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Cyrus Book in the Men of Steel series Meet Cyrus the oldest of the Steel brothers He s strong independent and damaged But don t feel sorry for him Cyrus likes his life just the way it is No rules no
  • Title: Cyrus
  • Author: M.J. Fields
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 2 in the Men of Steel series Meet Cyrus, the oldest of the Steel brothers He s strong, independent, and damaged But don t feel sorry for him, Cyrus likes his life just the way it is No rules, no commitments, and no than 3 times with the same woman TRUTH.Until Tara A child of the foster care system who can t remember ever being loved or feeling safe, Tara briBook 2 in the Men of Steel series Meet Cyrus, the oldest of the Steel brothers He s strong, independent, and damaged But don t feel sorry for him, Cyrus likes his life just the way it is No rules, no commitments, and no than 3 times with the same woman TRUTH.Until Tara A child of the foster care system who can t remember ever being loved or feeling safe, Tara brings out the protective alpha male in Cyrus And as much as he hates to admit it, something else Something he wishes he didn t feel Something that could weaken his resolve As they spend time together, Cyrus s three times only with no strings rule disintegrates But Cyrus hates being vulnerable He hates feeling weak And so he does what any red blooded man afraid of commitment does, he lets Tara slip through his fingers, rather than let her all the way in But with him, Tara is a fighter, and she s not about to give up CYRUS is book 2 in the bestselling erotica series MEN OF STEEL by MJ Fields.
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    1. This is what happens when I buy a book with NO previous reviews I get screwed over Because this book was so bad and I mean horribly bad Not even the writing was good Christ, I should ve stopped reading but nooo I don t even know how or where to start off about with Tara being a weak, cry baby heroine that does whatever her pimp wants her to do including giving blowjobs to be put on the Internet Or how about the fact that she lets her pimp Tony hit her and all he has to do is apologize and she co [...]

    2. A MA ZING Excellent book Ms Fields I truly loved it Cyrus totally surprised me in this book He was kind of mysterious in all the previous books, but Boy Howdy, did he shine in this book And Tara, his little Birdie, was just out of this world There wasn t anything about this book I would change Now if Jase had just been like this.oh my Lordy still my heart This book picks up where the previous book ended so it is easy to picture where everyone in the Steel family is living, working, etc We met T [...]

    3. MAN I fell AGAIN DAMN You re good Ms Fields Jase is my Sweet butterscotch caramel boyfriend and Cyrus fans self is my protector lover who makes me feel treasured Joe did gooood Her sons are AMAZING.The men in Fields s books are G osh DAMN LOVABLE No lie I m in love I want Zandor now He was very Dom like, oh my what a treat he ll be 9I also very much liked Tara Thank you for Tara Thank you for Cyrus Thank you for their relationship Lol Friends They seriously ARE very great friends And loving, com [...]

    4. I love this series so much And since it s set in New Jersey the shore I love it even Man these Steel men are so hot and Cyrus is scorching hot I also loved Tara I can not wait for the next book maybe a little novella like the author wrote for Jase and Carly Please

    5. I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review.I gave this book 5 stars This is book 2 in the Men of Steel Book.Let me say this too this can be read as a stand alone BUT i would suggest that you read the 3 books before this Yes this is number two but there is a.05 a 1 and a 1.5 to be read You will get a little confused and probably not enjoy it as much if you read this one first This is Cyrus and Tara s story.Here we go Cyrus is a troubled alpha male, who is not all about candy and flowers [...]

    6. I can t really do a review without mentioning the first three books in the series 0.5 Men of Steel, 1 Jase, 1.5 Jase and Carly Summer Lovin and of course 2, Cyrus.I hadn t heard of this author or these books until the tour came up and I am so very glad because I love a hot tattoo, pierced bad ass swoon First we meet Jase and Carly in Men of Steel Novella, followed my Jase a full length book During these books we get to meet their families and Jase s family sounds so hot and foul mouthed.Both the [...]

    7. I read Jase Men of Steel 1 right before I read Cyrus I really enjoyed Jase s story, but I absolutely LOVED Cyrus s story Cyrus immediately struck me as a troubled alpha male but as the story proceeded, I realized just how troubled he was The book kept you wondering if he could ever move on from his past in order to allow himself to love Tara like he should.Tara was a troubled soul herself With the loss of her family and the struggles she had faced over the years in the foster system, she had eve [...]

    8. Cyrus is a little harsher than Jase but the man does things out of love he just doesn t know how to show that love properly, I paid for half an hour with you I don t expect s from you, but I do expect you to tell me if something my shop did is hurting you If it s infected Birdie you need someone to check it out Sometimes he s a man that s all bark and does it for good reason and has Tara s best interests at heart, I couldn t let go, I wouldn t, No Birdie, you cry damn it Just effing cry Cyrus is [...]

    9. I thought I loved Jase, but then I met his brother Cyrus and I was a goner I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down Cyrus has one rule with his women, three times and he s done he doesn t want strings attached and thinks he s not good enough for a relationship When Tara aka Birdie ends up in his life, something about her makes him want to protect her, and take care of her.Tara is mixed up in some pretty horrible crap and when her boyfriend catches her talking to Cyrus, he goes craz [...]

    10. Cyrus is a hottie I am going with 3.7 to 4 stars I do believe Fields has great potential and will continue to hone her writing skills She does an excellent job of writing a true alpha male Cyrus was quite the manho but let every girl know up front it.was a 3 time deal and no We met Tara a bit in the last book and I will say at times she frustrated me The entire issue with Tony and the porn seemed quite real but then became less believable How could she not know what Tony was doing to her throug [...]

    11. Oh Me, Oh My DO I LOVE me some Steel boys HOLY SMOKES MJ Girl this book this SERIES I LOVE IT Where can I find me a piece of man like these ALPHA MEN You have Cyrus ex Navy Seal he doesn t do relationships he has a three fuck rule, he fucks you three times and then your done Then you have Tara, she has no one, bounced from foster home to foster home she meets Tony Tony is a slimy disgusting pig who makes Tara think he s her savior but has her sucking him and every other guy for money like I said [...]

    12. Cyrus by M.J Fields had me extremely confused at the beginning, and I believe some of that contributes to the fact that maybe this is not a standalone Characters were in and out, with no background at all I couldn t follow some of the events that took place, because the topic changes were so frequent There were times when some of the wording confused me a bit When it was Cyrus POV there seemed to be a lot of rambling and ranting going on, which added to my initial confusion I read a lot of roman [...]

    13. 4 StarsThis book shredded me, completely tore my heart to bits and scattered it around like it s nothing I felt every emotion in this story and the amount of times I cried for Tara and her life was unreal Cyrus has his own scars, he implements a three time rule and won t go over it for anyone He has a past that he doesn t want to repeat so he uses these rules to guard his heart.There were times in this book Cyrus was a complete tool and i wanted to scream at him but the things he done for Tara w [...]

    14. H O T, as in Can i have a A C system here to cold me, or a good men to help me with this book, because i m sure as hell want to try some of the stuff going on in here blushes ok to the point i love the steel brothers i just cant wait for the next one and i m going to rot in hell because i m a cheating whore, because i m super conscious about the fact that, i ll toss Cyrus aside when Z comes to play

    15. DNF 15%.I stopped reading this pretty early bc of the h She grew up in foster care then ends up on the streets She is taken in my a man who forces intimacy on her and tapes it so he can make money The h is really stupid and does whatever he asks bc she believes he loves her It was really disgusting Plus the H is a total man whore and his activities just drip of STDs.

    16. Love CyrusThis series is getting better and better I loved Cyrus and Tara Birdie and the sex was hot between them I felt for Tara and what she went thru and I got what Cyrus was doing making her strong and not need anyone but herself but when he left it was hard to read because you know they are good together I loved the ending and can t wait to read the next book in this series

    17. 3.5 I enjoyed Tara and Cyrus story Cyrus is a total control freak, which is exactly what Tara needs I enjoyed how Tara finally told him just what he needed to hear, even though it took a bit of time for him to accept it I ll move along to the next book.

    18. Ok this was a lot better than Jase s story, but I still had problems with it The first 50% was pretty solid for me There was a good flow, story development, and I really liked Cyrus Tough and a little broken, but sweet and caring with a bit of a hero complex I didn t know how to feel about Tara She was off and on for me, but I liked her a whole lot better than I did Carly Here are some of my issues LIttle Bell had just turned 6 in Jase s book, but now she was nearly ten Cyrus story picked up rig [...]

    19. Where to begin when writing this review From the word go, this book had so much going against it The writing confused me and the characters left me a little baffled Was I missing something here Should I have read the first couple of books in the series Is that where I went wrong All I kept thinking was I m not going to like this I m really not going to like this But holy shit because at some point very early on, I began to love it I started overlooking all the things that were bugging me because [...]

    20. I will by Cyrus Birdie any day anywhere anytime I have a funny feeling I am going to be saying this a lot while reading this series but, here goes anyway This is my favorite book and couple of the series I wish I could give this story 10 stars Cyrus totally and completely owns my heart His character did a complete and total transformation right before my eyes and it was amazing and I absolutely loved every freaking minute of it His loyalty and devotion to Tara is off the charts hott The way he c [...]

    21. DNF what fresh hell did I waste my time on The writing was horrible, the grammatical errors were atrocious the characters made me cringe This was so bad that it left me confused as to who is reading this giving it high reviews Fuckitty fuck fuck Tara is a pathetic, weak, spineless female who has the mental capacity of a 5 year old And Cyrus is an emotionally stunted, douche canoe who thinks taking care of a person who suffered traumatic events means screw their brains out This was a big mess.

    22. Love CyrusLoved Cyrus and Tara s story, especially once Cyrus pulled his head out of you know where and finally admitted to himself what he felt for her Love the chemistry between the characters

    23. I did really like Cyrus and Tara but once again I wasn t a fan of the abrupt ending It wasn t as bad as the other book but still pretty abrupt It goes from friends to married in like 2 pages I can t wait to read about Zandor I have a feeling he s going to be my favorite

    24. Utterly and completely AMAZING These Forever Steel books do not disappoint In fact, I am kind of obsessed with these brothers right now I truly thought nothing could top Jace s book, but after reading Cyrus I can honestly say that this one was equally as great This is not your typical romance filled with predictable characters doing predictable things This is a moving and unforgettable love story about two very broken people that save each other in the most profoundly beautiful ways This book is [...]

    25. Wow This book wasn t as light and humorous like the rest And, frankly, it hit close to home I have some very close family members who were put in foster care after the death of a parent who was the bread winner, and then the grandparent who stepped in to help In the midst of a huge extended family of aunts and uncles, no one stepped in One of the oldest girls, who was on her own, eventually was able to get a couple of her younger siblings after a few years But, the psychological damage of being [...]

    26. CYRUS MAN OF STEEL 2 By MJ Fields Cyrus is book Two of this series not including two Novellas I love how this book can be a stand alone Right from the start you fall in love with these character It s a true love story that will captivate your heart and you ll want to hug your family Don t get me wrong, the beginning of this story was uncomfortable when we learn about Tara s story but by the end you will fall in love with Cyrus and his family Cyrus a tall, strong,sexy, ex military soldier who s a [...]

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