The Last Bride in Ballymuir

The Last Bride in Ballymuir

Dorien Kelly / Jun 02, 2020
The Last Bride in Ballymuir When Michael Kilbride a handsome man with a dark past arrives in the Irish village of Ballymuir rumors begin to fly While many turn against him one woman steps forward the village s beloved school
  • Title: The Last Bride in Ballymuir
  • Author: Dorien Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780988232808
  • Page: 235
  • Format: ebook
  • When Michael Kilbride, a handsome man with a dark past, arrives in the Irish village of Ballymuir, rumors begin to fly While many turn against him, one woman steps forward the village s beloved schoolteacher, Kylie O Shea Sparks soon ignite between Michael and Kylie Will Kylie, who also hides secrets, find the courage to confront her past and claim passion as her own
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    1. Not safe for meDNF 30%OW scenes detailed Detailed scene with past woman Hero aroused by past woman and present OW.Mediocre writing.

    2. Not planning to read view spoiler Sexual romantic scene with OW and other OW things with hero hide spoiler review show

    3. Taste it and you will get a desire for it Irish ProverbSome times you don t desire it This book was a OK for me Lets say the story didn t invoke any strong emotional response from my brain or my heart Both main characters Kylie Michael are good but not alluring or captivating The story sometimes disconnected and just starts at some other situations,I felt what happened all of a sudden At no point in this book I was completely engrossing.So 2 starsMichael Kilbride is a 32 years old ex convict rel [...]

    4. I thought the book read slowly meaning, I never really rushed back to pick it up, although when I did read go back to it, I would become engaged in the story very easily I LOVED the heroine and how she stood by her man when everyone else in the town believed the lies about his past, even to the point of risking her job with a brutually frank confession from the top of the bar in the local drinking hole Now, it took her some time to get to that point, but once she did watch out The book was hones [...]

    5. What a wonderful story I really liked the characters, Kylie O Shea such strength for a school teacher wall flower as she sees herself , and Michael Kilbride, was quite a tortured soul, but together they are such a wonderful couple They healed each other, reminded each other how to love and completed each other beautifully Violet Kilbride, what to say about her loved her, she is a fabulous character She reminds me of my best friend Life in Ballymuir wouldn t be the same without her The entire sup [...]

    6. I m not big on contemporary, so I was a bit hesitant about this one I liked the characters, but there was just SOMETHING missing Plus, I really didn t like the hint of paranormal it just didn t fit in with the rest of the novel I ll have to think on it a bit before my final review.For now, 3.5 5

    7. Writing was ok, but the story was just kind of dull Two very important conflicts, that could have been explored much further, were resolved really quickly and easily, while the rest of the book just dragged out I made it 60% before I threw in the towel and skimmed the rest.

    8. Kitty s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 StarsFREE for Kindle as of date of this review 3 17 13 May your troubles be lessYour blessings be .And nothing but happinessCome through your door Irish ToastI was absolutely surprised with the Ballymuir Series by Dorien Kelly I fell in love with each of the characters and cheered them all on All of them have a past and, as the story unfolds, your heart breaks and your smile gets bigger The characters, the back ground and the story lines ar [...]

    9. I was hoping to read about Ireland and the towns and people, but not much was said about them I had the hardest time reading this book, don t know why but I would have to go back and reread sentences to try to understand the meaning of what was be talked about Some things just didn t make sense to me The book had a good story line but was not presented well I felt there was to much repeating the same things over and over and then it ends Well the Epilogue did answer some questions.

    10. I love Ireland and anything Celtic I think that Dorien Kelly has an incredible knack with creating characters and settings that make you feel the mist of Ireland s rain as you are reading the book The language, setting, characterization, and feel of the book are incredibly done Kylie and Michael are so well done with true conflicts that have you fighting for them with all of your heart A truly great read

    11. This book is missing something You never really feel a connection to the characters In other books you will see a little of the day to day activities of the characters, listen to their thoughts as they go about their activities But in this book I feel that lacking If the characters aren t together, they were a few paragraphs ago or will be in the next few.

    12. Stories like this make me long for my own place in Ireland While the start of the relationship between the two main characters was a little far fetched the rest of the story developed nicely A lovely read.

    13. Great, sweet read I needed something a little lighter that JR Ward s Crave for a night alone, and this fit the bill perfectly I ll add Dorien Kelly to my to read list

    14. Weak writingThe story did not transition smoothly from one segment to another Seemed as if the author just wanted to get through the story.

    15. I liked this book to a certain point, and then it dragged on and on The conflict was telegraphed and I just wanted to get past it to a resolution that was too long in coming.

    16. Cover Title The cover definitely makes me think bride and love The reader definitely gets the idea that there is romance in this book Characters I liked most of the characters I felt bad for poor Michael Gerry Flynn annoyed me Plot The plot revolved around two people whose lives were damaged in different ways I love how they turn toward each other to heal and move on Overall This is a sweet romance about overcoming your past and moving forward It was a bit slow but worth the read if you are in t [...]

    17. I didn t like this as well as I expected to There was nothing wrong with the writing, per se at least, if there were grammatical and or spelling errors, there weren t enough to rouse my ire but I just couldn t get invested in the story or the two main characters I won t be looking for the other books in the series.

    18. Throughly enjoyable readI wasn t sure what to expect It turned out to be a very good story I m looking forward to reading the next book.

    19. Well, I like my heroes brooding and guilt ridden over a troubled past who still manage to be kind and caring and mostly respectful I m equally won over by a heroine with a heart of gold and moral integrity struggling to overcome her own trauma When these two poor souls then find each other it s just awesomesauce, catnip and what not I was not disappointed with this one I still have two complaints, though I did not appreciate the hero referring to sex as a way to make the heroine his No, having s [...]

    20. Michael is 32 and is just released from 14 years in prison He was seduced and used by an older woman, Dervla, pretending to be his girlfriend so that he would unknowingly smuggle bomb parts into Northern Ireland in his car When the place they were staying at was raided, Dervla is killed and he was arrested and implicated by the guy who was supposed to be his girlfriend s brother, Brian, who then escaped His mother and father disown him.Kylie is a 24 year old school teacher whose father has been [...]

    21. I loved this story, especially the connection between Kylie and Michael I did wonder about the title though, considering there are several single females living in Ballymuir I did notice the author seemed to have trouble when it came to transitioning between two different scenes Other than that, this was an easy, fast read for me.Questions Comments 1 Kylie was described as enderd tall for her youth along with was tall enough and clearly strong for her size So yeahose descriptions were really str [...]

    22. I liked reading this For one while I think the book may seem a romance superficially It touches on several undercurrents The Garda, the senseless violence in the Northern land of the Emerald Isle, the bloodshed of innocent people and the wrong convictions The book takes no sides, has no religious undertones but it points to the facts I felt for Michael throughout, especially when Gerry punches him It was heart wrenching The book slows down a lot halfway, but picks up great after that Everything [...]

    23. 3.5 starsDorien Kelly s use of the Irish vernacular and proverbs was endearing to me, as I m Irish and it was the language used around me growing up Hiberno English is influenced by the Irish language, such as vocabulary, grammatical structure, and pronunciation Most of these are used in the spoken language than in formal written language Unfortunately, modern Hiberno English spoken in Ireland today is awash with Americanisms and British English influences The book was enjoyable and delightful [...]

    24. Good.A Romance Writers of America RITA Award finalist When Michael Kilbride, a handsome man with a dark past, arrives in the Irish village of Ballymuir, rumors begin to fly While many turn against him, one woman steps forward the village s beloved schoolteacher, Kylie O Shea Kylie s friends have long believed that proper Kylie is bound to fulfill the local legend of being the last bride in Ballymuir But sparks soon ignite between Michael and Kylie Will Kylie, who also hides secrets, find the cou [...]

    25. This was another Kindle book for which my Kindle did not allow me to choose a font I had to use the font in which it was delivered, Caecilia, I think At times I had to look twice to realize that the scene had changed The author switched from indenting the first line of a paragraph to not indenting when the scene changed, but a blank line or two would have helped the reader I would have preferred content about Ireland and less about the love scenes, which I would have left to the reader s imagi [...]

    26. I truly enjoyed this book I thought it would just be a typical romance, but it as so much It was also about redemption, and forgiveness, and learning self worth I really liked Michael, and his sister Vi.ey have a complicated, but loving brother, sister relationship I also loved Sheily She was complex, and sweet, and giving almost to an excess The person she put last was always herself Her father was in prison for fraud The fraud involved most of the small town, so you can imagine her difficulti [...]

    27. This romance set up the hero and heroine with every problem to overcome, all in the small town of Ballymuir where Michael Kilbride comes to get back on his feet, courtesy of his sister Vi Michael meets Kylie, barely making ends meet as a teacher at the local Gaelic school while paying off her jailbird father s debts.The last thing that Kylie needs is a man with Michael s troubled past The last thing that Michael needs is the trouble which comes knocking when he settles into Ballymuir and can t k [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book Having visited Ireland I was able to envision the setting and hear that beautiful Irish accent in the character s words There were quite a few breaks in the story that I though should ve warrented a new chapter or at least page breaks but maybe this is a Kindle issue only Regardless, I found that if I wasn t completely paying attention to what I was reading I had to go back a paragraph or two to catch the character or scene setting change.I didn t find the climax in th [...]

    29. I downloaded this book for free from It was sitting on my Kindle for a couple of weeks before I got to it, and well, it was a great read This book has conflicts than I normally read The conflicts range from family issues that include parents and siblings, to those friends who become like family There are also the local gossips that play a role in how the characters act Also, the conflict resolution in this book is excellent Fears are addressed, questions of loyalty are addressed, as well as fi [...]

    30. So I acquired this free book and was skeptical But it was pretty good The characters have depth and are written well Michael Kilbride, recently released from prison for serving a crime of association with terrorists Kylie O Shea is a school teacher prim and proper with lots of secrets Their unexpected meeting in a stone strewn field that he helps her clear, starts an unlikely pairing between the two Kylie likes to lie low and not cause a scene But now that she has caught the eye of Michael Kilbr [...]

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