A Blue Tale

A Blue Tale

Sarah Dosher / Aug 07, 2020
A Blue Tale The rock legend s daughter Eli Blue Savage doesn t trust musicians especially those that idolize her dad Her heart s been broken by everyone she s ever loved Fairytale dreams and the music she locks
  • Title: A Blue Tale
  • Author: Sarah Dosher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • The rock legend s daughter Eli Blue Savage doesn t trust musicians, especially those that idolize her dad Her heart s been broken by everyone she s ever loved Fairytale dreams and the music she locks inside her heart are all that keep her alive.The musician with a dark past Deacon Chastain plays a blue guitar to match his rock idol, the man that saved him from a path ofThe rock legend s daughter Eli Blue Savage doesn t trust musicians, especially those that idolize her dad Her heart s been broken by everyone she s ever loved Fairytale dreams and the music she locks inside her heart are all that keep her alive.The musician with a dark past Deacon Chastain plays a blue guitar to match his rock idol, the man that saved him from a path of destruction His life revolves around music it s the only thing that saves him from the darkness.Hearts beat to the same rhythm Broken and scarred by their pasts, can they find a way to heal and move forward No matter the adversity, even the hardest of hearts can be softened by love music is easy life is hard.
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        Sarah Dosher was born and raised in rural Oklahoma where she currently resides with her cowboy husband and twins one cowboy and one cowgirl.She is addicted to books and The Golden Girls Her love for characters inspired her to write her first novel, Haven from the Storm Visit her website at sarahdosher.


    1. 2 Ho Hum StarsI m thinking that this is a case of it s me, not you It obvious by the reviews that many enjoyed this book Try as I might, however, I just couldn t get into this story Simply put, I was bored and just skimmed through it The ending was good, though.Something tells me I might be in a book funk Hum2014 doesn t seem to be getting off to a very good book start.

    2. 4.25 Wonder Woman StarsFirst let me take a moment to say that Author Sarah Dosher is Wonder Woman This is her THIRD, 3rd, Numero Tres, book of 2013 Who needs a lasso of truth when you can write that much, that well I am in awe And I happen to know that she does own a fabulous brass bra Total Wonder Woman So now lets talk about the bookBeing in the crowd, looking up a dark stage, waiting for that first note to be released The anticipation of a great show That s what we, the audience get But what [...]

    3. AMAZING OMFG I AM IN LOVE I had the privilege of reading an Advanced Release Copy of this book Can you imagine my excitement before reading No, well here you goOnce I started, I was hooked Yep, you read it righthook, line, sinker, DONE I never doubted I wouldn t want to binge on yet another one of Sarah s books, because I m already a HUGE fan of hers A Blue Tale is a lot different from her previous books and she took some really big leaps with this one, but in true Sarah fashion, she NAILED IT T [...]

    4. It was alright Eli s character started off strong, but her heart has been broken way too young and she s still dealing with her evil mother and still living in the shadow of the memory of her father I liked her at first but then moving forward, I question her mentality Sorry.Deacon is hot but with a shady past that is still following him Though he has left it behind him, he does not forget those that helped him The plot, a rock legend daughter and a lead guitarist instantly attracted, instant co [...]

    5. Another great book and totally different vibe from the brilliant Author Sarah Dosher A Blue Tale is full of hot rockers, humor, steamy scenes, and extreme intensity I pretty much devoured this book Get ready to feel the rock and roll in your heart, mind, and bones This is one concert you don t want to miss Eli Blue has it all Great friends, a HUGE business, money coming out of her ears, and a father who is a legendary rocker Unfortunately, under all of her layers you know she is missing somethin [...]

    6. ARC provided by Author for an honest review I was very lucky to have received an Advanced Copy of this to read, and nothing excites me than to be given something so amazingly perfect it may as well have been wrapped in a pretty pink bow with sparkles Eli is a young lady who has grown up in the music industry thanks to her famous dad rocker Deacon is a guitarist wanting to be just like Eli s dad Their paths cross and it is seriously like love at first sight Sickeningly sweet and something fairy [...]

    7. Well I really like eli and deacon There relationship together went back when they met when they were young because of eli dad as he was a big rocker and deacon wanted to meet him and he did with her help After meeting up with deacon again many years later to see his new band play to sign them deacon has a bad past which causes a bit of trouble in paradise and results in something not so good After loving all the characters the only reason I didn t give this a 5 star was due to the drugs and crim [...]

    8. A double dose of Oklahoma writers this week for me and I was thrilled with both new to me authors It makes me smile to know I m supporting new talent from my home state that is making its mark Sarah Dosher has written a captivating and emotionally bittersweet story in A Tale of Blue I was won over and won t stop at just one I m planning on reading all her previously released books as well.This is the tale of Eli Blue, who grew up in the shadow of her famous and talented guitarist father He was a [...]

    9. What makes the most money for this business Dead rock stars Courtney LoveAdolescents are attracted to tragic heroes That s why rock stars dress like homeless people Adolescence is a fall It s when every child becomes an orphan Heather O NeillThis is the first book by Sarah Dosher I have read, and it will not be my last Which is sort of odd, as this isn t usually a book I would have picked up on my own The whole angsty rock star thing has just never done it for me However, to say that Ms Dosher p [...]

    10. You re better than you think, Deacon, you have everything to give me You just have to let me take it, just focus on me on us, don t lose me 4 stars I am a big fan of Sarah Dosher and have been really looking forward to this book Since it is a bit of a deviation from her Storms of Life series, I was curious to see how her writing would translate into a grittier storyline While the themes in the Storms of Life books are just that, stormy , dealing with darker subjects in life, A Blue Tale still ta [...]

    11. I do not know how to review this book It started out so well, but then it lost me around 50% Ugh I was so enjoying this book, it was intriguing me completely and I was willingly following the seemingly deep and almost primal connection Eli Elizabeth and Deacon had for one another I was even dealing with the lingering feelings Eli had for Shaw, even if I found them frustrating and created a love triangle which I normally avoid reading What I wasn t expecting was for all of the angst in the story [...]

    12. OMG I freaking loved this book this is a must read and I wasn t disappointed glad I bought it Elizabeth Blue Savage is the daughter of rock star legend Kirk Savage Eli has a dark past that still haunts her for years She was verbally and physically abused by her drug addicted mother.Her father takes her in and raises her by himself even though it s hard being on tour for his fame Tragedy strikes Eli while she s a little girl and is forced to move back with her mother until she is 18 to finally le [...]

    13. The story of Eli Blue, daughter to a dead rock legend, and now working for her fathers music company scouting for new talent, enter Deacon Chastain a guitarist of the new band shes thinking of signing.Strangely this book had all the right ingredients for a great story, a past meeting between the lead characters, Shaw, Eli s best friend and former love interest who desperately wants to win back her love, and Deacons rather blurry past, and that s generally the problem with this story, its a bit b [...]

    14. This book was AMAZING I could not put it down.I loved Deacon and Eli together At first I had a hard time liking Shaw I kept screaming GO AWAY but I ended up falling in love with him as well I laughed and I cried big ugly tears several times There is a character that I will not name, that had me so freaking mad I wanted to strangle them But they were also what made this love story so special.I fell in love with Eli from the start My heart ached for her For having to go through losing her father i [...]

    15. Lord, have mercy, this book was utterly beautiful Lyrical Magical Pure writing Gold.It flowed and worked its way into my mind and heart where it will always have a place Absolutely breathtaking The actual plot line was a little choppy but the writing than made up for it This book left me in awe and was a wonderful late night companion The following is an excerpt from chapter 11 and it speaks for itself Perfection I spun in a circle and watched as my long, flowing dress danced in the breeze It w [...]

    16. Princess meets the Rock Star A Blue Tale by Sarah Dosher was a Fab, quick read Lots of story and great flow I couldn t put this one down Right off the bat, I knew this was going to be my kind of book.For me, A Blue Tale was a story about fate, never knowing what the future has in store Having recently broken up with Shaw, her childhood best friend and boyfriend of many years, Eli Elizabeth meets Deacon and is instantly drawn to him Will her newfound feeling for Deacon keep her from getting back [...]

    17. This is a standalone I found that i really enjoyed reading this book It was another take on the rocker story It was extremely enjoyable to read I loved how Eli was a very strong independent woman who knew what she wanted I enjoyed how Deacon was not your typical bad boy rocker who slept with everything that wore a skirt It was extremely refreshing to see a rocker with a little substance The story I felt flowed really well The love story was great and you could feel the chemistry between the two [...]

    18. 3.5 stars Wow So I took a couple of days to review this book as I wanted it to settle in and sit with me for a bit It stuck with me and I couldn t stop thinking about it There were a lot of things that worked and some that did not but overall Sarah Dosher has done it again created something so different from her Storm of Life series that was completely enjoyable, action packed, complete with sexy rockers and fun and intense scenes that kept me interested throughout my read.Tears threaten to fall [...]

    19. storiesandswag 20Passion Tragedy Music This isn t your every day rock star romance A Blue Tale is author Sarah Dosher s third novel and a hauntingly beautiful twist on happily ever after Sarah Dosher has previously written two novels, Haven from the Storm and Before the Storm This novel is mature than the Storms of Life Series, but her talent shines through all the same.The rock legend s daughter Eli Blue Savage grew up in the spotlight Her father, Kirk Savage, is an icon in the music industry [...]

    20. ARC RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEWThe premise of A Blue Tale is not new rock star bad boy meets rich girl What makes this different is where the story takes us.Eli is the daughter of a rock god, and because of that, she is gun shy of relationships Everyone wants something of her, but do they want her She has everything a girl can want successful business, great friends, money than she could ever spend.But she is wanting After tragic incidents in her life, betrayal by those she loves, she is empty S [...]

    21. Katie s Review I absolutely loved this book It was a love story but not your typical love story This story was about the epic love between Elizabeth Eli Blue Savage and Deacon Chastain It wasn t an easy love but it worked for them.This story had its ups and down The author, Sarah Dosher, made you feel everything Eli and Deacon was feeling They meet, they feel a connection right away, and they fall in love Her best friend ex boyfriend Shaw is in the picture and you think it is heading a certain w [...]

    22. JUST BOOKED received an ARC for a Honest Review A KICK ASS ROCKER VERSION OF A CINDERELLA FAIRY TALE, BUT WITH SCUMBAGS RATS INSTEAD MICE AND A DEACON FOR A DAMN PRINCE CHARMING A Blue Tale is about Elizabeth Blue Savage Eli is the daughter of rock star legend Kirk Savage Eli grew up with in the music industry, but she also spent her entire life believing in fairytales She thought her Prince Charming would appear one day would come and rescue her until she had a streak of heartbreaks and she sud [...]

    23. 4.5 Stars There is something about watching an author bloom one where you read her debut novel and think, Wow She s got it She knows how to make you connect with and fall in love with her characters She is able to plunge you into whatever world she has created and make you want to visit it over and over again Sarah Dosher is one of these authors I absolutely fell in love with her writing with her 1st book, Haven from the Storm which is a different series than A Blue Tale With each book, Sarah ge [...]

    24. How many of you have watched the different variations of Cinderella I mean there are millions We all have our favorite, and as a child, just like Eli Cinderella was always my favorite, and still is to this day Now imagine instead of a glass slipper, you have a blue guitar, and the rest is history well kinda Eli the daughter of rocker Kirk Savage She grew up around rockers, but her dad did a fabulous job of keeping the truth about backstage, drugs, and groupies away from her until she was old eno [...]

    25. Sarah has this incredible way of painting such a vivid picture in front of you, not just with her words but the emotion she creates behind them, that you can t help but get lured into the storyge after page Although I didn t cry nearly as much as I did in her other books, I should have been prepared and know better that she d break my heart That sweet, sweet Sarah I think enjoys making her readers snotty cry Let s just say the last few chapters and Epilogue I dragged my trusty Puffs box to my si [...]

    26. I had the honor of beta reading this book and whoa mama I think if you keep up here at Word, you know I m a sucker for a messed up, bad boy Well, Deacon Chastain doesn t disappoint A Blue Tale has been described as a modern day Cinderella story Sounds kinda different from what Ms Dosher has written in the past I quoted that because well, Sarah is like Superwoman and has had THREE books out in 2013 , eh Well, IT IS Anyway, back to what I m here for and time for me to quit rambling about how much [...]

    27. REVIEW 5 ROCK STARS WOW way to rip my heart out and stomp on it I was so excited to sign on for this tour I am a rock star book junkie , this book totally fed into my addiction and did not disappoint at all I have to mention I loved the characters names , so refreshing to have some new and different names I hadn t heard before or at least in awhile Eli Blue is struggling with life Loving her job trying to find and sign new bands to the label her dad built back in the day , enjoying her friends , [...]

    28. Eli Blue Savage lives in the shadow of her rock star father s memory Running the record label he started before his death, she is surrounded by people who idolized the man When her best friend drags her to a concert, it doesn t surprise her that the guitarist plays a blue guitar just like her father, but the talent behind the player and the attraction she feels towards him does After a chance meeting with Kirk Savage orchestrated by the man s 12 year old daughter, Deacon Chastain used music to p [...]

    29. Wow, this was such a change of book style for Sarah Dosher and I loved it I pretty much read it in one sitting and was turning the pages wanting .Eli Blue is daughter to rock legend Kirk Savage She loved her dad, faults and all and his death devastated her She has the money, she has the business and she has an awesome best friend in Willow Eli also has others in her life who support her, being her life long best friend and ex lover Shaw and his dad Dave, who was her father s band mate and best f [...]

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