El rithmatista

El rithmatista

Brandon Sanderson / May 26, 2020
El rithmatista M s que nada en la vida Joel quiere ser uno de los Ritualistas Elegidos en una misteriosa ceremonia estos tienen el poder de infundir vida a figuras bidimensionales y adem s son la nica defensa de
  • Title: El rithmatista
  • Author: Brandon Sanderson
  • ISBN: 9788466655866
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Tapa blanda con solapas
  • M s que nada en la vida, Joel quiere ser uno de los Ritualistas Elegidos en una misteriosa ceremonia, estos tienen el poder de infundir vida a figuras bidimensionales y, adem s, son la nica defensa de la humanidad contra unas despiadadas criaturas que amenazan todas las islas americanas dejando un reguero de cad veres a su paso.Pero cuando varios estudiantes para RitualiM s que nada en la vida, Joel quiere ser uno de los Ritualistas Elegidos en una misteriosa ceremonia, estos tienen el poder de infundir vida a figuras bidimensionales y, adem s, son la nica defensa de la humanidad contra unas despiadadas criaturas que amenazan todas las islas americanas dejando un reguero de cad veres a su paso.Pero cuando varios estudiantes para Ritualista empiezan a desaparecer, con visibles muestras de violencia f sica, Joel es designado como ayudante del profesor que investiga dichos casos De pronto, el chico se encuentra tras la pista de un descubrimiento inesperado, que cambiar su mundo para siempre
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    1. Listened to this one on audio, vainly hoping beyond hope that I might finally read a Brandon Sanderson book I don t like so I can feel better about myself as an author But no I enjoyed this book as much as any of his Good worldbuilding, just as you d expect from Sanderson And a clever, detailed magic system Good mystery surrounding the world And I really like that things aren t easy for the protagonist Everything doesn t just fall into his lap He wants things at the beginning of the book, and at [...]

    2. Brandon Sanderson just made chalk figures scary Chalk figures As in these guys Ok, admittedly they don t look like much, certainly not like man eating monsters, but after reading this, they are totally creepy Sanderson s certainly built up a well deserved reputation for writing interesting, intelligent, wildly imaginative magic systems to the point it s pretty much common knowledge in the fantasy community these days, but as The Rithmatist proves, those talents still go a long way, especially fo [...]

    3. deep sigh So, I ve read 14 full length novels and 2 novellas by Brandon Sanderson, and this is the one that didn t do it for me My one glowing positive is that, once again, Sanderson presents his readers with a fascinating magic system Think Chalk Zone with violence Rithmatists are a chosen elite, trained from a young age charged with protecting civilization by way of breathing life into mathematically intricate chalk sketches These sketches rely on the precision intent of the artist, and I rea [...]

    4. Pre read reaction, October 2011 I have only a vague idea what it s about But it s by Sanderson, so cue droning robot voice I will read it I must read it.Now If an author came to me and said I have a great idea for a magic system These guys called Rithmatists draw in chalk on the ground, and their chalk drawings have power They can draw chalklings, which can be given instructions Some chalklings can actually injure people, especially the wild chalklings Those guys are dangerous I would tell this [...]

    5. What good is having friends if they don t put you in mortal peril every once in a while I FLIPPING LOVE THIS BOOKThat s it.That s the review.

    6. Must read The Rithmatist for those who are huge fan of Sandersonhuge fan of fantasy bookschildren 10 years old teenagersadultsThe magics of Rithmatics are very strange because I haven t seen this kind of magic before The Rithmatist is an usual book I haven t read this kind of fantasy book.This book has mixtured genres fantasy, crime and mystery.My favourite characters are Joel and Melody.

    7. 4.5 stars I hope no one gets tired of hearing me say I read another Sanderson, and it was amazing because I say it a lot.The Rithmatist, while not as sophisticated as some of Sanderson s high fantasy for obvious reasons , is still one of my new favorite works from him The magic system was particularly fun to read about Rithmatists who duel one another using chalk drawings ground wards for defense, animated chalk drawings for offense ,and set in a school setting where they learn everything from g [...]

    8. 4.5 stars One of the reasons why fans of Brandon Sanderson including yours truly love him so much when he gets into a writing funk he sidetracks himself by writing something completely different from his main project and it can result in a gem like this book and YA are not my go to genre and hence, I m very selective when it comes to these books However, I have immense faith in Sanderson as he consistently churns out good, if not amazing, books I also failed to understand why he had been so regu [...]

    9. I think I should start every Sanderson review with Brandon Sanderson does it again There is a reason this guy is one of my favorite authors, he cannot disappoint.This book is all about expectations It s Sanderson s first try at YA and he did a great job making fantasy accessible to a younger audience For those who are used to Sanderson s other adult works however, this may be a disappointment The Rithmatist is a lot shorter than his other novels, with only 370 pages, large font and numerous ill [...]

    10. 4.5 5 starsI wasn t going to round up I mean not every Sanderson s book can be 5 stars, right Wrong Because when it came down to the last pages I was tearing upSo I just had to I thought that maybe because this was intended for younger readers middle to young adult it will be duller and not as interesting as his other series that I ve read so far I thought that I will read it and just think of it as a nice stand alone book I thought that there couldn t have possibly been another new and cool mag [...]

    11. After reading a bit of the initial commentary on this book, some people mentioned that maybe there was a little too much focus on the magic system Being a huge Sanderson fan, my thoughts were along the line of there s no way, his magic is THE reason I love his novels, there s literally NO way.As it turns out, there does seem to be a way, although only just a bit.The magic of The Rithmatist is as creative as ever I ve mentioned this before and I ll say it again, Sanderson s magic really takes on [...]

    12. LONG STORY SHORT THIS BOOK IS FUCKING AMAZING DON T BE STUPID PICK THIS BOOK UP REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOKThis book was fantastic Everything about this book oozes with awesomeness I mean, who would have thought chalk figures could be so menacing and scary Who Has it ever crossed your mind that chalk drawings could eat you, or worse, kill you It hasn t for me The concept just sounded so farfetched Too weird But this is Sanderson I shouldn t have doubted his ability to make something as simpl [...]

    13. I loved this book.The story was solid and the world was AMAZING So much fun to read, the characters were lovely This book is technically young adult, but it is so unique and so focused on a beautiful and well thought out world, and not romance that I forgot sometimes while reading.

    14. I don t know how Sanderson does it To come up with a whole system of Rithmatics was brilliant I didn t guess who the rogue Rithmatist was and I loved the main character Joel and his friend Melody working together Looking forward to the sequel when it finally gets released.

    15. Description begins in the writer s imagination, but should finish in the reader s Brandon Sanderson has hit a home run here in this awesome world of chalk, just sick with possibility He drops you into this world of chalk drawings that come to life, possess power and threaten the main protagonists, who also duel and defend in chalk These protagonists, the people of whom I speak, are interesting possess a depth that contradicts Sanderson s sparse prose I found it easy to connect with and care abou [...]

    16. 3.5 5 starsThis was a really enjoyable read The whole concept is so interesting a really cool take on steampunk without actually being steam punk I loved the reimagined US as islands and the whole world in general.The plot was interesting but mostly pretty predictable, Joel was an alright main character not great though, and the story, while overall interesting, just didn t have enough meat to it It was a really great concept but the actually story played out had too many pacing issues for me.Wa [...]

    17. Of course Brandon Sanderson can do no wrong and even his Young Adult books, like this one, are really worth a read He has this tremendous ability to keep creating new and fascinating worlds with equally fascinating science and magic.The Rithmatists of the title are people who can use chalk to create magic wards and creatures which can in turn be used for duelling and fighting Our main characters are Joel who is not a Rithmatist but wants to be and Melody who is one and does not care Both charact [...]

    18. Otra gran obra del escritor de Nacidos de la bruma En esta me cautiv nuevamente con un sistema de magia inteligente e innovador excelsamente desarrollado La historia comienza con un ritmo r pido pero profundo De entrada ya sab a que, una vez m s, Sanderson me iba quitar horas de sue o Y no me equivoqu El rithmatista no me dio descanso Es un relato lleno de misterio y, aunque resulte extra o, un poco de terror Siento que Sanderson pudo haber explotado mucho m s lo que cre Podr a haber hecho un li [...]

    19. 3.5 rounded up.Imagine a steampunk Hogwarts where Muggles and wizards study side by side Magicians power is derived from chalk lines and drawings that obey the maker and affect the real world.The Rithmatist tells the story of Joel, a normal guy whose greatest wish was to become a Rithmatist, a chalk wizard Since Joel was not selected to learn Rithmatism, he dedicates his time to studying as much as he can about the world that s forbidden to him Then Rithmatist students start disappearing and Joe [...]

    20. If you like YA you ll love this book If you don t you ll probably struggle It s your basic fantasy story and I ll definitely have my kids read it I liked it and the ending was multilayered and very enjoyable 3.5 s and looking forward to the sequel.

    21. Good ol Sanderson I ll be drawing chalklings and lines in my office building in the next week or so I hope nobody cares.

    22. Well, how can I put this gently it s an easy, entertaining read I certainly enjoy most things about this book all except for the chalkling things The writing is brilliant And honestly, I loved the story as a whole Just when it came to the chalklings being these big scary things that have terrorized the world, I wasn t feeling it If you took them out and replaced them with some other magical system it would have been a phenomenal story It just seemed too far fetched I just could not buy into it I [...]

    23. BR with Emma s friends D What is it with Sanderson and everything he writes The I read his books, the convinced I am he s not from this world His creativity amaze me every time If Harry Potter, CSI Sanderson and Steampunk had a baby, it wouldn t be this book but it would be a close call The Rithmatist is a very light book for Sanderson standards It s YA after all, so while the magic system and world building are perfection, the story is simple and captivating at the same time, so this will tak [...]

    24. Great fantasy It was one of the best Young Adult fantasies I have read this year Unfortunately, a couple of things kept me from rating the book as high as I would have liked.My Dislikes the world buildingFirst, the world building could have been conveyed clearly At first I thought it was complete fantasy, but once I realized it was in an alternative history setting, I thought it was in England, i.e UK It was not until the middle of the book that I finally goddamn realized it was actually New En [...]

    25. I recommend Sanderson to the nth degree N being whatever you like, because he friggin rocks This novel rocks and I m now convinced the man can t write a bad book I read it through audio, but it didn t matter The diagrams that were so essential to the action were still very clear and fascinating Again, his magic systems soar It was a near perfect win.

    26. A another mind blowing book.The Rithmatist, is a Young Adult fantasy Sanderson hits all the right notes when it comes to all the usual YA themes coming of age, the meaning of true friendship, loyalty, perseverance, and even a didactic against bullying.As expected in a Sanderson novel, the magic system is completely unique.The characters are a fun bunch to read about every one of them is unique with their distinct personalities and idiosyncrasies Sanderson does a good job here and the characters [...]

    27. Short review All you really need to know is that Brandon Sanderson wrote this.If you have read him before then you are nodding knowingly and my work here is done.If you have not, then you are missing out on one of the greatest imaginations living today Go buy a copy of Mistborn and then after you have read that and probably also binge read all his other books, return here and nod knowingly.Longer review Rithmatics definitionA magic system that uses chalk circles, lines, and drawings known as cha [...]

    28. WARNING If you are a major Sanderson fan, and can t stand reading negative feelings and thoughts about his books, you may wanna steer clear of this review I m writing it on the fly, going with whatever comes to me, and I make zero promises that it won t offend you If you re so diehard that you re a troll, find some other review space to voice your fandom I m not hating on Sanderson I loved Steelheart after all DNF at 35% This makes exactly 13 books I ve ever DNFed in my life That oughta tell you [...]

    29. The Rithmatist is being marketed as the latest Young Adult novel from fantasy author Brandon Sanderson Labels aside this book is a classy, mature novel that easily bridges the reading divide, being accessible for 10 year old readers up to senior pensioners As a novel, this fictional work takes some of the elements that make Neil Gaiman so appealing to multiple audiences and merge them with Brandon Sanderson s consistently improving style In many regards this is Brandon Sanderson s best work to d [...]

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