Details, Details, Details

Details, Details, Details

Odette C. Bell / Aug 09, 2020
Details Details Details A story that crosses genres from mythology to romance Details Details Details is the first book in the Modern Gods Series Yes she s a goddess And oh yes he is most certainly a god You can tell f
  • Title: Details, Details, Details
  • Author: Odette C. Bell
  • ISBN: 9781466043213
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook
  • A story that crosses genres from mythology to romance, Details, Details, Details is the first book in the Modern Gods Series.Yes, she s a goddess And, oh yes, he is most certainly a god You can tell from the fact he marches around in glinting armour, picking fights with titans and picking up divine broads But she didn t sign up for this Sea monsters, kidnappings, evA story that crosses genres from mythology to romance, Details, Details, Details is the first book in the Modern Gods Series.Yes, she s a goddess And, oh yes, he is most certainly a god You can tell from the fact he marches around in glinting armour, picking fights with titans and picking up divine broads But she didn t sign up for this Sea monsters, kidnappings, evil plots, and the end of the world Are you kidding She spends most nights reading the weather report and icing cupcakes.It is all his fault.
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    1. This was a wonderful book It had so much humor in it, and the imagination Bell had in conceiving this book, developing the characters brought this book to life I enjoyed how the all the various mythical 3 Pantheons were involved It made for interesting character development Zeus Thor Jupiter was hilarious I loved watching his character evolve, and how he constantly managed to get under Detail s skin I was chucking out loud at some of their interactions They were hilarious The other Gods were so [...]

    2. I ll go 3.5 on this one Right, then1 I like this modern take on mythology.2 I like that Roman, Greek, and Nordic mythology were all blended.3 It s neat that there are gods and goddesses for EVERYTHING Officana, the goddess of details Cool.4 About 1 3 of the way in, I learned to liked Thor Jupiter Zeus The interpretations on their his appearance was funny 5 This needed to be EDITED AGAIN A lot of typos and I had sections with weird symbols in place of letters and whatnot I m sure it has something [...]

    3. This book just about rocked my socks off It is a wonderful blend of mythology and existentialism It is very evocative with its ideas of freewill vs destiny and belief vs fact The title is on the mark with how full the book truly is There was not a scene that the words failed to paint for me And while the details were thorough, I still felt as though my own imagination was able to forge its own trails as well This story kept me thinking, both on the characters and the ideas that were laid out Off [...]

    4. This was fun than I was expecting, light hearted and witty without being frivolous The characterization of some classic gods was honest and clearly researched though some details seemed to ring false My major complaint would be that the ebook version I read was full of misspellings, clearly a sharp eyed editor was replaced with a spell check program Thrown and Throne are both real words, but only one can be sat upon.

    5. I really liked the storywhen I could get into it I kept telling myself that when the protagonist s attention got snagged by a dust mote as it seemed to do a lot it was simply her nature After she started to understand the big picture , it seemed to me that we got stuck in a kind of an endless loop of metaphysical explanation.On the other hand, she evolved and I really liked that She had understandable concerns and motives I really liked that her beginning aspect was a clear dimension of her fina [...]

    6. I loved this book I had a little trouble in one tiny section of the book with a format problem but the book was so good, I ignored it After reading a few of Ms Bell s books, it is difficult to find new words to describe her and her books I would love to have a mind as creative as hers This one has definitely made her one of my favorites Officina is a minor goddess of details and facts She loves details and can get lost for hours in them It is, after all, what gives her power Her job is to grant, [...]

    7. I m glad I picked this book up I did so because the description soused slightly cheeky and what I got was entirely different than expected.Ultimately, this book was an exploration of how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how those perspectives both bind and free each other It s really heavy on philosophy and psychology, but in a very entertaining story package But then, that s in keeping with the tradition if mythology, right The fable is an entertaining allegory for some lesson or demons [...]

    8. the blur doesn t give much away, so I read some reviews and they all seem good, so ploughed right in about a third of the way through, I began to wonder whether I was reading the same book as the reviews.Details is the god of details and facts and she keeps getting attacked by sea monsters and Loki keeps kidnapping her.Thor Jupiter Zeus all the same person, different God personas is tasked with finding out why Loki wants her and how to stop himd it turns out, Details is not who she thinks she is [...]

    9. I wasn t really sure what to expect going in a modern tale told using classical mythological figures I did find the divine characters interesting and engaging, and the imagination behind the entire book was fantastic It was laugh out loud funny at times, and the author clearly has a talent for writing as she talks thinks However please, please edit this book for typos I would be pulled into a scene, only to trip up on an autocorrect word or so that pulled me right back down to earth Additional e [...]

    10. I give this 3 1 2 to 4 stars I can t quite make up my mind Mostly it was a clean book, but it bothered me when it overused god jokes It was a little too detailed which you get from the name, but just had me wishing it would get on with the story in some places Also, it could use some editing I absolutely loved the main characters and how they interacted with each other though, Thor did get on my nerves with how arrogant and insincitive he was at times, but the author wrote his character well Th [...]

    11. This book had all the makings of a great novel but somehow managed to fall short for me It depended so heavily in details that I literally felt myself get lost in all the fluff I skimmed entire paragraphs out of simple boredom I just could not force myself to read all the constant bluster of everything How Dione before knowing she was Dione had to simply explain everything ad nauseam again and again was beyond me And I know that, in the end, her love with Thor Jupiter Zeus Deus was supposed to b [...]

    12. Details, indeed I loved it Yes, it was philosophical, but it also had action and humor I had a lot of LOL moments, especially when it involved Thor and Zeus but when Jupiter came around, it became a bit serious but still I pressed on because I wanted to see who Details was And the story was right, I was one of those that had indeed forgotten her Or maybe I never knew her to begin with I love mythology, Norse especially, but I haven t read everything about itill discovering myths and gods godde [...]

    13. I really liked this one, there is something about this author and the way she writes that makes me really enjoy the books whilst reading There s just something different about it Dand the mythology in this book is done with a twist, which i always enjoy seeing unfold view spoiler I have to say I enjoy the Thor persona most of the three, but I m glad it all works out wonderfully in the end hide spoiler

    14. I don t usually write reviews but this was a free Kobo ebook and the plot story was wonderful I feel the need to explain the 2 stars The story was fun but it needs an honest to god edit A digital edit and a literary, publisher s edit I think this is a self published book but if pared down a tad might get some attention I found 2 Klingon garbled sections but skipped over them no problems, very wordy

    15. This was the first book I ever really read about gods and goddesses, besides reading the run of the mill myths in high school Mythology It was very interesting to see the personalities the author placed with the recognizable gods and goddesses of the Greek, Roman and Nordic myths I enjoyed the story line and the author s writing style It definitely kept me hooked and I really couldn t put it down Upside, this book and all of her other 1st in a series books are free on iBooks

    16. This was an amazingly intricate novel With a major deity that has a personality problem, and a goddess who though she knew herself until she was proven wrong, and a plot to bring down Ragnarok, this story is so full of action and adventure that you won t be able to put it down Add in a hint of romance, and you have the perfect story.

    17. I absolutely enjoyed this book The love hate and love to hate between Officina and Thor Jupiter Zeus was brilliantly written I was completely enthralled with the imagination and creativity Bell used to re illustrate the myths and legends of old The laughs were plentiful God of Knit Wear LOL A thoroughly entertaining read.

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It s long, but a good read Officina is the minor Goddess of Details and Facts and works as an immigration officer, preventing gods from wrecking havoc on Earth However, someone is now after her, and it may be than a grudge at a rejected visa.

    19. A hard readI really enjoyed this book as it brings all the facets of the different versions of the gods to light I bought the book years ago but could never really get into I always got stuck in chapter 1 This time I pushed through and found an enjoyable, captivating read.

    20. This was a rollicking good read I loved Details and her reaction every time she came within a certain god s presence Very fun and would love to read another.

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