana has always loved the mysterious Forest of Wonders For a gifted young apothecary like him, every leaf could unleash a kind of magic.When an injured bat crashes into Raffa s life, he invents a cure from a rare crimson vine found deep in the forest He saves the animal, but also transforms it into something much than an ordinary bat, with far reaching consRaffa Santana has always loved the mysterious Forest of Wonders For a gifted young apothecary like him, every leaf could unleash a kind of magic.When an injured bat crashes into Raffa s life, he invents a cure from a rare crimson vine found deep in the forest He saves the animal, but also transforms it into something much than an ordinary bat, with far reaching consequences Raffa s experiments lead him to the forbidding city of Gilden, where troubling discoveries make him question who he can trustd whether botanical inventions, including his own, might actually threaten the very creatures he wants to protect.The first book in a planned trilogy, Linda Sue Park s enchanting new fantasy adventure richly explores the links between magic and botany, family and duty, environment and home.
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        Linda Sue Park is a Korean American author of children s fiction Park published her first novel, Seesaw Girl, in 1999 To date, she has written six children s novels and five picture books for younger readers Park s work achieved prominence when she received the prestigious 2002 Newbery Medal for her novel A Single Shard.


    1. Oooooooh, boy What a disappointment.Okay So this book started out great I loved the apothecary magic I liked how magical the forest in which the story took place was The characters were charming too Really, the first one hundred pages had everything that I love going for it and then as soon as I started part two, something just fell The story suddenly became boring, childish, and very preachy when it came to the environment Don t get me wrong, I believe it is good to take care of the environment [...]

    2. What a fun book for middle school YA I love Linda Sue Park s work and this book is wonderful Two apothecary families are raising sons Raffa is a natural apothecary but his cousin Garith tries hard After a remarkable trip alone to the Forest of Wonders, the boys return home with a rare herbal and to the news that both families have been invited to be official apothecaries in the city of Gilden where they will enjoy luxury housing, all meals, large pay, and the chance to work on a secret project G [...]

    3. Raffa has always had a gift for botanicals But when an attempt to save an injured bat leads him to a new discovery, the consequences stretch far wider than he could have imagined Now Raffa struggles to decide the best way forward, one that allows him to honor his training as an apothecary as well, or one where he could possibly make new discoveries .This is an engaging book whose biggest flaw is that the entire plot is obvious once past a certain point early in the story Raffa s talents make him [...]

    4. A solid fantasy, but nothing here compels me to sing praises The adventure towards the end of the book was good, but most of the story seemed to move slowly for me Botanicals and apothecary magic probably won t be a big draw for my middle schoolers.

    5. Despite starting out slow, this book kept me engaged with the complexity of the Apothecary I love the subject world the author created along with the excellent writing I suspect it would have been different if I wasn t already a fan of the author s writing.However, if you manage to get past the somewhat slow beginning it will pay off What started out as the perfect dream for Raffa slowly morphed into his worst nightmare His struggle between wanting to follow his ambitions and knowing when someth [...]

    6. This was just flat and pointless There was really no plot and the story arc that was there was incredibly weak It was honestly forgettable I finished it last night and I ve already brain dumped it The only thing cute was the talking bat.

    7. ARC provided by Young Adult Books CentralRaffa and his cousin Garith enjoy working in their parents apothecaries in their small village, even though Raffa is far talented at making potions When Raffa finds a badly injured bat, his parents discuss a vine that grows in the forest that may help The forest is dangerous, but the cousins go together and manage to find the vine The potion Raffa makes, however, has an odd side effect the bat, Echo, can talk to him His parents don t believe it, and are [...]

    8. 1.5 StarsAlthough I had much higher expectations, this book was alright The writing was average, the plot and characters predictable, and the little story it had was quite bland.It was just overall Meh It isn t a must read or highly reccomemded , but it s not the worst out there I wouldn t necessarily purchase it if you want to read it, I find it a waste of money, but if you want to see what happens then I think borrowing it or getting it from a library may be the best bet.The big problem with t [...]

    9. From the publisher The first book in a planned trilogy, Linda Sue Park s enchanting new fantasy adventure richly explores the links between magic and botany, family and duty, environment and home.Wing and Claw Book 1 Forest of Wonders, has much to recommend it The cover is gorgeous, and the main character, Raffa, is admirable and talented His cousin makes fun of him for his small size, but he is the better apothecary student.Raffa, his parents, his cousin, and his uncle live in a village and are [...]

    10. Linda Sue Park is one of my favorite authors, so I knew I needed to read this as soon as I heard about it While Park isn t known for writing fantasy, I was intrigued And I was not disappointed at all In fact, I enjoyed the book very much Raffa is training with his mother and father to be an apothecary And he seems to have a knack for it, he can in fact feel when he s gotten the portions right But his father doesn t believe in intuition and is stern and controlling which irritates Raffa Things st [...]

    11. I was pretty torn on this one It s really 2.5 stars but I couldn t quite bring the official rating up to three It was just kinda weird The first 80% of the novel was plodding, plain, and cheesy It didn t seem like events were strongly connected to each other, and there didn t seem to be an aim to the wanderings and events of Raffa, the main character In the final 20%, things really amp up and get very intense and even a bit scary, which is jarringly different from the tone of the rest of the nov [...]

    12. Raffa is unusually talented for an apprentice apothecary, but he keeps secret the fact that he can sense the right combinations for botanicals Venturing into the forest one day with his cousin to find an elusive vine plant that might heal an injured bat, Raffa is delighted when he does find it, and even delighted when the vine works with an unexpected side effect Envious of his uncle and cousin, who head off to the city for a new job with the government, Raffa is determined to warn them of some [...]

    13. This book is great for students who love fantasy, animals, and the mysteries of apothecary work I really enjoyed reading about the way the main character and his family use the Forrest of Wonders to create very interesting combinations The book kept me in suspense

    14. I hate to admit to it, but quite often I pick books entirely on cover, and this one just looks good I love stories about animals, and this one has quite a few to catch my eye The beginning of the book was probably better than the ending, if only because I dislike a first book that gives no real information as to why it exists in the first place It leaves a bit of a bad taste in what was otherwise enjoyable.What I really liked about this book was the characters Raffa was especially likable, with [...]

    15. The bat was adorable, and Raffa made very smart decisions for his age in the book Overall it is a very interesting concept and I look forward to continuing this series

    16. This book was okaaay I m not going to re read it, at least not willingly Right now we re doing SBAC testing and I can t get to the library to get another book Raffa feels a little underdeveloped, okay, very underdeveloped Garith too Trixin and Kuma are the best characters, Kuma so But Kuma s name bothers me, because Kuma is bear in Japanese I guess to most people that would be a discreet reference, but to me, that s like a big sign saying, THIS IS THE GIRL WITH THE BEAR Also, that s the name of [...]

    17. I thought this book was really good because it had magical plants that could heal, poison and stick to name a few potion abilities My favorite part of the book was when Roo swatted the sick crows, I liked that part because I could really picture the huge friendly bear protecting kuma and Raffa from the crows trying to peck out their eyes The characters had weird names like Raffa, Kuma, and Garith I also thought the little bat named Echo was so cute because he was like a small flying dog that cou [...]

    18. The Trees The LimitWing and Claw Forest of WondersBook by Linda Sue ParkBy Jin C.In a forest full of magic with exotic plants cool right People like apothecaries use them, why don t you ask Raffa about it Well Raffa Santana a.k.a baby genius a ten year old boy who always wanted to become an apothecary, using different botanicals for cures But he had a problem with his father looking over his shoulder when he is creating the simplest formulas Watching and commenting on what seemed like his every [...]

    19. Reader thoughts Cool forest Raffa actually acted like a 12 year old I liked the charm and how Raffa interacted with his parents, the botanicals, and his cousin I liked that the relationship with his cousin tried to grow it didn t get far , but at least there was effort.I didn t like the first scene, which colored the rest of the book Raffa and Garith get into a cupboard of jars that say yearnings Immediately I suspected some sort of aphrodisiac and decided it was inappropriate for a MG novel Eve [...]

    20. Raffa wants to be an apothecary and get out from under the watchful eye of his overprotective father After all, he fixed Echo the bat all by himself, didn t he But when a red vine doesn t work the way he expects, he travels to the Commons to warn his cousin and uncle There, he starts to learn about exactly how powerful plants can be, and whether he wants to use that power for good or abuse it.I think I would have enjoyed this one if I hadn t listened to it on audio I have such a short commute m [...]

    21. This book is so much than simply apothecary mixtures and family This book is about choices and decisions that will make an impact not only on the people but also the animals.I m a big fan of Linda Sue Park and I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking to read about talking animals, friendships will this be another 3 person friendship like so many other series , and standing up for what one believes is right.

    22. Linda Sue Park has been writing wonderful books for a long time and this one will rank among her best Forest of Wonders is a fabulous mix of fantasy, magic, and adventure Main character Raffa is a gifted apothecary who is far exceeding his father s skill due to a heavy dose of magical ability that is only beginning to develop That bit of magic leads him to major mishaps as well as opens doors to opportunity the likes of which his poor family has never seen Along the way, Raffa makes, loses and r [...]

    23. This delightful tale came across my path as a selection for our upcoming Parent Child book group The characters are a diverse group who are well rounded, and hint at great stories to come in future installments.

    24. This book seemed like a great start to an amazing series, but it was a little anticlimactic Almost as if half of the book is missing since it ends at the beginning of our next heroes adventure.

    25. Raffa Santana is an apothecary apprentice in a land that survived the horrible Quakes He chafes under his father s over watchful eye, as he has intuitions he can t explain that help him be an exceptional apothecary However, Da doesn t believe in intuitions It s bad enough most of the world thinks apothecaries are magicians or quacks Still, Raffa knows he has it really well He is surrounded by family that loves him, his parents, his uncle and his cousin Garith who is like a brother It seems the [...]

    26. NovemberWing and Claw Forest of WondersLinda Sue Park 12 year old Raffa loved to visit the Forest of Wonders with his ma when he had the chance to One day, he found a severely injured bat and wanted to use different combinations of botanicals to heal it He asked his Da if he could go to the Forest of Wonders with his cousin Garith to look for a special red vine that would help heal it After finding the rare vine a mysterious owl tried to attack them When Raffa tested the vine on the bat it defin [...]

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