The Killing Club

The Killing Club

Paul Finch / Aug 07, 2020
The Killing Club Get hooked on Heck the maverick detective who knows no boundaries The perfect read for fans of Stuart Macbride and Luther DS Mark Heck Heckenburg is used to bloodbaths But nothing can prepare him for
  • Title: The Killing Club
  • Author: Paul Finch
  • ISBN: 9780007551255
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • Get hooked on Heck the maverick detective who knows no boundaries The perfect read for fans of Stuart Macbride and Luther.DS Mark Heck Heckenburg is used to bloodbaths But nothing can prepare him for this.Heck s most dangerous case to date is open again Two years ago, countless victims were found dead massacred at the hands of Britain s most terrifying gang.When brGet hooked on Heck the maverick detective who knows no boundaries The perfect read for fans of Stuart Macbride and Luther.DS Mark Heck Heckenburg is used to bloodbaths But nothing can prepare him for this.Heck s most dangerous case to date is open again Two years ago, countless victims were found dead massacred at the hands of Britain s most terrifying gang.When brutal murders start happening across the country, it s clear the gang is at work again Their victims are killed in cold blood, in broad daylight, and by any means necessary And Heck knows it won t be long before they come for him.Brace yourself as you turn the pages of a living nightmare Welcome to The Killing Club.
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        Paul Finch is a former cop and journalist, now full time writer Having originally written for the television series THE BILL plus children s animation and DOCTOR WHO audio dramas, he went on to write horror, but is now best known for his crime thriller fiction.He won the British Fantasy Award twice and the International Horror Guild Award, but since then has written two parallel series of hard hitting crime novels, the Heck and the Lucy Clayburn novels, of which three titles have become best sellers.Paul lives in Wigan, Lancashire, UK with his wife and children.


    1. Jo, je to zase ak n smr Jo, je to m sty trochu p ita en za vlasy Jo, hlavn hrdina po d d l nesnesiteln blbosti Ale v te co J Paula Finche i jeho Marka Heckenburga miluju s ka d m d lem v c a v c A tohle bylo jednodu e bo.Recenze thebooktalkblog 20

    2. As much as I love Heck and Paul Finch s writing style this stroy has lost me somewhere around the middle I can t even pin point where it lost me, but, I m sorry to say it did Maybe it was just a bit too much Too much mess, too many conspiracies, too many bent people, too many lucky breaks for Heck, too many running and too many chasing It felt as though I was running all the way through the book It was exhausting Heck was still the guy who s gut instincts prove to be right, who catches a lucky b [...]

    3. I read Stalkers a while back and fell in love with the crazy maverick cop, Heck Heck is a fantastic character There is just something about him, that is special I want him to go off on his own and get the baddies, with bullets flying in all directions Who needs an entire police force, when you have Heck In The Killing Club Heck is following the trail of Mad Mike Silver aka Rochester, who has been sprung from jail by the Nice Guys Club We met the Nice Guys in Stalkers and they weren t very nice T [...]

    4. I say it every time I read this series Heck s escapades are like a 21st century Boy s Own adventure Mr Finch has done an excellent job in this, his best yet, novel Once again the Nice Guys have reared their ugly heads and instead of keeping a low profile as they did in Stalkers they are murdering their way across the country with Heck on their heels despite his superiors efforts to keep him off the case I cannot recommend this book too highly It has an engaging protagonist, almost continual high [...]

    5. So HookedonHeckPaul Finch is back with The Killing Club as his follow up to Stalkers and oh my God what a follow up This is fast paced high intensity crime thriller that ticks all the boxes and as DS Heckenburg tears up and down the country as everyone falls around him If you are looking for that page turner this is it As you near the end of the book you want to slow down to make it last but there is that urging that you really need to know what happens and who will make it through to the end T [...]

    6. At first I was slightly disappointed as I soon realised this was the third in a series Never the less I tried it and two hours later I broke off reading long enough to order the first two What a book this is It reminded me so much of watching Die Hard the first time, dishevelled, maverick cop going up against a team of highly trained and sadistic mercenaries The action just does not let up As I said I hadn t read the first in the series and this is very much a follow on from that book but it rea [...]

    7. This is the latest in a series about super sergeant of the SCU, Mark Heckenburg There is action extraordinaire with explosions and big guns and the baddest group of bad guys who graphically commit mayhem in almost Superhero comic proportions Finch writes with great detail but it works to produce a cinema like extravaganza of action and crime solving on the page A bit lengthy but fun with a teaser ending Consider me a fan.Provided by publisher.

    8. I picked this book up in my local library I had never read any of this author before Even though the story has already begun and this is follow on you don t need to have read the previous book the author kindly gives the backstory without going into too much detail I enjoyed the characters and it was very fast paced storyline its bit like 007 surviving the punches the numerous falls, near death escapes from the bad guys but yet Detective Heck is quite likeable and you feel that he could be a rea [...]

    9. Also reviewed on my blog bookaddictshaunWow, this was a rollercoaster of a read and then some You know all those old cliches, heart stopping, edge of your seat etc, all of them apply here I thought Stalkers and Sacrifice were good but Paul has surpassed himself with this book I predict that this will be one of my favourite crime fiction books of 2014 I am still reeling after finishing it and my heart has only just resumed its normal rhythm The last 150 or so pages are some of the most enjoyable [...]

    10. Really enjoyed the first two books, and the first two thirds of this one However, the last third read like a Die Hard script, with Bruce Willis, aka Heck, taking on a whole raft of highly trained, ex special ops soldiers It became a little too far fetched for me, but it was still quite enjoyable, if becoming totally implausible The writing moves along at a decent pace, and there s always something happening, but that s not enough for me to rate it above three stars.

    11. Za m jednozna n nejslab ze s rie Ani britsky hollywoodsk ak n z v r, kde si v ichni hraj na supermany to nedok zal zachr nit Ale po d jde o dost slu n na lapanou detektivku, kde ani ten nejkladn j dobr k nerespektuje pravidla Snad se p t Finch zase vyt hne, tak jak to um

    12. Another enjoyable book from Paul Finch I love the damaged Mark Heckenburg as the main character The pace is good and the way it s written provides an easy reading thriller that will keep you hooked This follows on from Stalkers and definitely need to be read in order to get the most from it

    13. This novel has to be one of the best books that we have read this year The main protagonist, Heck , has his strength of character truly tested in this fast paced, gritty thriller It has all the components of first class crime thriller fiction.

    14. This is part of the DS Mark Heckenburg series a follow up to Stalkers In that book, Heck Co cracked a case involving the Nice Guys , a misnomer if there ever was one A group of trained mercenaries ran a rape for hire business catering to men with money than morals For a whack of cash, the NG s would snatch the woman of your choice provide a secure space for you to have your depraved way with them They also handled clean up.When the smoke cleared, only ringleader Peter Rochester ended up in pris [...]

    15. Paul Finch s series of books featuring DS Mark Heckenburg otherwise known as Heck started with book one featuring a nasty bunch of killers named The Nice Guys The Nice Guys were a horrific bunch of people who ran a rape for hire business catering to the most sadistic of men In the first of the series entitled Stalkers only one person ended up being behind bars and that was Peter Rochester Between Heck s boss DS Gemma Piper and the lead guy Frank Tasker, part of the Serious Crime Unit they are de [...]

    16. In a previous outing, Stalkers, Detective Sergeant Mark Heck Heckenburg nearly took down The Nice Guys, a vicious gang operating an international rape club For a hefty fee, the Nice Guys kidnap women to order Each client can then do anything he wishes to the woman before the Nice Guys clean up the mess afterwards The club s dangerous ringleader Peter Rochester AKA Mad Mike Silver was arrested and imprisoned but, after suffering a heart attack, he s being transferred to a hospital for treatment w [...]

    17. I love Heck, and this could have been a great book if the last third of the book wasn t so daft and ridiculously far fetched Heck must be super human, he hasn t just got 9 lives, he s got about 900

    18. ARC received from NetgalleyRating 4 Cover YayPOV 3rd PersonOne Sentence Summary Detective Heckenburg has to catch a serial killing gang before it kills himNegatives For the first third of the book I had the distinct feeling that I had come into the story halfway and it was then that I realised that this book indeed was a follow up to the events that had occurred in Book 1 of the Heck series Whilst I am usually quite pedantic about reading a series from start to finish, I have read quite a few go [...]

    19. Thanks to Net Galley for the advance copy Released 22nd May 2014The Killing Club is the 3rd instalment in the Mark Heck Heckenburg series This book follows on from the events of the first book in the series, Stalkers Somehow I missed the first book and have only read the second, so I felt I was missing quite a lot by not reading Stalkers first However it wasn t an impossible task as everything is recapped throughout the book so everything you need to know is explained I just wish I d read the bo [...]

    20. This was the third book in a series and since I had not read any of the others I did think I d have problems picking this up but the book can easily stand alone and I did not feel at a disadvantage having not read the other two books.Strong characters and a good plot made this an enjoyable read pacy in all the right places I trafficked through at high speed I loved the gritty realism of the storyline, the flaws that made the characters realistic and the relentlessness of Heck in pursuing these [...]

    21. I decided to read a book that differs to my usual reading style, and I m so glad I did For anyone interested in reading a thriller crime book, I would suggest this one The plot line is really interesting and enticing, you want to know about what s happening The characters were hold up a second genuine people They were realistic in the sense of humanity and I felt the way the gang in the book was portrayed is how they are revealed on the news and the disgusting acts they commit Heck is a brillia [...]

    22. Found this book in a bus, with it s discount sticker tattered and halfway peeled of While I reached my stop it took my interest as it was repetitively well written, also I was bored and had to fill time with something Later that evening when I resumed reading it it dawned on me that I don t really know what I ve got myself into is it a over the top thriller about a tough cop who plays it loose and fast, reminiscent of 80 s movies Or was it a smart satire of this kind of books, filled with delibe [...]

    23. In Stalkers , Paul Finch s first Mark Heckenburg novel which I confess I never read, we were introduced to the depraved rapist murderers known as the Nice Guys On that occasion, Heck vanquished them and ensured that their leader, Mad Mike Silver, was sent to prison for a life term But now Silver has broken out in a carefully constructed escape bid in which several police officers were killed and suddenly Heck realises that taking him out, for good this time, is the number one item on the Nice Gu [...]

    24. This book was awesome Mark Heckenburg is not the usual methodical detective He takes risks and doesn t care what authority he s under Not the luckiest man alive but hey common man isn t lucky like they show in movies He works hard and does shit like no one else Respect The book is fast paced and you don t want to keep the book down There is no time to even talk about romance Pure action The killings are brutal without usual elements and Paul Finch really captures the emotion and the issues in a [...]

    25. Way to go Heck Another roller coaster ride of a book that carries on from the previous story The Nice Guys although they re not very nice are back and Heck is not to be involved in the case Of course he sees things that nobody else does and becomes a target himself so he has no choice but to become involved, to the eternal frustration of his bosses So ensues a deadly game of cat and mouse Heck doesn t know who to trust, his own colleagues appear out to get him along with the nice guys But Heck n [...]

    26. Perhaps I needed to read Stalkers first, but am struggling with this whole nice guys idea I don t know how they came about with this nickname but it doesn t work for me Perhaps police should have come up with a apt name like the Killing Club but, like I said, I don t know where it originated Heck, the hero, is driving me nuts, too, with his obsession at breaking the rules after being given strict orders from the top brass There are plenty of characters like him but I wish he was coloured in a b [...]

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