My Beautiful Disaster

My Beautiful Disaster

Michelle Buckman Mary Sharp / Aug 07, 2020
My Beautiful Disaster When Dixie catches the eye of Vince she s in heaven She thinks it s love at first sight and there s nothing she wants than to be Vince s girl no matter what it takes until his nice guy fa ade slips
  • Title: My Beautiful Disaster
  • Author: Michelle Buckman Mary Sharp
  • ISBN: 9781600060830
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Dixie catches the eye of Vince, she s in heaven She thinks it s love at first sight, and there s nothing she wants than to be Vince s girl, no matter what it takes until his nice guy fa ade slips away.
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      152 Michelle Buckman Mary Sharp
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        My writing journey began in my youth Although born in New York, most of my childhood was spent in Ontario, Canada, and many long winter nights were spent reading an abundence of novels and penning tales My family moved to North Carolina while I was a teenybopper, which was a great relief for me I d had enough cold to last me a lifetime In my new home, I discovered the peace of spending afternoons walking the endless Carolina beaches With over half my life lived in the south, I have discovered the advantage of writing like a southerner from an outsider s point of view.Although I never lost my zest for writing stories and poetry, I studied computer programming in college because it seemed practical than a degree in English, but when my son was six weeks old, I quit my day job and turned computer programming into what I loved best writing, beginning with computer software manuals that I could write at home Eventually I expanded my writing into freelance writing for trade magazines, then, in my free time between non fiction assignments, birthing four daughters, potty training, and soccer games, I returned to my truelove fiction.


    1. I m not entirely sure why I kept reading this book because I really, really didn t like it I should learn my lesson stop downloading free books from Kindle and just stick to the ones that you want to read This book was nothing but a book preaching holier than thou morals Christian fiction is fine it is just when it becomes so completely sself righteous that I just can t stand Even the church that the main character attended wasn t loving or accepting of her predicament I m going to stay away fro [...]

    2. Review by Jill WilliamsonDixie didn t used to be popular But when she got the chance to hang out with Heather and Tammy a few years back, she jumped at the chance Ever since she s been a part of the in crowd The girls who matter Her life is filled with shopping, parties, and gossip She might have to bend the rules every now and then, but that s just the cost of cool, right At least that s what Dixie tells herself when Heather and Tammy talk her into getting a fake ID The girls sneak into a bar t [...]

    3. This was the cutist book i have read in a long time Michelle Buckman made it an extremely easy read that you cannot put down no matter how hard you try.In it, Dixie Chambers is a senior at high school Everything was good for her she was a social success and had good grades This is until a friend takes her to a band rehersal that she watches, gets caught up in and then persuades her brother to join against his will She takes and liking to the main guitarist in the band and he seems to like her ba [...]

    4. This sequel to Maggie Come Lately is a fairly well written book that has a boring beginning but eventually drew me into the narrator s world and problems to become a thoughtful exploration of the tribulations of teenage passion and pregnancy When I had to interrupt my reading, I couldn t wait to get back to my book to see what was happening with Dixie, but I undoubtedly would have enjoyed it had I read the first book I loved the human elements of the story but was bothered by sloppy grammar tha [...]

    5. This book read like an after school special but despite the average writing and poor editing in some spots the book still had a good message I also thought the voice of Dixie was well written and believable I definitely think that it would be good for young teens to read and discuss with their parents They might roll their eyes and think it won t happen to them but it will give them food for thought.

    6. I enjoyed this book It reads as though your best friend is telling you her story Whether or not readers agree with all the decisions the main character makes or has made, they can appreciate her internal struggles If I were a teen female on the verge of a relationship, this story would certainly make me think.

    7. Great read Michelle Buckman did it again Dixie is a very smart and bright student until she falls in love with a bad boy Everything changes for her when she thinks she knows what is best for her.A story that can be any real person out there.A life changing experience.Great job Well done.

    8. If I could make this zero stars, I would I don t even know where to begin I ll just say it was horrid in almost any way you could imagine I honestly just skipped through 75% of the book just to see if my predictions about where the story was going were rightd they were Just UGH.

    9. Free for the Kindle for a reason It s one long morality story with the message OMG IF YOU HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE YOUR LIFE IS OVER For some reason I kept reading it though, I skimmed a lot of the preaching which is a LOT.

    10. One of those morality Christian books but I read the first one Maggie come lately so was already attached to the characters This one is about a teen pregnancy.

    11. I found most of the characters judgmental, obnoxious and overall annoying The book towards the end got a little bit too preachy for my taste.

    12. This book was so bad that I literally gave up on it and skimmed to the end It was definitely free for a reason.

    13. The story of a teenager who becomes pregnant after an ill conceived heh affair with a boy in a band Preachy and not particularly nuanced Meh.

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