Northanger Abbey and Persuasion

Northanger Abbey and Persuasion

Jane Austen Robert William Chapman / Aug 06, 2020
Northanger Abbey and Persuasion This is part of a complete set of Jane Austen s novels collating the editions published during the author s lifetime and previously unpublished manuscripts The books are illustrated with th century
  • Title: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion
  • Author: Jane Austen Robert William Chapman
  • ISBN: 9780192547057
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is part of a complete set of Jane Austen s novels collating the editions published during the author s lifetime and previously unpublished manuscripts The books are illustrated with 19th century plates and incorporate revisions by experts in the light of subsequent research.
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        Jane Austen was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction, set among the landed gentry, earned her a place as one of the most widely read writers in English literature, her realism and biting social commentary cementing her historical importance among scholars and critics.Austen lived her entire life as part of a close knit family located on the lower fringes of the English landed gentry She was educated primarily by her father and older brothers as well as through her own reading The steadfast support of her family was critical to her development as a professional writer Her artistic apprenticeship lasted from her teenage years until she was about 35 years old During this period, she experimented with various literary forms, including the epistolary novel which she tried then abandoned, and wrote and extensively revised three major novels and began a fourth From 1811 until 1816, with the release of Sense and Sensibility 1811 , Pride and Prejudice 1813 , Mansfield Park 1814 and Emma 1815 , she achieved success as a published writer She wrote two additional novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, both published posthumously in 1818, and began a third, which was eventually titled Sanditon, but died before completing it.Austen s works critique the novels of sensibility of the second half of the 18th century and are part of the transition to 19th century realism Her plots, though fundamentally comic, highlight the dependence of women on marriage to secure social standing and economic security Her work brought her little personal fame and only a few positive reviews during her lifetime, but the publication in 1869 of her nephew s A Memoir of Jane Austen introduced her to a wider public, and by the 1940s she had become widely accepted in academia as a great English writer The second half of the 20th century saw a proliferation of Austen scholarship and the emergence of a Janeite fan culture.


    1. I love this book of Jane s Persuasion is my second favorite On further contemplation, I believe Anne Elliot to be a finer lady and character than Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth Bennett Anne was persuaded as a young lady, but she would NOT be persuaded in many ways and many situations in her later years Her love was constant and strong and enduring Perhaps I will a full day to contemplate this furtherI included this version as I am taking the reading challenge and didn t find another Persuasion to [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI really like Austen s humor in this book I love how she pokes fun at romance novels and how she purposefully does the unexpected with her characters and her plot I love her use of metafiction Her writing is very clever in this novel and made me smile frequently as I read The characters are great, and the concept is strong I wish she did with it, though I expected of a commentary on her variation from the romance novel, and the ending sort of fell off for me I wanted her to keep going [...]

    3. I read the Northanger Abbey novel pretty fast I wish I had read this book when I was a young girl so that I could understand better that there are fake people all around The book was very easy and fun to read, typical romantic fiction There is not too much action but about the process of taking decisions, analyzing and understanding the world I enjoyed the book, mainly because of the happy ending and the weeding at the end

    4. so up till now i have not read this book always read NorthPointe Chalet which i have already reviewed loved that and what is sad is i like it better than the Jane Austen book i will say thisif you want to see the movie DON T SEE the BBC version from 10 years ago OMG it was terrible made me hate the story even sad but true.

    5. This is a fine set of books by Jane Austen, authentic to the original typesetting and illustrations They are also very small Wonder if this is the actual size they came when originally issued in Jane s day

    6. Starts slow, but a very comic and accurate depiction of human emotions and society Revelant and so many years later

    7. I make a point in getting the older editions possible of Jane Austen s books I simply can t abide by the modern twisting of her The one I just finished if from The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen and has lovely pictures of things related to the two stories After reading Miss Austen s books repeatedly I still ask myself how can she be considered a feminist There is nothing proper and feminine as opposed to feminism than Miss Austen s novels Her very feminine ways should be proof she is far from b [...]

    8. This story reminds me of Ms Austen s early work because of the fast paced banter Lady Susan, The Beautiful Cassandra for instance You feel you are in the room watching a fencing match Clippier than Pride and Prejudice.The story is about imagination and how we can misplace it to distort reality Though the Abbey and General story is center front, Catherine s imagination creates an unreal character in Isabella She watches Mrs Allen imagine and even Henry Tilney imagines he is in love because Cather [...]

    9. Northanger Abbey The not so well to do young woman is taken to a resort by comparatively well to do relatives and is invited by the master of the Northanger Abbey, the father of the young and eligible gentleman who has a mutual attracted to her and courting her, to stay with him and his family, under the impression the she is going to inherit the relatives money The character of this father, the rich owner of the home that is the title, unfolds, and there are confusion, test of virtue and charac [...]

    10. Persuasion is my second favorite Jane Austen novel although Sense and Sensibility comes very close, and I mean very, VERY close it may, in reality, be a toss up I have always loved the language and eloquence with which Austen wrote, but I was especially struck by these qualities when reading Persuasion this time around I found myself underlining sentence after sentence, probably in an attempt to preserve the beautiful words What a tender story I love the unspoken tension that builds between Anne [...]

    11. I wasn t expecting to enjoy Northanger Abbey as much as I did I have heard so many people poo poo it I found myself laughing out loud I can understand the reasons why some might not like it Catherine seems to jump from fairly level headed if somewhat naive to having a wild imagination in less than a chapter I did like how Miss Austen poked fun at herself by painting novels in such a bad light I also loved one of her observations It would be mortifying to the feelings of many ladies, could they b [...]

    12. Mi am dorit sa citesc Manastirea Northanger in limba romana, dar acum regret foarte mult ca am cumparat o Cel putin editia digitala are o traducere sub orice critica, nerevizuita, cu greseli de gramatica si stil care abunda inca de pe prima pagina Nota proasta am acordat o traducerii, care stalceste teribil una din cele mai cunoscute carti ale acestei minunate scriitoare in ochii cititorului de limba romana.Un exemplu edificator, de pe prima pagina a cartii publicate de editura Aldo Press Nimeni [...]

    13. I finally succumbed to purchasing the complete Jane Austen book collection by Oxford Illustrated a fine hardcover version and worth the price There s nothing quite like the feeling of curling up with a Jane Austen book and transporting yourself back in time to the early 1800 s and their fascinating world of social rules and formal way of speaking Jane Austen never disappoints as she masterfully leads us on an emotional journey of misunderstandings, lies and deceit, innermost longings, and the se [...]

    14. I utterly admire Jane Austen s ability to have her characters say one thing, yet with crystal clarity allow you to understand that they mean something else entirely Even in Northhanger, one of her earliest books, her razor keen eye for social foibles is very much present, and there s a lot of droll mockery of Gothic novels and their flighty heroines that remains very funny today Also, if Miss Austen writes truly, it seems that fatuous dorks are the same in any age, whether they happen to be brag [...]

    15. Of Austen s six novels, these two and Mansfield Park and not as celebrated as PridePrejudice, SenseSensibility, and Emma, but they are still gems NA was the first written, though last published, and is the roughest Persuasion is a favorite for me, particularly because the heroine s name is Anne And because she is serious and quiet, and has suffered in silence for many years I love her integrity She faces desolation but does not turn to bitterness In the end, she is rewarded for her virtue That s [...]

    16. I picked this up for Persuasion, but I like Northanger Abbey better I like the self conscious poking fun of novels, their readers, and those critical of them I found Catherine Morland to be a very appealing heroine Henry Tilney was kind of annoying at first, but became endearing fairly quickly It lacked the tension and the Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice, but I enjoyed it I would like to see a movie of this one.

    17. This story was a quick peek into the social life of Bath in the late 1700s While I knew before reading it the novel was a satire of Gothic literature, it seemed forever to reach that stage The book drags tediously before the character even gets to Northanger Abbey I did not find it to be a compelling or suspenseful book While I acknowledge Jane Austen is a superb writer, especially in character and dialogue, for some reason I am unable to connect with her work.

    18. These two books were ok They were really exciting at first and I liked the stories, but they were drawn out than my favorite Pride and Prejudice I didn t really like the ending of Northhanger Abbey because there wasn t enough dialog It just tells you that he confesses his love and she was anxious to hear it then they got engaged, but they had some problems, then they got married It didn t really take you through it with dialog

    19. The Gothic aspects of this are all in the mind of the protagonist , Catherine Morland , who reads way too many scary books As a result , she tends to view the actions of her acquaintances and neighbors as sinister plots When she gets a chance to spend time at an actual abbey , Catherine is ecstatic until it all goes wrong.

    20. I liked the book Parts were hard to follow I think because of some of the ways people behave we don t act the same way now Also some of the places people went to for enterttainment don t exist any like the pump room But I was able to figure out what the pump room was It is hard to believe that this book and Pride and Prejustice are written by the same author.

    21. I thought this a good introduction to Jane Austen One can easily note from here what potential she has for further works There were some delightful scenes worthy of her later novels as wit goes, but the ending left me somewhat less enthusiastic to read them than perhaps they deserved It has not some of the most charming features of her others.

    22. Persuasion was not my favorite Austen It s so very different from the others, but has its own merits in that fact You can almost tell she wrote this later in life The heroine and hero are considerably older than her normal characters, which gives them a different perspective on life and love The fact that these two people have loved each other and lost each other is also quite special.

    23. This book is so funny if you have a grip on the tropes of Gothic literature I recommend reading typical Gothic novels like the Castle of Otranto or The Old English Baron to get context before you read this I enjoyed it much as a result.

    24. I m finding Austen s endings a bit too predictable I know, how else could they end But Austen has a tendency to write a great story and then precipitously wrap everything up in one chapter Still, I had a good time reading these books.

    25. I don t know how this little book escaped my 2006 Austen fettish, but it did and I am glad for it I needed a good but quick Austen read and though this one wasn t my favorite of hers, I still loved reading it.

    26. I think Northhanger Abbey is my favourite Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice is great but this one has laugh out loud moments and I loved Henry, he was classic I also enjoy persuasion but I d put it third on my Jane Austen top 5

    27. You have to wrap your head around the period speak but if you can it is a very interesting You look at the world in a whole new way It is from the turn of the century and translated from russian Told from the story tellers point of view.

    28. I enjoyed it But it wasn t one of my favorite books I may have enjoyed it if I were at a younger age, maybe as a teenager.

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