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Crossfire Caught in the CrossfireA human colony settles on a distant planet a colony formed by Jake Holman a man trying to escape a dark past But as this diverse group of thousands comes to terms with their ne
  • Title: Crossfire
  • Author: Nancy Kress
  • ISBN: 9780765343895
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Caught in the CrossfireA human colony settles on a distant planet, a colony formed by Jake Holman a man trying to escape a dark past But as this diverse group of thousands comes to terms with their new lives on a new world, they make a startling discovery primitive humanoid aliens There are only a few isolated villages, and the evidence seems to indicate they aren t nCaught in the CrossfireA human colony settles on a distant planet, a colony formed by Jake Holman a man trying to escape a dark past But as this diverse group of thousands comes to terms with their new lives on a new world, they make a startling discovery primitive humanoid aliens There are only a few isolated villages, and the evidence seems to indicate they aren t native to the planet despite the aliens living in thatched huts and possessing only primitive tools When a handful of human colonists finally learn the truth, they will face the toughest decision of their lives, a decision that could determine not just the fate of their new home, but the fate of all humanity.
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        Nancy Kress is an American science fiction writer She began writing in 1976 but has achieved her greatest notice since the publication of her Hugo and Nebula winning 1991 novella Beggars in Spain which was later expanded into a novel with the same title In addition to her novels, Kress has written numerous short stories and is a regular columnist for Writer s Digest She is a regular at Clarion writing workshops and at The Writers Center in Bethesda, Maryland During the Winter of 2008 09, Nancy Kress is the Picador Guest Professor for Literature at the University of Leipzig s Institute for American Studies in Leipzig, Germany.Excerpted from.


    1. This is a book in the, New Human Colony Meets Disaster, genre As this is Nancy Kress, the science is right up there The Disaster in this case is getting caught in the cross fire between two alien races.There is no hyperdrive here Travel between the stars is done relativistically, making most interstellar travel a one way trip with regards to those left behind This allows interstellar wars to last for centuries.An interesting feature of the writing of this book is that it doesn t hit you over the [...]

    2. A privately held spaceship leaves Earth, full of thousands of rich eccentrics, scientists, members of religious and ethnic groups and others who have all paid for a chance to start again on another planet But just as they re setting up, they find a complication there are aliens already on the planet And soon they discover they ve stumbled upon a war between two races and forced to make moral choices that no one should be forced to make.This book left me with mixed feelings, because there were so [...]

    3. This is science fiction in its truest sense what carries you along are the ideas and possibilities, and Kress s conception of what true aliens might be like ia fascinating The book s main drawback is that it does not have a single sympathetic character you have the sanctimonious religious leader, his bitchy daughter, the dishonest leader with the dark secret, and his cold business partner Nevertheless, I kept reading both because I wanted to find out what happened, and because I wanted to find o [...]

    4. In the not too distant future not next Tuesday, but probably not a thousand years from now, either , Earth has established a few extrasolar colonies on Earth like worlds The Mira Corporation is launching the first privately funded colonization effort, six thousand colonists in total, comprising a number of groups with quite different goals the New Quakers, the deposed Saudi royal family and their followers, a large extended family of scientists and technologists who believe Earth is on the verge [...]

    5. In Crossfire, a misfit band of humans humans that can pay their share of the journey leave the turmoil of Earth to settle on a distant planet, called Greentrees Once there, they find sentient aliens aliens who weren t there the first time they checked And from that premise, Kress weaves a complicated story of pacifism, violence, and human nature, as represented by the plantlike Vines and the vaguely mammalian Furries The book works reasonably well on both a thematic and plot level, with a cast o [...]

    6. HM Maybe I m not made for this kind of SciFi I really enjoyed Probability Space , despite not having read its previous volumes, but I didn t connect to any of the characters in Crossfire , nor did I care much about the story It was good and interesting in the beginning, but then I lost interest in the characters and their conflicts.Also, I noticed half way through, it felt too constructed, as in, the plot twists didn t come that surprising and the conflicts felt calculated That did take all the [...]

    7. The adventurous story of a group of humans who set out to colonise a far away planet that turns out to be not as empty of sentient life as expected They end up encountering two different species of aliens, both fascinating and terrifying in their own ways, and they get caught up in a centuries long war, forced to take sides while their own lives and their new colony are at risk of destruction, in a difficult balance between negotiation techniques, respect for all living beings, self preservation [...]

    8. The Earth is crumbling under wars and environmental damage Some people want to leave it The Mira Corporation has built a ship which will take humans to an alien planet which should be able to sustain human life Various groups have bought their way into the ship a group of international scientists, a group of people who want to return to nature and are calling themselves Cheyenne although they re not Native Americans , a group of New Quakers who can t stand the violence on Earth, a group of Chine [...]

    9. You can read the story synopsis elsewhere the book blurb or other reviews I just want to add my quick gut reactionMeh It was OK.WellOK, I ll give some details on that reaction.I was drawn into the story up until the point where the title conflict became apparent when we find the humans caught in the metaphoric crossfire between two alien races By that point the characters had begun showing their flaws Or rather the flawed writing of character became clear I don t know Kress s works Others say sh [...]

    10. Scroll down for the English version.Storia complessa un po troppo riassunta La Kress ha una fantasia galoppante e degli spunti narrativi veramente intriganti, ma leggendo questo libro in pi punti ho avuto la sensazione di trovarmi davanti ad un bozza di un romanzo pi che ad un romanzo vero e proprio.In alcuni passaggi l autrice sceglie di riassumerci quanto accade senza farcelo vedere, oppure liquida con una frase avvenimenti complicati senza spiegarci come i personaggi abbiano fatto a fare cert [...]

    11. First you should know this is a two book pair Crossfire and Crucible.I really wanted to like these books But I didn t In the end, I didn t care about either of the two alien species nor the humans either, for that matter.It s tough to write about aliens and do a conscientious job They re so different.The vines are a one trick pony er alien The furs are also trivial, with one ambiguous exception at the end so they have, let s say one and a half tricks The humans have complexity, but they re idio [...]

    12. Having liked her most recent so much, I decided to try another This was okay A group of a couple thousand humans set off for a far away planet called Greentrees This private venture consists of the partners who made it happen, a group of New Quakers, one thousand Cheyenne, Chinese refugees, a deposed Saudi Prince and his retinue, and many Earth in this near future is suffering the effects of industrialization and climate change as governments fall in the face of natural disasters and economic c [...]

    13. Ein Raumschiff mit Auswanderern fliegt von der Erde zu einem fremden Stern, um dort eine Kolonie zu bilden Allerdings stellen sie bald fest, da sie dort nicht allein sind, und die Ereignisse berschlagen sichSoweit die ultrakurze nicht spoilernde Zusammenfassung der Geschichte Die Auswanderer sind ein ziemlich gemischter Haufen, was auch ohne die Au erirdischen schon zu einigen Problemen und Schwierigkeiten f hrt Ein Gro teil der Story beruht auch tats chlich auf den verschiedenen Charakteren und [...]

    14. I had thought when I read this that it was one of Kress older works, but it s newer than her Beggars in series I m not sure whether I would have felt differently about it if I d known that as I was reading.A ship takes off to colonize a supposedly uninhabited planet light years from earth Once there, the humans encounter not one but two sentient alien races That doesn t sound like much that s new, but as usual, Kress fills her story with complicated and interesting characters, and the decisions [...]

    15. Mouais, bof Pour tre parfaitement honn te, on ne peut pas dire que je sois fan Un univers qui manque sacr ment de saveur par rapport mes lectures habituelles, qui certes sont plut t du genre fantasy, mais dont les auteurs ont l ind niable m rite de savoir cr er tout un univers L , ce n est pas que l histoire n est pas int ressante, ni que les personnages ne sont pas relativement bien foutus, c est juste que l ensemble manque de coh sion For tverte aurait pu tre l occasion de cr er tout un monde, [...]

    16. This book had a lot of things going for it in concept but just hit me the wrong way in execution It has group of people living on the frontier but doesn t concern itself with those conflicts overmuch It has an interstellar conflict but, for all it s supposed gravitas, we go from introduction to total victory in about half the book There are strange aliens lovingly described but it was interminable to someone who has come across these types of ideas many times before Like I said at the start, I w [...]

    17. This book is quite interesting however I was a bit lost at times in the beginning of the book there are many characters that get names amd back stories and there are so many that I loose track of them it turns out later that most of the people are non starters so you can ignore them.There are some interesting physics concepts explored including a fancy space drive The gravity plate idea is flawed and this really stuck in my mind and stopped me from ejoying many of the technical descriptions At s [...]

    18. Kress is a master at blending interesting characters with intricate stories This is no exception, although it felt a bit overdone By the end, I was tired of story and didn t care too much about personality resolutions With fewer than 20 pages left, I set the book aside and forgot about it for a couple of days, then it was oh, yeah finish that.The story is the settling of Greentrees Crucible is the sequel and the first horrific interaction with aliens Interestingly, I read a Kress short story tha [...]

    19. A mixed ideological group of humans forms a colony on a distant planet, escaping an ecologically endangered and politically divided Earth They soon discover someone is already living on their new world but they aren t indigenous They also aren t normal No spoilers, but the humans become caught in the middle of an interstellar war between two species, one of peaceful, sentient plants, and the other far too disturbingly like themselves.This novel is certainly engaging but the alien species and the [...]

    20. Not bad, but not great either.The story starts slowly with a ship leaving to colonize a distant world We get to know some of the people while on the ship, then they arrive and start building their home, and in the meantime not much happens A few mildly curious things take place It isn t until the second half of the book that there s actually some drama.Then the characters decision made me want to put the book down and give up on them entirely I did t and finished reading and in the end it wasn t [...]

    21. Really well written sci fi with believable characters, problems and technology The story makes sense all the way through, is well paced and keeps you interested, and the final resolution ties everything up in a satisfying way while still leaving you with a sense of how things might go in future The problems encountered along the way are solved or not in plausible ways that fit with the established characters, and it never feels like anything is thrown in out of nowhere as a convenient way to kee [...]

    22. Rating this one proved a little difficult for me because I liked the characters I thought they were well developed but there are so many tangent storylines and so many factors to the main storyline that I think this book tries to do a lot and cover a wide range of issues, but really fails to make sense of any of them Nevertheless, if you put your suspension of disbelief in place, this was a fun adventure sci fi aliens read.

    23. CROSSFIRE and CRUCIBLE by NANCY KRESS Two books of a series with humans on a distant planet intersect with two warring alien species One species, the Furs, is normally an agressive species but has been genetically modified by the other species, the Vines, who are unlike any other species encountered by humans The Vine biology, means of communication and biotechnology are quite different from that represented in most SciFi stories.

    24. Very cool This is what sci fi is supposed to do use fantastic ideas to stimulate the imagination while giving insight into the human condition Great characters, unique plot There are some imperfections A few spots seemed to skip time, making me think I d accidentally flipped an extra page There s some glossing over of problems in order to move the plot along The ending is good but not great All in all a great read.

    25. Very successful example of the First Contact type science fiction novel Characters were believable but underdeveloped, especially Jake, the nominal commander Constant uncertainty about where the threats are coming from is exciting at first but wears after a while I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone who s already under a lot of stress What makes it worthwhile are the ideas and the moral dilemmas the characters must confront.

    26. I think I would make a good Vine Sitting in the sun in silence and thinking about stuffSitting between it was ok and I liked it It had parts that tickled my brain, but on the other hand I found most of the characters difficult to connect with and both the Vines and the Furs to be rather sparsely developed Not a bad book, but I think it could have done with the premise The moral conundrums were interesting though and that thread of the story had some unexpected twists.

    27. I found it engrossing because the characters weren t plastic or shallow They made mistakes, they confused themselves or each other, they fell into traps and solutions I could not tell whether the author was implicating certain religions or praising them.Perhaps the real statement is that a combination of motivations and skills is necessary to survive As well as some straight instruction following and some ability to resist all that.

    28. 4.5 starsWhat I liked best about this book was the depiction of human s first contact with aliens They are truly different from us, and the book explores some of the tricky moral decisions that could come from this eventuality.I didn t always like the characters as people or as part of the book, which is the reason I didn t give it 5 stars.I read this book as part of a bundle at storybundle scifi

    29. Nancy Kress covers no new territory here a colony isolated from Earth by time dilation, intelligent aliens at war, cool technology and biotechnology, and resourceful but flawed main characters who are quick witted enough to seize at least a temporary advantage I give it five stars because it kept me eager to see what happened next, and I actually cared about the characters though I didn t trust any of them I was actually disappointed when I realized there were only two books in the series.

    30. A classic human alien interaction story with a modern update Kress handles the initial interaction between Vines, Furs and humans Who is good and who is bad still needs to be answered The human colony on Greentrees has Quakers, Cheyennes, Arabs and Chinese as an interesting mix And every human has a back story.

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