Solomon's Tale

Solomon's Tale

Sheila Jeffries / Aug 07, 2020
Solomon s Tale Solomon a cat who can see angels and who has been chosen to be born again to help a family endure traumas of separation and poverty narrates this quirky but heartwarming adventure
  • Title: Solomon's Tale
  • Author: Sheila Jeffries
  • ISBN: 9780007523856
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Solomon, a cat who can see angels and who has been chosen to be born again to help a family endure traumas of separation and poverty, narrates this quirky but heartwarming adventure
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    1. I didn t actually finish this book for two reasons, the first being that I found the writing rather pedestrian and with no gloss whatsoever, it was written in a way that you d expect a secondary school student to write To much airy fairy sparkles for me.The second was the use of the word poof which I found offensive and the way in which it was used I m not a fan of censorship, but surely someone must have questioned the use of this derogatory term and it s meaning in the text The author would ne [...]

    2. Solomon s Tale is a story about a cat, not just any old cat but a healing cat He is sent by way of an angel to look after Ellen who was Solomon s best friend many years ago when she was just a little girl herself, now she is a married woman with a child of her own and a whole heap of troubles To reach Ellen, Solomon, had to be reborn He came out as what he described as being nothing but a sausage and unable to open his eyes for six weeks The entire story is told from Solomon s point of view, thi [...]

    3. This is a story that deals with some hard hitting and quite emotional issues in a pretty unique style Solomon, the little kitten who is found by Ellen as a bedraggled bundle of fur is the narrator of the story Ellen s family is struggling, things are tough and Solomon s presence helps to guide them through these tough times The voice of a cat as narrator does take some getting used to, but by the second chapter I felt that Solomon had found his voice and the narration flowed perfectly from there [...]

    4. Loved loved loved this book Made me smile, made me sob my heart out If you believe in angels, if you love cats, you ve got to read this.

    5. What a delightful, heart warming, emotional story told from the perspective of a tuxedo cat named Solomon He is one special cat tasked with the challenge of finding his owner from a previous life, who is in trouble Soliman has special psychic skills, is loving and caring, and very brave There are many obstacles in Solomons journey, and many fears to overcome Soloman makes lots of new friends along the way, I actually fell in love with him and cried at the end of his journey Often his dilemmas ar [...]

    6. Meet Solomon, a black and white Tuxedo cat, who arrived on the doorstep of Ellen, her son John and partner Joe in a thunderstorm totally bedraggled and desperate for a home Ellen takes pity on the poor little kitten and takes him into her home and Solomon thinks that he has found his forever home Life, however, is not a bed of roses for Ellen and her family and there are many challenges that Solomon will have to endure to help Ellen and her family rebuild their lives together.A beautiful story t [...]

    7. Ce livre a t un vrai coup de c ur C est une histoire pleine d amour et de tendresse Je l ai lu en une journ e et cela m a fait un bien fou et m a donn beaucoup de baume au c ur Le fait que le narrateur soit un chat apporte beaucoup d originalit et on s attache norm ment Salomon Les moustaches de la sagesse d crit parfaitement le lien qui peut souvent unir un chat son humain Ces petites b tes nous apportent souvent norm ment d amour et de r confort sans qu on le voit forc ment Ce livre restera un [...]

    8. This book was based partly on truth and partly fiction I found it a very heart warming and touching tale.

    9. I loved this book so much It was so sweet and I really connected with the story I also thought the ending was absolutely perfect and loved how the author had based the cats on the cats she used to have and spoke a bit about them Definetly would suggest people read this book and I think this is one of the few books that I ll most likely come back and read again

    10. I really wanted to like this book I love cats and have grown up with them, and it was a cute story There were cute moments and the book had some nice paragraphs, and the end was a real tear jerker If you ve ever lost a pet, you can t not be moved by the ending But unfortunately the writing got badly in the way of enjoying the book , and that s why I cannot give it than 2 stars The writing style was very simplistic and basic, so I was quite surprised to find out that the author has published sev [...]

    11. When I was approached by the publisher to see if I was interested in reading and reviewing Solomon s Tale I admit I had my doubts Firstly I normally steer away from young adult novels and secondly books written from an animals point of view However loving cats and missing having my own there was something about it that I found appealing so I said yes Thankfully I did and thanks Avon for giving me the opportunity to read this heart warming spiritual story proving to me just how close a relationsh [...]

    12. This book is definitely a girly read and in retrospective ,a little bit like an American book I read on a similar story line From the cover it was not quite what I expected I was not sure whether this was a teenage or adult book In his first life the black and white cat Solomon lives with a little girl Ellen with whom he forges a close bond Solomon likes to sit on the piano while Ellen plays well but can never be persuaded to perform in public Sadly Solomon dies because it is not his time to be [...]

    13. This is a real tear jerker in places but I loved it It was beautifully and simply written with a page turning storyline and it appealed to the inner kid in me as well as the inner cat I did think the business with the kittens was left at a loose end and expected one of them would appear later on Maybe that would have been a bit too neat but I was worried about them especially as a seed of doubt was sewn with what Joe actually did with them I also wondered why the author had Solomon as an old wor [...]

    14. Wow, this book has four entries when you look it up Same book, people I put down Heir of Fire yesterday, knowing I could read nothing even close to that genre So I choose this from my teetering to read pile, and wasn t disappointed It was a cute book, uplifting and reminding me of my two precious cats I wonder what Ivan was in a previous life, he is as loving as Solomon Now I know I m weird, but after work I finished this at the pub Yep, while bozos drink themselves silly around me, I sit and si [...]

    15. Rating 8 10One cold, wet night, a kitten sits in a front garden, meowing desperately to be let in This kitten is Solomon, and this kitten will fix broken hearts and a broken home.I m going to start this out by coming straight out and saying it this book is not the best written book in the world The author is, by trade, a children s author, and this is evident within the writing I will also say that is an absolutely wonderful story that every cat lover will adore.The story is told from the point [...]

    16. This novel when looking at the cover seems to be a lovely cosy tale about a beautiful cat who brings love to a family in hard times In reality this is a tale involving domestic abuse, poverty and loss Please dont misunderstand me, this was a wonderful book covering difficult subjects and I really enjoyed it, and it was told with hope, lots of love and a belief in the healing love of animals, I just feel the cover doesn t give the correct impression.Overall I would recommend this book to everyone [...]

    17. Solomon s Tale is about a cat called Solomon He is not only a cat but he is a healing cat sent by an angel to look after Ellen First Solomon meets Ellen when she was a little girl and became best of friends but Solomon dies because it wasnt his time to be with her Than an angel brought solomon back to earth a found Ellen also with another cat called Jessica The story tells of Ellen with her son John and the problems they face together.This is a beautifully written book will make you laugh and ma [...]

    18. This book wasn t what I was expecting I think I had confused it with Cleo small bl or this one Friend Like BSolomon s Tale was a short book but a sweet heart warming read I was touched to read it is based on two real life moggies I shed a tear or two in places A lovely feel good read.

    19. Sweet cute read Perfect for animal cat lovers Uplifting makes you feel all warm and fuzzy A good mix of happy and sad moments Great adventures Endearing I really loved this book I thought it was very sweet and well written As with most animal orientated books they seem to be a little predictable but other than that this was very entertaining I love how it showed the typical traits of cats, and the typical traits of a family the good and bad I will check out some of Sheila Jeffries books in the [...]

    20. If you don t like cats, this is not for you Very sweet story about a magical cat who comes back from the startlight to protect his former owner You have to suspend belief at the beginning whilst he is being born, but after that a fairly ordinary story about a woman and her son There are some lovely parts discussing Solomon s relationship with Jessica, the other cat in the household but overall a fairly bland story Sweet, with a few twists and heartwarming moments, but even as a cat lover I can t [...]

    21. I feel a little bad giving this book a low rating since it did keep me reading until the end and I did actually find most of it quite enjoyable I just didn t like the writing style at all It reads a lot like something a 14 year old would write for their creative writing class with metaphors and airy fairy descriptions shoehorned in all over the place The character development leaves a lot to be desired It gets 1 star for having a cute story, and the other for having cats

    22. What a beautifully poignant story of Solomon the healing cat, Ellen the woman he has to guard and Jessica the love of Solomon s life.It was heartwarming and although not really being a cat person myself I think I really fell a bit in love with the cats in this book There were times during the story that I found myself welling up and on the verge of tears, and I believe that anything that can bring out such strong emotions in a person is a brilliant book.

    23. This lovely little novel is a bit simplistic it s told from the view of a cat, after all but as Solomon goes through the ups and downs of his life or I should say mission so does the reader I even teared up once or twice The novel is not a masterpiece of prose but it s got a beautiful story and a lot of heart and it was worth the journey for that alone 3.5 stars

    24. Took this book on holiday with me and just couldn t put it down, cried buckets at the end As prevousl reviewers have said it tackles some dark issues in a very unique way In my opinion, wonderfully written, so descriptive, it captures so much emotion you can t help but be moved An easy read and a beautiful story

    25. In two words I howled This is a touching story from the perspective of our furry hero, Solomon It s well written and delightful in places it made me smile and even giggle, and in others I sobbed my heart out It is a story of purpose, of love and healing, and it really couldn t have been any better for me.100% can t recommend it enough, especially for cat lovers

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